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  1. Uggh, man i hope if they do form an alliance, its just temporary and one of them(preferably jon as I want him to win the crown), ends up killing the other. Don't want to see a dany-jon marriage. I was hoping one of them turned evil and lead the walkers in battle or dany went insane and declared war on all targaryen enemies(thinking any stark, lannister, etc are enemies to do past actions of there families). If this is how it plays out in the show i'll be disappointed. However, i'm really more exicted for the books. Man how close is martin supposed to be to finishing. He's supposed to release it before 2017 right?
  2. This is how I would feel if the two got together. It would be my worst nightmare and am really hoping either kill each other before they fuck oneanother. We don't need any more insane rulers in westeros. Stop the incest. Jon is my favourite character and daenarys isn't that high, but i'd rather have them both die and the walkers win than see them rule the seven kingdoms together.
  3. Just read the chapter in which littlefinger is discussing with the 6 powerful lords of the vale the future of robert and his own future as lord protector. Hate the character in the sense, that he is one of the more despicable ones present. He is all about himself and is very smart and calculated. I can't believe he had the whole thing with lord Lyn Corbay planned. He has already planned to remove cersei if need come. The man while scum, is brilliant and very dangerous. Never thought i would enjoy AFfC as much as I have so far. It was weird for me. I read book 1 first than 3 than 5 than 2 and now 4.