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  1. Not for me unfortunately. My mind tends to wander and I've never had a reader elevate a book for me. I've tried Dresden Files and a few other acclaimed readers in audio. Maybe I just already read slow and act things out well in my head.
  2. I think many characters are very compelling, and I get upset when some die because I wanted them to stick around longer for story purposes. Don't know if that counts as "caring."
  3. Every forum I visit is slowly dying. Damn reddit and wherever else people go now.
  4. Oh, was Esmenet the name of the prostitute? Sounds familiar. Anyone remember the name of the sorcerer?
  5. Didn't Conphas die? He was my favorite character in PoN.
  6. I'm not sure if I like Cnaiur or Karsa Orlong more. Probably Karsa.
  7. Ah damn, I thought maybe the 2 actors cosplayed the characters 11 years ago, and now are actually playing those characters.
  8. Did they actually dress up as Crowley and Aziraphale 11 years ago? If so that's awesome...this sort of thing doesn't seem to happen in America.
  9. Here are my questions. Some are probably long answered, but I haven't spent much time caught up on the series. 1. Did we ever find out what was up with Achamian's dreams, and why they changed? They suggested that the visions aren't literally what happened (Seswatha does not shit) so were they just something created by Seswatha? Did they change because of the Qirri? 2. Not really a question, but I like how Kellhus said that Sorweel was one of his most devout followers. Narindar are like priests of Ajokli. Not sure if that was Ajokli talking, or just literary irony. 3. Bakker hinted in the AMA that Kellhus' grandson is still, alive, right? If so that's a relief because I can always do with more Dunyain, not fewer. 4. What was the point of Kellhus having decapitants (other than to give us a POV in the Golden room)? 5. This has long been discussed I'm sure. Did Kellhus know about the nuke? 6. Did Kellhus actually go to Hell? If so, how and when? Is this just something to do with the Daimos? 7. Was Kosoter more than just a regular human?
  10. Would it work if when Bakker says "Kellhus" in the AMA, he means "Pure Kellhus" or "Kellhus as he was before any Ajokli influence"?
  11. Finished the book last night, loved it. Possibly my favorite in the series, but with one potentially major disappointment which you guys are all discussing. When Khellus said that he went to the Pit, made a pact, and plans to conquer Hell and become a worse Dark Lord than the Consult could hope to be. That was fucking awesome. But it turns out that wasn't even him, but Ajokli? Pretty disappointing. The main question in the series for me was "what is Khellus' plan and how ambitious is it" and it's hard to get more ambitious than conquering Hell. But if that was Ajokli possessing him, it's like why do these characters even matter if the gods can take them over? But I don't know, in the Malazan series (aside from the first book) God/mortal relationships and "possessions" are never that straight forward. They seem to be more an alignment of ideals than anything else. So could Ajokli taking Khellus over really just mean it's still Khellus, but Ajokli is turning his ruthless trickster instincts up to 11? So Ajokl is the berserker, and not literally speaking through Khellus? I hope it's something like that. I skimmed the AMA and half of this thread, and I think Bakker said that Khellus plan was just to prevent the No-God from rising. If that is so, then how the fuck did he plan to succeed? Maybe that was just Khellus' plan pre-Ajokli influence. I had a bunch of questions in my head last night but can't remember many. I'll try to compile them today.
  12. I thought TWoK was overlong, but ironically I did not feel the same way about WoR. I just thought more interesting stuff was going on, and the plot thickened in interesting ways as opposed to Kaladin's straight forward slave story in TWoK.
  13. My main problem with TWLW and TGO was that too many interesting characters died too early. I wanted them to stick around longer.
  14. Apocalypse Guard is a spinoff of the Reckoners trilogy. To explain how is probably spoilers for the final Reckoners book, but I don't think it will feature characters from that trilogy.
  15. They're releasing part 1 of 5, and Brandon said it's about a quarter of the book (part 5 is usually short). Here's his latest writing schedule update for the next couple of years: Blog post: https://brandonsanderson.com/oathbringers-final-step/