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  1. To each his own. I never got the Hunger Games hype, but loved the hell out of Red Rising.
  2. Shadow in Summer was probably my favorite in the LPQ, but I'm in the minority there.
  3. Anything is fair game for rereads. For The Two Towers, I don't see anything wrong with reading both books concurrently.
  4. I'm 200 pages into The Grace of Kings, and I can see this going down as an all time favorite. I just love everything about it. I can see how some people wouldn't like the style of it, but I think the prose flows very easily.
  5. He mentioned that he won't be able to sell his self published books once the deal is done. Does this mean there will be a period of time where you can't buy the books, before the new publisher publishes them?
  6. When does it start to grip? I don't know. When I started the first book I was continually baffled by some of Cook's narrative choices and the writing style. It took me about 30-40 pages in the omnibus to get used to it, and I'd say by the second half of the first book I loved it. I just found the style to be an acquired taste.
  7. Would you guys recommend reading the 2 short stories in the glossary before starting the book? I probably will just because those stories were released online first.
  8. There's your answer.
  9. Goku wins
  10. I predict no bitching whatsoever, and very little arguing.
  11. Even though people have trouble with Gardens of the Moon, I would definitely recommend starting with GotM instead of Forge of Darkness. For me the best part of the Kharkanas books is the origin stories and easter eggs that you wouldn't pick up on if you hadn't read the other books. I think I would hate FoD if it was my first Malazan book.
  12. Same day as Oathbringer, ouch.
  13. That sounds like something Peterbound would say, but I don't know what he thinks about the Divine Cities.
  14. Regarding Wert's tweet Pat's going to get in trouble with his review, isn't he
  15. Roughly how long is the actual story? Is it the shortest book in the series due to its fat ass?