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  1. Oh man, he's going to break with the DL naming convention next book.
  2. I haven't read the preview chapters but I glanced a couple of reviews and they had me both surprised and worried.
  3. The name mystar didn't ring a bell, but I checked the blog and I definitely remember that. I also remember Paris getting pissed off about it. Edit: Oh man, I'm looking at the sffworld thread with mystar and Werthead trying to discredit each other. Of course, only one of them was legit. This is good stuff.
  4. I found that the first few chapters had awkward writing but it's been smooth since. I'm about 150 pages in.
  5. They have the interior black and white artwork, but those are harder to appreciate on an e-reader. I don't think they have the colored endpages, like the map of Roshar or that picture of Shallan at the Shattered Plains. I can't speak for WoR or OB but I know TWoK eBook does not have those.
  6. I gotta say if I were a publisher, I would delay releasing books outside of the US because so many European stores don't seem to care about release dates. I did see one US store on reddit that sold the book early, but the rest have the EU cover. It's always like this with books, video games too. Anyway I am hyped. I know Sanderson isn't as popular on this forum as in other communities, but I'm a fanboy. This 17th Shard review is written by a fanboy, for fanboys: http://www.17thshard.com/news/brandon-news/oathbringer-spoiler-free-review-r350/
  7. That reminds me of this post I read recently from Sanderon's continuity editor. I just kept thinking, "I wonder what Erikson would think about this." https://brandonsanderson.com/oathbringers-timeline/ Yeah I can't imagine a Malazan companion book going over well with any fan who tries to make sense of the continuity.
  8. The main reason I'm waiting to read is because with Stormlight Archive, I love getting these hardbacks with all the artwork in them. For me that's part of the reading experience, so I'm going to wait until release day. Otherwise I'd be reading these chapters so I can finish the book earlier to avoid spoilers.
  9. Holy shit. I loved Fall of Light, but this whole time I've been way more interested in the Toblakai trilogy. I hope he jerked all the philosophical ramblings out of his system with FoL and is ready to get back to the more traditional Malazan format.
  10. If Bakker was serious about Ajokli/Kellhus in the AMA, I hope he sees our bitching and takes the opportunity to change things for the final trilogy/duology/whatever.
  11. The Heart of What Was Lost The Shadow of Things to Come Are you sure this wasn't a James Islington signing?
  12. Not for me unfortunately. My mind tends to wander and I've never had a reader elevate a book for me. I've tried Dresden Files and a few other acclaimed readers in audio. Maybe I just already read slow and act things out well in my head.
  13. I think many characters are very compelling, and I get upset when some die because I wanted them to stick around longer for story purposes. Don't know if that counts as "caring."
  14. Every forum I visit is slowly dying. Damn reddit and wherever else people go now.
  15. Oh, was Esmenet the name of the prostitute? Sounds familiar. Anyone remember the name of the sorcerer?