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  1. It tells me there's something weird going on at the Nightfort. The men on the tree roots haunt the minds of those who live in that place.
  2. The most ethical is without question the liberation of the slaves by Dany. Slavery has to stop and she took on the job even though it gives her back nothing in return. The most unethical is the slave trade. I trust there is no need to explain why.
  3. I do not see Sansa's arc heading towards the throne. Sure she wants it and she daydreams about it. But she doesn't have the qualities needed by a capable ruler. It's not impossible. This is fiction after all. I suppose if George wants to sink Westeros and really put the country in a desperate situation he could put Sansa on the throne and let her drive the country to the brink of ruin. Sansa's rule would be worse than Robert's.
  4. That would depend on the hedge knight's ability to earn coin. Steely Pate and Tobo Mott are both good armorers but expensive. In the real history, horse and armor were very expensive and kept many young men from becoming knights. The quality you get depends upon the weight of your purse.
  5. Who out of all the prophets and prophetess is the most accurate with predicting the future? Bloodraven/Brynden Rivers Mellisandre Moqorro Ghost of High Heart Daenys the Dreamer Maggy the Frog Bran Stark Jenny of Oldstones Daeron Targaryen Do you believe Shiera Seastar was a dreamer?
  6. This might fun for those who hunt. Nymberia and her wolves are causing problems for farmers and livestock in the Riverlands. You're being paid to hunt down and kill Nymeria. Assume you can't use poisons and traps. What method would you use? Do you hunt on foot or on horseback? Obviously you will need to use dogs. What kind/breed of dogs? Assume you have access to the same breeds that we do today.
  7. Targaryen Favorite = Daenerys Least-Favorite = Jon Snow (assuming R+L=J) Lannister Favorite = Tyrion Least-Favorite = Jaime Stark Favorite = Ned/Eddard Least-Favorite = Sansa Baratheon Favorite = Shireen Least-Favorite = Stannis Frey Favorite = Lord Walder Least-Favorite = Black Walder Tyrell Favorite = Garlan Least-Favorite = Loras