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  1. I would love to see this team rule over all of Essos and Westeros. Bring painful deaths to Jaime, Cersei, Euron, the Tarlys, and Bronn.
  2. Your people can't fight!
  3. I disagree. Daenerys is Azor Ahai reborn.
  4. Dany is the most impressive person in the story. The way she led the Dothraki through the desert and her crusade to free the slaves are remarkable for anyone let alone a young lady in her early teens. She gets my vote.
  5. Tywin is a capable fellow but his main focus is on advancing the interests of House Lannister. Tywin is fine as Hand of the King but as the actual king, with no restraints on his powers, he would not be the best choice. He does strike fear but he will not be loved. He will fall as soon as his critics see a moment of weakness. He was working so hard to meet his goals and all the while under his nose his children's character deficiencies were undermining everything. Don't even get me started on Jaime. This is the shithead who betrayed two kings. Banging the king's wife is not cool. I would say the War of the Five Kings was ignited by Jaime. LF just fanned the flames. Jaime also broke guest rights when he tried to kill Bran in Winterfell. Cersei, of course, should not rule at all. Tyrion would be fine serving a monarch like Daenerys. But he would not make a good king. He's too weak emotionally. He's an alcoholic and he has a big chip on his shoulder.
  6. Sure. I was only commenting that bloodshed is the norm. That's how they cast their votes.
  7. The Others seem to have a culture. They have armor and weapons. They have humor. Maybe they have a culture. That culture could relegate their females to non-combat roles. We know they have females. The Night's Queen. If the Others we are seeing is their equivalent of a military force they would consists mainly of males. If they are Hive-Minded as some theorists believe them to be, maybe there can only be one queen per hive. One of the queens took an interest in the 13th lord commander, a Stark. Why? Perhaps his blood was compatible with theirs. Are we then sure that all of their children are dead? Could the Starks be descended from one of their half ice children? Did they sacrifice all of their children to their gods? Could be this is the reason why the Starks sacrificed to the trees. It is a family tradition that they must continue, to sacrifice a son to the trees on some predetermined interval. Each generation? Each turn of the season?
  8. Castles and much less kingdoms do not pass without bloodshed. Dany has as much right to take back Westeros as the Starks have the right to take back Winterfell. Many Starks fans have no problem with the Starks calling for a lot of bloodshed to take back Winterfell. Daenerys has the same rights to take back her throne.
  9. The show's version of the origin of the Others The books have yet to tell use where they came from. But we have two clues. The Others are powerful skin changers. They can control the flesh of the dead. Powerful stuff. Perhaps the ability came from them originally and it passed on to the First Men. Parallels the Valyrian resistance to heat coming from their dragons. They prized Craster's baby boys. There is clearly something unique about Craster. They are "ice" so it could mean Craster is a Stark. Why only boys? Because it serves to keep men weak when they have to give up their future warriors? Because we are only seeing a small part of their population and what we are seeing is the equivalent of their Night Watch. Their Day Watch. Other males who have sworn their lives to protect their realm from an outside threat.
  10. So why did he need to be a warrior? Skill at arms is not how you beat the supernatural Others. We have noting in the text to suggests that Rhaegar started collecting obsidian. I think what he read predicted the coming rebellion. He knew rebellion was coming and realized he would have to lead the royal forces into battle against human enemies if it can't be stopped. Against human foes, not the kind that you need obsidian for. The kind you can kill with steel. His behavior at the tournament supports this. Lyanna was the linchpin of the conspiracy against his house and he acted to seduce her away from Robert. Something happened at the tourney and he came to respect her. He chose at that moment to leave her out of his political game. But Lyanna was already smitten.
  11. The Goodbrooks stayed loyal to their king after Tully called his banners to join Robert and Jon Arryn. Tully destroyed the Goodbrooks' village to punish them for remaining loyal to their king. I have to clap my hands for Petyr Baelish because he gave back to the Tullys what they deserved.
  12. There were no humans on Westeros until the arrival of the First Men. The species stayed away from each other. They had their own corner of the the world, so to speak. Perhaps that is the final solution. Humans would leave Westeros and let the children tend to their trees as much as they want.
  13. A day might come when Bran chooses not to give it back. Self-pity and addiction could drive Bran to the dark side.
  14. Team Name: Stannis Team: Stannis, Davos, Mellisandre, Selys, Shireen, Tycho Nestoris. (List any other person that I could have forgotten to include). Team Objective: Time: Analyze the team during the time period before Stannis leaves the wall. This is the time right after Stannis crushed the wildlings. S: He has knights and horses. Seen by some as the king. Served by a red priestess who has some magic tricks. W: Winter is coming and he has little in the way of supplies and food. Non-cooperative ally in the NW. Unfamiliar with the north. O: He sent his advisor to win over allies to his cause. T: Unfamiliar with the battle grounds. He's not from the north. Bad weather conditions. Long march to Winterfell. Roose knows the north better. Roose hides behind tall stone walls.
  15. do the "others" pose a threat to anyone besides westeros? Ah that is a very good question. Are they a threat at all? Was our author remembering the Vietnam War when he wrote the story? That was one of the justifications for sending troops to a foreign land was stop the spread of an opposing ideology. Good question. Mel, Jon, the NW, the old scrolls from Asshai all call for military action against the threat. Are they right or misunderstanding the situation?