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  1. Congratulations @Annara Snow ! Dunk and Egg were really a lock for the top 2 for this game, it was just a matter of deciding from No 3 onwards, really. If there are any more Guessing Games, I'd like to participate
  2. Duncan the Tall ETA: Reading the rules again, since I rearranged after #4, I think I have to get only 6 points for every correct guess after that. If you rearrange your list after #5, you get 8 points for all subsequent rounds, if you do it after #4, then you get 6 points, is that right?
  3. List stays the same: 2. Aegon V 1. Duncan the Tall
  4. Revised list: 3. Baelor Breakspear 2. Aegon V 1. Duncan the Tall
  5. Mine remains the same as well.
  6. 5. Cregan Stark 4. Baelor Breakspear 3. Bran the Builder 2. Aegon V 1. Duncan the Tall
  7. bump
  8. Bump Just read through the last few posts....hope you get well soon Lady B! Do you have occasional sinus/blocked nose issues by any chance? Those can get exacerbated during the winter and result in headaches.
  9. Gambling on Aemon the DragonKnight
  10. Gambling on Septon Barth. I thought of Dunk too, but he is not ingenious by any stretch. Plus Barth ended up as Hand which is the second most powerful post in the realm, much better than LC. Hope GRRM reveals more about the mysteries Barth uncovered in all those books which Baelor burnt :/
  11. I was hoping there would be one, because I really like both Cat as well as the lady playing her, Michelle Fairley. But now, I'm happy there isn't, because I'm sure they wouldn't have handled the plot well. One big problem with the "Aegon is real" theory is that - Varys is not prescient; he couldn't have predicted if baby Aegon was going to die, much less how (with the head smashed in). That's primarily one of the reasons why Varys is able to pull off this whole Young Griff plan. Let's say Elia and the kids hadn't died in the Sack - they would have been taken hostage by the rebel forces and the children would probably have been forced to live in KL their whole life or some such. So Varys being able to predict Aegon's death and thus switching only him (and not the other kid as well, why?) with some infant from Flea Bottom does not make sense IMO. I'm willing to bet Varys came up with the plan only after the sack of KL. The two best players of the game, LF and Varys, are actually masters at improvising, adapting and taking advantage of situations as they arise, rather than some long drawn out plan (see: Doran Martell) AITOOAH who did not believe Tywin's words to Tyrion saying that he never intended Elia to die? I felt he was lying through his teeth and wouldn't have passed up an opportunity to "punish" Elia for taking the "rightful" place of his daughter Cersei by marrying Rhaegar (true to his extremely vindictive nature.)
  12. Yep, #9 is looking like Jaehaerys I (one of the best kings, but his decision to pass over Rhaenys indirectly contributed to the mess that was the succession of Viserys I later.) #8 Torrhen Stark
  13. Does this mean that the person in question is remembered fondly even though his actions caused destruction in Westeros? Or does it mean that his actions could have caused destruction, but it was averted?
  14. I'll switch up my top two options: 1. Azor Ahai 2. Torrhen Stark 3. Galladon of Morne
  15. [1] Arya Stark vs. [5] Samwell Tarly [2] Jon Snow vs. [8] Eddison Tollett [3] Tyrion Lannister vs. [11] Barristan Selmy [4] Davos Seaworth vs. [10] Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) [6] Eddard Stark vs. [7] Stannis Baratheon [9] Jaime Lannister vs. [14] Asha Greyjoy [12] Brienne Tarth vs. [15] Aemon Targaryen (Maester Aemon) [13] Oberyn Martell vs. [16] Tormund Giantsbane [17] Mance Rayder vs. [18] Sansa Stark [19] Robb Stark vs. [20] Sandor Clegane [21] Petyr Baelish vs. [22] Catelyn Tully [23] Varys vs. [25] Brynden Tully [24] Theon Greyjoy vs. [31] Yoren [26] Brandon Stark (Bran) vs. [29] Jorah Mormont [27] Doran Martell vs. [30] Cersei Lannister [28] Wyman Manderly vs. [32] Renly Baratheon