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  1. This has bugged me for a while now and I haven't seen a satisfying answer yet. We all know that the rumor about Lyanna was that "Rhaegar kidnapped and raped her" then Robert's Rebellion. Well, no one saw Lyanna for, what, 9 months, as she was hidden in Tower of Joy pregnant. And I believe many of us believe she was never kidnapped to begin with, she ran off with Rhaegar to follow her heart. I can see how the citizens would see her disappearance as 'kidnapped', she's no longer around. But...raped? What evidence was there of that, unless there was proof, like seeing her pregnant? None of the stories told about them has included her being impregnated by Rhaegar as proof of the 'rape'. And we know now, from the Tower of Joy scenes, there were hand maidens there, Harland Reed and some Targaryen Kingsguard. Would they really report that she was 'raped'? I just wonder how this came to be part of the history of Lyanna and Rhaegar. Kidnap, sure, I can buy that (even if she ran off with him). Anyone see any reference to citizens of Kings Landing seeing her pregnant before? It seemed like young Ned was shocked she delivered a baby. So that doesn't reconcile with me. Thank you!
  2. I have posted about little Sam's "non-aging" on a few boards. One of the weirdest facts that is apparent in the show, as if Wildling abandoned boys were not supposed to age because they were always sacrificed to White Walkers. Almost as if the David and Dan do what they can to not really show little Sam. He *should* be 3+ by now and he is not. "Curse" on the Craster's Keep as they weren't supposed to age...ever.
  3. *spoiler/theory* Does anyone see that Dany's army is full of southerners and winter is here? Won't KL be covered in snow and how will her half-naked armies battle in that freezing cold? This is where I think GRRM's poetic justice comes in. Euron Greyjoy joins forces, and his mighty fleet, with Cercei and takes the battle to the sea, against Dany. All of these seasons she has been raising one hell of an army, 100K+, to never have them set foot in KL because there will be an epic naval battle at sea. And, we may only be left with a few boats and dragons left. Thoughts? Wouldn't that be one of GRRM's ironies of building her army to never let them fight for her?
  4. Doesn't this happen in ALL TV shows, where some level of plot lines are left dangling? I know JJ Abrams is notorious for it. Especially for hard-core fans who look DEEP into the background/folklore, we are left disappointed. Like CofF, we may never get full resolution, Nymeria, Gendry (I hope he does make a return), etc. I don't know with 13 episodes if that is possible, unless they are 90 mins long. And the reference to "transporting", these episodes aren't linear. There are different time spans between the plots. D'aario told Dany "They are painting the sails now" before their conversation. Then, when we saw them sailing, they had the Targaryen sigil. It took time to paint those sails and time for Varys to meet up with them from Dorne with the Martells and Tyrells and their fleet. I hope viewers know that it wasn't later that afternoon they all jumped on a ship and set sail.
  5. ^^^ this is the one I'm reading among several boards, and worries me most. If winter is here, how will the southern lands be able to fight in several feet of snow? Dothraki in loin cloths, Dornish armies barely clothed, Unsullied have bare arms, etc. Unless the dragons clear a path for a fair fighting ground or it ALL takes place at sea...Euron and his Greyjoy army from the Pyke fighting for KL.
  6. Thanks for the image. I posted it in this forum last night. I caught that and had to rewind, I love that little wink to the audience. I wonder what it means for us and for Sam.
  7. Agree. That is what I was talking about last night, Old Nan's story that was repeated a couple season's back about the "guest" that served up the son in pie. There is context even though Arya wasn't in that scene a couple season's ago, Old Nan would've told all of the Stark children the same story. I liked it, one more off her list. CHECK!
  8. There were a LOT of great phrases and speeches tonight - Lady Olenna, Lady Mormont, Arya, even Varys' "Fire & blood". Davos' heart wrenching assault at Melissandra. Hell, I'll even throw in Jamie's snarks at Walder Frey. But Tyrion's exchange with Dany was the best for me. His was so heartfelt about belief, trust and loyalty. And how he just isn't the Tyrion we first grew to love 6 seasons ago, but we love him even more now. Very powerful and understated and I didn't want it to go unrecognized. It also laid the groundwork for her confidence to take on the world with her allegiances from so many other parts of the world, without his Lannister influence. And that is saying something.
  9. Agree. I posted this in one of the videos. The "We must trust each other" was the foreshadowing because what LF said to Sansa about "who he will declare for, the true blood or the bastard" and to watch all the Northerners declare for Jon angered him. Then he locked eyes with Sansa and she caught on; she realized what LF said at the Weirwood tree, SHE is the true born, deserving of Winterfell, not Jon. And there will be a fight for Winterfell between Sansa and Jon next season. Sansa to accept LF's wedding proposal afterall and take WF to herself and that sends Jon and the army north to fight the White Walkers? Or...South to join Dany and her dragons?
  10. Oh how I wish for a tongue thrashing from Lady Olenna at LF! He, above all, deserves it! Then, to be roasted like a marshmallow by Dragon.
  11. {Raising my glass to Jamie killing her a la the Mad King after he finds out about Tommen} Anyone else get the feeling this was a long game for her? Like Cersei knew Tommen was so unstable after conversion to the Seven and watching from his window (as long as she had UnMountain keep him in his room) he might jump after his Margarey? Her behavior at his body with Qyburn was unlike Mycella and Joffrey's, like she knew it could happen. was her long game to take the Throne from her own son.
  12. I haven't read the books, so I I was hoping one of the readers would have more insight. But I had to rewind and take a closer look. Nice that it is all coming together and Sam will be he one to put it all together for us all. The Citadel - where all information and history *should* be stored. However, the gatekeeper didn't know about LC Mormont or Maester Aemon and just crossed their names out rather than giving them an end date and entering new LC names and Maester names. Pretty odd if it intended to be the sacred place to learn the history of everything in GoT world. No one will ever know that anyone took over those two positions, so are we expected to believe the "watch ended" when those two names were crossed out? And the Crows were disbanded at that time, White Walkers are entering south, no reports to the Citadel about them (hello Sam and Gilley, wanna mention that first thing?).
  13. Mormont blood - Long live Bear Island!
  14. And the light fixtures in the library are the same orbs in the opening credits. Finally know where those originate.
  15. Which will happen first though - 1) imploding/exploding of King's Landing and needing the next heir to the throne or 2) White Walkers heading south? Will King's Landing really care about a throne once White Walker hell breaks loose or will there be two battles being fought on two fronts simultaneously? Jon knows about the White Walkers, we know he will go back to protect everyone from them, even if not as LC. And isn't that where Dany's dragons come in, their fire will help burn them? I think after the WW are defeated/ Wall story is resolved, then the series ends with King's Landing and the "rightful heir" to the Throne. After all, it is called Game of Thrones.