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  1. 1) You obviously didn't even read the OP if you are saying she stepped down or jeopardized her children or allowed herself or her family [et al] shame............................. 2) Dorne is hardly plain sight when your wife's family rules there. 3) We are talking about my OP which you obviously didn't read. Why are you here? Could his wife of perhaps 5 years have known him enough to trust him/his vision to bear a third child when she could not give him one? Did she believe it was her destiny for her and her children to die anyway? Why did Lyanna name their child Aegon which was already the name of Rhaegar and Elia's son? Could Lyanna ALSO have trusted Rhaegar's vision that Elia and other children were doomed? ▲ major parts of OP extrapolate. Come back when you've read it. I didn't make this thread to WETNURSE to the DragonWolf melodrama.
  2. I do not know if anyone is talking about my OP here which is concerning ELIA, the wife of Rhaegar and if she was complicit. WHY would Rhaegar take a woman from the North (rather, why would she go with him) to hide IN DORNE? Does no one find this telling? He went with her to the place neither of them is from.... and to the lands where Elia is from. Her family did not know he was there? SHE did not know they were there? That is the OP of this thread in case ppl forgot
  3. BSG ended spectacularly. Given the hype you speak of, I believe the way it terminated and closed up loose ends was far more efficient, effective, gratifying and REAL than what we are seeing in GOT. It WAS almost impossible for BSG to live up to its hype, but it really actually did. Not for some people, but for me as a passionate watcher of that show, I still love it even now.
  4. I agree with all that nonsense with the Ice Dragon. It really is complete shit. The more I listen to others talk in depth about the show runners, the more they seems like Failed Screenwriters. When ever they strayed away from the original vision it completely is a hill of shit. Concerning Martin telling people to watch Last Kingdom I have not personally sampled that show and know nothing about it. My point was that he was totally over with GOT after last season (rightfully so) and these people are riding his back of what he created............ and the show is more popular than ever, everyone talks about it and wants to say it is the best show ever......... and that kind of makes my stomach turn because I'll come right out and say the show utterly sucks and the only reason I will watch S8 is because I have watched it all this time and want to see how it ends. Like a train wreck you cannot stop but to watch. I have said these people "D&D" or whoever they are, they had a huge cache of mythology to draw from and they couldn't even squeeze out a COHERENT end to the thing. INCOHERENT is literally THE word I keep hearing from people who dare to criticize the show. It makes no sense anymore, it collapsed into an empty useless story that cleaved from it so many characters and places and things that was originally what made the show interesting. So, is it even beyond speculation now? That it rode the back of a wonderful premise but then could not take that premise even to an interesting conclusion. I have heard more interesting fan fiction than what those people have given us that began to ROT starting in S6. Can't help myself to say I really hate the show. I think if there no book to compare it to, it would be a good show. I would still like the character interaction and the action and the VERY LIMITED mythology we are seeing...... but knowing what I do, and seeing where it began from GRR vision, that makes it beyond stale and laughable as a whole. Like I said, it is sad the show runners could not make a more COHERENT conclusion. The damned undead dragon is merely a symptom of this. YES it is flying 3x faster than living dragon and YES the NK threw a javelin at the speed of light and YES one damn ice dragon was able to take down the most fortified ancient FORCE (The Wall) in all Westeros, so I guess it can just now consume Winterfell or even Harrenhaal with a single blast. Flying with holes in wings when it was only dead for like 2 minutes before revived. Decay? Not so much. I wonder why they didn't just give the whole dead army WINGS to fly over the Wall. No Wings, No Problem. Prepare yourselves for a really REALLY bad grinding down S8 where you will be left scratching your head what you have been doing every Sunday night for 10 episodes for the last 8 years. And all the $$ you spent on the blu ray collection.
  5. Missy is an endearing term I say to my niece over having had too much sugar and going spastic (overreacting). I do not come here to fight. And I also shouldn't have to explain myself but I did. I have never insulted or belittled you. If you took a jest wrongly, then put me to ignore. I dislike when people ASSume a motive when they know nothing about the intention behind it. However, every interaction I have had with you has been kind and gentle. I'm not asking for an apology. Just maybe re-think the context of what you said and your reaction. This is a frakking chat forum. I won't walk on eggshells in the hope someone won't have some toxic reaction to a word. Especially when I have never acted negatively toward you. Your post to me was far more aggressive but I took it in stride based on the idea you have not a history toward me being vengeful or mean. Why I cannot have the same courtesy is not even something I wish to explore currently. If you choose to continue to battle, then I will put you to ignore instead. It has been made clear these types of interaction are forbidden in this forum because they don't belong here. I'm not a person to go around reporting others. Just don't argue or choose to ignore me. Thanks so much.
  6. woah missy.................................... slow that up Are you saying: That Bran wasn't told "no" by Ned? That Ned didn't allow the pups after Jon said what he said? That Ned has no idea who Jon is? Seriously, what part do you think didn't happen? All true. DO you feel like Jon perhaps made a better argument as for WHY to keep the pups? You don't have to be royalty to change someone's mind. If you think Ned was "obeying" the true king of Westeros, then I guess Ned would have been obeying Jon throughout all season 1 on anything Jon said. I wonder if Jon ever said something Ned did not obey. And if that's the case, he would have been putting Catelyn in her place for shunning Jon and being like "listen woman, you need to get onboard with this bastard thing". But that was never the case. YES OR NO? YES? NO? YES/NO? Y/N? No other answer will suffice.
  7. At this point I wonder why the Wights themselves cannot fly and breathe toxic energy at the Wall to crash it down! No Wings? NO PROBLEM!
  8. GOT off the rails? Say isn't so! I mean, an undead dragon could fly without wings.... and even if it wasn't a dragon in the first place, it could still fly and breathe something to knock down the wall... because Script. That may be why Martin is out there telling people to watch The Last Kingdom and saying he doesn't watch GOT anymore GOT show producers should be ashamed of themselves that that could not take 5 frakkin books' worth of material and bring it to a coherent end. I wonder what they think they are getting paid for.
  9. It's just yet another failure of the show.
  10. Kytheros made the point. Jon pointed out it was maybe an omen for the Stark family.
  11. I don't mean to sound harsh but apparently there was no "magic" or any other unnatural/supernatural thing on/in the Wall. Dragons were known to exist for millennia but I guess all it took was *a dragon to blast it down. Just think it Daenerys wanted for some reason to align with the Night King... she would just have to go up there and blast the Wall with dragon fire and it's that simple. *I do not opt into the idea that somehow Viscerion being "undead" gave the dragon super powers to be able to take down the Wall with "different" fire than other dragons. Yes, it's blue. But other than that, whatever. The Wall turned out to be one of the weakest things in all GOT.
  12. Sansa and Arya scheme to take down Littlefinger!
  13. The idea Ned Stark eschewed the direwolf puppies.............. but "obeyed" Jon's idea to keep them because Ned knew Jon was actually the Heir to the kingdoms. I'm actually lol right now
  14. An awesome show that entertained 2 different ideas of Time Travel was a show on the Showcase network called Continuum. I loved that show! Dystopian future where corporations run everything. Dissidents/criminals go back in time (or sent back in time, deciding) to change the future. They are told/believe that since they have knowledge of things that lead to their present, they can go back and change specific things to stop it from happening. Then the show explores the other side that those people ALWAYS went back, and every action they took actually helped bring about their "present' they went back to try to change. So, if they never went back, none of it would have happened. Read about the show and check it out if you get a chance! Totally worth it.
  15. Time Travel! omg I love almost anything with time travel. With the instance of Hodur (and when Ned heard Bran) the 3-eyed raven said "the ink is already dry". What this means to me is: Bran is not even born, Ned is entering the tower <-----------TIME-----------------> Bran has the vision of Ned going into the tower and speaks to Ned Ned always heard Bran (ink is dry). Even though Bran was not even yet born. When visiting the past and affecting the past, that past has always been the truth. At least that is one theory. Hodur is a little harder to explain... and I think it's possible the show took some liberties. To me, it had something to do with the idea Bran was warged into Hodur when the event happened? But that cannot be explained! None of it can be explained because time travel is WAAAAY theoretical. The idea Hodur freaked out as a young man and became speechless, repeating the same words as he would later speak at his own death, that's a mystery to me and I would LOVE to hear what others think. Bran being warged into Hodur at his death, then visiting Hodur at a young age could have - at that moment of visiting him - CAUSED Hodur to convulse and become the speechless Hodur we all love from that moment forward. As in, Bran's presence there (because he was warged into Hodur at Hodur's death) caused him to become "Hodur" instead of Willis. If this is correct (and I am totally guessing) if Bran showed up there a year later or earlier, the event of Willis/Hodur would have happened THEN.