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  1. no i heavent ive been meaning too but i havent gotten around to it
  2. hiya people a newbie her just wonder how many how many people other than me here have ever read any other work from grrm and if you have what is your favorite story? mine being the pear-shaped man or possibly remembering melody. also a fairly big fan of the thousand im wondering what ur guys opinions on other grrm work.
  3. Dunk the lunk thick as a castle wall. ser duncan was as good a man and true. he did as any knight should and defended the weak and the innocent, protected women and children and fought his battles honorably. in my opinion i think he was the one of the best knights of the kings guard there ever was.
  4. in all honesty i would rather have a honorable kingsguard than a deadly one Eddard Stark barristan selmy jamie lannister brienne of tarth davos seaworth Oberyn martell Brynden Tully if we were allowed to use characters from a long time ago i would definitely put ser Duncan the tall there somewhere.