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  1. I just rewatched episode 5 and I forgot a key point in how the 'capture a Wight for Cersei' came to be a thing. Yes Tyrion proposed getting one to show Cersei--the stupidity of that suggestion is not in question. But 'the how' evolved in the subsequent conversation. Ser Jorah provided the answer, seconded and reinforced by Jon Snow. So Tyrion can be derided for proposing a really dumb idea. But the rest of those assembled around the table could have told him to stuff it. Instead, they helped facilitate the idea, and therefore shoulder some of the blame for contributing to it's realization.
  2. Thanks for posting that link. It is a really good summary of everything wrong about the plan. Yeah thats about how the conversation would go, although I doubt Cersei would allow Jon to leave. I think we are witnessing why GRRM's writings are so important, because without them to lean on D & D are writing fan fiction as many have complained. I don't think book Tyrion would propose such a ridiculous plan in the first place.
  3. I see. Yeah that makes sense. Thorne was a complete asshole. Though I perfer him to that treacherous little shit Olly.
  4. I can only imagine show Tyrion conceiving of the later option if only just barely. From what I understand book Tyrion is much darker and more devious. Show Tyrion had some flashes of those traits through season 4 (do you remember how good the show was back then?) Show Tyrion is currently channelling Neville Chamberlain. If he is able to deliver a still animated Wight to Cersei, he will fly back to Dragonstone. And upon arriving will hold up a slip of paper and declare "peace for our time." Yeah right.
  5. Thanks for clearing that up. I was confused about that point because I am pretty familar with the show, and I don't remember the hand showing-up in KL. When what actually happened is a book reader misremembered that event happening on the show. So Tyrion messed-up again? Book Tyrion? Shame. Unfortunately, Lerxst who posted above and who has seen the leaked episode 6 said that the stupidity introduced in episode 5 is not redeemed. Maybe its time to take up drinking again.
  6. Cersei is not going to care. As you say she essentially has her own Wight already. And she seemed to accept without question what Tyrion told Jaime about the Army of the Dead, because she listed them among the enemies she and Jaime would defeat. Does anyone know which season/episode the Wight's hand arrived in King's Landing? I have reviewed the first 3 seasons and I can't find the scene. In season 1 episode 9 Commander Mormont sent Alistair Thorne with the hand to King's Landing. In season 2 episode 2 a Raven arrives with a scroll from the Wall, which relates details of the assassination attempt by a Wight against Commander Mormont. But I can't find where the hand actually shows up?
  7. Yeah that would be better than the current plan. But it still misses the overall point--trying to convince Cersei to such an extent that she honestly agrees to cooperate and stop her scheming is a pipe dream! Cersei cannot be trusted under any circumstances! And Tyrion of all people should know this! Which is one of the reasons I am so upset. Jaime's influence over Cersei has virtually declined to the point of irrelevance. Besides I think Cersei already in theory accepts the reality of the White Walkers and their army. So additional physical proof is pointless. As Cersei said herself, a temporary armistice is in her interest while she rebuilds her forces, and having her two greatest rivals for power weaken and perhaps destroy each other is definately in her interest. Daenerys and her forces should occupy an intermediate position, where she can support Jon and his forces against the Night King's attack, but also where she is secure from attack by Cersei's troops. In any case, until the Golden Company arrives Cersei only has Euron and his fleet to conduct offensive operations.
  8. And what about your galoshes young man? I hope Jon and company had time to fashion some obsidian weapons on the voyage to Eastwatch. Might come in handy if they run into White Walkers, especially given Jon is the only one wielding a Valerian steel blade I think. Of course, Beric and Thoros have their flaming sword tricks, maybe they should teach that to the rest of their posse. More importantly I hope he sent the balance of the obsidean to Winterfell, just in case this foolish errand he is on turns out badly. As it really should, but it probably wouldn't. Well except for a few of his crew.
  9. Have to think it's a lot easier to capture a Wight, than a White Walker. First of all how would you be able to restrain one given their superior strength? And aren't all the White Walkers telepathically linked somehow? If so it would make it doubly hard to get back south of the Wall to safely.
  10. Yes I said something similar a ways back on this thread. Writers aren't lab rats that get stuck in a maze and only have a single option. The writers design the maze. If the story gets to where only an implausible idea will work to move things forward, then the writers screwed-up plain and simple. Sometimes it's the reverse...no plan is better than a bad plan. Yes and how appropriate or rather inappropriate both events occured on the same weekend.
  11. As difficult as it is to admit, because I really like Tyrion, you do have a point. "Enough with the harebrained plans!"
  12. I like that sentence. Good insight. Usually it's the men who are locking horns, and are too busy to listen. This time it's the women. It won't be that way for long. Daenerys already pretty much believes, she is just torn and does not want to concede anything to Cersei. And after she flies to the rescue this coming episode or the next one she will fully believe. Even Cersei did not sound to incredulous on the subject when Jaime told her. It's simply not in Cersei's interest to use any resources to assist her rival, not that she has many resources at this point to call upon.
  13. Very well stated once again. The thing about this stupid plotline that I found so deflating is it actually wrecked my appreciation of the entire story. There have been inconsistencies and occassionally bad writing in the series, but it never rose to a level of disrupting my overall enjoyment. What happened Sunday night was fundamentally different. Maybe the show runner's whole approach to this season underlies my dissatisfaction. D & D are treating the storyline this season like the SPEED ROUND on some game show. They have revved-up everything so fast that some crucial scenes are being drained of their color and emotion, and therefore of their significance.
  14. I would really like to think Tyrion's plan is just a front for some more elaborate strategy, because he is my favorite character. Unfortunately I really think not in the TV series. Ain't no 3-dimensional chess going on where D & D are concerned.
  15. There is no 'drama' in easy victories. I don't mind some drama, as long as it is logically coherent. Daenerys' strategy has been a farce up to the Field of Fire 2.0. And unfortunately my favorite character Tyrion was the author of that strategy. Damn show runners!