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  1. Ok here is some more information from Wikipedia: "The greatest self-powered horizontal speed is achieved by Homing Racing Pigeons. They can fly 1100 km (700 miles) in a single day, and they have been recorded flying at 177 km/h (110 miles per hour) making them the fastest flying birds with the fastest speed ever recorded on a self-powered flight, and the fastest longest endurance flight." Whoever posted that Ravens are faster than Pigeons...WRONG! Using the furtherest distance flown (700 miles) in a day as recorded for the Homing Racing Pigeons, with a straight line distance of 1,800 miles, and assuming a single Pigeon or relay of Pigeons could do the course in one go--it would take about 2.6 days to fly between Eastwatch and Dragonstone. Assuming the dragon's flying time is maybe 4 times faster, and thats still 3-4 days until they arrive. It does not appear from the episode that much over a day elapsed from the time they are surrounded until rescue.
  2. Hurrah! The dumbest plan ever somehow succeeded! Inspector Clouseau would be proud. Now they can rip-off Henry VIII's Field of the Cloth of Gold, with the captive Wight as the piece de resistance. At least it cost Daenerys a dragon, not to mention Thoros.
  3. Actually according to the map on Wikipedia the distance between Dragonstone and Eastwatch is over 1,800 miles. In order to fly the distance in one day a Raven/Dragon would have to maintain a constant speed of 75 miles per hour without resting or refueling, be able to fly at night and navigate the route with great precision. Are you flipping kidding me? It would have been a little more believable if Bran had foreseen Jon & company's predicament, and somehow telepathically communicated with Daenerys directly. At least than you could cut out the Raven's travel time. Which has to be slower than the dragons.
  4. I was going to post this same topic right after the show, but just said what the hell, why even bother. This entire season and particularly in the last two episodes--Game of Thrones has become just another TV show to me. I will still watch. But much of the magic is gone. A big chunk of the problem in season 7 are temporal issues. This does not only relate to the speed characters are moving around Westros, but to how fast events are unfolding in the storyline. It seems the show runners are racing for the exit, and they don't care how they get there. Shame.
  5. Not at all convincing. Which is why I started this topic. I was really angry and disillusioned last Sunday after watching episode 5. I have never been so disappointed by a TV series. I was very heartened to hear how many others feel the same way I do. And not just on this forum, but elsewhere like the GoT Youtube community. Maybe some of these complaints will eventual filter through to Benioff and Weiss, so they do a better job next season. Lets hope tonight's episode gives us all hope for something better.
  6. I cannot answer for others, but my reason for believing Cersei is accepting of the idea of an army of the dead, is primarily based on her demeanor after Jaime informs her of what Tyrion told him. She does not dismiss the notion as ridiculous, and specifically names 'dead men' as one of the many threats she and Jaime will have to overcome. Also as others have pointed out Cersei already has a kinda of Wight in Ser Gregor, so she knows given the right circumstances such things are possible. If you will remember Ser Jorah volunteers out of the blue to take on the mission of going north and capturing a Wight. I think it was Ser Davos who told him that the Wildings, who would be needed as guides, did not know and would not follow Ser Jorah. So thats when Jon stepped into this morass as leader. And yeah I don't know what special powers Jon now possesses as "the only one who has faced them." Of course, thats not true because Tormund has as well. Credit to Tormund he calls the plan out for it's sheer stupidity, but goes along anyway because he is a stand-up guy. The Hound goes as part of his 12 step program. That is as proper an explaination of this lame scheme and the motivations of it's participants that I can provide.
  7. Indeed you are correct. Forget Cersei. Forget Euron. Forget Littlefinger. Even forget the Night King. The real supervillains of GoT have become Benioff and Weiss!
  8. The one way this crazy plan redeems itself--is if Qyburn can be enlisted on the side of the living. He is the Leonardo Di Vinci of GoT, and his inventiveness might be invaluable in the fight against the Night King and White Walkers. Thats assuming he can be trusted to detach himself from Cersei's parochial interests.
  9. I just rewatched episode 5 and I forgot a key point in how the 'capture a Wight for Cersei' came to be a thing. Yes Tyrion proposed getting one to show Cersei--the stupidity of that suggestion is not in question. But 'the how' evolved in the subsequent conversation. Ser Jorah provided the answer, seconded and reinforced by Jon Snow. So Tyrion can be derided for proposing a really dumb idea. But the rest of those assembled around the table could have told him to stuff it. Instead, they helped facilitate the idea, and therefore shoulder some of the blame for contributing to it's realization.
  10. Thanks for posting that link. It is a really good summary of everything wrong about the plan. Yeah thats about how the conversation would go, although I doubt Cersei would allow Jon to leave. I think we are witnessing why GRRM's writings are so important, because without them to lean on D & D are writing fan fiction as many have complained. I don't think book Tyrion would propose such a ridiculous plan in the first place.
  11. I see. Yeah that makes sense. Thorne was a complete asshole. Though I perfer him to that treacherous little shit Olly.
  12. I can only imagine show Tyrion conceiving of the later option if only just barely. From what I understand book Tyrion is much darker and more devious. Show Tyrion had some flashes of those traits through season 4 (do you remember how good the show was back then?) Show Tyrion is currently channelling Neville Chamberlain. If he is able to deliver a still animated Wight to Cersei, he will fly back to Dragonstone. And upon arriving will hold up a slip of paper and declare "peace for our time." Yeah right.
  13. Thanks for clearing that up. I was confused about that point because I am pretty familar with the show, and I don't remember the hand showing-up in KL. When what actually happened is a book reader misremembered that event happening on the show. So Tyrion messed-up again? Book Tyrion? Shame. Unfortunately, Lerxst who posted above and who has seen the leaked episode 6 said that the stupidity introduced in episode 5 is not redeemed. Maybe its time to take up drinking again.
  14. Cersei is not going to care. As you say she essentially has her own Wight already. And she seemed to accept without question what Tyrion told Jaime about the Army of the Dead, because she listed them among the enemies she and Jaime would defeat. Does anyone know which season/episode the Wight's hand arrived in King's Landing? I have reviewed the first 3 seasons and I can't find the scene. In season 1 episode 9 Commander Mormont sent Alistair Thorne with the hand to King's Landing. In season 2 episode 2 a Raven arrives with a scroll from the Wall, which relates details of the assassination attempt by a Wight against Commander Mormont. But I can't find where the hand actually shows up?
  15. Yeah that would be better than the current plan. But it still misses the overall point--trying to convince Cersei to such an extent that she honestly agrees to cooperate and stop her scheming is a pipe dream! Cersei cannot be trusted under any circumstances! And Tyrion of all people should know this! Which is one of the reasons I am so upset. Jaime's influence over Cersei has virtually declined to the point of irrelevance. Besides I think Cersei already in theory accepts the reality of the White Walkers and their army. So additional physical proof is pointless. As Cersei said herself, a temporary armistice is in her interest while she rebuilds her forces, and having her two greatest rivals for power weaken and perhaps destroy each other is definately in her interest. Daenerys and her forces should occupy an intermediate position, where she can support Jon and his forces against the Night King's attack, but also where she is secure from attack by Cersei's troops. In any case, until the Golden Company arrives Cersei only has Euron and his fleet to conduct offensive operations.