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  1. I agree with a lot of that. I believe the showrunners rushed through a lot of stuff, and left a lot of potentially really great material out. I believe the 6 seasons we have seen could very easily have been stretched into at least 7 or 8 full seasons, and the story would have been more complete, AND they would not have run out of material so soon. But no, they rushed through it, chopped out a lot of stuff that would have been great, and ran out of material prematurely. Oh well. I try to remain focused on the many things they HAVE done right. and am extremely grateful for what we got.
  2. Yeah, it seems clear that Bran is pivotal. His powers are going to reveal the key to defeating the Forces of Death, n my strong opinion. I also like the fact that he is one of the most "pure good" characters. Part of the reason ASOIAF/GOT is so great is cuz so many characters are morally ambivalent, but not Bran. He seems to be one of the most "pure good" characters there is, which is a great contrast with nearly every other character.
  3. Good stuff. The part you wrote about Bran being the "main protagonist" is very interesting since, in a sense, I have a very similar view. One thing that makes GOT/ASOIAF so great is that there is no single obvious protagonist, but I do believe there is a "single most important character," and I do believe it is Bran Stark. When the WW/Others are defeated, I believe he will be the key, without which the Forces of LIfe would clearly have lost. The "central character" (my words), though, is Tyrion. He knows more people and connects more people than anyone else. But my "favorite" character? Wow. So hard to say. So hard. Jaime, Arya, and Brienne all rank very high, though. If I HAD to pick one, it would surely be one of those three. Probably Jaime, since that's the name my subconscious mind spit out first, apparently.
  4. Yeah, the only problem is that reading the books makes me hungry. I don't think I'd eat the lamprey pie, though (which Tyrion seems to love so much) The lemon cakes would be fine, but I"m more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Give me the trenchers loaded with beef and vegetables, et cetera, or the Hound's great fondness for chicken. (Man, does the Hound ever LOVE chicken. That guy has literally killed people for some chicken.)
  5. Good stuff. Yeah, I read the first four books in about 2006, about 5 years before the show's first season. AFFC had just come out in paperback, and I was looking for something thick to sink my teeth into when, while browsing at the bookstore (Fantasy and Sci-Fi section), I saw the first 4 books in paperback. I bought AGOT, and within about 75 to 100 pages was totally blown away and completely hooked. I then tore through the entire series in about a month, and considered it quite possibly the best fiction I had ever read. Certainly, GRRM has the greatest characters and character development in any fiction I have ever read, hands down, nothing else is even close, and I've read hundreds and hundreds of books. So, when the show started and became a big hit, and then we started to see so many popular culture references, it was VERY strange. I guess it would be like growing up while being friends with a kid down the street who later became famous worldwide, and you can say "I knew him back when..." (Actually, though, as I strongly recall, even when I started reading the books they were already New York Times bestsellers, as you probably know, but obviously they had not nearly had the impact on popular culture that the show has had, for a wide variety of reasons.)
  6. Sure, I'd welcome more information about Quaithe. HIghly doubt we'll ever get it, though. My belief is that when both the books and show are done, there will be many loose ends that are never tied up, especially in the show (I believe this b/c the story is so huge, and the time they have to wrap everything up is so highly limited, only 7 episodes this year and 6 episodes next year to cover the biggest and most important events of all, so I highly doubt they'l be spending time wrapping up loose ends regarding very minor characters)
  7. The Sand Snake I mistakenly thought was Nymeria was actually Tyene. (When I made that post you quoted above, I didn't know it was Tyene, but that was almost 8 months ago. Since then, I have learned it was Tyene) You ask why have the Sand Snakes around for 7 seasons? Well, to my memory, they were not around for 7 seasons, they were not introduced in the t.v. show until a few seasons had gone by. But in any event, the major deaths are going to be spread out over the series, and we have very strong reason to believe people who HAVE been around for 7 seasons or more are very likely to die. so I don't think the fact that the Sand Snakes have been around for a while will protect them. (Example: Cersei has had major screen time for 6 seasons, and is now the queen in King's Landing, and is a stone cold lock to die, b/c of Maggy the Frog's prophecy) Regarding the plausibility or implausibility of the coup: I hear you, but it is very difficult for us to judge that, b/c we are given so little information. I'll say this, though, it's clear from both books and show that Oberyn and the Sand Snakes WERE incredibly popular in Dorne, so under the right circumstances and planning I could see the Sand Snakes and Ellaria pulling off the coup. Among other things, note that they seemed to have no trouble slipping onto the Dornish ship, killing Trystane, and leaving again, and suffered no repercussions from it that we know of. Also, Doran and Hotah were killed in Doran's own home, in an obvious, open and very violent manner, and once again, no repercussions. I've just assumed that b/c Ellaria and the Sand Snakes were so highly popular and influential with the Dornish military that they were able to pull it off, and we just weren't shown all the details about how their popularity and influence made it possible for them to do what they did.
  8. Interesting. Yeah, I admit I hadn't thought about Pia in connection with this issue. Still, though...I don't think that cancels out everything I said, maybe just part of it.
  9. Great stuff, I read it all with interest, and you highlight the strengths of Tywin, LF and Varys well. But of course, this is a highly subjective matter of opinion. All three of those characters DO have great strengths, but two of them (Tywin and LF) are deeply flawed as well, much more so than some other characters we have seen. In the end, I don't see how I'll be able to rank Tywin above a number of other people since his blunders have already caused his own death, and I'm sure the same will soon be true for LF, too (not only has LF made some pretty major blunders, but I'm absolutely convinced that before the story is done his blunders will cost him his own life) Regarding Varys...I would give him a grade of "incomplete." He's so mysterious...he MIGHT be a super-mastermind, but he might not, so I just can't grade him above some people whose goals and motivations are well known. and thus whose "actions and results" are much easier to judge and grade.. But again, great stuff, and it's all personal opinion. I enjoyed reading your views,and I think a lot depends on how we look at it, which is the genius of GRRM's work, of course.
  10. Good stuff. If you like treatments of food, ASOIAF is definitely the place for you. GRRM devotes more time to what people are eating or thinking about eating than any other author I've ever read. HAR!!! (Having said that, I love his work, of course, and my memory is that he's said a key to good writing is addressing all five senses, so it makes sense that he spends time on "taste")
  11. Sorry it took me a while to reply, I've not been very active here for the last few weeks (actually, maybe not all) Golden Compass, huh? I didn't realize that was steampunk, I'll try to check it and the Girl Genius stuff out. I wasn't aware of "blood oranges," either in the books, show, or "the real world." I never noticed them in the Godfather series, either. What the heck is a blood orange, anyway? Some special kind of fruit, or just an orange that appears in film or literature before someone gets crossed off?
  12. Great conversation in this thread, by many, many people. I love analyzing and examining these characters from many different angles, perspectives and points of view. I think that's what makes the books and show so great, and we see a lot of that here on these boards, too. Many of the characters seem to be highly intelligent, but sometimes do incredibly stupid things, and others, on the surface, don't seem as smart, but manage to make the right decision over and over, and survive where others have been crushed and destroyed. Ultimately, it just goes to show that there are many ways a person can be smart, and many ways a person can be foolish. Just like in the real world, where some people may be extremely good at certain things (like, say, making money), yet their lives are total disasters when it comes to other things (such as personal and/or family relationships, and true happiness) Great stuff.
  13. That's a good synopsis of "the case for Jaime being the Valonqar." (My words) And I agree. I believe it's been carefully and meticulously set up for a long time, and GRRM won't change it now. I'm completely convinced Jaime will cross off Cersei, probably at the end of Season 7 (I believe Season 7 will wrap up the "human vs. human conflicts," for the most part, and Season 8 will be "Forces of Live" vs. "Forces of Death")
  14. Interesting. My belief, though, is that both GRRM and the show don't worry very much about stuff like "Where are all these people and animals getting food??? Consider the wildling horde of about 100,000. Uhhhhh...where were all those people getting food?? Dunno. Stannis' army? Same thing. Dothraki hordes? Same thing.
  15. Well, it's just my opinion, but I'd say it's 99% probable that Jaime is the Valonqar. I don't think he will die with Cersei, though. I think he'll cross Cersei off, then lead southern forces against the WW/Others, and die in the final battle. I have a longstanding prediction (going back at least 10 years) he will die a hero, even though most people will still despise him, except Brienne, the only person to ever know the real Jaime. (I have believed this ever since I read Storm of Swords for the first time)