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  1. I think I'm gonna have to brush up on that. Maybe read some chapter summaries. Should be easy, just read Sam chapter summaries from those two books, I suppose. And yeah, Sam's pretty cool. I think it's natural for readers like us to relate to him. Same with Rodrik the Reader (Theon and Asha's uncle on their mother's side. I was disappointed when that guy was left out of the show, I wanted to see him.)
  2. Hmm, very interesting, especially that possible interpretation of Jaime's last comment to Cersei (that he might have been saying he doesn't believe she's pregnant) And that speculation could be right, but what motivation would Cersei have had to tell a lie like that? To get Jaime to do what she wants him to do? Maybe, but he already was doing that, and now she has insulted him, and they have split up. But let's say, for discussion, that she really is pregnant and Jaime is NOT the father. Who do you think is the most likely candidate? Euron, Bronn, or someone else?
  3. The Ironborn stuff was a bit dry to me, but I really liked the book-Dorne stuff (during my 2nd read. In my first read, like I said, it was okay, but I was REALLY anxious to must get on to the other characters from Books 1-3). I thought Arianne Martell and her friends were really cool, though, and I was VERY disappointed that they were left out of the show.
  4. (Hey, sorry I didn't Reply sooner, but I just saw this post from you, and I think I either didn't get a notification before or maybe accidentally turned it off without realizing there was something else in there, which happens from time to time.) And yes, I loved all the "Arya & Sandor" scene. I could read a whole book about their adventures travelling together, or watch a whole spin-off, and I'm really looking forward to their reunion in Season 8. I wish Sandor hadn't stolen from that farmer and his kid or kids, though. Oddly enough, it MIGHT have been the worst thing we've ever seen Sandor do, and I was pretty surprised when he did it. The only other thing that really comes to mind is when he killed Mycah the Butcher's Boy, but even then he THOUGHT that Mycah had attacked Joffrey, and he had been ordered to do what he did (I'm not saying it was Sandor's finest moment, by any means, but in a strange sort of way his act of stealing was kind of worse, cuz he KNEW he was definitely doing wrong and likely taking away what little hope the farmer and his family had to survive) But I loved the change where Sandor fought Brienne and received injuries which led to Sandor and Arya splitting up. I personally prefer that version to the way things happened in the book and it was a GREAT fight.. Yes, I agree here, too. Great great stuff. And I'm a big fan of Arya and Maisie Williams, too. In fact, if i was in charge of making the first spin-off, it would have favored Arya HEAVILY, in addition some other young characters (most notably Gendry, who I think and hope Arya will end up with, plus Lyanna Mormont and Pod Payne) I know we've already been told the first spin-off will not be a sequel, but that's what I would have done, and if they NEVER get around to making a sequel I think they will have missed a great opportunity to move forward with these characters. (I would have focused on these young characters, but with occasional cameos by older characters who survive the current series. This would also save the show a lot of money, cuz the older actors are far more expensive, from what I've heard, most notably Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Cersei and Jaime, all of whom get the same per episode and it's big bucks) Been a while (about 6 years) since I've read the books, so I think some of this has faded from my memory. I'm thinking about a re-read project soon, though. Who knows, maybe I'll really get around to it. I don't recall Bran dragging so much as Dany, though. My goodness, when she was in Meereen it just seemed like her story was stuck in the mud with its wheels spinning. Yes, I think this is by far the No. 1 cited thing that people like more in the show. In fact, as I recall, even GRRM says if he had to write the books over he would age the characters up himself, so I guess this one has got the GRRM stamp of approval on it, too. Thanks for contributing!
  5. Hmmm, I found all of that VERY interesting, particularly b/c it provided an alternate viewpoint on something I think a lot of people don't like, which is that in the show Jaime seemed to be having real trouble breaking away from Cersei. In fact, in the show, in the end I'd say she almost kicked HIM out, or maybe, at most, it was kind of mutual. What are your thoughts on the idea that Jaime is not the father of Cersei's baby, but rather, that the father is Broon, or Euron, or someone else? I'm wondering about this partly b/c you like show-Cersei and show-Jaime better than their book counterparts, so I'm wondering if maybe you don't like how they've split at all, and maybe don't like the fact that Jaime is VERY likely the Valonqar.
  6. How many times have you read the books? The reason I ask is that I felt just like you describe (in your final paragraph) the FIRST time I read the books (anxious to get tot he POV chapters of characters that I already knew so well, to find out what happens to them), but the SECOND time I read the books I savored and enjoyed the new characters and secondary characters a lot more (I think it was b/c I already knew what happened to the major characters, so I was a lot more patient and relaxed) The second time I read the books, I was a lot more leisurely about it (instead of racing to turn pages to find out what happens next, cuz I already knew), and b/c of that I enjoyed the fine details and secondary characters a lot more. So, if you've only read them once, who knows, maybe if you read them again you may be pleasantly surprised. There are quite a few characters in AFFC and ADWD that I REALLY wish had been included in the show (definitely a bunch of the people in Dorne, who I really wanted to see, plus Griff and Young Griff and that crew, plus even Quentyn Martell and his group, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some others)
  7. Hmmm, interesting. Sounds like you're really into Oldtown and the Faceless Men plots. I admit I don't recall that too sharply from the books. I'm probably due for a re-read (it's now been over 6 years since I last read them)
  8. Interesting. Which city would you have liked to see, you mean Oldtown, like, other than just in a far away view?
  9. This could be a factor, and it has also crossed my mind. Bronn wants a beautiful woman and a nice castle/home. Cersei and King's Landing definitely qualify on both fronts.
  10. Yeah, it's fun to speculate bout, and I admit we've got to connect some dots to conclude Bronn is the father, but it feels really accurate to me, and does explain a number of things that struck me as odd when I first saw them on the show (as I described in my original post, above) To me, the scene where Cersei and Jaime are talking about Jaime's meeting with Tyrion is the clincher. Cersei knowing what she knew in advance of jaime meeting Tyrion is pretty extreme in and of itself, but to me, Cersei asking Jaime about Bronn is just flat out bizarre...unless she had a very specific reason to be interested in how things were between Jaime and Bronn, and about Bronn in general. And I think the business about animosity between Jerome Flynn and Lena Headey is just a smoke screen.' But hey, time will tell. Even I am still allowing a 25% possibility that the father is Euron (with 0% that it is Jaime, and 75% that it is Bronn)
  11. Very interesting stuff, I enjoyed reading it all. Yeah, it's possible that the prophecy already has come true, in a sense. Could be. It just depends on how abstractly we want to think about it (or, maybe, how abstractly GRRM wants to think about it) But yeah, that's all possible.
  12. Maybe. But I don't think Mirri Maz Duur WAS just a crazy old woman. She clearly had power (magic). She knew what she was doing, and I think she knew what she was saying, and I think it WILL come a twisted, unexpected sense. GRRM has VERY carefully constructed this story. Very little is meaningless or just crazy ramblings. (Indeed, some threads on this site have made very surprising connections and insights into stuff I never thought much about at all when I first read the books) No, I think it was prophecy, I think GRRM knew how he would make it come "true" when he wrote it, and when it is all said and done and Dany is pregnant, we will all look back on Mirri's words and praise GRRM for how clever he is (which he IS). Again, this is VERY common in fantasy fiction. Prophecies that seem bizarre and can't possibly true, or SEEM to mean something different from what they actually mean and are misinterpreted for hundreds (sometimes thousands) of pages, and then the reader finds out the REAL meaning and goes "Ohhhhh, so THAT'S what that meant!" Common as dirt in fantasy fiction (but still lots of fun)
  13. Yikes, that's a huge paragraph. Just a friendly suggestion, but if you break something like that up into 5 or 6 paragraphs, it would be a LOT easier to Reply to. I'll try, though. Well, I've allowed a 25% possibility that the father is Euron, even now. In my mind, though, I am 100% convinced jaime is not the father, and frankly I think the number of people who believe Jaime is not the father is growing (unless I'm mistaken, in fact, you seem to be one of them). Something is going on in this story with this baby. It's just too simple and linear for Jaime to be the father, that is NOT good storytelling. There is going to be a twist, or two, and it will be revealed that Jaime is not the father. Yes, I agree that some of the evidence could fit Euron as well as Bronn. In fact, until last week, I was convinced Euron was the father. Now I'm leaning towards Bronn (pretty heavily), but hey, it might still be Euron. I hear you about Cersei presumably not considering Bronn an ideal father for a child, but hey, I think she's desperate to have another kid, and doesn't really care who the father is, as long as she is the mother. Still, you make a strong point about Euron being from a major house, and it's certainly true that Bronn, so far as we know, is not. say Cersei does dirty stuff with other highborn people, but I'm not so sure. As I've said, in the books she has sex with all three Kettleblack brothers. Yes, I know they are not in the show, but I do NOT automatically assume that just b/c something was left out of the show that the showrunners made a conscious decision to change somebody's character. Oh, no. My first assumption when something is left out is that they cut it to save time, period, unless we are specifically told or shown differently. Indeed, for all we know, the Kettleblack brothers may be in the show-universe, and Cersei may have had sex with all three of them, just like in the books, but we just weren't shown it. Now, I'm not saying this IS true, but it IS possible. And even if that did not actually occur in the show, I have no evidence that Cersei's character has been changed for the show in this fundamental way. None. Absence of proof is not necessarily proof of absence. (In other words, just cuz they didn't show her doing those things does NOT mean she didn't, OR that she WOULDN'T) Regarding Maggy's prophecy of 3 kids for Cersei, I believe the show has already tossed that out the window. I believe show-Cersei's story (told to Cat) about a first child she had with Robert as the father. The alternative is that Cersei is borderline insane, telling huge a huge whopper of a lie which Cat could EASILY have discovered the truth about, for which Cersei had no motivation to lie. My goodness, what if Cat had mentioned the story to Ned, and Ned had mentioned it to Robert, who was himself right there at Winterfell at the time??? And Robert had say "Whoa, wait, WHAT?? Why is Cersei telling such bizarre and outrageous lies???" Naw, Cersei wouldn't risk that, especially for NO gain. In any event, the question of whether Cersei's current baby will live past birth is not relevant to determining who the father is. Finally, yeah, as I've said, I'm still open minded to it being Euron's. Tyrion and Bronn would have to have been UTTER FOOLS to not only meet where someone could see them, but actually talk where someone could hear them, whether the "little birds" in question are kids or adults. I'm assuming neither Tyrion nor Bronn is an utter fool, much less both, at the same time, on the same matter, when Tyrion could be KILLED just for being seen in King's Landing. And he wan't just "seen," someone knew what he and Bronn discussed!!!! I find that nothing short of remarkable, almost impossible to believe unless the simplest explanation I can think of (Occam's Razor) is true: Bronn told Cersei himself. I cannot imagine why Jaime would leave alone with a plan to meet up with Bronn later. Why? In addition to me not being able to imagine why they would do that, doing so is actually dangerous for jaime. He is missing his sword hand, he is VERY vulnerable, which is a big part of why Bronn has been almost constantly at Jaime's side for 3 years. Look, when Jaime went to Dorne, he took ONE person with him, just ONE. And it was...Bronn. Why? B/c Jaime trusts him, and b/c Bronn CAN fight, quite well in fact. Bronn is very competent in a lot of way, and Jaime knows it. Why would Jaime leave alone to meet up with Bronn later? For all Jaime knows, he'll be jumped by bandits, robbed and killed before he's two miles from King's Landing. That would be an interesting twist, but I honestly don't think it will happen. Jaime is a MAJOR character in his own right. I don't believe the end of his story will be that Arya finds out what hed did to Bran, crosses Jaime off, steals his face, and then kills Cersei. My personal opinion is that Jaime will die a hero, fully redeemed, but still hated by far more people than not (for a number of different reasons) But hey, you could be right. The show and books have taken some very surprising twists and turns, and maybe this will be yet another.
  14. I could be wrong, but I don't think Dany is pregnant yet. I think there will have to be some bizarre circumstances so that it can be said that Mirri Maz Duur's prophecy "came true." She DID NOT simply tell Dany "You will never be pregnant again." Oh no. She said some really bizarre things, and I predict that when it's all said and done, we will look back on her words and go "Ohhhh, so THAT'S what that meant," and it will all make sense, and her words will have come true, in a sense. (Since this is how prophecy often works in fiction. It almost NEVER means what it seems to mean on its face, but when you look back later, you go "Ohhhhh...")
  15. Ever since I first read A Dance with Dragons (about 6 years ago) I've been convinced the story will end with a tri-archy in power. Why ELSE would GRRM spend time talking about that form of gov't?? The only question in my mind is "Who will the three tri-archs BE?" I've thought Dany and Tyrion will be two of them for a long time and now it looks pretty clear to me that Jon will be the third.