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  1. Thanks @Lucius Lovejoy, I know how hard french can be, sometimes I feel lucky being born in France. English is way easier! I don't really like the part with the tribes of the Vale, but I don't see the point of bringing them in the story. for what they did, they seemed useless to me, that's why I put them in my theory. Yes, Bran and Arya's parts are really cool, I just hope what's really gonna happening is even more wonderfoul, it would be a shame if I spoiled myself, and you too by the way, with a theory thought in one hour.
  2. Hi everyone ! While waiting for season seven, i started a rewatch of the whole show and I realised that there was many similarities between Jon, Dany and Tyrion's storylines. They were all at some point surrounded by the members of a clan who were supposed to be ennemies (the wildlings for jon ep 2x07, the dothrakis for Dany ep 5x10 and the barbarians of the vale for tyrion during season one, I don't remember the exact episode) and they all gained respect from these clans. In addition, Tyrion never paid his debts toward the barbarians. I realised also that avery one is going full circle. My theory is (possible spoilers based upon season seven leaks) : Tyrion gets back to the barbarians and give them the Vale. When the war for the dawn starts, he ask them to hold a siege with him at the Wall to keep it up, while Jon, Dany and their respective clans are beyond the Wall, in an epic battle against the wights and the white walkers. It goes wrong and most of them dies and jon and dany barely escape with the two remaining dragons. They decide to burn everything with dragon fire. Bran tries to warg into the dragon mounted by the Night King to make him fall, he succeeds at the cost of his own humanity. And somehow, Arya wears the face of a white walker (not sure if it is possible) and gets near the night king and stab him in the back with a valerian steel dagger, killing him. Bran will past the rest of his life into an undead dragon, while Arya, Jon, Dany and Tyrion will all live the rest of their lifes in their bodies, traumatized by what they just lived and then, each survivor will get a kingdom for its own, a kingdom without any habitants. Here's my theory, I don't know if its gonna happen and what would happen to any other characters, I based this theory only on the "Big Five" which are the only characters who will survive for sure season seven and will be very important for the plot, according to GRRM. I quite like that theory, even though the is not the bitter part of the ending as bran is now free and Arya and Jon are reunited at last. I know I also skipped everything that will happpen during the siege on the Wall and Tyrion's part but I don't exactly know how it would play out, especially when the leaks say the Wall would fall during season seven. Peharps the siege would be at Winterfell, but I'm pretty much sure there will be a siege and an epic battle outside the place on siege and there would be some dragon warg involved. Oh, and, as I write these lines I just realized Arya had an army on her own, the pack of wolfes of Nymeria. Only Bran doesn't have an army, but he has magical powers so he probably doesn't need an army. I'm sorry for my english, I believe sometimes I have made some grammatical or spelling mistakes, I might also invented some words. Also, the way I've written my post is completly messy. I apologize. Please, tell me what you thought of my theory, thanks !
  3. The army of the Vale arrived because Sansa asked Littlefinger to fight for Jon. Now, Sansa and Jon are reunited and Jon is KoTN. In the books, we may well have a battle of bastards, if Jon is resurrected (with the sacrifice of shireen) and decide to fight with Stannis. Sansa is somehow aware of that war (her little finger told her so ! )and command Petyr to ride North and make the army of the Vale fight with Jon. Stannis is killed during the battle so there is only Jon who is proclamed KoTN. Ramsey is then killed by Jeyne and the books and the shows have the same ending regarding the North and Winterfell. It'd be cool if it was like that in the books even if it is very unlikely. At the time Sansa learns, the battle would have already ended.
  4. Indeed, there are far more than I thought. I made this theory only with that vision, without all the forshadowings from the books, they are far too numerous. What's more, I've read the books in french ad the foreshadowings are harder to find, so I've just started to read them in english and that vision has always disturbed me. I'm happy to see that my theory is not stupid at all and that there are others hints in favor of it.
  5. At the time of that vision, Cregor Clegane wasn't Robert Strong yet although he is decribed as such. The one in an armor like sun can't be Oberyn, the shadows are over Sansa and Arya. Oberyn has never met Arya at all. For me, this one is about the future. The giant in armor made of stone sounds like a threat to both Sansa and Arya and the two "small" shadows are like protectors. One protector by Stark girl ? or two of the best fighters ever needed to stop a moutain from crushing two wolfes ? Robert Strong would only attack the Starks if Cersei asks him too. Jaime has made a promise, that he would save the daughters of Catelyn Stark, no matter what. Jaime is a man of honor, so it would be very interresting to see how he would deal with that situation, torn away between honor and love. I don't know how it will turn out but as said Robert Jordan, "I always except the best from George R. R. Martin, and he always delivers." If it happens as I think, then it is a storyline I am excited to discover. If it doesn't occur like that, I am excited anyway because I will have no idea of what's gonna happen. Hopefully, he will finish that book before Winter comes, right ?
  6. During AGOT, Bran had a vision of Sansa and Arya surrounded by shadows. One looks like the Hound, another looks like Jaime and the last one, which is higher than the two others, looks like Robert Strong which is believed to be Cregor Clegane. What if that vision refered to incoming events ? What if Arya and Sansa were somehow reunited and Jaime and Sador were both here to protect them from Cregor ? There would be a pretty nice fight, wouldn't there ? Tell me if you think I am right or if I am as mad as Cersei.