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  1. going by the show it's easy...... Tyrion, we aint judging them overall which case his stature would pale in comparison to someone like Jamie who is ripped and 6 foot 1/2. But as far as faces go he is more handsome than his brother. Book Cersei is meant to be the most beautiful girl in the seven kingdoms at one point, I have never found show cersei all that attractive.
  2. Bronn sniffs money out... this is what i believe to be the true answer. He saw the imp Lannister throwing money about and saw the opportunity to get in with him... remember a Lannister always pays their debts so he knew he would always be paid for whatever he did for him. But the idea of him being a Reyne be it bastard or legitimate is a nice idea.... How about him being a bastard lannister ?
  3. Is there any other great houses left in the other kingdoms? I took it Cersei had taken control of all the others ( dorne,highgarden etc..) and The Vale is now in support of Jon the King of the north... The Twins is just an empty Castle now after Arya was over for supper...
  4. Can any book readers confirm if LF and Varys became as useless as they have in the last few seasons also in the books? they went from being the smartest,most interesting characters constantly scheming and talking in riddles... to just being like any other supporting character same can be said of little tyrion aswell.
  5. You can suck his magic cock later.... Ahhhh Bronnnnn
  6. Could sam not have sent it ? we all know varys has a habit of opening to read things before they reach the intended... it's very possible he and or Tyrion read what was inside first.... and may even hold onto it if as I said Tyrion thinks it may harm Dany ruling.
  7. Bang on, the previous scene was the news of Jon's parentage and Tyrion who even though he likes Jon a lot, wants Dany to rule..... so wanted to tell Dany on her own... before Jon finds out he is the rightful heir. Only part I don't get is why he didn't just ask Dany for one minute alone before they hooked wasn't too late... they were just going into the room
  8. should have been a chris Hemsworth cameo with thor hair and wearing targ clothing minus the hammer.
  9. two of the most interesting complex and mysterious characters since the show started played very well by both actors, completely wasted and in Little fingers case such an anti climax, he was so smart and outwitting everyone in the early seasons, but everything he did in the last 2 seasons was so transparent. And I have no doubt by the time varys dies/if he dies he will also be so irrelevant it wont even be a wtf moment either If they had killed either of them off in the first 4 seasons it would have been a big thing, littlefingers death felt no bigger than any minor characters death.
  10. Up until here reveal that it was all a plan and she had no intentions of the truce, I was started to like her for the first time in the show.... I genuinely started thinking maybe she will be a good queen and had her people's interests at heart along with her unborn... god damn you Cersei for being so fucking calculating and smart.
  11. pretty sure if viserion breaths ice he could just create a massive bridge that starts at one side of the wall and ends on the other side.... think iceman from xmen when he creates those long ice tracks to surf on.... he would start pretty far out from the wall so its a gradual rise and not very steep.
  12. Still though.... the NK himself can't die from being under water... if the touching brow thing was a need be... jump in himself and do it... it would still be far more believable than these chains appearing out of nowhere. but I hadn't thought of the touch over raised arm thing good point.
  13. I don't even know why they needed to use chains at all... surely raising the dragon from it's death while under water and it flying up through the ice would had been a much cooler sight.
  14. I hope so she has been far more menacing,interesting and entertaining throughout than any WW scene... and if she goes so does any good plots... it will be all out hack and slash.
  15. If I was one of jons band of merrymen I would have surely died.... why do I always have to die in everything.