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  1. I don't even get why they revealed this. When I saw s06e01 I thought that the amulet will somehow play into Jon's resurrection, or that they might even glamour someone to look like him. After that didn't happen, I thought it will somehow be used in the battle at WF - it wasn't. They might use it for something in s07, but then I don't get why they showed it in s06e01 instead of the season's finale. Chance is that a lot of casual show-watchers will forget about it before s07 airs, so they will have to do the whole reveal once more. It just felt meaningless and was probably only done as a shocking scene.
  2. Getting killed by Stannis, hopefully.
  3. So, I just realised something. During Kingsmoot, when Theon says "gallivanting", Euron asks if that's what DOCTOR says when he cuts off your cock. Shouldn't he say maester? I never heard word "doctor" used in aSoIaF/GoT before.
  4. Stannis losing and dying at Winterfell. If we can believe D&D, then Stannis orders the burning of Shireen and he can't do that if he dies at the beginning of tWoW. So either they lied and Stannis loses and dies or he actually liberates WF and burns Shireen for some other reason (my theory is that he does it after the wall falls).
  5. Blackfyre's better.
  6. Season 1 Season 3 Season 4 Season 2 Season 6 Season 5
  7. Yeah, it would probably win. Just remember that last year's Emmy for "outstanding writing" was won by the bad pussy episode.
  8. In the show? Well, as I said, I hope that they'll do something interesting with Euron - it'll just be sad if he gets Doran'd. Another character I'm curious about is Randyll Tarly, he's bound to chase Sam and Heartsbane to Oldtown. If the show is going to do what the books are doing, then Euron should attack/raid/capture Oldtown, so that means they could meet. I don't know what could happen then, maybe they'll fight against one another or maybe they'll become allies - there are some book theories that Randyll is one of JonCon's friends in the Reach so Euron/Randyll alliance could be show version of this. Why do I think this could happen? Well, we have seen in s06 that Randyll hates wildlings and Dany's dothraki are basically wildlings on steroids. I think that what he said about wildlings was to foreshadow how he'll feel about the dothraki, but eh, maybe I give D&D too much credit. Anyway, Euron has to attack Dany because she has allied with Yara and Randyll could be one of his allies, but it's all probably just my bullshit theory (though I wouldn't mind seeing it come true). I'm also curious about Littlefinger, Jaime and Qyburn - LF could mess the things up there in the north, Jaime should be more similar to his book self now that he sees that Cersei is insane and I want to know if Qyburn has some hidden intentions. Oh, and BwB going north, I wonder if they'll actually get there or if they meet Wolverine on the road (who has both Beric and Thoros on her little list) and she kills them. I hope that the former is true, because Beric Dondarrion is one of my favourite minor characters. White walker story will probably have a lot of expensive CGI, but since it seems they're just pure evil in the show, I'm not really interested in their story, I just hope their scenes will look good. As for tWoW: I'm looking forward to basically everything, but mainly I want to know what Stannis's story and fate is going to be (if he dies in the Battle for Winterfell, or if he survives and dies after the Wall falls or in a battle against Dany) and how much will JonCon and Aegon conquer down in the south.
  9. I don't understand how people can say that this was the best season ever. Sure, it was better than season 5, but it just seemed off.. character-wise especially. Littlefinger was made into a moron. The Hound is a full meme now, kills 4 innocent BwB members and no one even cares. Euron's kingsmoot dialogue was butchered (I still hope that they'll do something interesting with him in s07). Arya storyline would be dumbest thing that ever appeared in GoT, if Dorne didn't exist. Varys was completely white-washed, no aDwD epilogue, little birds still have their tongues, no Aegon and JonCon and the worst thing, Dany somehow doesn't care that he spied on her and that he send an assasin to kill her and her child, even though she was pretty angry with him in s03. Jon can apparently die and rise again, but he can't develop his own personality. Sansa basically doesn't even care that Rickon died, heck no one cares that Rickon died. Dorne was... well, we all know what Dorne was. Overall, this season had some pretty nice moments cinematic-wise (Battle for Winterfell in e09 especially) but the writing that allowed them to happen was horrendous and made little sense. On the plus side, I think that s06 (aside from Bran's story) didn't spoil tWoW that much. I'm kind of glad that there are only 13 episodes left and that D&D won't milk the show into oblivion.