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  1. If that's the case Meera would be, look, and act older than Dani....the show writers/actress definitely aren't portraying her that way, imo. Seems closer to Bran in age than Jon. It would be a reach if they went there. It is odd though that Howland disappeared and the stark kids never met the reed kids...
  2. Was that umber's first episode? If so, I didn't think about that. Good call! I guess it could just be the "tie in" to a lot of what's going on in the episode, like you said....but I just remember how anticipated that TOJ scene was, and thought it to be important enough to get the title.
  3. My problem with it being Jon is that no one has accused him of breaking his oath before or since. He stated his watch has ended, and everyone seemed to go along with it. I guess Dany and A Bong's reasoning would make more sense than Jon, to me. But still think it's less of an "oath", a promise to the dothraki...which I'm not sure she knew she was making, unlike Jon, Arthur, and Ned. I don't think Ned broke any oath either.
  4. In the season 6 episode "Oathebreaker "? This is still bugging me. I made a thread on here last year stating my theory on why it was Arthur Dayne....no one seems to like that theory. In the episode, if I remember correctly, all that happens is Ned vs Athur at the Toj, Dany gets taken by the Dothraki, and Jon leaves the Nights watch after punishing his killers? So who is it? Is it just a badly titled episode? If it's not Arthur Dayne (for breaking his kings guard oathe and having a child), what am I missing?
  5. Honestly it makes sense, but I hope they don't go back to that well. It could be he's just a crazy targaryan that doesn't have dragons and thinks he could escape the city unburnt. It could be him talking to the Lord of light and the sacrifice of the city would help him win the war. (Like Stannis thought)..could have been bloodraven warning him of the white walkers (and why he told bran not to mess around with it)...or it could just be preparing us for cersei's plot, as you said. I would just hope someone with as much power as Bran wouldn't make the same mistake twice.
  6. She had 4 kids in the show. (The black haired beauty)...in will never be proper in the show...not even sure why they added it in. No volanquar, and everything about her kids is off...it won't ever make sense.
  7. Good question. I also want to bring up, when Jon was a baby, he was going to die from the pox...Cat prayed to the old gods to save his life making promises she did not keep. She believed this cursed her family...maybe it also put a protection shield on Jon?
  8. Dany sacrificed her baby for drago, then drago for drogon.....there's been enough sacrifice...Jon won't ever sacrifice anyone or ride a dragon...if that's means he's not aa than so be it.....
  9. Ned hid Jon from Robert in winterfell too. When the wildlings met Jon, they all called him "pretty"...so yeah, I imagine someone who knew Rhaegar might be able to piece it together. I still think he resembled Arthur Dayne a lot though too.
  10. Yeah, hopefully they mention it. I wish they would have had her flashback, mentioning the valanqor and black haired baby right after Joffrey's death, before Tyrion's trial...It would have been more interesting/important I think. It seems as if Cersei will be content with being queen in KL but I wonder if the mad queen will have a proactive approach in season 7. Maybe go after Sansa, the sand snakes, and tyrion before they go after her?
  11. I hear ya. But all I'm saying is (on the show), the valanqor is not mentioned. Maggy says 3 kids, when Cersei has had 4 that died. (The black haired beauty). So basically, the only thing we and cersei are looking for now is a younger queen to take over (which has literally happened to every queen)...I guess what I'm saying is this is one prophecy I don't think we worry too much about...and it just doesn't make sense that cersei wouldn't see Dany as a threat if she believed the prophecy. Maybe she stopped believing the day Tommen (her 4th child) was born...yet just continued to hate Tyrion because he's an imp etc..otherwise, none of it fits.
  12. Exactly. ...there is nothing in Jon's character that makes me believe, in any battle, that he will leave his men on the ground and ride a dragon! This never made sense to me and is a huge reason why I don't think he is a targ. But, the way you're explaining it, he can be a targ without riding a dragon. Either way, he's not getting on a dragon. If there needs to be 2 more riders, obviously Tyrion and bran are the best choices. Possibly Davos and Jaime. People who aren't great with a sword.
  13. Like I said...the number of children was incorrect. The valonqar was not mentioned in the show. If Cersei has always worried about the prophecy, why has she never even acknowledged Dany? You'd think she'd send more assassin's than Robert did. She saw Rhaegar, obviously Dany would be beautiful, and was a threat to Robert at her weakest. Surely Cersei would have to question this?
  14. It's obviously impossible to answer..it's a chicken/egg scenario. It could very well be Maggy saw a selfish snotty brat, and assumed she would lead a doomed life. So she makes a couple guesses...someone's little brother will kill you...your kids are going to die. On the show, she didn't even guess the number of children correct.