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  1. I'd also like to write a personal letter of thanks to the costume department for his new badass, sexy AF outfit. Damn he looks good.
  2. I know it's impossible, but I just keep imagining how truly fucked and funny it would be if it all worked out for him and the series ended with him on the IT and all his enemies dust.
  3. To think that LF has spent four episodes leaning against walls and only begins any real scheming in episode five makes me think that he'll be around for s8.
  4. If Jorah comes back as a wight it would seriously be a heart-stab moment. He deserves a better fate.
  5. How so?
  6. I'm in two minds how I feel about this. On the one hand I would love Tyrion to be a secret Targ, more so than Jon. There is something satisfying and sentimental for me about Tyrion never really having a place in his family being more than about his disability. And on the other I can't help but think two secret Targ reveals would be overkill.
  7. Agreed. I don't see the point in wasting precious screen time having Jorah cured of his greyscale just to be murdered beyond the wall. The only way I can see it is if something horribly tragic happens, like him becoming a wight.
  8. Danny's hair whips around more stood still on a cliff on Dragonstone than it does riding around on the back of a dragon.
  9. Hahahaha, yes. I suspended my annoyance and disbelief because his voice is like honey.
  10. That's a fair prediction (though I do think the Hound will live), and it frustrates me that Gendry is more likely to survive at this point than Jorah.
  11. I think the shame weights very, very heavily on Jorah. He is a man who carries a lot of guilt.
  12. Good point, I forgot he replaced the pommel! I can't imagine that will please Jorah in the slightest.
  13. "Our reasons aren't your reasons" said Davos.
  14. I thought he felt awkward in front of Jon because he went into exile to avoid being beheaded by Ned, and that meeting his son made the whole thing uncomfortable for him.
  15. Also, has nobody come to a consensus as to how to pronounce Ayra...? It's different every damn time.