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  1. The same people who believe Sansa and The Hound are soulmates, no less. I think Jaime being the Valonqar is one of the few dead certain things in this series, IMO.
  2. I honestly can't believe people still doubt that it's Jaime.
  3. Idk, I didn't give a shit about show!Edmure (or book Edmure, really) the first time around so I can't imagine anyone caring about him now.
  4. Half of me thinks it's important that the NK has some dialogue (how else are we going to find out his endgame? Another Bran vision?) and the other half thinks it would break the magic and intrigue and power of this formidable figure. Unless, of course, Bran does in fact turn out to be the NK and he speaks through him.
  5. Would show-only viewers even remember Edmure Tully two years down the line?
  6. Disappointing in the sense that Rhaegar has been systemically built up to be this formidable, almost unbelievable figure, and then it turns out that, actually, he looks pretty much exactly the same as dickweasel Viserys whom the audience is supposed to hate.
  7. Why would he ever take the black, though? Why not just travel to WF and fight the threat from there? Why give up his name, lands and titles? And therefore his right to father his unborn child?
  8. It would be a stupid, eye-rolling plot line - which means entirely plausible lol!
  9. I like to think that Robert and Ned would be smiling down on an Ayra / Gendry marriage
  10. Ugh, just wash your hands of her already, Jaime. He's like that friend who keeps going back to the same toxic bloke time and again after ignoring all advice.
  11. I assumed he was making his way to WF since that was what Davos initially went to find him for. If he had remained at EW we would have seen him and his presence at KL wouldn't have been necessary.
  12. My money is on this. Bran won't hold a grudge; he knows becoming a cripple was all part of his journey to becoming the 3ER and he always sees the bigger picture.
  13. LOVED the dialogue between Brienne and The Hound. We needed to be reminded of his softer side.
  14. I absolutely love that the show has made a return to Jaime's oathbreaker versus oathkeeper motif. He is one of the show's most interesting, tortured and formidable characters and I'm glad to see him finally back at his best. He's keeping word and his honour and is riding north - presumably to Winterfell. What will this mean for his character? Bran will be there, not to mention the northern lords who will want him dead on arrival. His presence in WF is going to create so much tension between characters - how do you think it's going to pan out? What complications / alliances do you think will arise out of this?
  15. Totally Team Jaime again, I'm so glad he's going north to be a part of the dream team. But what's Bronn gonna say? He's gonna be so pissed. I would've thought he'd have taken him with him - I don't see him being particularly safe in KL without Jaime protecting him from Cersei.