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  1. Is Val Important

    Why are you on this forum if you don't care to speak to people who disagree with you??? Give some proof because i have no idea what you are talking about????? You haven't done anything. You just say everything is complete facbricated BS and when i ask what you think is bs you say"Why do you think that I, or anyne else really, care or should care enough to spent my time like that?".
  2. Is Val Important

    They haven't written anything at all. I get extremely inpolite vibbes from you. Except no one has ever proved anything wrong they just say everything is completely nonsense. The hypotheses are exclusivly based on the books and some guessing. Write something instead of just saying "WE READ THE BOOKS" you just avoid all questions all the time.
  3. Is Val Important

    Why is Preston's Dorne series utterly nonsense?
  4. Is Val Important

    It is not fanfic you don't know what fanfic is. Fanfic is fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, film, etc. They make hypotheses based on the books and use textual evidence from the books. They don't consider the tv series and neither do i. You'r example is ridicolous i bet you couldn't make an actual example. Why are you on this forum if you only drink the r+l=j cool aid in that narrow minded endless circlejerk? Yet you never give examples why they are nonsense how about you do that.
  5. Is Val Important

    Im sorry, im sorry, im sorry i shall henceforth use the word hypothesis so you can understand.
  6. Is Val Important

    I think all his hypotheses are following a clear red logical line and are well grounded in quotes and the books. You should bring up what you don't like since you brought up that all his stuff is bs. QUESTION: You only like r+l=j right?
  7. Is Val Important

    What videos are nonsence that pj has made and orderofthegreenhand?
  8. Is Val Important

    I mean Allyria
  9. Is Val Important

    Where is it stated that Val is in Dorne?
  10. Is Val Important

    Obviously you haven't because they think she has been raised in dorne for the better part of her life as Allyria Dayne.
  11. Is Val Important

    Obviously not everyone knows what it means but 99% of people know what someone is talking about when they say theory.
  12. Is Val Important

    If you have watched the video i suspect it was a while ago you should watch it again. By the way where do you get that Val is older than Jon from?
  13. Is Val Important

    What do you think about the fact that Mormont's raven said blood when Jon was talking about Val and Mance? George just did that for the lolz?
  14. Is Val Important

    Yes fanfic is something fans have written that is noncannon do you think their videos are fanfic or what? Jesus christ...
  15. Is Val Important

    Do you take some kind of pleasure in correcting ridiculous grammar misstakes? All so called "hypothesis" videos online are called "theory videos". Do you think any human being in the world other than yourself use the word hypothesis in place of theory in a situation which describes "a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation."??? Im so sorry here on after i shall use the word hypothesis instead of theory so you can comprehend what i mean.