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  1. Most intriguing place to you outside of Westeros

    Stygai. What is going on there?
  2. Best group of Small Council

    Hand of the King/Queen - Stannis The Mannis Grand Maester - Stannis The Mannis Master of coin - Stannis The Mannis Master of laws - Stannis The Mannis Master of ships - Stannis The Mannis Master of whisperers - Stannis The Mannis Lord Commander of the Kingsguard/Queensguard - Stannis The Mannis
  3. I challenge you to justify supporting the Others winning

    How can the books be enjoyable if literally no character is likeable??? The Children of the forest seem pretty aggresive as they warred against the giants, attacked the migrating first men and after the pact they created the others to wipe out the humans. Later they supported the monarch Warg king and now they seemingly intend on wiping out the humans again. The Others arent doing the same thing as the humans. The Others seem to all be cruel creatures who laugh as they kill Waymar and they summon zombies and kill everyone. They don't build or do something productive they seem to be a weapon wielded by the children of the forrest. It is well known that the smallfolk dont like to war and that it is power hungry lords who are the cause of it and hopefully the humans of westeros will advance as we on earth have. It is beyond me that you take the side of the Others though especially when we have so many good characters. Again why do you read the book lol?
  4. I challenge you to justify supporting the Others winning

    Whut? wtf dude? lol? why? Why do you read the books if you find all characters so unlikeable that you hope that the ice demons and zombies who kill everyone in their path to win?
  5. Most complex relationship of asoiaf

    Wait what dont you think Tyrion is clever? I have never heard anyone say that, why lol? 1. Tyrion seems succesful at everything he puts his mind to. If his father didnt hate him he would be very succesful by any standard in the public eye. 2. House Lannister has people to do that for their children. Tyrion is just a dwarf and he is one of the most clever people in the series. Tywin i bet fast recognized Tyrion's intellect and if he loved him no way he would have thought the time spent with him as wasteful? 3. Normaly a dwarf son would be meaningless in a powerful house but Tyrion more than makes up for it with his intelligence. 4. You realize that he is that way because he is depressed and whores and drinks to deal with it? Not enough him being a dwarf in a world that hates dwarves, ontop of that his father and sister has hated and neglected him since birth. He was lonley all his childhood and he understood that he could never be a knight as a child which is probably something he wanted to be. When he fell in love for the first time his own father had her GANG RAPED. He wanted to explore the world that he had read so much about but his father forbade it and put him in charge of the cisterns and drains of Casterly Rock. You claim that Tyrion isn't clever yet you don't get this??? Either you haven't read the books or it might be you that is stupid...
  6. Most complex relationship of asoiaf

    Im also thinking Tywin and Tyrion. Tyrion is so clever and smart but he killed his mother on his way out and dosn't look right. Imagine if Tyrion got Jaime's look Tywin would be smiling alot more i think because Tywin would have the perfect heir.
  7. Greatest Soldiers in general

    The World of Ice and Fire emphasises that the Men of the Stormlands are the greatest fighters. They have produces some of the greatest warriors like Robert Baratheon, Barristan Selmy, Balon Swann. Brienne Tarth. Rolland Storm and Jon Connington. Other contenders would be the wealthy Westerlands and the Vale with it's warriors steeped in honour. The men of the Stormlands are as hardy and fierce and skilled in war as any in the seven kingdoms. The longbows of the Marchers are especially famed, and many of the most famous bowmen of song and history are said to hail from the Dornish Marches. The fiercest fighters in the Stormlands and perhaps all of Westeros, are undoubtedly the men of the marches, who are said to be born with sword in hand and oftboast of learing to fight even before they learn to walk. The Westerlands are the richest and can therfore train and equip their troops to the higest standards. The city watch of lannisport is known to be much better trained than other cities city watches, the Lannisters have diciplined proper pikemen, high percentage of cavalry and throughout the books it is noted that the Lannisters have superb equipment, boots etc. The Vale is were the Andals first landed and so the tradition of Knighthood and chivalry is the strongest there. They are a wealthy region and The Valemen are known as reliable warriors steeped in honor and the worship of the Faith of the Seven. The Knights of the Vale consider themselves the finest in the Seven Kingdoms.
  8. Best ASOIAF YouTube videos?

    Still it gives more support for their theory I dont understand how you can interpret it that way??? It clearly dosnt mean that he was just a fragile child it means 100% that she was very mean to him when he was a child. Cmon man she isnt bragging about how tough she is because her weather is worse than mance's weather. Again it is supportive though not by a giant amount of the fact that Mance isnt who he is presented to be. I guess i over exagerated about "wildling looks" but it should be pretty easy to recognize one shouldnt it?
  9. Best ASOIAF YouTube videos?

    I don't know about the evil plot involving Jon I think it alludes to Luwin perhaps kinda maybe being a little bit more tully than stark. So Jon snow is lying to himself in his own head when he thinks about how hurt he would have been by catelyns words when he was younger? First chapter we hear about the wildling king. A few chapters later a wildling says bluntly that he WASNT born north of the wall. It means something it cant be total bs. The fact that he is as far north as you can be and sining the Dornishmans wife is a pretty good clue that he is well travelled i think. There are wildling features. They are generally big, loud, hairy etc.
  10. Best ASOIAF YouTube videos?

    Eddard and Catelyn werent aware that Jon was going to join the nights watch then and Catelyn said she refused to have him there. Unless you give me a quote on the Measter Luwin part then it hints that he might perhaps maybe be more of a tully than a stark. Don't know what to say... Everyone knows that Catelyn has always been mean to jon why are you arguing against it? Not everything is a clue but among the first chapters she says something very striking that goes against the common knowledge. It is definatly 100% no way in hell that she was just bluurping out some bs she made up for no reason. Sure there are good convincing actors but i don't think wildlings sing songs all the time especially from dorne and he has southern features.
  11. Best ASOIAF YouTube videos?

    They took advantage of Robert coming to Winterfell to get rid of Jon it wasnt their master plan 10 year in the making. You are gonna have to quote the maester luwin riverrun situation for me i dont remember but the wiki does say luwin deliverd robb at riverrun Good point that Robb would know that Catelyn wasnt herself but still it indicates she has historicly been a bitch to jon. Authors as good as george just dont put in the statement from osha that he wasnt born in the north to mess with readers. By that logic nothing old nan says should be believed. Do you really think he would put it in there if it was bs? No way dude also if you were born and raised a wildling it would be reasonable that you can see through a southerner acting being a wildling wouldnt it?
  12. Your Hero: Top 3

    wtf lol?
  13. Best ASOIAF YouTube videos?

    It makes something a little more likely that it is going to be in the books as it is in the series but not very much.
  14. Best ASOIAF YouTube videos?

    You don't have to choose at all. If something is a certain way in tv series then it gives a bit of support but it isnt fact.
  15. Best ASOIAF YouTube videos?

    Good points but you have to agree that GoT is surface fanfic right?