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  1. I confess they arent nearly as impressive as the mongols are when it comes to equipment and they are more of a fantasy race but clearly in the story they are a very serious force that if i recall pretty much rekt a huge part of essos in very little time.
  2. I feel like it would be too cliche to have an evil couple like that it dosnt fit i think.
  3. I dont understand why everyone underestimates the Dothraki so.
  4. They would need a very large navy to stop Stannis the Mannis and the Royal fleet.
  5. Probably the ruling house of the cities.
  6. I dont think it is especially more dirty then any other place i just think it is emphazised to set the tone of coruption that goes on there and the stench isnt mentioned in other places.
  7. Yes but the city still had thousands of defenders and the Red Keep itself wasnt taken by stealth.
  8. I see i misspoke i simply mean that he seems to be a weak incompetent beta male and most characters seem to have that opinion of him. I think the tv series though its not perfectly true to the books portray him vividly as such also. If Joffrey was dead and Tommen captured or missing he would have no one to sit the throne. Mace didnt butcher those troops Randyl Tarly did. At the battle of the fords they said that probing skirmishing battles took 2 days and the large battle lasted a day. Even if Tywin got delayed for half a day Stannis would be inside the city. Do you think Robbs plan was bullshit? We only know that the gates were opened and the lannisters sacked the city and that the city had thousands of defenders. If the gates are down which seemed to be a near thing at the battle of blackwater they would be able to storm the city as Tywin.
  9. Rate my dreamteam guys. Hand of the king - Missandei Lord Commander of the kingsguard - Samwell Grand Maester - Victarion Master of laws - Bronn Master of ships - Roslyn Master of coin - Dontos Master of whisperers - Benjen
  10. I have no idea how to find the quotes. Because he would not have a reason and Stannis would be in a better position then Aegon is in now. The battle of the fords seems to have been 3 days so if Tywin was allowed to go west unchallenged he wouldnt be in range of saving kinds landing. During the sack of kings landing it only took less then a day.
  11. Every character in the book thinks he is an incompetent coward. Mace knew Robb and Tywin had bloodied out eachother severly and all other kingdoms were neutral. Him crowning Renly dosnt make him not a coward. Tarly killed the Stannis supporters and he outnumbers the Golden Company many times over. We do know because if Stannis was a little bit further east he would not have the time to take Stannis by suprise we know this.
  12. Yes but there would be no one to marry and the hole situation would seem shit to mace who is a coward. He wouldnt make it in time.
  13. If Stannis takes King's Landing before Tywin can come to the rescue it will be pretty much GG. Stannis will execute Joffrey and take many important hostages. Tywin probably wouldnt know that Tommen was alive or were he was so no marriage with Margery. Also if Stannis took the capital Mace would probably puss out. Tywin would be forced to attack the well defended King's Landing outnumberd because he couldnt afford a siege with Robb at his back. Say that Tywin finds Tommen and makes an alliance with Tyrell and marches on King's Landing. Stannis would still have an uncontested fleet that could supply the city and his troops are mostly knights that kick peasant ass. If 80% of Renlys army of nobles joined Stannis that quickly do you think that the levies of those knights and lords would be on Mace and Tywins side or would they flipp to the king on whos side their lords are on. Stannis is the best commander and i dont think mace and tywin could take the city by storm no way. I think that Stannis could even sally out and take them out. Stannis could even be patient and wait out a siege to wait for Robb and his wolves to come in the night (spooky scary spooky) Also the title king draws many followers just by the fact.
  14. Robb would have won if he married the Frey girl, didn't kill Karstark and if he gave explicit orders to Edmure not to meet Tywin in battle. If he does the last part he wins GG.
  15. The riverlands border like 5 other kingdoms, the tullys are very new to leadership and they have several houses who are not entirely loyal to tully like frey and darry. They are not the most powerful and have a hard time defending themselves in war. If comparing kingdom vs kingdom i wouldnt say they are especially weaker than any other though.