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  1. North - More fierce and brave than most but less disciplined and well equipped than the other regions. Riverlands - I would say pretty middle tier. Vale - They have the strongest knightly traditions and from that i suspect they are braver and more skilled than the average region when it comes to warfare. Iron Islands - the greatest sea power in Westeros, not very good in a pitched land battle as they are not disciplined and have no cavalry. Westerlands - Most well equipped, supplied and disciplined troops in Westeros. Crownlands - They have a great fleet but probably weakest army in both size and equipment. The goldcloaks are not real soldiers, men of the narrow sea are poor and have almost no cavalry and the people of crackclaw point are the same. Not a lot of well disciplined and equiped troops at all. Stormlands - The are emphasized to have the greatest warriors in Westeros and have a very strong martial tradition. Reach - Strong knightly tradition and have by far the most ammount of troops. Well supplied and equipped troops i would say. Dorne - Not a lot of heavy cavalry, lightly equipped, small army, no fleet but great at skirmishing.
  2. It is much more crackpot than anything else because it has no support at all other than your idea.
  3. Take it from the start what are you asking me i don't understand?
  4. It is preddy crackpot buddy.
  5. It was i who made the point that the dream should not be taken literally.
  6. That is preddy crackpot
  7. The whole scene is rather ridicolous. The finest and most reasonable of all the men in westeros just start killing eachother without even trying to have a conversation. If the kingsguard mission was to keep lyanna and baby safe why did they stand right in the open and not in the tower with the defensive advantage. Ned is good and honourable why would the kingsguard fear he would kill lyanna and baby.
  8. By the time the karstarks leave robb tywin is in kings landing.
  9. George said it was a fever dream.
  10. Hmm i dont know how they could be connected but definatly sounds like there could be something going on there.
  11. Cotter Pyke talking to Sam Tarly “Sam the Slayer!” he said, by way of greeting. “Are you sure you stabbed an Other, and not some child’s snow knight?” Seems to indicate the Others were created by the children really cool when i noticed it.
  12. I think it is interesting with a story of diverse characters and reading about how they think good or bad. I wouldn't want 50 Ned Starks in the story.
  13. What kind of purpose or story telling would it be if they just wanted to chill north of the wall? Impossible...
  14. Bolton, Frey and Tyrell are in trouble i think.
  15. At the battle at winterfell there were 600 stark men and winterfell was almost completely undefended. Therefore the garrison of Winterfell can practicly be called 600 dudes.