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  1. 200% he is Eddard and Ashars son.
  2. I believe the book will end very diffrently so i wouldnt be worried about being spoiled at all.
  3. Why do you feel they would be terribly translated to tv?
  4. i have read the books twice. From season 4 and forward has been going downhill fast.
  5. Yeah all the killing keeps me entertained enough to outdo all the other stuff that is falling apart with the show.
  6. No but i would like some sembelance of realism you cant feed 200,000 people on an island where nothing grows and i dont like people and armies teleporting everywhere.
  7. How does Danerys keep 200,000 men supplied on Dragonstone where Stannis barely survived?
  8. Its 100% Lyanna but i believe Rhaegar and Lyannas baby is Aegon not Jon
  9. First of the guys who are picked for training are naturally the strongest and toughest ones and all their life is dedicated to training so they would be extremely good at fighting and their strength comes from their dicipline and formation. They wouldnt stand a chance wrestling with a knight but in formation they are the best probably. Also they know no fear.
  10. I think its so facinating how everyone have gained the ability to teleport and to not require food.
  11. Lol master stroke? Danerys in game of thrones is the most stupid person i have ever seen in television. At the start of season 7 she has like 500-1000 ships, 100,000 Dothraki, 10,000 Unsullied, Dorne, Reach and sellswords with her and 3 dragons and the Lannisters have like 30,000 troops and Danerys has been completely crippled and forced to peace. How fucking stupid do you have to be to fail so hard. A toddler would be sitting the Iron Throne allready with Westeros united.
  12. Dude the series has gone from a smart series to a low iq series that dosnt give a shit about any logic or anything. Nothing makes sense anymore and nothing is complex its all spartacus where people rate it based on how many get killed.
  13. Game of Thrones has gone from a smart series to a low iq stupid series where people like it based on how many people get killed every episode. Its so sad how can you like it?
  14. I think she is alive and is Septa Lemore and she is Jons mom.
  15. 1. Dont know about it. 2. I dont think so we already know a lot about it. 3. No 4. They dont have any andal blood. 5. It will be slow and hard if possible. 6 I dont know.