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  1. Sorry, but ths is like the buyers on HGTV bitching about the colour of the walls or the fact there is carpet vs. hardwood in the bedroom. Bleedin' wankers, they. I'll be immensely grateful for HBO and the producers to continue the bloody series just as it is for another five or six years. All it would take is a severe and stringent study of Barbara Tuchman and the other Medieval scholars of the era to come up with subplots... And then a bit of inspired supposition as to Dragons (Oi. Don't these things have sex? More Dragon eggs? Another trip to the sauna for Danyerys?), Greyscale, Dothraki, Whties and the like. It seems a bit of a no-brainer for HBO to fund this (or do a "crowwd-funder") for a couple more years. MiGod, I'd shoot if I could get an audience like that (Hell, even 1/100th of that) for my knotwork!
  2. I am SUCH a novice on this forum, but let me say that if they gave us five more episodes, I'd take 'em and say, "Thank'ee Ser" while tugging my forelock. At 71 with a scuzzy heart, there's a good chance I don't even GET to season 8, but I think I'd come back just to watch it. This is what Boardwalk Empire WANTED to be, what VINYL was INTENDED to be and what TRUE DETECTIVE nearly was. (LOVED Vince Vaughn!) G.O.T. is just so impressive an ouvre!