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  1. Yes, that's why I can say that you know nothing about her at all. So please stop the hatred based on nothing. And about your second paragraph, let's just wait and see, or we can speculate any possibility with good manner. Even I also think some leaks do sound stupid as hell (yes that boat sex included), but I know nothing about how the fuck that can be happened. The leaks just contain rough outline, with some important details missing. So I just hope we can have discussion with no more bashing or hard feelings.
  2. Aww, you again. Just how old are you boy?
  3. Just how the hell you can brag yourself about being able to understand her and call her character development is less than any other characters when in fact you tend to skip her chapters? Just how the hell do you know that? Based on fanfiction and your own speculation based on nothing? Please read again and don't skip her chapters this time, so that you might find something about her that you miss a lot. You really are biased here dude. Please put aside the hatred and think more clearly. Because by hatred, you won't be able to solve anything wisely. Besides, you haven't seen how this will play out on screen. Even the leaks didn't say a complete event. He was just telling us what will happen, and NOT WHAT MAKES IT HAPPENS THAT WAY or THE WHOLE REASON BEHIND IT.
  4. Yes of course, it's gross as fuck, and I don't think Jaime/Cersei has fans who positively encourage them. But they said Season 7 is going to be a riot, meanwhile Jaime/Cersei's drama doesn't represent the whole season. So that's why I complained. Besides, a season without controversial and disgusting stuffs? Sounds nothing like Game of Thrones, imho.
  5. You just read them and not watching. I wonder if you can say the same after season 7 officially aired. Because it's obvious you can't compare some poorly written leaks with actual film on screen. The outcome may be very different. (I still remember some people called "hodor died by holding the door" was stupid, but not after they saw the episode itself)
  6. Sorry but I don't think the show has given us many Jon/Dany hints. Call those parallels and many other unrelated things as hints just like you want, because for me, I didn't see any, except for the season 6 finale (the best way to make an alliance is with marriage). In fact, I hated the idea of Jon/Dany happening, because I thought it just came out of nowhere. Just like my friend (casual viewer) she ships Jonerys because she likes Dany and Jon as characters and just want them to be together because they will look so badass and cool. I mean, just what a bullshit. They have never interract with each other, so how the hell she ships them? I hate that idea. But I must admit, GRRM did give us so many hints about Jon/Dany thing in his books, which I found out later because I read the books after watch the show. First I found it unbelievable and began to be in denial state, but not for so long. Whether I like it or not, those hints are written there and nothing can change that. And now with all those leaked photos, well, yeah, okay. It's okay I'm okay. It's only hurting if I keep denying them happening. However, I still do think we won't get any happy ending from their union. Because yeah, it's GRRM world. FYI, I shipped Jon/Ygritte first (because of TV Show), not really like Jon/Val sorry, Jon/Arya and Jon/Robb are my broTPs, but Jon/Sansa, ugh I wonder where the hell did this idea even come from because it's definitely pure crackship, no matter how hard I try to find their hint in the books and in the show, I find none of it. Because Sophie is pretty and hot af and she deserves handsome man? Just go to hell. However, I like the idea SanSan happening because of the books (very little the show did can convince to like it).
  7. Dany must be confused to meet someone like Jon, the kind of man she never meet before. I mean, his brooding look, his sullen face, his melancholia, his fcking honour. Same with Jon, I think. Dany is no ordinary woman. Jon can be annoyed by her, or impressed by her strength and think of her as warrior queen. But he absolutely won't be amused by her titles, lol. That's why I have to see their reaction when they finally learn of their related blood. I think Dany will be like, "What? He isn't like me at all." and refuse to believe. It has so many possibilities. Dany could be very happy to know that she is not the last Targaryen alive too, or otherwise, she will think of him as threat. In my head, she will either become an ass to him or be very protective to him. As for Jon, he always has soft spot for his family, so....yeah he is just.... What a good man Hope we will get auntie-complex/nephew-complex in the future. Or just give me some Targaryen conflict! I love both
  8. I like Ben Barnes, but I guess I must pick Hemsworth because this official portrait of Rhaegar really reminds me of him
  9. If the title refers to Jon-Dany union, I hope they will meet soon. Because, I WANT TOO SEE SANSA AND HER EX-HUSBAND REUNION. Imaho, their reaction would be precious
  10. I hope she is not. I don't really like her, but to see Targaryen features will be extinct, just nooo! Because I love silver hair! Haha. Jon is targaryen, but his appearance is all Stark, so...yeah
  11. Sansan next season? Why not? My body is ready I like Tyrion/Sansa, but for the sake of all the hints they gave, SanSan is my number one
  12. I wish Jojen was alive. Because I prefer him over his sister. duh.
  13. It's Jon. And it's known, haha.
  14. I think she will be a new villain, not a psycho. It will be interesting if a Stark can be a villain, tho.
  15. For fucks sake, not this shit again. I've had enough with delusional things.