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  1. Yea, but George isn't the type to kill someone and then bring them back the same, so something has to change in Jon. Probably not so significant as his memories, maybe just his perception on The Watch and the situation with the Wildlings. But I do wonder what fake Arya's role will be and if she will come into contact with Jon if he is resurrected.
  2. oh shit woops, I meant Beric Dondarrion not Thoros...
  3. My question is, if he is resurrected, how much of him will remain? I don't see him just turning evil, but what about his memories. How much of his past life will he remember. Thoros says he can't even remember who his wife was, or where he was from. I wonder if he is resurrected, and fake Arya shows up to the Wall, will he know its fake Arya? Or will he not remember?
  4. I'm changing my vote to Mance The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.
  5. My vote is for LittleFinger. Remember, he had someone in the kings party plant the box with the letter in it from Lysa, which basically made Ned go to King's Landing and become Hand. He was fueling the Stark/Lannister conflict. Preston brings up a good point. Why the Valyrian knife? Why not just suffocate him, hes already in a coma. Seems like it was used purposely to point blame someone in the King's party, most likely any of the Lannister's since Cat is already worried about them. Althouuuuuuuugh, I do like the Mance idea as well.
  6. Sounds like solar powered technology, if you subscribe to the interregnum theory.
  7. I don't know why, but I always liked the name Utherydes Wayn. Just sounds cool.
  8. This is like clicking on a Yahoo news article lol.
  9. So Mance killed the direwolf? For what reasoning?
  10. Thanks to the "Lyanna Stark: A Gift from the Old Gods" thread by Voice, I'm stuck on the death of the direwolf in Chapter 1 of GOT. I never noticed that the foot of antler that was through the wolfs throat had its tines snapped off, as if it was forged into a dagger. This definitely changes things on the death of the direwolf. At first read, it was a simple gloomy foreshadowing of House Stark being torn apart with the coming of Robert Baratheon. But if it was a dagger, then it wasn't a simple wolf/stag battle. So then, who killed the direwolf? Although Gared is a possibility, I can't commit to this idea. Its pretty extreme to think the Others somehow convinced Gared to walk the direwolf south of the Wall and to sacrifice it in the Wolfswoods, just at that exact time, before getting caught in the holdfast and then getting beheaded by Ned. But someone HAD to have forged the antler into a dagger and wield it.
  11. We have no evidence that Gared saw the Others. He could have took a horse and left them there when they went to explore the village. Also, how could the Others convince Gared to do this for him. They can't just talk to him. We can't assume he was spared. Being on horseback, its conceivable he glimpsed them from afar and just rode south. The direwolf either could have already been in the Wolfswood, or it could have made its way south on its own (guided by Bloodraven, or the COTF.) The tines being snapped on the antler is definitely peculiar. But we just have no evidence it was Gared. Why would he sacrifice the direwolf then stick around long enough to be caught, just to get beheaded and die anyway?
  12. So what are you saying? The Others spared Gared to kill the Direwolf? I agree, who sent the direwolf and how Gared escaped the Others is what we've all been wondering for years lol. Although now thinking about it, the direwolf being pregnant would make it weaker so maybe Gared or someone/something else could have slain it.
  13. There was a foot of antler in the direwolves throat. No there wasn't a dead stag, but they didn't exactly look for one either. Also, I don't believe Gared could kill a Direwolf.