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  1. Bran dreams of the three eyed crow, and it tells him to fly or die. The crow then shows Bran things all over Westeros, and eventually Essos, and north of the Wall. When he looks at Kings Landing he sees Ned arguing with Robert, and Sansa and Arya sad because of Lady being killed. Then it says :"There were shadows all around them.One shadow was dark as ash, with the terrible face of a hound.Another was armored like the sun, golden and beautiful. Over them both loomed a giant in armor made of stone, but when he opened his visor there was nothing but darkness and thick black blood." Now the first shadow is quite obviously the Hounds. He is deeply connected to both the Arya and Sansa story. But who are the other two? Is the second Jaime? The gold part makes me think its a Lannister. Or maybe Tywin? And the giant with stone armor? First makes me think of the Mountain. But then again LittleFinger is a possibility. And even Tyrion. Though he is at the Wall at this time so wouldn't make sense to be him.
  2. Wasn't he also in moonlight? Don't think its safe to assume it was BloodRaven. Could have been Sarella or Marywn with the glass candle as well.
  3. I definitely think its a possibility. But like everyone else has said, probably wont be confirmed or denied. Just something to speculate about. PJ overthinks this too much imo and seems to think that Stannis, and the Umbers and Mance know. I can't get behind that, and have no reason to see why Stannis or anyone else would really even care if Theon killed his own child.
  4. Rhaegar = Gared CONFIRMED!!!
  5. Yea, but George isn't the type to kill someone and then bring them back the same, so something has to change in Jon. Probably not so significant as his memories, maybe just his perception on The Watch and the situation with the Wildlings. But I do wonder what fake Arya's role will be and if she will come into contact with Jon if he is resurrected.
  6. oh shit woops, I meant Beric Dondarrion not Thoros...
  7. My question is, if he is resurrected, how much of him will remain? I don't see him just turning evil, but what about his memories. How much of his past life will he remember. Thoros says he can't even remember who his wife was, or where he was from. I wonder if he is resurrected, and fake Arya shows up to the Wall, will he know its fake Arya? Or will he not remember?
  8. I'm changing my vote to Mance The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.
  9. My vote is for LittleFinger. Remember, he had someone in the kings party plant the box with the letter in it from Lysa, which basically made Ned go to King's Landing and become Hand. He was fueling the Stark/Lannister conflict. Preston brings up a good point. Why the Valyrian knife? Why not just suffocate him, hes already in a coma. Seems like it was used purposely to point blame someone in the King's party, most likely any of the Lannister's since Cat is already worried about them. Althouuuuuuuugh, I do like the Mance idea as well.
  10. Sounds like solar powered technology, if you subscribe to the interregnum theory.
  11. I don't know why, but I always liked the name Utherydes Wayn. Just sounds cool.
  12. This is like clicking on a Yahoo news article lol.
  13. So Mance killed the direwolf? For what reasoning?