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  1. Meh. I’m actually interested in Fire and Blood, so it’s not the worst news in the world.
  2. Because I thought if I went with Lame Lothar or Walder, I’d just get repeated arguments of Robb Stark breaking his word and being a traitor to the realm. Black Walder isn’t just guilty of participating in the Red Wedding, he’s also committed multiple acts of adultery, some of which are incestuous. And he also murdered Stevron Frey, as far as I can tell.
  3. North: House Glover are among the most honourable and loyal of the Stark bannermen, plus they’ve been around as long as anyone else in the North. Vale: I’m with you on House Royce, Steller. It’s an easy choice for obvious reasons. Dorne: House Dayne of Starfall. As long as they kill Gerold Dayne with Dawn. Westerlands: In all honesty I would choose the Baneforts purely because of the epic story of the Hooded King. Stormlands: House Seaworth. Let Davos put the Stormlords in their place and teach them something about loyalty and honour and looking after the smallfolk. Riverlands: The Mallisters, hands down. They’re the badasses of the Riverlands. Jason practically threw back the Ironborn invasion by himself. Reach: House Peake. They’re routinely crapped on in history, and yet they’re still alive and well, ruling Starpike. Yeah, they can be dicks, but so is everyone in the Reach. Iron Islands: House Blacktyde, and I’d resurrect Baelor so he could kill Euron and take back his sable cloak.
  4. Use your own criteria, but explain your choices. And you can’t pick any house that’s already been a great house in the series timeline.
  5. Well if we assume that Renly doesn’t get assassinated, it means that Melisandre can’t exist. So we would have to try and figure out what Stannis would have done without her. Sure, he’s still got the Royal Fleet, but only five thousand men besides that. Stannis might decide to attack King’s Landing with his small force, if he was an idiot, or more likely he would sit and wait to see what would happen. Meanwhile Renly would starve out King’s Landing and slowly roll his army north. Balon siding with Robb is a huge stretch, but what the hell. He attacks the Westerlands, which means Tywin has to decide to either dig in at Harrenhal, retreat west, or retreat south. Either way, he’s on the losing side. Catelyn either makes a deal with Renly or she doesn’t. Robb will have the Riverlands and the Ironborn, the Boltons have no chance to destroy Winterfell, and Ramsay is a prisoner (assuming the Hornwood issue happens the same way). Tywin would either stay and fight Robb and his allies, or he marches down to fight Renly, but either way, the Lannisters are defeated and their lands overrun and raided by Robb. Casterly Rock endures, but likely that the main Lannister branch are either prisoners or killed. Renly becomes king and either he makes war on Robb or he doesn’t, though he likely ends up as king as long as he isn’t killed. Robb marries a Frey and goes north when the fighting is done, unless he’s killed. Stannis meanwhile either strikes somewhere, or he’s left alone on Dragonstone, but if Renly lives, there’s no happy ending for Stannis.
  6. To be fair I’m convinced the Black Walder is responsible for Stevron’s death. His own family members fear him as a man fully okay with kinslaying.
  7. Don't be an ingrate. I gave you five of the worst people in Westeros.
  8. They’re all on the gallows, pleading for your mercy. The title says the rest. 1. Euron Greyjoy 2. Ramsay Bolton 3. Qyburn 4. Black Walder Frey 5. The Weeper
  9. The big mistake was not putting anyone other than Roose Bolton in charge of the infantry. He intentionally led them to a devastating defeat and then bled the rest of his forces down to his own men.
  10. That was going to be my next post
  11. Simple question. If you had to look at AGOT and pick a father from the living members of each Great House (minus Targaryen and Arryn for obvious reasons), which people would you choose? Mine would be: Eddard Stark Renly Baratheon Willas Tyrell Kevan Lannister Victarion Greyjoy Brynden Tully Oberyn Martell
  12. Given how things turned out, would it have been better if Robb had executed Jaime in revenge for his farher’s murder? Most would certainly say that the Kingslayer would deserve death, given how the Lannisters treated his father. And killing Jaime is a crippling blow to Tywin’s legacy. The big risk of course is that Cersei would immediately take revenge on Sansa (and Arya if she was there). Plus Tywin might decide to execute his own Northern prisoners in kind, which would lead to Robb having to execute the rest of his own prisoners and reduce the war to a no-quarter given brawl that ends with one side completely reduced to dead bodies. But hey, it might have been better for Robb than what really happened. Or not?
  13. Well I’m not a big Stannis fan anyway but yeah him killing Edric would have made him a straight up villain
  14. Ruin? The Starks are all alive, Tywin is given a cruel punishment for his crimes, Littlefinger is dead, Westeros has a just king... yeah you’re right, the story is pretty ruined. Oh well.
  15. Write to Eddard Stark and explain everything immediately. Go back to King’s Landing as discreetly as I can and talk with Eddard to clue him in. Take as many of Robert’s bastards to Dragonstone as I can for safekeeping. Have Eddard speak with Renly, and if he doesn’t listen, so be it. Keep Eddard away from Littlefinger and Varys and help him surprise the Lannisters after Robert’s death with my bannermen. Take Cersei to Dragonstone bound and gagged, and get crowned king asap. Have Eddard gather the North and Riverlands to my cause. If Tywin attacks, promise Dorne to give them Tywin and Gregor Clegane if they fight for me. Have my wife murdered and marry Margaery Tyrell, or even Sansa Stark. Start killing my enemies.