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  1. Well I’m not a big Stannis fan anyway but yeah him killing Edric would have made him a straight up villain
  2. Ruin? The Starks are all alive, Tywin is given a cruel punishment for his crimes, Littlefinger is dead, Westeros has a just king... yeah you’re right, the story is pretty ruined. Oh well.
  3. Write to Eddard Stark and explain everything immediately. Go back to King’s Landing as discreetly as I can and talk with Eddard to clue him in. Take as many of Robert’s bastards to Dragonstone as I can for safekeeping. Have Eddard speak with Renly, and if he doesn’t listen, so be it. Keep Eddard away from Littlefinger and Varys and help him surprise the Lannisters after Robert’s death with my bannermen. Take Cersei to Dragonstone bound and gagged, and get crowned king asap. Have Eddard gather the North and Riverlands to my cause. If Tywin attacks, promise Dorne to give them Tywin and Gregor Clegane if they fight for me. Have my wife murdered and marry Margaery Tyrell, or even Sansa Stark. Start killing my enemies.
  4. Sure he would. Tyrion escaping means eluding Tywin’s justice and making a fool of him in front of the seven kingdoms. Not to mention rumours that would start. I mean, it’s a nobleman whose father is his primary judge. No way there isn’t at least a whispered question or two on whether Tywin was involved to avoid killing his own kin. To anyone who doesn’t know how much Tywin hates Tyrion, it’s corruption and nepotism of the highest order. Not to mention a case of regicide. Tywin would have no choice but to hunt Tyrion down to his last breath, and given his and Cersei’s feelings on the matter, I doubt he would need much persuasion.
  5. Jaime blatantly defies Tywin by getting Tyrion out of prison with Varys’ help. Tywin even puts two and two together and swears to hang Varys just before he meets his demise. But that’s the part which suddenly makes me wonder. Jaime had no idea that Tyrion would go murder their father. For all he knew, Tyrion and Varys were going to disappear into the east. So what was Jaime expecting Tywin to do about it? Let them go? Tywin would hunt for Tyrion to the edge of Asshai, and Cersei would do so even beyond that. Did Jaime think Tyrion would be able to just live a quiet life somewhere and never be bothered again? And what if Tywin made a logical guess that Jaime was also guilty? Did he not consider Tywin wouldn’t punish his defiant son?
  6. He’s also super ambitious though. I imagine if the Starks weren’t around, he’d still be scheming, except to put his own family on top. And even with young Rickon, he’ll clearly have full control over the boy and be able to ingratiate himself with him. Wyman is not a saint.
  7. Reminds me a bit of Jon’s own elevation to the Lord Commander position. He had his own circle of friends in the NW, but when he became the LC, his ‘pack’ grew to include everyone in the NW, some of which are most decidedly not his friends. But he calls them brothers all the same and assumes the mantle of leadership regardless of how it alienated him from his former circle.
  8. Well, it’s true. He wasn’t.
  9. Assuming that war did break out between the Lannisters and Ned/Robert’s forces post-RR, and everyone else is sitting on the sidelines. Tywin is in his prime, as are Robert and Ned. The Lannisters would be unblooded and better equipped while the North and Stormlands forces would be more battle-hardened. Tywin is a hero from the War of the Ninepenny kings and the Reyne Rebellion, while Ned and Robert have their experience from RR. Which side would triumph?
  10. If Robert sent Jaime to the Wall, Tywin would intercept Jaime’s escort and take Jaime back to the west by force. He would declare that his son was no longer a Kingsguard and that Robert was a false king with no authority to send Jaime to the Wall. Robert and Ned would be forced into a second war with Tywin, and the Reach would take the opportunity to sweep in and wipe out both sides after they’d been demoralized and worn down. Then they’d arrange for Viserys and Daenerys to be returned and present them with the heads of Tywin, Robert, Eddard, Stannis, Jon Arryn, Jaime, and who knows who else.
  11. Unless Egg ran away without anyone’s knowledge (which happened) and was presumed missing (which happened), and so long as he kept his head shaved he would be free to wander the Seven Kingdoms with Dunk. Nobody would know he was a Targaryen, which means that he and Dunk could be on either side of the Rebellion, given that Dunk is a hedge knight and they weren’t known for their loyalty to a cause. We could have a story of battle and adventure, but also intrigue when Egg uses his shaved head and Dunk’s fighting skills to infiltrate the Blackfyre Rebellion for information and then desert for the royal forces just in time for Redgrass. And we’d still get access to the smallfolk and their plight during this period of rampant warfare and gives Dunk a disgust for the war hungry Blackfyres while Egg urges him into a plan of treachery for the good of the realm. Yes, I’ve been thinking a lot about this.
  12. Don’t get me wrong, putting Dunk and Egg in the Blackfyre Rebellion would require a complete rewrite of his life and also a rewriting of the whole timeline. I’m just lamenting that it won’t happen because the only interesting conflict in the history of the Blackfyre Rebellions is the first one because it’s the only one that actually stood a chance of succeeding.
  13. So? Daemon Blackfyre and Bittersteel and Bloodraven and Baelor Breakspear have all been built up so much that I want to see them all face off.
  14. That wasn’t my issue. Ironically I wanted the series to take place FURTHER in the past.
  15. It has nothing to do with the mystique, it’s to do with the fact that a lot of action and drama happened. Yes, GRRM cloaks his wars in a mist of legend, but you know what else he does? He does a great job with the battles that occur in the books. The Blackwater, the Wall, Whispering Wood, even the Deepwood Motte battle was captivating. And I would have loved to see what he could do with the First Blackfyre Rebellion.