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  1. Bullshit. Arya's last thought will be "Not today. Not today. Not-"
  2. Personally I chalk it up to GRRM's inconsistent writing when it comes to the first book.
  3. Robert can't be converted because he doesnt care about the gods at all. He's the ultimate hedonist, and a hedonist has no time for a higher power than themselves.
  4. The old Starks seemed pretty savage to me. I mean they would have to be, if they wanted to survive for 8000 years. Ned's obsession with honour wasn't pure Stark, it came from his Arryn upbringing. His kids being more wolf-like is them reclaiming the Stark legacy. I won't be surprised if we get another Hungry Wolf in Rickon or Arya or Jon.
  5. I'd advise him to run after Loras and the loyalists with the bulk of your force and get to Bitterbridge as soon as possible. Attack the Tyrells when they're at their most disoriented and collect the rest of your men. Even if it's a bloody fight it's still better than leaving the Tyrells to plot your demise.
  6. If we assume that Theon still does what he does, then the siege of Winterfell still allows for Ramsay to ambush his fellow Northmen under the guise of joining them. Bran and Rickon would be killed by Ramsay but he'd blame it on Theon. Robb still loses winterfell and his brothers and still sleeps with Jeyne. Only now the brothers are actually dead.
  7. That's not true. Denys Marbrand died before the war, and Kevan was squiring for Roger Reyne himself the whole time. So he must have at least known that Roger Reyne was guilty of killing Lord Marbrand. But to address Steller's confusion, the thing to remember that Tytos was weak. It allowed Roger Reyne and the Tarbecks to act with impunity. Kevan was just more leverage, and even if he was later in a position to testify against the Reynes, his dad wouldn't have allowed for a trial to happen. i can understand why Kevan isn't thinking about that part of his life during his chapter, but you're right, Steller. It was definitely a missed opportunity to hear a firsthand account of that region during that time period from someone other than Tywin.
  8. If Daryn is still alive, then there is no crisis over the Hornwood lands. The North is probably better prepared for the Ironborn when they arrive, but Ramsay could still use that moment to ambush Rodrik's forces and burn Winterfell. Meanwhile Daryn dies at the Red Wedding, and his mother either dies of grief or puts the remaining powers of House Hornwood in the hands of her cousin, Lord Manderly.
  9. Will he? I feel like he's always going to be a bit foolish. It's just who he is. Aegon will get smart on his own. He'll be able to make his own observations of the smallfolk, given how alert and aware he is compared to Dunk. Dunk will improve his fighting prowess till he becomes the greatest warrior of his time, but I don't think it would fit his character if he becomes this wise politician who secretly tells Aegon what to do. It takes away all of Aegon's agency if he was just being told what to do by someone else, especially Dunk of all people.
  10. Right but we know that that's the next book anyway. I meant more a period of Dunk's life which isn't guaranteed to be examined. At least so far.
  11. We've had three novellas in the Dunk & Egg series. But there is still so much to cover. We have a general outline of what to expect regarding Dunk's life after the second Blackfyre rebellion, but what singular event of his life do you most want to read about? For me, personally, it would be the Great Council and ascension of Egg as Aegon V. I want to see the Aenys Blackfyre incident play out, since I consider it one of the least moral actions ever committed in the series, and I want to know what part Dunk played in that event. Maybe he was the one who arrested Bloodraven. Maybe he was the one who advised Egg on what to do about Aenys' murder. He must have been involved somehow!
  12. That isn't accurate. Robb married Jeyne from a sense of duty because he took her virginity. He wasn't acting out of love, the show made that up. Robb faced a dilemma of conflicting duties and he picked the one which got him killed.
  13. I get that Jorah Mormont was at the very height of his fame and prowess when he asked for Lynesse's hand in marriage. He was a war hero, he just won the tourney, but all that aside, he was still a Mormont. The Mormonts are a poor house in the North on an island known for being frequently raided by the Ironborn. What convinced Lord Hightower that Jorah and Lynesse were well suited to each other, or that Jorah was of a high enough social standing to wed her? House Hightower is a Great House of Westeros. Lynesse should have been married to someone like Stannis Baratheon or Edmure Tully. They were both sons of great houses, and in the case of the former, the once-heir to the Iron Throne. Bear Island is no place for a Hightower, and everyone knew that except Jorah, Lynesse, and Lord Hightower, apparently.
  14. Hard to say. There are several purposes for ships. Warships, fishing boats, trade galleys, one culture might be better at building one and inferior at another. The Ironborn are supposedly great ship builders, arguably among the best, but Stannis beat them all the same. Also, the Redwyne fleet is large and worth fearing, but Davos Seaworth managed to elude them and navigate his way to Storm's End. The same sea which destroyed Steffon Baratheon's best ship was conquered by a common smuggler. Tldr; it's not just the make of the ship which makes a fleet successful, so naming the best fleet on that alone doesn't work.
  15. Tywin wanted her dead for the slight to his own daughter.