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  1. Ultimate case of Devil's advocate. Defend the Others. Give good reasons why we should be rooting for them.
  2. Stannis and the Royal Fleet (plus whatever the Vale can supply) would have stopped them from even landing.
  3. Greatest Soldiers in general

    The Marcher Lords get my vote for training and experience (pre-Daeron II).
  4. The North was doing fine for eight thousand years. And there'd be lots of opportunity for trade instead of war. I seriously doubt that things could be worse than they've been in the books.
  5. Well you'd already have a four way alliance between the North, Vale, Stormlands, and Riverlands. That's over half of all Westeros. Nobody is going to take on that kind of alliance. Looking at the other options, Tywin and Mance will never ally with the Ironborn, or the Dornish. They'd only have each other, and while that is a significant challenge, they'd ultimately lose if they challenged the Quatrumvirate (Bear with me) of Arryn, Baratheon, Stark, and Tully.
  6. During Robert's Rebellion, there seemed to be no discussion on whether or not to break up the Iron Throne and go back to the way things were before the Targaryens arrived. I'm sure the North would want their independence, given how quick they jump on the opportunity when Ned is killed. And it's safe to say that Ned was done with all the lands south of the Neck by the time the Rebellion was successful. Sure, he'd stay friends with Jon Arryn and Robert Baratheon, and the Stormlands would regain the Crownlands as their own territory. The Dornish and Ironborn would be over the moon to be independent again, I'm positive about that, and I think Mance and Tywin would be fine with the idea of independence too. honestly I think it would have solved a lot of trouble if the Iron Throne was just disbanded and the eight kingdoms were reestablished.
  7. Iron Islands Noble House Scenario

    If I'm really an Ironborn, then I'll understand the risks of becoming a drowned man. So while it really sucks that my father died before his time, it's clear that the Drowned God willed it. Ivarr is hampered by his leg, but that means he'll always be working hard, and he won't take anything for granted. I name him my heir. The drowned men are welcome to hide out on my lands. The priest who tried to convert my father didn't do it on purpose, and what is dead may never die. I'll welcome the Hoare bannermen, make them my guests, and deny any knowledge of the priests they're chasing. After they leave, convinced of my lack of hostility, I accept the Greyjoy offer. I marry Hilda and have more children. I'll send ships to join in the Greyjoy raid but I urge him to target the Hoares instead of the Harlaws. We can't alienate anyone who isn't the Hoares, so that we don't give them any more allies than they already have. As for Sigrud, I raise him to understand the importance of family over personal ambitions. I'll also keep him around in case I ever have to give a hostage to the Hoares if things go south.
  8. My first pick is also Varys. He's one of the most interesting characters of the series as far as I am concerned. But Stannis is up there too along with Mance.
  9. Riverlands Noble House Scenario

    Wow. Did William Faulkner write this scenario? Anyway, to answer this: First off, I like the Blackwoods more than the Brackens or the Freys. Quentyn will marry Jana Blackwood. Candace won't be happy marrying a man who's almost old enough to be her father. Ser Dalton is directly serving the Lord Paramount of my region. She'll get to be close to the Tully family and live at Riverrun. Jason is going with the Vance knight. And he'll hopefully come home alive and knighted so he can marry the Vance daughter. Benjy is going to have this trouble for the rest of his life, and I won't always be around to protect him. Sending him to the Wall would be far too cruel, and the Citadel won't take him. Asking the gods for forgiveness, I'll give him a painless death by poison and pass it off as an illness. I comfort my wife, compensate the master-at-arms and his daughter, and pray to the gods for forgiveness.
  10. Crownlands Noble House Scenario

    This is just a scenario. It's not meant to take place during the books' timeline. It takes place just before Daeron I's invasion of Dorne.
  11. Crownlands Noble House Scenario

    I leave my wife in charge, with Donuil and Belwar as her advisors. I take Maester Garrett and my half-brother along with me as I lead my levies to King's Landing. I send for a more trustworthy Maester to tend to my wife when she gives birth. Garrett never comes home with me, and while we're in Dorne, I suggest to Daeron that he might consider my half brother for a Kingsguard should a spot open up.
  12. Other Direwolves

    Probably to keep the Stark wolves unique.
  13. Westerlands Noble House Scenario

    Okay, first of all... That is hysterical! So nice to know someone else on this forum loves Community! Anyway, so I assume this is long before the time of Tytos Lannister, so at this point there's no shame in connecting with the wealthy Reynes. If there's supposed to be some kind of insult in Kyle Reyne's offer of his daughter, new armour, and a new warhorse, then I don't see it. Seems more like one lord seeing promise in another and wanting to forge a bond with him. I'll take that offer. Since I made it all the way to the final round of the tourney, I should have a fairly good chance of winning the next one if I play my cards right. That said though, I won't hedge all my bets on that tourney. For now, the plight of my smallfolk need to be corrected as soon as possible. I'll use my last savings to kickstart reopening the gold mine. Then, because I'm too smart to let a petty feud get in the way of a great idea, I'll swallow my pride and take Lord Hawthorne's trade idea to Lord Crakehall. But I'll only do it after my wedding to Lord Reyne's daughter. Crakehall might take over management and feel like he can boss me around, but with the Reynes in my corner, it'll give me a bit of an edge. And anyway, if all goes well, the trade deal will provide lots of work for my smallfolk and the money I make will go towards upgrading my fleet and finding a new silver mine. I listen to my father's past advice and try to forget Jason Hill's daughter. To make it easier, I offer to pay for her dowry with a small knightly estate. Hopefully a decent man that she likes comes to call, and she'll be looked after properly.
  14. Dorne Noble House Scenario

    I need to look at all my children's potential prospects. Jana can marry the Martell brother regardless of her being heir. Torak seemingly won't have anything as a bastard. He's also a man of the people, and I need someone who will look after the smallfolk first. Plus young Lucia has the potential to be the mother of the next Lord Qorgyle. And also, I figure I didn't really love my wife if I had a paramour at the same time (how I didn't get to marry an Yronwood over a Toland is beyond me). So I reckon that I favour the children of the woman I chose over the woman whose marriage to me was probably arranged by my parents without my opinion in the matter. I legitimize Torak and Lucia, naming Torak as my heir. In the meantime, Jana goes to Sunspear, where she'll have a great time in the very thick of the people she likes most. Her children have the potential to become Prince or Princess of Dorne if the main line dies out, which I'm sure she'd be happy about. As for my cousin? I'm afraid that I, in a fit of hot-blooded Dornish jealousy, order my cousin seized and sent to the Wall for his treachery. I have my paramour sent away with money so she isn't destitute, but I don't speak to her again.
  15. Matches that Never Were

    Lysa might have fallen in love with Jaime, though it would have been ironic if she had. Instead of loving a man who only loved her sister, she would be loving a man who only loved HIS sister.