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  1. Ser Dunk for his physical traits and a young Olenna for her intellect.
  2. Even if 100% of Castle Black's Nights Watch and Stannis men all rallied to Bowen, they'd be horribly outnumbered and slain immediately. The rest of the forts would fall soon after.
  3. To the people saying that Marsh was likely planning to kill Jon for a while and acted out of desperation when he planned to leave, Marsh still picked the stupidest time to kill Jon. If Marsh was going to kill Jon regardless, why not at least let him go lead the free folk against the Boltons? Whether he lives or dies, Jon and most of the wilding threat is out of the picture, which then allows for Marsh and his allies to kill Tormund on the way to Hardhome, turn around, march back to Castle Black and send ravens declaring Jon Snow a traitor. Someone would eventually get a hold of Jon and execute him. Or he'd die in battle against the Boltons. Win win either way for Marsh, who then takes the position of Lord Commander guilt free. At least, from his perspective anyway.
  4. By the end of ADWD, Marsh and his fellow conspirators have put themselves in a position which they will not survive longer than an hour at most. And this is regardless of whether Jon Snow survives or not. First of all, Jon Snow's supporters are all along the Wall, rebuilding fortifications. They will not take kindly to Jon's assassination, and will never take orders from Marsh and whoever replaces Snow. From Marsh's perspective, they will be very hard to subdue, given the enormity of his crime and also the lack of manpower loyal to him. Secondly, Stannis's men will never back him. King Stannis had deals with Snow, and took his advice. He presumably left them orders to obey Snow's commands since Jon was able to send Stannis's soldiers to different forts. They will certainly stay neutral and keep Stannis' family safe. Or, given Melisandre's position amongst them and given Melisandre's opinion of Jon and his shared cause with Stannis, they might even be galvanized to avenge Jon and replace him with a like minded man like Edd or Iron Emmett. Thirdly, the free folk are all completely pro-Jon. Thousands of warriors are at the Wall, loyal to the man who took them in. Tormund and the other chiefs have all made their allegiance well known. It won't be long before they find out what Marsh and the others did, and those men will suffer grievously for it. TLDR version: Marsh and the others who murdered Jon are not long for this world. They have no friends at Castle Black, they're surrounded by Jon's friends, and they will all be furious when they find out what happened. What the hell was Marsh thinking?
  5. Apart from the Holy Trinity, the 3 elf rings and 7 dwarf rings in Middle Earth, the Seven Deadly Sins, and maybe The Magnificent Seven, what else is there? I'm not trying to be snarky, I'm curious.
  6. Three Baratheon brothers. Three Martell children. Seven children being raised in Eddard Stark's household, if you include Theon. Also, the Greyjoys, Tyrells, and Starks all had a family unit which was comprised of three sons and a daughter. And all three of the youngest sons, either voluntarily or against their will, were unable to produce children and possible heirs (Benjen at the Wall, Loras in the Kingsguard, and Theon castrated)
  7. It's true that both regions have a far more martial culture than the people of the Riverlands, but they both have inferior numbers. According to the accepted numbers, the Stormlands and Ironborn have about ten or twenty thousand fewer men than the Riverlands' forces. Plus they'd also have the common people who'd serve as militia in the aim to free themselves. Surely if the rivermen had united, they could have overthrown their oppressors? And yet the stormlords can hold the Riverlands for three hundred years??
  8. Most: Jon Snow defying old prejudices to save Free folk from the Others. Least: Tywin's treatment of Tysha and Tyrion
  9. Agreed. The Septon might not be my top pick, but it has to be someone other than Theon himself. Just like Tyrion HAS to be Tywin's son, not a secret Targ.
  10. I want Tyrion to be the Valonqar, and therefore the one who kills Cersei.
  11. That should be called half Scotland half northern Canada.
  12. That one could actually happen
  13. Pick four regions of Westeros. You can choose two non-great houses from each region and these shall be your bannermen. However, the catch is that one of the noble houses from each region has to be your least favourite house from said region, and you can't just wipe them out two seconds after you pick them either. Which eight houses serve you?
  14. If there's one thing that we've been assured of it's that the Iron Bank endures through all the civil strife and corruption that Westeros has ever waged. Kings tremble at the thought of the Bank turning on them. So given GRRM's nature of taking a given fact and turning it on us, could we see the Iron Bank collapse? Theres only so much money that a bank can lend out, and then on top of that, the Bank is spending lots more gold to get their investments back. So how much is too far? Could the Iron Bank overstretch its resources? Or will it endure and just write off all the money it sunk into Westeros when it's clear that the Others have brought about a new dark age for that whole continent?
  15. Here I was thinking you'd be making a case for Davos being a Transformer...