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  1. When it comes to the North, there are so many houses that get a lot of secondary focus so we can identify with them a lot more than the bannermen of, say, Dorne or the Westerlands. So which non/Stark and non/Bolton house do you like reading about the most?
  2. No, the Glen Coe Massacre. I said it earlier to James.
  3. Manderly is making obvious land grabs. I don’t like it any more than I like his southron ways. Death is common in the North, and I have gotten used to that. I ignore Manderly’s self-serving and insulting offer, and I stick with proper Northern houses. I agree to wed Ailsa into House Karstark to prove my loyalty to the Starks, even as I arrange for Lord Locke’s daughter to marry Keir. Edain did what young men will always do in Westeros, but I’ll take some pleasure in giving him a double edged sword of a marriage. Let him marry into the Glover family and deal with Barclay Stark’s suspicions. I send a message to House Dustin. I approve of Ivor’s marriage to the Dustin niece, but Ivor must stay home for a while. My youngest children are at death’s door, and I want my family to mourn them properly and be with me in this trying time. What I won’t say is that after this time of mourning, I’ll send messages to Barclay Stark to send the Umbers to prove their loyalty against House Dustin, the real traitors to the realm. I will then volunteer to personally destroy the Cambells and take Moat Cailin for House Stark. Ivor’s marriage will be called off when the Dustins are revealed to be traitors, and maybe I’ll wed Ivor into House Hornwood instead to restore honour to that house. (On a side note, interesting Scottish names you chose for this round. Especially for the rebel Lord who betrays House Stark. Robert Campbell? As in the guy who helped carry out the massacre of Glen Coe?)
  4. Frankly I thought the alliance was already weak enough as it was. Not even Tywin got what he wanted out of it every time.
  5. It’s the Stormlands. They’re among the most fickle and unreliable people in Westeros. I figure I’ll play them off one another until I end up in charge.
  6. Frankly, I’ve had a taste of power, and I’m not going to just leave the table and give my seat to a child. I agree to betrothe Saren to the Estermont heir. Given how prominent the Estermonts are, that should satisfy Briony that her daughter will be a great lady. Plus I get a new ally in Lord Estermont. Frankly, Reynol reminds me of Ronard Storm, and I’d love to marry the woman of my dreams. I arrange for the murders of Swann and Caron and when the deeds are done, I have the assassins publicly executed to prove my own innocence. In the meantime, Reynol becomes king, my cousin lives, Falia marries Lord Toyne, and I take Alynne as my bride. Since I played no role in her father’s death, she will have no reason to hate me. On our wedding night, I promise to restore her to her rightful throne. I help her rally supporters while Reynol is still consolidating his power bases. Reynol’s head will be a suitable gift to provide my bride, even as I have Bryce smuggled off of Tarth before I betray Reynol. I take the Durrandon name, give my house to Bryce, and rule the Stormlands with my beloved queen.
  7. Was it a crappy plan? Without the wildfyre and the mountain clan ambush, Stannis would have had no trouble taking the city for his own, even before Tywin arrived.
  8. Let’s assume something goes wrong and Margaery also drinks the poisoned wine somehow. Aside from the obvious that she doesn’t marry Tommen and the Reachmen would all want Tyrion dead, what else would be changed regarding Tommen, the role of the Tyrells going forward, and whatever else happens.
  9. Given that Lordship of Dragonstone is given to the heir of the Seven Kingdoms, why wasn't it ever given to Joffrey? I know there are some arguments for why not, so if I may... 1) Joffrey's too young But he could still have the title and leave Stannis as a castellan. 2) Stannis would rebel No. No he wouldn't. He would gnash his teeth and grumble even harder than before. 3) Robert wouldn't disinherit Stannis like that Sure he would. He did it once before so why not again? Whether through ignorance or malice, Robert regularly craps all over Stannis. Demoting him down to castellan or even removing him from the castle would be in keeping with Robert's carelessness or his dislike of Stannis, whichever you prefer. And even if Robert likes Stannis too much, Cersei doesn't. She didn't even want Jon Arryn's son on Dragonstone. She hates and fears Stannis, so it would be in character for her to try and use her influence to demote and undercut him as much as possible. What better way than to leave him without a proper lordship and have him rule Dragonstone only in Joffrey's name?
  10. I don't know about that one. Tarly seems perfectly in his element as a Marcher Lord. Granted there's no open conflict with Dorne, but still.
  11. To be honest, the Aegon, Jon and Robert names could also be cursed by GRRM, as a subtle sign to us. The show even did the same thing with the name Eddard.
  12. Interesting idea. I could buy that it's part of some magical conspiracy by either the Dornish Letter or the maesters' conspiracy against the dragons and the incestuous Targaryens. Or maybe something older, who knows.
  13. Why would Robb be more content in the Riverlands? Seems to me like he was definitely his father's son and a man of the North.
  14. Here's some obvious examples of characters who were clearly born in the wrong regions of Westeros and would much likely have been happier in another. If you think of any yourselves, feel free to discuss them. Stannis and Sandor: the North It's pretty obvious with this one. Both of them are overshadowed second sons who despise the game and those who play it. They see the world in very simple terms, and live by their codes ruthlessly. Clearly they were meant for the North. Stannis's cold demeanour and ruthless sense of justice would have made him the perfect ruler of the North had he been born a Stark instead of a Baratheon. And while Sandor would have been content anywhere away from his brother, the North suits his disdain for chivalry and southern courts. Sansa: the Reach Sansa is the opposite of Stannis in that she belongs in the world of knights and chivalry. She is not truly of the North, hence why her direwolf is dead. She adores the stories, the songs, and she would have been so happy in the Reach, even if she wasn't a Tyrell. Cersei: Dorne Plain and simple, Cersei would have been happier in Dorne. She would have been treated as a proper heir and wouldn't have had all the paranoia concerning her brothers since they'd be born in the Westerlands. She'd probably be able to be with Jaime in a non scandalous fashion, come to think of it.
  15. No way to tell.