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  1. If Tywin and Ned's forces are in a ruined King's Landing when word gets out about Robert's death, then Tywin would make a bid for the throne himself. Wolf and Lion would fight in the streets and it would be difficult to tell who would win. On the one hand, Ned's forces are more organized and experienced, but they're probably less well armoured and weary. Safe to say that if the allies under Ned fought the Lannisters under Tywin, it would be a toss up as to who wins. If Ned wins, and Jaime and Tywin are killed in the battle, then he secures the capital, waits for Jon Arryn to arrive, and rides off to relieve the siege of Storm's End. Then they would be honour bound to put Stannis on the throne, maybe they wed him to Cersei to try and make peace, or to one of the Tyrells. Either way Stannis will resent having to marry into a house he hates. Plus Cersei would be hell bent on avenging her dad and brother so Stannis' rule probably ends soon to some kind of assassination. If Tywin wins, and Ned dies, he makes the surviving rebels bend the knee and reminds them that he was an awesome Hand of the King. He removes Jaime from the Kingsguard and makes him his heir and finally sends Tyrion to the Wall. Cersei gets married to secure the North or the Vale or whoever, and she resents the marriage. Maybe she plans a way to be reunited with Jaime somehow and cuckolds poor Benjen/Edmure/Stannis. So really there is no happy ending and just more conflict either way.
  2. Damn. This is complex, even for you. I like it. Alright, well, first thing's first. Alix won't be able to be the sword of the morning if he takes my name. Unless he won't get that title after all, or he'll just take a backseat. His jealousy is concerning, but what worries me more is the fact that the next Princess of Dorne has such a grudge against her bastard brother. I can't let that grudge taint my family. I marry Alix Dayne. This means I also tell Rhuarc Yronwood that our past happiness will have to suffice. If that means not having him around, then so be it. Willim Fowler becomes my new master-at-arms. The captain of the guards should go to a man that's earned it. Curol is that man. If Fat Tom can lead Ned's guards, then so can Curol lead mine. In the meantime, the two guard positions will be filled by Esole Gargalen (skills can be learned, loyalty is far more valuable), and Gallus, due to his skills and desperation. If he's so grateful for honest work, he'll try hard not to screw it up. I'll keep an eye on him though until he truly proves his loyalty. As for the Steward, I'll go with Kerris Malaine. I need his skills, not his charisma. In fact, the less likeable he is, the better, since he'll never be able to mount a coup against me. He can learn to stop being such a sexist douche when he's constantly working for me.
  3. There's a theory that Wyman already has Rickon safe and so felt perfectly fine with insulting the Freys to their faces at Winterfell. He figured he might die, he just wanted to arrive to serve the vengeance pie and watch while the enemy squirms before Stannis arrived.
  4. Gotta say I'm surprised there aren't more people going for the treacherous route. In Westeros it's usually the best way to go.
  5. This one is better than the crownlands one, no offense.
  6. Thing is, my family probably won't be harmed during the assault, unless the clans somehow learned how to build siege equipment. But my smallfolk will be in serious trouble, and my bannermen will want to go home and save their families. I go to the King and over-exaggerate the wildling threat to justify my going out to fight. I tell him Lord Royce has just arrived, so I can go and confront the wildling threat. I'll point out that I'm volunteering for a dishonourable job compared to fighting the Hoare king, and I've already lost much family in defence of the Vale, so he will let me go back and save my lands from the clansmen. I publicly tell the Whorehound that I am more than happy to arrange the marriage, but I am only the acting head. Myrelle's older brother is technically the head of the family so he'll need to be persuaded of the deal. This way, I have no guilt to bear if something happens to my nephew where he dies of his wounds, who am I to assume something malicious happened? I give Lord Royce my best wishes on his attack, and I head out to go and save my smallfolk.
  7. It happens. Look at Glbart Glover.
  8. To be fair, I was thinking practically. And in Westeros, no young lord would take damaged goods, and who knows what Mariel will do to further dishonour the house. Might as well cut losses and let her go.
  9. Godwyn and Mariel seem like bigger problems to my house than Feldo. I'll keep Feldo close by and squire him to one of my trusted knights. Bastard or not, he's my half brother. As for Mariel, I tell her she's free to go east with her lover, but she will never be permitted to return home. If that doesn't deter her, I'll even escort her out with a small amount of gold to keep her alive for a short amount of time. After that, she's on her own. I don't want Godwyn around. He's more trouble than he's worth. I wait for him to commit the next offence, and if it's serious enough, I'll send him to the Wall in chains. My mother will always be welcome here, and I won't force her to marry anyone. She can go with Mariel, or she can stay and help Godwyn figure his shit out. I'll look after her. But I won't have her antagonizing Feldo. He didn't ask to be born and he isn't to blame for what happened.
  10. People never seem to realize that a great character is supposed to have flaws and redeeming qualities both. But the fanboys deny the existence of any flaws and the haters ignore any positive sides to Stannis. But really, he is a complex individual who can easily be seen as a monster or a hero with equal justification. If he just kept winning and winning or losing and losing, it would be boring. This way he learns from his failures and makes progress. That's why he inspires such response from readers. And it's what D and D completely screwed up when they thought they could write as well as GRRM.
  11. We haven't seen Euron fight in a battle. Stannis beat the Ironborn at their own game, so I'd go with Stannis at sea. On the subject of hit and run tactics, I would pick Robb Stark.
  12. The Vale and Dorne are not predominantly one culture. There are three kinds of Dornish people, and there are many First Men houses still very much intact and prosperous in the Vale, such as House Royce.
  13. The only way to make the North forget would be to commit genocide on the older generations, take the children, and give them an education which wipes out all memories of their heritage or culture. Then scatter said children across Westeros to settle elsewhere while you either abandon the North to the wildlings or repopulate it with others willing to settle it.
  14. Casterly Rock Winterfell Gates of the Moon/Eyrie
  15. Robert Baratheon is like Aegon IV with all his gluttony and greed, while Stannis Baratheon is like Aegon III (a brooding man with depression who saw his mother die in front of him and who never seemed comfortable around women).