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  1. I don't know if someone brought this up but what bothers me the most, in the idea that LF orchestrated the assasination attempt, is the fact that to do so, he had to know why he was pushed/was believed to fall in the first place. It is the only reason, Bran seeing what he saw, that gives gives the Starks reasons to believe it was the Lannisters behind the attempt and thus the only reason for LF to think that it will turn them against each other even more. For him to know this, would mean someone else in Winterfell witnessed the scene too, which I find unlikely, or that Cersei or Jaime or even Joeffry may be asked him to do it... Can anyone help understand this point please ?
  2. I'm sorry if that has been discussed before and definitively rejected, but isn't there a theory that the "other" doesn't have to be a "queen" at all ? It would be more of a "gender-neutral" reference to a person, "younger and more beautiful to cast Cersei down and take all that she holds dear" and that person could be the Valonqar ? I think I read it somewhere in this forum...
  3. That's why I said "IF", we don't know IF it is important or not... relevant or not... or even just for "dramatic effects". Personnally, it won't bother me IF he is, it won't bother me IF he is not, but I don't write the show scripts, nor the books. It is only about what the show has been suggesting...
  4. I am not very aware of mediaval English history, but doesn't annulmenr requires a legal reason ? A justification ? As far poeple have been theorizing that Sansa and Tyrion could have their marriage annuled because it was never consummated... Is it enough reason for the crown prince to annul his marriage because his wife could not give hil any more children (sons), and one son is not enough (very ugly reason I know, but it is not the discussion here...) ? In that case, may be the annulment effect would begin after Elia was declared to be to fragile to get pregnant again ? But I'd repeat myself once again:
  5. Is it weird if I'd prefer to say Don't RIP LF ? PS: I also agree that LF is not as smart as he thinks he is and that he will find himself surrounded by a lot of players he won't manage to manipulate...
  6. Westerosi rules of succession says "The son of the first son comes before the second son" I may be very mistaking on this but I think we don't have a mention that says that Aerys explicitly named Viserys as his heir. Viserys is refered as Aerys heir in TWOIAF that he has been written years after the end of the war, at a time everybody knew/thought Aegon was killed in the sack... It doesn't mean that Aerys didn't want that Rhaegar "half-dornish" children to die anyway so Viserys could become the heir "after" he wins the war without having to disinherit Aegon and having the dornish and the small folk who loved Rhaegar against him.
  7. “Don’t fight in the North or the South. Fight every battle everywhere, always, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend. Every possible series of events is happening all at once. Live that way and nothing will surprise you. Everything that happens will be something that you’ve seen before.” Littlefinger would try to manipulate everyone and anyone he could to secure his position whoever ends up to be in charge. He has a grudge against the Starks and preferentially he may want to help Sansa if it is possible for him (Cathlyn Tully 2.0) but Littlefinger cares about Littlefinger first and he will put his survival and his ambitions above anything else.
  8. I have never really understand how this point will be explained. May be it is different, somehow, to be legally married versus sleeping around with wowen, high and low born and fathering bastards. Ned had once a thought that he doesn't think Rhaegar had the habits to visit brothels. Furthermore, it is said that, during the sack of King's Landing, Rhaenys was dragged from beneath her father's bed. Not her parents's bed. I always wondred what does that mean ? Is it the mediaval langage to refer to the "bed" as the hasband's only ? Or does it mean that, at some point, Rhaegar and Elia were not sharing bed anymore ?
  9. Annulment, "pure" polygamy, polygamy explained by marriages performed under different faiths... there have been a lot of theories over the years but I think it does not really matter here because if the show wants/needs Jon to be trueborn, it will find a way, whatever the viewers like it or not specially if it's important for the story endgame, that D&D said they will not change...
  10. Even if to was not practiced in the last years of their reign, Targaryen were wekk known to practice polygamy... Misandei has no idea what is bastard ? It's way I finf weird, even if it's different in Naath, doesn't any culture in all Essos have mariage traditions ? Haven't they been talking about that "Jon Snow" in theur council before/since his arrival on Dragonstone ? As far the Stark reference, it's something he often says in the books and the show (besides, for years, poeple have been GoT-Translating that as "I am a Targaryen").
  11. Jon Snow explained to Missandei : "I am a bastartd... my mother and father weren't married" => GoT translator => Jon is a trueborn, he's mother and father were married. Did we really need an explanation what "a bastard" means or am I looking too much into this ? What to you think ?
  12. Regarding point 4, assuming RLJ, we know that Robert got the throne because he was the one with the best claim thanks to his targaryen grandmother once Aerys, Rhaegar and his children dead and Viserys and Daenerys exiled over sea and he still wanted to have them executed over the year because they would someday threaten his throne, so if any Targ loyalist was aware of Rhaegar having a (trueborn ?) son, he would support the claim of the child over the "usurper", and I think it was the case of the KG present. They most certainly considered the baby as the rightful heir to the throne and therefore thought that by vows, it was their duty to protect their new king. For point 1, I read somewhere a while ago a fan theory claiming that, even if it was not stated anywhere, Howland Reed may have some "dreams" or greensight ability helping Ned finding Lyanna. I don't think its the case and I wouldn't like that very much, but who knows ?
  13. Well, a lot of the "unanswered questions" may be explained in the next books, yes, but I doubt there will be enough time for flashbacks in the show. As well as knowing the ending, it never did stop people of watching movies prequel or adapted books on the screen. I think it would be interesting... Show viewers only don't understand/catch up a lot of little details in the show and are unaware of a lot of storylines. I'd love for the show to end with Bran or Sam (if they stay alive) or a maester telling/writing the story of the battle for the dawn and explaining the importance of TPTWP/Azor Ahai with a flashback of the ghost of high tree giving Jaehaerys the prophecy and him, arranging Aerys and Rhaella marriage and so, the prequel would start with this same image and Aerys ascending to the throne. Half of the season could cover the event before the rebellion (the early reign, Duskendale, Harrenhal...)... I agree that it should not be called Rebert Rebellion. It was called that way because Robert got the throne after the war but I have always thought that it was JON ARRYN Rebellion. He was the one to refuse to obey the king order and to call his banners in the first place and naturally Ned and Robert joined him. I think "Game of Thrones: The Downfall of the Dragons" sounds not bad. It could end with Catlyn asking Ned about Jon's mother and Ned giving her the icy answer to never ask that question again or with the Greyjoy rebellion with Ned asking the last surving boy who's going to be his ward his name and the boy responding "Theon". I don't know if they casted the actors for the flashbacks with the optic of a prequel in mind, but for me one thing is sure, for an "accurate" prequel, I would like to see a different Aerys, with the yellow long fingernails and the tangled hair and beard.
  14. I don't think so. I even think it would be worse for Jon. I will explain. "Well Robert, you know, Lyanna never loved you and even willingly escaped with on other just to not to marry you, and oh, they even concieved a child together so that, every time you'll look at him or think of him, you'll remember how far away she went so she will NOT have to marry you. And one more little detail, he has the last tragaryen prince blood too, yes the very same blood that would endanger your claim to the throne, so that's great, I know you will be cool with that". I don't remember if it's a show or a book think when Robert said that he, somehow, consider that it was Rhaegar who won the battle because at the end, he was the one who had Lyanna. So I don't think he would ever accept that they also had a child together, out of love most of all, while Jon being a product of rape would potentially make him an other victim of Rhaegar and would had convinced Robert that the child will never know this very sad truth about his parentage.
  15. How come they have a "big" budget for CGI dragons and only 3 seconds CGI direwolves budget per season (specially if it is possible de scale up real wolves, is it ?)