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  1. this is fake or clickbait right?
  2. ......................
  3. i think its because they had better acotrs around them
  4. I mean we could had useful dialogue like Davos interjecting about their being a trove of Dragonglass on dragonstone that will be useful in the war but nah cant have that need to forced lyanna mormont scene of her talking down a battle hardened lord who takes it for no reason.
  5. At least they showed that his advice and interest in mining Dragonglass from Dragonstone went somewhere....... oh......
  6. Good question. Why would Euron be exiled for his part in The Rebellion yet the one crowned himself king was allowed to keep his lands and titles. Just goes to show you that cutting and changing stuff and then trying to paylip service to make it "the same" as the books really comes back on you.
  7. Euron: I remembered when you crushed us at sea Yeah sure it was the lannisters. Remember Tywin was such a genius all his ships got burnt. This is canon to the show.
  8. The Hound and The BWB easily sits ontop of everything else.
  9. HONOUR GETS YOU KILLED /s Anyone else actually notice that most of the dialogue was exposition that the audience should already be aware and the characters wouldnt generally need to repeat?
  10. I just for the life of me can't wrap my head around the Sam and dragonglass thing. Like he went to the citadel to learn how to clean old guy's shit and stuff he already knew? Dragonstone being an island, with a mound of Dragonstone is considered forbidden knowledge? Oh and Sam, didn't think it was serious or important when Stannis told him this in S5? Even though he came to NW's aid when he didn't have to huh? Do the showrunners hate Stannis that much that they have to retcon/downplay anything positive he said or did??
  11. Cersei: Are you mad at me Jaime? Jaime: Nope Bravo d&d Also ofcourse there was more stannis dissing this episode.
  12. It makes no sense how shes willing to graphically burn Randal Tarly and his son to death yet goes all "we need everyman for the WWs" when shes got a chance to take down Cersei. She wouldnt even need to use her dragons to defeat Cersei. She has more than enough to destory her. She could do what was one in an earlier season by her where they sneak in and get everyone on their side and tear down the lannister's
  13. Taking out Aegon and not accounting for the vacuum he leaves has really screwed the logic and logistics of the show up
  14. Incest is stupid.
  15. >The emmy for best writers went to these people