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  1. A sad day indeed. Despite the split with some people, I absolutely love his audiobook narration. I'm on ACoK at the moment. This will make, it sadder when I finish them.
  2. This song from Drive, was playing in my head during the ending.
  3. Cersei and Victarion (Euron)
  4. Why wasn't the Lord Commander of the night's watch invited by Jon to testify about The Fist of The First Men and Hardome? Since you know it's their job to hold the line against the Others and Wights?
  5. 20 good men
  6. You would also think that as kitn Jon would help out the NW who defended his corpse by offering more resources in food, weapons, dragonglass, men etc. but no poor Edd has to do everything himself because, Jon is a traitor.
  7. No. Robert knew he was a bad king and he could have been better if he actually tried but, he didn't care. Cersei on the other hand, is genuinely putting in all her effort to "ruling" and shes awful at it. Arming the faith alone should put her in the worst category. When even the dragon kings when they had dragons struggled against the faith militant. Theres also the pittyful excuse of a small council she put together. Like really making Aurane Waters master of ships because, you find him hot and he runs off with the entire fleet when you're arrested? Need I go on?
  8. The only Ramsay deaths that will satisfy me are: 1) Stannis chaining him up naked and presenting him before all the north to see and announcing all his crimes and sins sentencing him to die by fire 2) Theon and the dogs are his end
  9. Doesn't surprise me that d&d tried to retcon/invalidate the Rebellion's righteousness. They never liked the Baratheons outside Renly. You mean to tell me that a character who didn't like someone because they have bastards and cheat going off with the crown prince who set aside his wife and delegitimised his kids because he was so hung up on a narcisstic interpretation of an old prophecy rambling is all good because they loved each other? huh? How does that negate that fact that Aerys II unjustly murdered Rickard and Brandon Stark and then further demanded Jon Arryn hand him over Robert and Eddard? It was a war for justice and survival. Rhaegar basically flipped off the north, stormlands, dorne and Vale all at once for his precious prophecy. Also good job on leaving Ellia and the kids with your crazy father when you supposedly know hes off his rocker. Bloody naming your new kid Aegon after disinheriting the last kids with the same name isn't a good move. This.
  10. it's pathetic how many popular things they incorporate and ripoff yet the thing they're supposed to be based on is barely present.
  11. The plagarism of the lich king cinematic is astounding
  12. i just remembered something: Bronn literally had to leave the Dragon Pit because Jerome Flynn isn't allowed to be near Lena Headey
  13. Fucking hate how they used Bran. "I have to be auntiefucker's personnel exposition machine." BTW Bravo d&d for trying to retcon Robert's Rebellion to be a lie and not about a war for justice and survival.
  14. To me now this show completely died when Stannis drew his sword for the final time and charged against hopeless odds. Sort of mirrors the last of the old guard and what GoT used to represent dying to modern GoT.
  15. Gendry discovered the speedforce