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  1. Yeah its beyond a joke at this point over six years later and all we have to show for book 6 are chapters that got pushed out of adwd because they wouldn't fit posing as the next book's chapters.
  2. Renly is a reason for the food riot amongst the peasents
  3. I don't ever want to see RR on screen because I just have a horrible feeling that fan service and faviourites will end up more important than established cannon backstory
  4. I absolutely loved it when Stannis and his army made a surprise appearence in the Asos jon chapter where Mance and Jon meet beyond the wall. It was so unexpected to me and completely shifted the tone/pace of the chapter. The ending was perfect.
  5. HODOR HODOR HODOR Is that better
  6. hes a dumb meme character that people think is a main character.
  7. No it was never winter. The showrunners conveniently only made Winter arrive now. They only talked about and acknowledged Winter as a thing this past year after season 6. The snow conditions in season 5 must be a plot hole to "justify" Stannis getting brain damage.
  8. I guess this is Cersei's season
  9. because a feudal society relys on a mostly simple and consistent succession line of Oldest-Youngest?
  10. The Armour, heraldry and weapons really make me happy to read about.
  12. emmy winning writing right there
  13. I'd say the bigger things that have been up are quite likely to happen (wight hunt, blue eyes wight dragon, most of the dany and jon stuff, davos being best friends with his son's murderer Tyrion, meera leaving etc.)
  14. A dead character returning is still the same thing that you said would cheapen Jon's nap time. Changing the criteria because you personally didn't care for LSH is silly.
  15. Beric, the hound, benjen (although he could be considered not to have been dead) and the mountain