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  1. I found interesting that Tormund asked Jon which queen he has to convince the one with dragons or the one who fucks her brother. And Jon replied both, basically putting them on the same level. Tormund is known for speaking ugly truth. I'm not jumping to conclusions. But isn't it weird after all this good Dany vs bad Cersei?
  2. Does anyone wonder where the BwB and Sandor Clegane are? With all the teleporting they must be in the North already. They headed there much earlier than Arya did. Are they wandering around Riverlands like Moses in a desert?
  3. Sansa and Jon I was tempted to name Tyrion, but his ADWD arc bored me to death.
  4. Joffrey, Euron, Ramsay, the Mountain. They do evil things because they enjoy it, they like people suffering and dying.
  5. I agree. It was strange. It could be played out in no time in the crypts like showing Rickon's grave near Ned's: A: How did he die? S: My husband Ramsay killed him A: Where is your husband now? S: I fed him to his dogs. A: OK Probably this information would be revealed later to set up a conflict between Sansa and Arya.
  6. 100% agree I can see some tension coming. Probably with a little help of Bran. I imagine he could say that Sansa told Cersei about Ned's plans (was it in the show or not?) or about Sansa's letter. Or Sansa and Arya will fight about LF. Anyway, this tension would be resolved by LF's death. Would he pull Gendry out of his sleeve? Look, I finally found a decent guy, take him as a king, you won't regret it!
  7. The Hound?
  8. With all the teleporting of armies and fleets, how the BwB feat. The Hound haven't reached WF yet?
  9. I agree with those who said the absence of Aegon makes Cersei's alliances unbelievable. But I also agree that introducing him and keeping the whole Jon Targ thing as a shocker would be difficult. The show doesn't tell much about the history of Westeros, esp. in the last few seasons. But in the books we have a lot mentions of Targaryans, Blackfyre rebellions etc. so another real or fake Targ doesn't seem out of nowhere for the audience.
  10. It feels that he doesn't have any arc this season. He's one of Dany's minions now. Last season he just made stupid jokes, now he barely had 5 lines pro episode and everything he suggested made zero sense.
  11. Jon and Sansa meeting was a totally different situation. Sansa reaches Castle Black after a siege, escape and exhausting journey. He is her only hope. Jon and Sansa consider each other the last living kin. When Sansa sees Bran she rushes to hug him, the same as Jon. But Bran seems a creepy weirdo and says strange things. Next time with Arya Sansa is more cautious because she doesn't know what a person her sister became and how to deal with her. If they try to show Sansa as a politician then her reaction is pretty logical. She tries to break the ice by and find some reference points like mentioning Jon, Arya's favorite brother. Re issues from s1, I think their dialog about Joffrey's killing was about. It seems that Arya left behind the Trident episode.
  12. This. Going back home is a silver line of all Startk's children journeys. But after getting home they have to deal with things they didn't expect, first of all with each other.
  13. I kinda liked Arya-Sansa reunion. It was awkward but I'm glad that they were genuinely happy to see each other. I expected that at least Arya would start blaming Sansa for betraying Ned etc. But I guess things are set up for a tension to keep some action before the WWs arrive. Even if it would be very clumsy like the one between Sansa and Jon. Bran hugging Arya wasn't really consistent with his behavior with Sansa and Meera, but I didn't even noticed it.
  14. I bet he wouldn't. This is is the same cliffhanger "dead or not" as they used with Jon. With Jaime we won't have to wait that long. Actually Arya couldn't take down Sandor Clegane as we have seen in s3-s4, though she tried his Braavosi skills on him. If I recall correctly and don't confuse it with the books, the Hound was wounded and hungry when he fought with Brienne, which gave her advantage of course. I wonder how Arya's sword grows with her. It was made for 7 y.o. but somehow perfectly fits a say 14.y.o.
  15. "Chaos is a ladder" is one of my favorite scenes in GoT. This reference was on point: "I've got you by the balls, LF"