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  1. I wonder this as well and I gotta admit the curiosity for where this arc will go is killing me. I am completely intrigued by this character and wonder especially why the Brotherhood all decided to follow her
  2. So we all know Lady Stoneheart hates Freys (understandably so) but I'm curious as to if she has any motivation for killing Freys beyond that of Vengeance We know that the reason Walder Frey gave Roslin to Edmure even though she was attractive and not some hideous daughter is because the Tullys were about to be dispossessed of Riverrun and Roslin is very far back in the line of succession for the Twins and she's a girl so it's very unlikely for her to even inherit the Twins. I'm wondering if that is why Cat is killing Freys that are further up the line of succession. To get Edmure in possession of the Twins. But of course we don't know what Lady Stoneheart's ambitions are beyond murdering Freys because we aren't in her head. I am of the opinion that she isn't Cat anymore not truly, but I think there is more to her than just murder. I am curious if you guys think I'm onto something here or just some crackpot bs? Also if this is explicitly stated somewhere in Feast or Dance and I missed it sorry lole I am currently going through my first reread in a year and I only just got to ASOS when this idea hit me. Anyways general discussion of Lady Stoneheart and her motives within the Brotherhood Without Banners is welcome!!
  3. 1. Bloodraven (He's Bloodraven is any explanation needed?) 2. Rolland Storm (Loyalist to the Mannis) 3. Tyene Sand (only Sand Snake I like)
  4. I think his end goal is to bring down feudalism. What he wants to replace it with is anybody's guess. Littlefinger is one of the most intriguing characters in the series but I hate him for what he did to Jeyne Poole
  5. That gave me a good chuckle
  6. It was acting up a lot actually but it appears to be working fine now
  7. This made me lol
  8. /sbg/ Post your favorite Stannis quotes moments and theories Stannis: "I thought the wet nurse was this man Craster's daughter?" Melisandre: "Wife and daughter both, Your Grace. Craster married all his daughters. Gilly's boy was the fruit of their union" Stannis: "Her own father got this child on her? We are well rid of her, then. I will not suffer such abominations here. This is not King's Landing" " Kings have no friends, only subjects and enemies " Stannis is my favorite character by far, his motivations are understandable and his internal conflict is one of my favorites to read about in the series. Every time I read the Proudwing story in ACoK I always get a little choked up. I feel bad for him growing up in his older brothers shadow hated by almost everyone around him. His genius as a tactician, his helping of the Night's Watch, his dry wit, all of these things contribute to one of the most well realized characters in the series. Any chapter with him is a delight to read. Anyone have thoughts on Cantuse's mannifesto? I thought it was pretty agreeable, well evidenced and didn't require any mental gymnastics? Anyway, general thoughts on the Mannis?
  9. Man this is super tough because I rarely dislike any of the chapters in the books at all, but I'll do my best AGoT: Cat, I really hate Cat in this book. I hate how she treats Jon, I hate her capturing Tyrion, her behavior in this book rustles my jimjams ACoK: Dany, I actually like all the stuff in Qarth, but I've never been partial to the character herself ASoS: Is none an option? I guess I'll go with Dany again for the same reasons as ACoK AFfC: Samwell. I didn't like his Feast chapters very much at all ADwD: Dany, I didn't like the politics of Meereen at all, and found myself completely disinterested in her story I don't hate any of these chapters though, even the ones I dislike still have redeeming qualities
  10. I liked it, it made a lot of sense to me and didn't require a lot of mental gymnastics to understand. I'm actually super excited about his Yronwood video
  11. I don't either and I certainly hope that that doesn't happen it would be terrible
  12. The lack of an ending I do understand actually, but despite that, combined Dance/Feast is my favorite in the series
  13. I actually like the slow pacing of Feast, it would be way too much for a crazy fast paced book right after ASoS imo, but I understand not liking it I actually plan on using the chapter guide for Feast and Dance concurrently on the reread I just started
  14. On my first reading of Feast I hated Cersei's POV with a passion, on my rereads I think it's really funny the way she puts all the pieces into place for her own downfall at the end. She thinks she's her father's daughter but she is so, so dumb Jon Connington and Barristan were great. The Epilogue with Kevan is amazing, easily in the Top 5 best moments of the series. I also enjoyed Quentyn's chapters and agree 100% that Jon's POV in Dance is his best. Also, I'd like to say Asha's chapters were good too, if only because we got to see more Stannis lol
  15. Dance has so many amazing chapters and events happening, I'm genuinely baffled that a lot of fans disliked it, same goes for Feast