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  1. Also the bit where Tyrion did, after all murder Tywin's beloved wife. Nothing like a matricidal newborn ingrate... I'm kind of surprised that anyone who isn't Cersei or Tywin would actually ascribe Joanna's death to Tyrion like he executed it with malice aforethought.
  2. I've always thought so, too. I hesitate because it seems like such an obvious parallel, but then I don't quite expect Theon to gnaw a finger off Bran to hold the power of the Great Other for one joyous moment before falling into the Cracks of Doom and taking the Long Night with him, so yes.
  3. More or less in order, though really it's that the first half are favorites, the second half are next favorites. Arya Jon Davos Ned Sandor Jaime Meera Jeor Mormont Dolorous Edd/Tormund (yep, both) Varys @ellstaysia Looks like I'm pretty invested in the North, too.
  4. From SoS, Bran IV: Mad Axe had once walked these yards and climbed these towers [at the Nightfort], butchering his brothers in the dark. ... He remembered what Old Nan had said of Mad Axe, how he took his boots off and prowled the castle halls barefoot in the dark, with never a sound to tell you where he was except for the drops of blood that fell from his axe and his elbows and the end of his wet red beard.
  5. I think it's more because inside her POV is such an dreadful place to be. I had some sympathy for her until I had to get into her head and it turns out she's even worse than most of the other POVs think she is. Also, aside from thinking that she's even better at being Tywin than Tywin was, from being exactly like everything she hated about Robert, from being horrid, manipulative, nasty, and petty to Jaime and Tommen (not to mention terrifyingly abusive to her second son), from all the lives she ruined or ended because the people they belonged to annoyed her (Melara, Falyse, Senelle, the Blue Bard, all the dwarves that weren't Tyrion, Robert's bastard twin babies and their mother...), aside from all of the spite and vitriol and goading and general meanness that makes the other POVs think she is awful, every single time she got played by another character, she thought she was screwing someone else and loving it. That's why I don't like her, anyway.
  6. I think I might have a winner: Lyanna Mormont will kill the Night King Forget about prophecy. Lyanna Mormont is so badass that GRRM will rewrite the entire story to make her the savior of humankind. Because you never know where the Little Bear’s powers end. Maybe she’s capable of shattering the boundary between fiction and reality and confronting GRRM for not giving her a sufficiently important role. GRRM just wants to be left in peace so that he can finish A Dream of Spring by 2027.
  7. Best quote ever. I curtsey to you, GGG. I will also be heartbroken if the George murders Davos.
  8. Probably depends on the son. If Sam, give him the choice of the Wall or being hunted like a pig and exile the girl, if Dickon, smack him in the head and send the girl to the Silent Sisters.
  9. I've got the impression it's more that he's not really able to speak (intelligibly, at least) anymore, than that he's compelled not to -- it seems like his size would be way more of a giveaway than his voice (especially as I don't recall his voice ever being described in any way to distinguish it). I think there are some theories that he doesn't even have a head on under his visor, which would definitely limit his conversational skills, but I'm pretty sure the Dornish were sent a not-Tyrion dwarf skull, and unGregor still has his attached. But anyway, say the Tyrellified Small Council a.) presumes Jaime dead or b.) terminates his employment with the King's Guard, I think they would appoint Loras LC, even if he is dying on Dragonstone (and I'm not at all convinced he is).
  10. Hasn't he "taken a vow of silence," though? The rest of the Small Council and whatever remains of the KG might actually prefer a mute LC (I am joking, sort of), but that would be a questionable call even by Cersei standards.
  11. I really liked that scene where Jaime goldhand-smashes Red Ronnet in his stupid face for talking smack about Brienne.
  12. This, and then Tywin would tell Cersei to take Joffrey to bed, with Pycelle along to give him a sedative. Basically the same thing that happened when Joff called Tywin out for hiding under the Rock while Robert rebelled.
  13. I don't know about that. The memory is, after all, from some point in her early childhood. Certain details may stand out, but associating them correctly is another story; the images she attributes to her time in Braavos may have been from another time Pentos (Dorne isn't the only place with lemon trees), for example. I think it is @SFDanny (apologies to the correct person, if not) who was able to demonstrate quite clearly that there was some jiggery-pokery of location and geography as the original story evolved. Also there is, as has been noted several times, the distinct possibility that the Sealord could recreate a bit of Dorne in his backyard if he wanted to. Edit: oops! My bad--it was @Lost Melnibonean! Here is the thread: Evidence that the lemon tree was not originally in Braavos
  14. There are whole threads about why (check the Sansa rereads), but the point is that it is absolutely an example of a false memory.