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  1. Small Questions v. 10105

    I think that was just the show. In the books, Cersei pretty much explains to Sansa that Joffrey treats her the way he does because he's taking out his embarrassment over the total dearth of bragging rights he got out of that situation: (Also in the books, but not in the show, Renly takes a good jab at Joffrey in front of everyone for getting his backside handed to him by a little girl with a stick, so I don't think there's much chance of songs featuring Joff the Hero coming out of that.) And then Joffrey actually corrects Sansa about who killed Lady (although he hasn't concerned himself with recalling that it wasn't actually Lady who bit him):
  2. Best ASOIAF YouTube videos?

  3. Rhaegar sacrificed himself to Robert

    I think even Varys couldn't have done anything about the gossip after Harrenhal. Save maybe throw his hands in the air and start making plans for the future.
  4. Rhaegar sacrificed himself to Robert

    There were a lot of people, including all of the Stark children, at Harrenhal to see for themselves: I will grant that Yandel may be exaggerating for the benefit of his Lannister/Baratheon patrons, but there were a lot of eyewitnesses still living, so he couldn't have gone too far off the rails with the state Aerys was in--and Yandel's information was most likely colored directly by the gossip that came from Harrenhal. And then there was that whole idea that the KotLT was his enemy. tl:dr: Brandon should have had some idea that Aerys was a nutjob, and between all his kids and all the lords who were at Harrenhal, Rickard should have heard enough to be concerned.
  5. Along with Loras, I think the Blackfish may be a "cool gay dude". No hard evidence for, but none against, either. As far as we know, he did not refuse the Redwyne marriage because he didn't like that girl in particular, or because he had his eye on anyone else.
  6. Best ASOIAF YouTube videos?

    @Lady Blizzardborn @Orphalesion Oh man, I spent so much time down the rabbithole with these yesterday, I completely failed to do any of the laundry I'd had planned. And now there's more! Who needs work clothes? That WestERRos thing was...distracting. Was the Joffrey a gal (a la Peter Pan)? And I heart the Honest Trailers. I shall have to go find the bad lip reading. ETA: OMG LB, ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaah.
  7. Probably for the same reason Rob Halford is more metal than pretty much anyone and gay. Gay and awesome are not mutually exclusive.
  8. Rhaella's flight to Dragonstone

    I'm gonna go with Jaime actually having seen Ashara Dayne with a platinum wig departing on the Shy Maid Or this.
  9. Rhaella's flight to Dragonstone

    By the time they got to the ship, boarded, loaded the royal luggage, waited for the right tide, who knows what time it might have been. I don't think the queen left in any hurry or in any secrecy or she would not have ridden in the royal wheelhouse. It doesn't seem like it's much of a stretch that they would be under oars en route when the middle of the night rolled around. I would, however, be inclined to think that Viserys was adding a little drama to the tale with some compression and a dash of urgency resulting in the midnight flight version, and maybe Dany herself added some high adventure to the story in her young girl's imagination, like her image of Rhaegar carrying off his lady love to save her from wedding the future usurper--whatever the truth may be regarding Rhaegar and Lyanna, I think it's safe to suppose that the prince did not interrupt her wedding with bared steel and snatch the wolf maid from Robert's hands, which is the impression I got from Dany's cold-feet-at-the-altar musings.
  10. Best ASOIAF YouTube videos?

    @Lady Blizzardborn I'm interested! Parodies, too. For my part, I enjoy those more than the analysis/theory videos I've seen.
  11. Best ASOIAF YouTube videos?

    I kind of love this one. "'s more like six kingdoms, now..." Also the GRRM vs. JRRT one. I mean, they are ASOIAF videos, no?
  12. Truly good characters

    I second that. That whole bit of business pretty much suggested Renly was not very kind at all and that his usual amiable charm was rather more contrived than genuine. For me, the truly good ones were Davos (especially Davos), Ned, Pod, Luwin, the Reader, Sam, Missandei, and Grey Worm (I'm surprised there isn't more Grey Worm love; he does no more for his own benefit than Missandei does and he's remarkably together for a kid who was systematically programmed to be a heartless, insensate killer). Brienne after she starts lightening up at Harrenhal (I thought she was too self-righteous and judgmental before that to be truly good).
  13. The Starks and the Children

    @Free Northman Reborn - does this help? GOT, Bran VII: "Oh, very well," Luwin muttered. "So long as the kingdoms of the First Men held sway, the Pact endured, all through the Age of Heroes and the Long Night and the birth of the Seven Kingdoms, yet finally there came a time, many centuries later, when other peoples crossed the narrow sea. "The Andals were the first, a race of tall, fair-haired warriors who came with steel and fire and the seven-pointed star of the new gods painted on their chests. The wars lasted hundreds of years, but in the end the six southron kingdoms all fell before them. Only here, where the King in the North threw back every army that tried to cross the Neck, did the rule of the First Men endure. The Andals burnt out the weirwood groves, hacked down the faces, slaughtered the children where they found them, and everywhere proclaimed the triumph of the Seven over the old gods. So the children fled north—"