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  1. On House Dayne/Appearence there is this (I bolded): "Despite their purple eyes, according to George R.R. Martin, the Daynes are not of Valyrian descent". I checked the reference (a chat log), and notice that Ran asked about Ashara's violet eyes and George answered based on that ("[...] As for the violet eyes . . .look, Elizabeth Taylor has violet eyes, and she's not of Valyrian descent [...]"). So, wouldn't it be more accurate to say "Dispite their violet eyes [...]"? The way it is allows us to conclude that purple eyes aren't indicative of Valyrian descent (which may or may not be the case, but do not seem to be what GRRM answered).
  2. Links of references 3 and 4 on A World of Ice and Fire entry are "broken".
  3. Which crown is the one shown in the app icon?
  4. Oldstones is located between Seagard and Raventree Hall, so that, cartographically speaking, there is a chance of being a Blackwood or Mallister possession. However, I tend to believe that Oldstone is located in the lands of one of the branches of House Vance, since: it was the andal Armistead Vance who defeated Tristfer IV Mudd and had Edmure Tully switch to his side, granting him the lands where Riverrun would be raised; both branches of House Vance, House Tully, House Blackwood, House Bracken, and House Smallwood all made an alliance against Humfrey I Teague, which to me sounds like the both Houses Vance were contiguous neighbors to the north of the other houses (all of them, by the way, contiguous neighbors, from north to south, respectively). A personal conviction, though.
  5. Since you didn't bolded "the sellsword in the hire of Lord Corbray", it took me a while to understand you meant the inversion of the historical role of Baelishs and Corbrays. Of course ... if that's what you really meant.
  6. The generalized disrespect for Septs during WoFK speaks for itself. But we must also consider that real life sanctuaries relied on Catholic Church position as perhaps the most powerful institution in Europe during the Middle Ages, while the Faith of the Seven was completely dependent on the Iron Throne from Jaehaerys I to Cersei. Therefore, I believe that to claim sanctuary wouldn't work in ASOIAF. The scriptures speak of no one else. I could find no mention of any house sworn in to Bolton House. However, I think that if Walton was a nobleman, the books' appendixes would have indicated it. So I guess we can assume that Steelshanks is as much a nobleman as Vylarr is.
  7. In "The Hedge Knight", after writing several paragraphs describing the drought and its effects on the vegetation of Wat's Wood, GRRM comes with this: And I found myself wondering: How much does Weirnet lose during droughts and winters? How much do they affect its use?
  8. Agreed. I find it curious that you make such a connection with Egg in "The Hedge Knight" after what you said above. When Dunk meets Egg at the beginning of the book, Dunk addresses Egg with relative courtesy (“Are you the stableboy?” [...] I’ll want my palfrey rubbed down. And oats for all three. Can you tend to them?”) and Egg responds with some disdain and stubbornness ("I could. If I wanted."). I don' imagine that this would be by far a good parallel to the meeting between Selyse and Jon. However, when Aerion meets Dunk in front of the Ashford stables, Aerion acted with arrogance and contempt (“Boy, let go of that nag and see to my horse.”) while Dunk, a character with low self-esteem but bold, like Jon, struggled to look important (“I... m’lord, pardons, I’m no serving man either. I have the honor to be a knight.”). Here I find more similarities to Jon and Selyse. Therefore, if I were looking in "The Hedge Knight" for a parallel to that event in ADWD, I would prefer the latter. So, in this case, Jon is more Dunk than Egg.
  9. I think it is a reflection of Jon's low self-esteem (which contrasts with Egg's pride). In this case, I think it is more a transversal than a parallel; a point where stories with different trajectories end up overlapping.
  10. Pacha perfect. Now the tragedy of Summerhall and the Mutiny at Castle Black seem to fully line up.
  11. Thanks! This helps settling the issue.
  12. I managed to find it. That will do. Thank you!
  13. Do we have any quotes to indicate that the Iron Throne stripped the titles and lands of Stannis after he proclaimed himself King? I am aware that he is publicly called "traitor". But still, unlike his followers who are also called traitors (ASOS, Tyrion III), the Iron Throne doesn't seem to have appointed any new lords to his domains (Storm's End and Dragonstone).
  14. According to the evidence we have: from grief, desperation and fury. Or simply from the mother's proximity to the idea of death. Her own or others. Four women (two Targaryen and two Targaryen consorts) are said to have given birth to stillborn "monsters" or "abominations": Dany: gave birth while trying to save her dying husband. Maegor's Elinor: became pregnant after her husband was murdered. Maegor's Jeyne: had already given a posthumous son to her first husband, got pregnant as a widow, and had an abortion because she was being poisoned. Rhaenyra: went into labor earlier when she was furious to learn of her father's death.
  15. The questions I wanted to raise in showing that GRRM denied the existence of the continental connection was: What were the Essoi really defending themselves of when they built the Five Forts? Did the Others found a way to get to Essos? Or there are creatures that only arose in the East during the Long Night?