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  1. I think calling him Aegon VI would mean continuing the Targaryen dynasty, whose male line is now extinct. No matter how many Aegons sat on the Iron Throne, what matters is the dynasty they represented. Therefore, Aegon I Lannister.
  2. Ned has attacked the three Kingsguards in order to return his sister. Ned and his men slew all 3 of them, the Kingsguards slew 5 of Ned's men. Before the fight starts, Ned says this: This deserves it's own thread. People on reddit even think it indicates that Ned's fever dream was influencied by King Landing's events, which sounds like an oddly good theory.
  3. In deed, it makes a stronger case. But note that, even if Tywin was really referring to Ned anda Ashara, the paralel is not perfect: Ned married accordingly with war politics (Catelyn) and suposedly renounced the woman he disonored (Ashara); Robb, instead, married the girl he disonored (Jeyne) and renounced a political marriage (some Frey girl). In any case, the imperfection of the parallel does not bother me. On the contrary: I prefer when a character describes imperfect parallels; sounds more like a real human being. My original point was merely to show that the hypothesis raised by @Buried Treasure and the Blackfyre Theory were not incompatible. However, nothing prevents us from stacking the following new speculations (all of them very cheesy and poorly elaborated, imagined solely for the sake of debate) on that one: Perhaps it was the revelation of Elia's baby identity that compelled Rhaegar to seek Lyanna in order to have a legitimate heir or to generate the real "prince that was promised". An account on the exchange of Elia's baby could be distorted by Varys and Illyrio in order to legitimize the story they tell about Young Griff. The fact that Ned really spawned a bastard would have helped to bring some truth to the feeling of "stained honor" he carried.
  4. I think this would require that we knew all the ethnic adjectives of Martin's world, which we don't. "Essosi" for instance doesn't exist in the books, and I think it's best not to make up such adjectives if we want awoiaf to be accurate.
  5. Sorry, I asked this assuming that, like me, you had considered the hypothesis raised by @Buried Treasure (Elia's child been the actual stillborn), but I now see you don't.
  6. It reminds me Tywin's words about Robb marrying Jeyne Westerling, a girl he also disonored: "Robb Stark is his father's son" (ASOS, Tyrion III). It might be Tywin alluding to the repeatence of what happened between Eddard and Ashara (I mean, that they suposedly had sex and Eddard promised to marry her - but the rebellion politics made him marry Catelyn instead). Ned and Ashara were around 18yo. It's not unlikely to act irresponsibly at that age, specially if you're in love. But I agree that a betrothal sounds more like Ned Stark. I like this idea. But I think that Ned would react even worse to Tywin offering the Targaryen corpses to Robert if he knew that the dead baby was in fact half-Stark (or a bastard of his own). If we assume that Young Griff is in fact Illyrio's son with Serra, what contradiction would there be in speculating that the baby murdered by Gregor Clegane was in fact son of Ashara? According to semi-canon sources and calculation, Darkstar was born years before the Tourney of Harrenhal.
  7. According to Yandel: the False Spring of 281 AC (not necessarily the year itself) ended less than 2 moons (months) after Harrenhal. Snow began to fall in the last day of the year and lasted almost for a fortnight. Pyromancers lit green fires for a moon (month) to "drive winter off". Elia had already gave birth to Aegon by the end of that moon (month). So, if one consider that the end of the False Spring coincided with the last day of 281 AC, one could imagine that Elia was around 5 months pregnant at Harrenhal. Source:
  8. I guess Sam was trying to say that the list was written during the Andal Invasion. Then, the counting would be as questionable as those septon's stories. Commanders like the Night King could be more recent or more older figures than previously assumed.
  9. She's delusional. In AFFC, Kevan was notoriously the best candidate for Hand but, still, Cersei offered to the crippled Jaime first. However, one can assume that the reason she skipped her own father (and not just the best candidate) was that maybe she tought Jaime needed to accomplish something big in order to clean (or lighten) the kingslayer stain out of his bio.
  10. Archmaesters. Grand Maesters are very prestigious maesters, but still are under the power of the Archmaester's Conclave.
  11. As far as I know, only this thread.
  12. The problem I see here is that we have nothing more than scornful judgements on Beric's history. And even now, four books later, not a single mention of a past feat. Do we? To me, the Wyls not seemed to mind the Dondarrions when they decided to capture and hold Aemon the Dragon Knight in a cage. You went too defensive here, friend. I base my comments on analogies and assumptions, nothing more. My feeling is that Daynes would dislike Barristan this bad because he was Arthur's sworn brother who dishonored their vows. Eddard, on the other hand, was not an personal enemy of Arthur's which proved himself to be an honored adversary. JonCon and Golden Company are moving North (King's Landing) and are counting on Dorne. Althought I think it's plausible that Edric and Anguy are together and delivering Beric's body in Blackhaven, I can't see why they would fight against the son of Elia and Rhaegar. Before you guys continue, I have a question: Edric is with Dondarrion since her aunt was betrothed, in 294 AC. In AGOT (298 AC), Beric left Blachaven to not come back for good. But until then he could have married Edric's aunt, though he did not. Isn't it a sign that maybe Edric's aunt is a young girl that hasn't flowered before AGOT? In other words, a girl about Edric's age?
  13. Got it! My eyes have betrayed me.
  14. Regarding Beric Dondarrio's "appearence and character", is stated in the wiki that Beric "is a dashing but inexperienced young man", and references that suposed support this are AGOT - Eddard XI and ASOS - Jaime IV. Jaime's chapter doesn't mention Beric at all. Eddard's chapter doesn't say nothing like that Beric is dashing but inexperienced. The ones that really disdain Beric are Tywin Lannister, Brynden Tully and Robb Stark, calling him a "lordling":
  15. In a recent thread, @The Twinslayer pointed out some matters about Allyria Dayne that revealed some inconsistencies in several entries of the wiki. Let me quote his words: In deed, in the books, Edric only says that Beric is promised to his aunt, but doesn't say her name. In another moment he say his aunt Allyria told him of Harrenhal, but don't confirm she's a Dayne: However, Allyria Dayne's page on the wiki is based on the app, a semi-canon, the only source that confirms that she's a Dayne and that she's the one berothed to Dondarrion: The problem is that this accurate remark is not reproduced in other entries, such the as the ones of House Dayne, Edric, Arthur and Beric, quoted below: IMHO, it has to be rewritten so the canon and semi-canon coexist with transparency. Something else I noticed is that reference nÂș 4 of Arthur Dayne's page mention a Davos chapter in ASOS which doesn't mention Ser Arthur at all.