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  1. I don't think Roose conspired with the Lannisters because he wanted to seize power in the north, but because he believed that Robb didn't stand a chance and wanted to save his own ass. Could be that the wardenship was just a nice extra that came with it. Roose doesn't strike me as someone very ambitious. If he really wanted to secure the future of his house he could have offed Ramsay years ago and fathered more legitimate heirs instead.
  2. Hey, please put Winds of Winter spoilers under a cut as some of us haven't read the sample chapters yet and don't want to until the book comes out. I think it's the forum rules even. Thanks! As for the actual topic, while nothing is impossible I also don't see Arya's arc as one that's steering towards a 'happy home', and Gendry is also too low-born for her, unless she decides to live under a false name, hiding her identity as a Stark (which she has been doing before so why not).
  3. Sorry but Arya sacrificing herself is so out of character … Personally I find the 'woman sacrifices herself, man becomes hero' stuff super misogynistic and I hope the prophecy doesn't occur like this again. I mean it's just a prophecy, it doesn't have to happen, especially not in exactly this way. If it does happen like this I will be very mad at GRRM because his writing seemed to me to be more progressive than that.
  4. Thanks for the highlighted quote, it's brilliant how GRRM hints that the official rape story is not true – we know that Rickard wasn't beheaded, but burned alive, so we know that Bran is not always told the truth. Overall, I agree that it's a bit of a plot hole that no one would suspect a baby (Jon) to have come out of this. But it's kind of necessary for GRRM to have no one suspect anything so he can hide Jon in plain sight. As this has been discussed loads elsewhere, I agree with the often stated opinion that people in Westeros just wanted to believe Jon was Ned's, because it seemingly proved that the oh-so-honourable Ned Stark was flawed just like any man.
  5. I don't think it's likely a king would not give a damn about the fact he doesn't have any legitimate heirs. Even if he hated the throne so much that he didn't care who inherited it, if it became public knowledge that his wife cheated on him it would be a huge embarrassment.
  6. Regardless of this topic not really belonging on the book-only section.. I think the showrunners wanted Robb to fall in love because it's what people want to see on their screen, romance not political marriage. Besides that Talisa was a ridiculously stupid and poorly written character as others have pointed out. Also her being "not like other girls" who go to silly parties is another thing I hated about her.
  7. I think it's best to wait and see how this plays out. It's possible that Bran's warging eventually does some lasting damage to Hodor and then Bran will realize what he did. One thing I like about the books is that we have to form our own judgement and it's not spoonfed to us that what Bran does is 'bad'. That's what makes the story so complex.