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  1. nvm wrong thread
  2. Incest baby shaming?
  3. wow first preview of season 7 http://watchersonthewall.com/first-shots-game-thrones-season-7/
  4. Or he was just tryng to 'save face' when it got leaked. It doesn't matter that he changed a lot. What matters is that it came up to him in the first place.
  5. yeah I fail to see how any of it is illogical. Two attractive people find common ground, bond over traumatic events and come together, then learn about their blood relation and at least one of them is conflicted and distressed because it wasn't instilled in him that intermarriages are normal and required to keep blood 'pure'. Isn't Martin all about a human heart in conflict with itself? Drama and angst define his story. Jon and Daenerys happening has been in the works since book 1. So if they happen on the show, those who say it's illogical basically call the books' plot development illogical.
  6. Martin's original idea was Jon x Arya for pete's sake. And they were attracted to each other even when thinking themselves to be siblings. The reveal of Jon's parentage simply alleviated some angst. So it's farfetched to think he wouldn't do Jon x Daenerys because he has specifically used sibling incest as a bad thing.
  7. lol if you think Jon x Daenerys isn't happening in the books. Well they may not be happening because there won't be any books.
  8. Well then, Jon freaking out over banging his own aunt (with Daenerys being all cool about it) on top of learning who his parents were is going to be some great drama. Now I want it more than any WW invasion. Hope they play it well in s8.
  9. Jonnel Stark and Sansa Stark, uncle and niece Edric Stark and Serena Stark, half-uncle and niece Lyarra Stark and Rickard Stark, cousin and cousin
  10. Uncle/niece happened in the Stark family too, just saying.
  11. yeah I'd rather Ghost stayed away from Bran. He gets direwolves killed. Another possibility. The spoilers might have come from unfinished drafts. We really may know less than we think we do.
  12. I don't like how book Bran's on course to be this all-knowing almighty being with greenseeing and extremely potent warging abilities. Yes, his ability to walk and likely sire children was taken away from him, but way more is about to be given to him. It's cheap. Few things are worse than giving a character ultimate power.
  13. What can Bran do exactly? He has unlimited access to weirwood.net, but knowledge alone won't be decisive in the war for the dawn. He can warg animals. So he will use a bunch of ravens to attack NK and his lieutenants? As if that'd help a great deal. The only useful thing coming out of his warging prowess would be to warg into Bran's s6 arc was in most part about Jon's origins. And it looks like it will continue in s7. It's quite hard to say what else they can do with Bran. As for the political side of things. Jon was chosen as a wartime King. Lords appointed him because they want him to lead them through the Long Night. In their eyes, Bran's just a crippled boy who most likely can't have kids. And if what's said in the leak is true, that is
  14. He can mention Aemon too, but what can he say other than 'oh he was a maester at CB, he sorta took me under his wing, gave me sound advice and was very kind'?
  15. @Darkstream you seem to have gotten lost there's this special thread dedicated to those who love to rant As for the incessant hating/nitpicking of every little thing all the time, over and over again, everywhere (not to be confused with constructive criticism contained and not repeated ad nauseam), here's some advice Won't be missed... As to the OP I'd like to see Jon have a scene of two with Ghost. And for Jon to have a scene in which he talks about his family with Dany, Jorah and/or Gendry. Perhaps Sansa and Arya can share their respective experiences with The Hound? @Meera of Tarth