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  1. Man do you ever love making shit up. A Faceless Man working for him for free? High melting temperature rquals impervious to fire? That is some shiny tinfoil. At least other kooks like 40,000 Skeletons admit they're way out in left field. Give quotes or at least acknowledge how much conjecture you're engaging in.
  2. My only fear is that the Boltons, and this battle, might take up more than two or three chapters. If they last more than half the book it will be a disappointment. The Boltons are a goddamn speed bump, not real villains.
  3. Precisely my point! I agree that in his mind, there is surely a perfectly adequate merchant class, with all the cobblers, tanners, and tinsmiths you would need for a functioning city. Well, maybe not adequate... probably corrupt, oppressed, and barely functioning. What with the theme of the city, as we've seen. Also, it's important to note that many of our POV characters (Davos is one obvious exception) are high nobles from rural and semi-rural castles. To them, a city of many tens of thousands would indeed look like a trash heap, and smell to high heaven. But some of that is perspective. Again, all supporting the message that The George is driving home about KL being a silly place.
  4. King's Landing has precisely two neighbourhoods: the Red Keep and Flea Bottom. The total lack of any merchants or industry just shows how little The George cares about verisimilitude. He's too busy making a point about how much this society sucks. Good call on the Washington DC parallel!
  5. Also the legal scenario couldn't be more different. Anyone who thinks the analogy is valid is woefully ignorant of medieval society. Or in this case, a moderately fleshed-out fantasy version of medieval society.
  6. OK, I'll take this on. Brandon was going down there to get justice and vengeance. He brought some of his men, sure, to guard him and to show he means business. High lords do not travel alone. The way I read it, he was calling out Rhaegar to fight him one on one. But some points: 1) Challenging another lord to a consensual fight is not illegal. 2) Accusing a prince of kidnapping your sister is not illegal. 3) Calling someone a coward so that they demand trial by combat is not illegal. 4) Murdering someone during trial by combat is not illegal. Which I take to be the entire point of what Brandon was doing. Was he doing it in a really stupid way? Hell yes. Was it an insult to do it in the street like that? Hell yes. Was it the kind of thing that a tyrannical lunatic would punish, even if he had no clear legal reason? Hell yes. Was it illegal? I don't think so. If it had worked, it would have been fucking legendary.
  7. LOL Yeah, you have it exact! Wise and funny to boot. *pat on the head*
  8. I may have been a little harsh earlier. I was feeling fighty this morning. Sometimes I'm an asshole, but I'm not 100% a dick. Beyond the objections people have raised, I object on story grounds. I just don't see how it would help make the plot more interesting. I think it would be a weird non-sequiteur and lead to a lot of head scratching and cringing. But you're welcome to your weird opinions.
  9. It really is a sign of how starved we are for good topics right now that this thread is getting any play at all. This theory is sub-fanfic bad. Points for close reading! But still. This isn't a high school short story assignment.
  10. Oh! OK. There goes that theory. Thanks for the info!
  11. Didn't Aerys "take liberties" at the bedding on Tywin and Joanna'a wedding night? Which could make him the twins' father? For the record, I think that Tyrion is indeed Aerys' son. But I feel like The George put that other stuff in there to cast doubt on Cersei and Jaime's parentage as well.
  12. There's a thing that rarely gets mentioned in support of Tyrion having Targaryen blood. In ADWD -- I think -- Dany is thinking about how Targaryens are supposed to have magical anti-illness properties. She recalls that she has never once in her life been sick. And not long therafter, lo and behold, Tyrion gets dunked into the fucking mega-plague-river, potent enough to infect Jon Connington's hand, which was in there for a second. He gets Styx water in his eyes, 100% of his body, and I think specifically he swallows a bunch. Aaaanad nothing. It is not a coincidence, or dumb luck. At least, not if the author is competent. Which he is. So one more attribute of the Targs' objective genetic superiority is disease resistance, which Tyrion clearly has.
  13. Why are you sure of that?
  14. Hilarious! This adds to the story how? Rather than taking away?