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  1. Just a few pharagraphs below that is this Unfortunately search site provides only three paragraphs at a time. Asking about the crypts could be because of something hidden there as theorized by people here, or it could be Mance suspects of a secret underground passage like the one Gendel and Gorne used. I think latter is the simpler explanation between the two.
  2. Funny guy. Remember who were present in the wedding besides Selyse's retinue, NW and Wildlings? Nobles. Northern ones.
  3. I just ran into this while watching random Asoiaf Stuff, I really "Wow"'d. Don't know if the channel is a known one or whether it is liked or disliked here but have never thought that black stone could be black trees petrified and have never seen the idea brought up on the forums.
  4. Who knows, maybe they'll be the ones begging for it, especially if Doran is alive still. He seems to be a sucker for Targs, reciting their words, even after Lyanna. I can see him trying to marry Ariana to Jon, despite the age difference.
  5. North would definitely back Jon as Ned's foster son and Lyanna's son I can even see Riverlands supporting him if under Blackfish leadership Vale with no Lysa goes for Jon too, having distant cousins and Bronze Yohn Royce's apparent love for Starks. Lannisters are fucked up either way. Tyrells... now that's difficult. Is margaery alive for another marriage? Edric is a Florent so Jon for Tyrells. Stormlanders are as fickle as their horses proven with both wars in the last 15 years so they may go for Bob's bastard, may go for whoever has the better odds or may even go for Jon as he's Stannis spiritual son... last one was a Joke but some may indeed go Jon because of him being a Targ. Martells would definitely go Targ, especially when the other candidate is a Stormlander and Reachman both. Bad blood between Dorne and those regions.
  6. Sometimes I think people forget Arya is just a 10 year old kid. Well with a bloodlust and hatred filled heart perhaps but still just a 10 year old.
  7. Possible, but the tinfoil part is BR helped Aegon advance in the succession line after marrying to Betha. Being lowest in the line, nobody would care if he married for love so he is free to marry anyone. I suspect if it wasn't egg and some other Targ that married a Blackwood then BR would make sure it was him wearing the crown.
  8. Oh it is quite possible they ask for an escape route but question isn't "How did you get in?" It is "How did you capture Winterfell with fewer than 50 men? Abel says 50000 men may not be enough how did you get in?" Sorry I'm on phone and can't provide full quote but search for " how you captured winterfell"
  9. There are two free cities full of Valyrians, Lys and Volantis. Lys breeds the beauties but Volantis has the "better blood", because of oldest noble limes.
  10. ConJon's love beats Brienne's I think because of 1. Rhaegar was a friend to him and not just kindly 2. His love is so great he is doing all in his power for his son.
  11. Now I have a little bit of tinfoil; Brynden the Blackwood bastard arranged that marriage and Eggs ascent so a Blackwood would be queen and Brackens can suck it!
  12. "Giants who were our bane..." is enough to see they aren't seeing humans as the only enemy.
  13. He is gathering info so Stannis can get in the same way; Abel says ten times the numbers of Stannis can't get the castle by force.
  14. Umm wha? Get your facts right, Jon didn't bone Mance so he can turn him into lord'o bones. It was Mel. Jon even assembles a firing squad and killed who he believed to be Mance.
  15. New ones have no power so no one cares about them giving a care or not.