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  1. All from ACOK Prologue / Cressen. Three thousand men. Only sellsword captains are mentioned in the table so their men would be out among the 3000 men. The rest of the men at the table are most likely Stannis' garrison so they are probably not included in the 3000 count. 5k is Rennly overestimating. I haven't found any reference of any new Stormlords or mercenaries joining Stannis. Masseys may or may not have joined him after his landing. I think it was before and Masseys are sworn to Stannis. This is from TWOW sample in ADWD. Between Stannis and Massey. Can't find anything else on him to narrow down when he joined.
  2. Stannis has 100 knights that can read but either all his knights can read or he doesn't have that many who can't read; Stannis has fewer than 400 horse and Renly describes them as freeriders in boiled leather, so while Stannis has his knights, most of his cavalry is these free riders, not many, if any, knights apart from the 100. From history, Dragonstone itself has 30 knights as garrison (princess and queen) I doubt Stannis has many landed knights in Dragonstone (he'd have a few, Targaryens gave lands to dragonseeds or their mothers so they had some land) so 70 knights total for the few sworn houses would be a good figure . Velaryons had land enough for two port towns and at least two castles so They probably have around 30 as well, perhaps some more. The other houses are much smaller. 5000 men is Renly being "generous", He had 3000 men camped below the castle, his garrison (historically 430; 100 crossbowmen 300 men-at-arms, 30 knights) may or may not have been included to the count but mercenaries definitely were. World book says Targaryens had somewhere between a few hundred and three thousand when they first landed, this count includes Masseys, the house we don't know whether if sworn to KL or DS but I'll go for DS as their neighbours and also Aegon landing allies Bar Emmons are sworn to DS so makes sense for Masseys to be sworn there too. We get a clearer picture by Selyse after Battle of Blackwater, Stannis, with his 1300 men in DS and 300 in SE, has more men than Aegon did; meaning Dragonstone with all their vassals have 1500 men at best, only 100 of them knights. This is not counting the fleet of course.
  3. Why does it have to be anything special? All human "races" we know of come from essos, can't it be something like this; say, some 50000 years ago in essos, while humans still haven't spread out much from their original "birth place" some random dude gets a mutation, making his eyes purple, he then passes this genes on to his children, and after a few generations, descendants of these carriers marry each other by chance. Some 5000 years later we have some folks with purple eyes or at least the genes for that and humans have started to spread out a bit from their birth place. Again, thousands of years later, we see now that most people with purple eye genes have been in the group that wemt towards the Valyrian peninsula or maybe their purple eyed genes prevailed, either by pure luck or runaway selection or whatever. Some others, however, went with other groups, like Daynes going with Firstmen, crossing the arm. If Daynes had the purple eyes long before Valyrians, it means they wouldn't be the only ones then, their small folk; the smallest possible group they were a part of before becoming nobles, would also have it, so if we ever visit some villages around starfall we may find some peasants with purple eyes.
  4. Either prisoners or Tywin pulling some strings. I'd go for the first since this is moments before the wedding and this guy is literally chasing skirts.
  5. That's why I said it's not a strong point, don't take it a part of number guessing. But it is still a point though; I'd imagine we know these smaller houses sworn to direct vassals of a regional lord because even they are the vassals of a vassal (or sometimes even a vassal of them, like inchfields) they'd have some importance, either because we know of a single person due to their service to their lord like acting as castellan or commander, or they have enough strength of their own to be worth mentioning. In Roose's case, we don't know of any commanders or castellans of noble birth. We only have Walton, a commoner judging by him having no last name. This doesn't mean he has no one sworn to him, just that his vassals are probably of so little importance we get no mention of them and Roose can easily appoint a commoner as a commander of his forces with no repercussions from his vassals who would've expected to be given a command just like Roose and Robett did with Robb.
  6. Because war is still going on, even though there are no battles being fought at the time. A Westerlander can't join Edmure's wedding so must be another, currently unknown house with a treecat sigil.
  7. Moments before red wedding Arya sees a men with a treecat on his badge leave a pale blue pavilion. Any ideas whether his lord is a Northman or Riverlander? Only house with treecat as coa i could find is from westerlands, which can't be where he is from.
  8. We don't get any specific numbers on Roose's numbers and the information we get is very vague and if taken literally places Roose above anyone else and makes the other more northern Northern lords significantly small. While Boltons were historically the second power house in the North, they lost a great amount of territory. In the books it is implied Karstark lands belonged to them and while in the world book it is stated they never owned any lands beyond Last River, they have quite an amount of territory from Last River to White Knife going as far south as Sheepshead Hills. Lonely Hill to their north belongs to the Umbers and very likely it was as such in ancient days too. So they were a rather great house but they do not own most of this territory anymore. Hornwoods' land are bordered to the south with Sheepshead hills, to the west with White Knife (they ask permission to dam it) and Bolton lands to the North/Northeast. This land is big enough to have several castles in it (Lord Hornwood asks a holdfast taken from his grandfather given back to him, and Roose demands Manderly to give up claim on Hornwood lands and castles.) Another, not so strong point would be this; we have several lords, both in the North and other places, known to have vassal lords under them but we are given non for Boltons. Don't take this for number guessing as even with all we know it will be incomplete, but here are those I can remember: - Manderlys have a dozen lordlings (also a hundred landed knights), Woolfields and Holts (we only know of Ser Maynard Holt, a ship captain in NW) are very likely their bannermen for examples of named houses. We also see an old knight with three white/silver mermaids on a purple field, likely a cadet house from a Manderly woman and Woolfield man. While they are not bannermen, Flints of Widow's Watch and Lockes are under Manderly influence. - Webbers have Inchfields - Cerwyns have Condons - Dustins have Stouts. - Florents have Norcrosses. - Ryswells and Karstarks, while not having any known bannermen, they have quite a large amount of relatives lying around, especially by northern standards. - Grandisons have Wagstaffs (castellans are mostly/always vassal lords or their relatives) - Tallharts, while not having any named bannermen, have a good amount of young nobles (members of Wild Hares have to be from petty nobility, being able to afford horses, lances and likely armor for boys not even nineteen) - Glovers have the woodclans Bole, Branch, Forrester, Woods. - Reeds have Blackmyre, Boggs, Cray, Fenn, Greengood, Peat, Quagg - Yronwood have Wells and Drinkwater. - Daynes of Starfall have Daynes of High Hermitage (not sure on this) - Osgreys 20 lordlings, 3 cadet branches and 100 landed knights. While they are not stated to be vassals, Durwells, Conklyns, Stackhouses, Cranes, Webbers and Inchfields lands are in the borders of Northmarch. Rowans too were possibly former Osgrey bannermen. - Rowans, new lords of the Northmarches so all Osgreys had are under their rule, perhaps more. - Starks have Pooles, Cassels, Mollens in their immediate lands. - Martells have Shells (one of the dozen firstman houses of former Greenblood kingdom Gariibald Shells is the only known member) - Lords of Harrenhal have Wodes,quite possibly also had Rootes and Butterwells (Maegor didn't give all the lands to the Harroway's winning knight, Butterwells, a rich house aren't mentioned any time before and while Roote's are mentioned, they aren't told of having any lands before, likely sworn to Harroways) - Butterwells had Heddles - Vances of Wayfarer's Rest have smallwoods and also had Tullys (gave them their lands) - Darrys were also very likely in the same situation as Karstarks and Ryswells until after the Robert's Rebellion(Gregor raids their lands on redfork, south of Riverrun) - Hightowers have Costayne, Beesbury, Mullendore, Cuy, Bulwer - Tarlys have Hunts - Freys have Nayland, Erenford, Charlton, Haigh. also while not stated, Vyprens are either Frey bannermen, or are influenced by the Freys like Manderly influencing Locke and Flint. - Sunglasses have Rambton - Dragonstone has Velaryons, Sunglasses, Celtigars, Bar Emmons. While not stated to be bannermen, Masseys and lords of Crackclaw point are also either vassals or under influence of Dragonstone. (Crackclaw men declaring for Blacks,very likely also declaring for Stannis. Masseys declared for blacks and also Stannis - Stannis says Justin Massey's lands are lost to him- they were also among Aegon's first supporters, together with Bar Emmons, their neighbours and former allies through marriage who gave them their seat back) - Royces have Shetts of Gulltower, Coldwaters, Tolletts and they also have more than one cadet even before the forming of Gates of Moon branch. Coldwater, being so far away from Runestone, possibly got sworn to Royces during the last major battle against the Andals. This would mean there are very likely to be other Firstmen houses sworn to Royces too. - Graftons possibly have Shetts of Gulltown and Arryns of Gulltown. Only prominent household member of Roose we know of is Walton, called steelshanks for his steel greaves so most likely a commoner. Compare this to the list of other houses above, some of which have their bannermen act as castellans or commanders for them, while some others have numerous family members that does/may do the same. I should possibly open a new thread for the above information for further discussion on lords and their vassal lords.
  9. From memory,world book says when Lannisters and Gardeners joined their forces it was the biggest army Westeros has ever seen until then. Dance of the Dragon has some big armies, in second Tumbleton blacks had 9000 men and while we do not know the Hightower numbers, they significantly overwhelmed the blacks so it definitely exceeded 20k. And this is after Hightowers added some of the lords they defeated earlier to their own army. As for Blackwater, Stannis had ~20000 Renly's foot was near 60000 with 2000-4000 horse(depending on wheteher a fifth of all the cavalry or just the knights) with Loras, Tarly and Rowan. Renly said Mace had another 10000, i see no reason not to believe him here as he said this to Catelyn. Tyrion had over 6000 with gold cloaks, crownlander support and mercenaries. It's already around 100k without even adding Tywin's supposedly still 20k.
  10. Masseys did join him before the Blackwater (they must have, else why would they join him after it?), perhaps they joined him after he landed? It's not mentioned anywhere as far as I know, but if he has even a single soldier on foot in his army then he can't march on cavalry speed, they will have to adjust to the pace of the foot soldier. If he is expected to move fast with his cavalry, then he must have sent his foot with the fleet. Is there any mention of men landing from the ships in the fleet? If there is, then it would be another implication of foot soldiers transported on foot.
  11. Renly saying he has 5000 is an overestimation, he says it as much; "I'll call them five thousand anf be generous." He also says Stannis has fewer than 400 horse, freeriders with boiled leather, when in fact Stannis has at least a hundred knights(those who could read) from his bannermen alone, so a good portion of his horse would actually be armed and armored properly. Same Renly also says he has 100k in foot alone waiting near Bitterbridge when he has in fact near 60k ( I believe 100k is possible if all lords of Reach and Stormlands gather together but that is for another discussion). For some proper Stannis numbers; When Davos returns to Dragonstone in Cressen's POV, Stannis has 3k men camped below the castle, mercenaries included. This may or may not include the garrison of Dragonstone, which was historically 30 knights, 100 crossbowmen and 300 men-at-arms (from Princess and Queen). Even if Stannis had this many men as garrison and 3k count didn't include it, he has ~3400 men, unless you suggest he had more men join him once he set foot land near Storm's End. Quotes above say Stannis has near 20000 horsemen marching, they are seperate from the fleet. They were expected to have made good time, so it's reasonable to assume foot from his 3k went with the fleet. Catelyn's 10k lances is the only number we get on how many lancers, so I'll take it as it is, since Renly's host wasn't just knights. If Loras took a fifth of the knights then the calculation is; 10000/5= 20000 went with Loras. 20000-2000= 180000 remain from Renly's host 18000+400 =18400. Stannis has 18400 horse, near twenty thousand. Only knights(and maybe some light horse, though unmentioned) going with Loras makes sense; why would freeriders leave Stannis? With Renly gone they will need a new employer, who will also need their service. If ywant to includ all the Stannis' forces then again, 18000(8000 knights and 10000 lighthorse and freeriders) + 3000(or 3430) = 21000 (21400).
  12. Jaime. I can see him becoming Golden Hand the Just, if not AAR. I don't hate him, I pity him so much I wish him to die.
  13. I did a search and found nothing on this. This is when Jon is fighting on wall. Since he got his wish for another thousand men, whether in the form of Stannis coming to aid with near 1500 or leaving Jon the thousand wildling prisoners, could this count as some foreshadowing for R+L=J reveal? He never got his twenty trebuchets though, so I'm not so sure
  14. Well you can't be enjoying it more than me because on my side it involves reading bits and pieces again to find something that would convince you on Bolton numbers, the only thing I don't agree you with in your posts. But unfortunately it takes a good amount of time, something I don't have with the educational season coming. As for the length of your posts, at least you stay on one thing with your lengthy posts, the longer my posts get, the more I jump from stuff to stuff. Tywin had a good amount of mercenaries in his both armies, I'd guess 2-3k at the very least judging from the bands with Tywin and Jaime leaving only/mostly mercenaries in the camp; it is more sensible to take as many mercenaries with you as possible so you'll both get your moneys worth out of them and if you lose men they will not be the ones you're not paying (much). For the rest of Tywin's cavalry force, I'd say it is because the riches of Westerlands allowing them more household knights. The case of Tarbeck going from 20 to 500 is a very good example. I'd not be surprised if Tywin increased his number from 500 too, after his father died. Can't quote this one as there are several people who said the same thing; Cavalry and heavy cavalry are not the same. Cavalry is any men that fights on horseback, even Tyrion's mountain clansmen. From what I've seen so far, heavy cavalry exclusively means armored lancers. In the North that is any men having a mount, a lance and some heavy armor like plate or mail, with or without a title of Ser. In the South, though, anyone who fill the criteria would have the "Ser" before their names, minus a few, very rare exceptions like the Hound. Being (equipped like) a knight is expensive, we are told of old squires simply because they don't choose to be a knight because of the expenses that come with it. If you can afford the cost of being a heavy lancer, might as well become a knight in name and not just the equipment. Few examples of horse below: A (partial) description of Renly's cavalry Some more description on Renly's (now mostly Stannis') horse. I have noticed this only now, Loras and co. only take a fifth of Renly's knights, not a fifth of Renly's horse. This would make Stannis to not have near twenty thousand, but near twenty thousand in horse alone, he still has his foot too (he originally had 3k men camped in Dragonstone). I may use these in the military strengths later on. I'll add some more info to this post soon. Tywin's army except for Tyrion's side. Now to Tyrion's flank. From Tyrion's description, ser Gregor only has two dozen or so knights/equivelant with him. Right wing, ~4000 horsemen, has more than 3/4 of Tywin's Knights. Kevan has 300, Tywin surely has some knights in his 2500 horse but most would be "light horse", horseman with swords and axes and such and perhaps bows. Even if all of Marbrands horse were knights and he had exactly 3/4, not more than it, Tywin would have some 5300 knights in total. Tywin has ~7500 horse in his army (Without Tyrion's 300) but less than 2/3 are heavy lancers. Compare it to Renly having only a half, we can see the effect of my proposed pattern or the gold or perhaps both at work. To stretch it a bit, Tyrion could have said, for example, "nine tenths" or "four fifths" or the like. So we can tale Marbrand as having more than %75 but less than %80. Again assuming all his men are lancers Tywin has 5000-5300 knights with him, he would have some with Jaime too but in total he most likely had fewer than 6000 knights/equivelant.
  15. I'd be very disappointed if he gets just a hug. I was hoping for a Jon-Sansa marriage in the show (after R+L=J is revealed) and while I am shipping Jon + Val in the books, I don't think Val will survive to the end so same applies for the books. Another scene that I can't believe I forgot to add: Robert, Jon thought for one mad moment, remembering poor Owen, but when the trumpets blew again and the knights charged, the name they cried was "Stannis! Stannis! STANNIS!" Few in the series inspire such devotion from his men, even after suffering a great defeat just a short while ago and facing such odds Thanks to Jojo'sLeftOne for forcing me to remember.