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  1. The Stark-Baratheon union Robert always wanted; A Lyanna look alike marrying a Robert look alike! We only need a Ned(or Brandon) look alike to marry a Catelyn look alike and it would look like the original southron ambitions would be fullfilled.
  2. Tyrells would have a baby daughter just about that time, good for betrothal, ready to marry when her rose blooms. Mace guarantees her daughter to be a queen 15 years before than it was in the series. Also it was Ned who lifted the siege of SE and he and Mace didn't cross swords and I don't think Ned accepted their surrender in anything less than in an honorable way so no bad feelings either, unlike with Stannis.
  3. Tyrion was a Chimera. He may have been entirely a regular Lannister in the parts that mattered. First night doesn't mean every time a lord takes his right a pregnancy will ocur nor does it mean every single lord will take their rights. Even if they did and a pregnancy occured, then the child may not look like a Lannister or the carried Lannister looks may be lost over the generations the right was removed. Putting everything aside, this isn't real life so if a Lannister looking child was born to a woman who married to a Lannister, then even if there were dozens of possible fathers it would be the Lannister's or else why show her to us?
  4. Possible but Tysha herself can know if Lanna was conceived in the fortnight before the rape and while tysha was dark haired Lanna has the gold hair of a Lannister. How many of the guards do you think had the Lannister coloring? We don't see that many blondes around (apart from Lannisters).
  5. I think you have caught something interesting with this because Tysha is the "Sailor's Wife" in Braavos with Tyrion's daughter Lanna(she is worth thrice as many as others, as befits a lannister) Not only is Braavos a series of islands but do you know where Sailor's Wife go in particular? Isle of the Gods.
  6. Only reason gift is abandoned is wildling raids and now with wildlings on this side of the Wall, well, there are orchards, some farmland, lakes, seas to go fishing and whaling... Not to mention a huge forest north of the Wall and a nearby free city, which also houses the bank that gave the loan, that is in need of it. NW will soon(after the winter) be richer than a lot of the great houses but they just don't know it yet.
  7. From what we have seen so far (with familial features preserved) Brown hair is a first men trait, not an adal one. Royces and Starks have Brown hair, Waynwoods, who had a Stark ancestor a few generations back also have brown hair and the long Stark face. Even common folk in the North have Brown hair. This is important because their ancestors wouldn't have the oppurtunity to get themselves some Andal brides so they mixed very little if they did mix at all. Tyrells, a family of Andal origin also has brown hair but one of their ancestors married a Gardener woman so this may be where they got their brown hairs from. Baratheon hair is not brown, it is coal black beginning with Orys. Jon Arryn being blonde is possible to be from all the intermarriage between nobles for some millennias becasuse first men also have blonde hair as can be seen with Val and Lann the Clever. On Starks again, from the Stark family tree we can see few lords married to people from the South of the Neck and even then the houses they married to are first men ones like Blackwood or Tully. This is the last 300 years or so, after the kingdoms were united. Think how it would have been when all of them were seperate kingdoms, they would only marry with their own vassals. If Andals have any specific hair color, it is probably black as seen with Hoares; many of their early kings took Andal brides and they have "Andal taint". Back to Orys, Orys, claimed to be Aegon's bastard brother, is from Dragonstone, being on the Narrow see it would be one of the first places that would fell to the Andal invasion and we see how Andals treated the first men; they killed them, expelled them or enthralled them so the small folk there would be mostly Andal.
  8. Books had maps showing it's location. It is on the southern side of Red Fork.
  9. Are they? We don't know if it's dominant in GRRM's world and there are more than one pair of genes that work on eye color determination in ours so it isn't working mendelian. Also I don't know about others obsessed with genetic purity but I am not, and this isn't about that. In any case The small folk in the North and especially beyond the wall would be "pure" First Men by your words, having very little Andal in them. Another place where people are "pure" but not as much as beyond MC would be Vale; People there are more "pure" Andals than in other regions. as they also mixed not as much as most regions.
  10. A whale ship... you'll need to be big to pull it under.
  11. This is a description of Mance. We mostly see grey eyes with first men houses and brown eyes are seen mostly south of MC, noble or not. Few brown eyes we see North of MC we either don't know much of their descent (Jeyne Poole, Gilly daughter of Craster whose father was a crow) or have southron ancestors (Hodor descended from Dunk). Mance's mother was a wildling and he carries the brown hair we mostly/always see with those of first men descent (Tyrells are an Andal house but have married to Gardeners once) but his father was a men of the NW so he could have been from any ethnic group in Westeros. What are your thoughts?
  12. By crossing the Narrow Sea I meant as in from West to East, not North to South or South to North. She obviously didn't cross it that way. I agree with the lemon trees in Braavos being odd but this doesn't mean she came from Dorne, it could just be Dany mixing memories up and as for Braavosi valuing wood, you see from my quote they also use it in buildings, even your quote shows there are houses with timber. As for her first five years, if she was with Willem Darry then it means Viserys was also with them so if they go to Essos from Dorne after Willem Darry dies then even though Dany may not remember it, Viserys would and does he have a reason to lie to her about being in Dorne? If you suggest they were in Dorne and left for the free cities before Darry died, well than that Lemon tree house can't be in Dorne.
  13. We see Torrhen Stark coming to the heart of the Riverlands where he bends the knee but how did he crossed the rivers? He can't have crossed the Ruby Ford or else he would have been spotted long before by troops in Harrenhal, Maidenpool and all the others. This means he must have used the Twins but Freys have never failed to exact their toll, how did he pay them? Or did he use some other route?
  14. Most common one ever: Brandon! We see lots of Brandons especially among Starks and there are even variations of it throughout the realm as in several Bryndens from Riverlands.
  15. I don't think that Ned was his father so that doesn't leave us with that many candidates. Howland Reed perhaps? I remember GRRM also talking about how he relayed to actors all the information their characters would now about, so if show changed things maybe Sean Bean would have talked about it? I doubt he would be bothered as he plays dying characters so he won't have to play the same character in the future but still, it is a possibility.