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  1. An unknown amount of time later, Lyanna Stark was seemingly abducted by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. This came from, and would seem to confirm that that the Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna theory is subject to change.
  2. Well, I guess that with Tywin and Kevan gone, Jaime, Cersei, and Daven are the last powerful Lannisters-if they're beaten, I doubt the castellan of Casterly Rock would hold out-the Iron Bank probably is going to be repaid with westerland gold
  3. Could we in future point out what is wrong about the points another person has made, instead of just insulting them, and calling names. This applies to everyone.
  4. Could I just point out, that none of these people had any more 'evidence' than i had already pointed out, and they weren't directly involved with the matter-they don't know any more about it than you and i do. As I said, this whole 'falling in love at first sight' thing relies nearly entirely on assumptions, not facts.
  5. I think I should point out, that in terms of ASolaF itself, there really isn't any direct evidence of the romantic picture you're painting. It's basically just the QoLaB, and their mutual disappearance, which lead people to their own conclusions
  6. If he's such a Romantic, why would he create a romance which can only be described in the third person, is in the past of the series, and has an indirect effect on the series, if any at all?
  7. Honour is the important thing here. Do you think Rhaegar would just desert his wife and children, and Lyanna desert her honour to run away without so much a a by-your-leave note? A love runaway does not explain anything, and it would turn the prelude to Robert's Rebellion into a second-rate fairytale with a sad ending. I have no idea whether GRRM is a romantic or not, but he'd hardly degrade his own series this way. It doesn't make sense, it has nothing to support it. You can talk about the QoLaB, but it seems a silly, immoral, and stupid thing to do from the point of a love story. By all accounts, he was fond of Elia, and wouldn't have shamed her in that way, unless there was something else in the equation. Why would they run away, without letting anybody know? And why wouldn't he explain his actions, which could have stopped RsR? There is nothing for the love story, but clumsy props, which are an evident coverup by GRRM. Oh, and BTW, good work, we've had a really good debate about the events leading up to RsR, this topic, has been a success
  8. As far as this goes, i don't really believe the love story, but otherwise i agree with the weirwood eyes
  9. yup. Jon is uncertain enough, but we have Ashara Dayne, and Elia, and Lyanna, which is just pure stupidity. The tourney at Harrenhal was designed purely by GRRM for TKoTLT, and Rhaegar crowning Lyanna. I don't really think that a timeline of Elia's pregnancy really has a point, and I don't think it will pop up again in ASolaF, so it's time to move on.
  10. Exactly. There aren't any months, as far as i can see in ASolaF. There are only seasons, and years, which gives rise to the question, if they even have 365/6 days in their calendar, or how they decide how long their years are for that matter. I think we can all safely say that the tourney was in spring, but that's all.
  11. Howland Reed is mysterious and out of the picture because he knows too much, and GRRM isn't ready for what he knows to come out. That's literally all it is. It makes sense in-story too: Howland knows a big secret and stays off the grid to make sure he's never in a position to risk giving it away. The big secret probably isn't Jon, that was revealed far too early in the HBO series, so it's something else. It could be something to do with HR, Rhaegar, the prelude to Robert's Rebellion, or something totally unrelated. My own opinion is that this has something which places the blame for the war on somebody other than the Targaryens. Maybe Tywin Lannister. It's not that likely, but it'd be nice to put the blame for pretty much everything that happens in ASoIaF on him
  12. Purple-eyes, chillax. We'll probably find out all about this in TWOW, so there's no need to be so harsh. What did you mean when you said you thought Aegon might not be Rhaegar and Elia's baby?
  13. I doubt that rhaegar would have shown Lyanna his favour in such an open way, and with a son already,he has no need to want any more heirs. There isn't any proof that Rhaegar was mad, or was going mad around the time of is death. So why does he crown Lyanna, and then disappear along with her? As far as I can find out, he hadn't seen her before the tourney,so it's a bit odd that he would deliberately slight his wife, and confuse the Starks. And if he wasn't mad, i doubt he would've drawn attention to the pair of them, just before vanishing with her. There were certainly other interests in this issue other than Rhaegar and Lyanna, and they seem to be playing an indirect part in this.
  14. And to get winter under way (it's just started), events are probably going to move to 301AC, which definetelly means lots of events which we don't get to witness. I wonder when in the invasion of the dragons will the others threat be realised, and how will Dany/Aegon respond to it?
  15. By all accounts, the relationship between elia and rhaegar at the time of their death was healthy, and rhaegar was fond of elia, but not necessarily on love with her, just so you know. Purple-eyes, try and calm down a bit-everyone's entitled to their opinions, and this is just a book series after all.