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  1. More antiheroes but: 1. Tywin Lannister: rebuilding of house from failures of Titos, and I love the Reyne-Tarbeck stuff 2. Petyr Baelish: just everything. 3. Jamie Lannister: everything
  2. [1] Jon Snow vs. [5] Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) [2] Arya Stark vs. [8] Brandon Stark (Bran) [3] Tyrion Lannister vs. [6] Jaime Lannister [4] Davos Seaworth vs. [9] Sansa Stark [7] Stannis Baratheon vs. [10] Robb Stark [11] Theon Greyjoy vs. [12] Samwell Tarly [13] Oberyn Martell vs. [14] Asha Greyjoy [15] Aemon Targaryen (Aemon) vs. [16] Mance Rayder [17] Varys vs. [18] Brienne Tarth [19] Wyman Manderly vs. [20] Eddard Stark [21] Sandor Clegane vs. [22] Petyr Baelish [23] Tormund Giantsbane vs. [26] Doran Martell [24] Catelyn Tully vs. [29] Jorah Mormont [25] Eddison Tollett vs. [32] Renly Baratheon [27] Brynden Tully vs. [30] Cersei Lannister [28] Barristan Selmy vs. [31] Yorenm
  3. With the relative omniscience available from the books, I would say Tywin (without him the lannisters will collapse, no Frey betrayal, etc. No need to kill more Lannisters), Stannis (no blood magic, destroys another threat), Dany (dragons could force the KitN to kneel again in the longer term). With Arya's own knowedge, however, .she should probably do Tywin, possibly Cersei and keep the remaining one/two in reserve.
  4. [1] Arya Stark vs. [4] Jaime Lannister [2] Jon Snow vs. [7] Eddard Stark [3] Tyrion Lannister vs. [8] Samwell Tyrly [5] Stannis Baratheon vs. [6] Davos Seaworth [9] Oberyn Martell vs. [11] Brandon Stark (Bran) [10] Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) vs. [12] Eddison Tollett [13] Sandor Clegane vs. [14] Sansa Stark [15] Robb Stark vs. [16] Petyr Baelish [17] Mance Rayder vs. [18] Varys [19] Asha Greyjoy vs. [20] Brynden Tully [21] Tormund Giantsbane vs. [22] Catelyn Tully [23] Barristan Selmy vs. [24] Brienne Tarth [25] Wyman Manderly vs. [31] Yoren [26] Theon Greyjoy vs. [29] Cersei Lannister [27] Doran Martell vs. [30] Jorah Mormont [28] Aemon Targaryen (Maester Aemon) vs. [32] Renly Baratheon
  5. [1] Arya Stark vs. [4] Davos Seaworth [2] Jon Snow vs. [7] Barristan Selmy [3] Tyrion Lannister vs. [5] Stannis Baratheon [6] Jaime Lannister vs. [8] Sansa Stark [9] Eddard Stark vs. [10] Eddison Tollett [11] Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) vs. [14] Sandor Clegane [12] Oberyn Martell vs. [13] Mance Rayder [15] Petyr Baelish vs. [16] Varys [17] Brandon Stark (Bran) vs. [18] Tormund Giantsbane [19] Samwell Tarly vs. [20] Aemon Targaryen (Maester Aemon) [21] Theon Greyjoy vs. [23] Asha Greyjoy [21] Catelyn Tully vs. [24] Brienne Tarth [25] Robb Stark vs. [29] Cersei Lannister [26] Brynden Tully vs. [32] Renly Baratheon [27] Wyman Manderly vs. [30] Jorah Mormont [28] Doran Martell vs. [31] Yoren
  6. Arya Stark vs. [4] Stannis Baratheon [2] Jon Snow vs. [5] Jaime Lannister [3] Tyrion Lannister vs. [7] Sansa Stark [6] Davos Seaworth vs. [9] Aemon Targaryen (Maester Aemon) [8] Eddard Stark vs. [11] Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) [9] Barristan Selmy vs. [12] Tormund Giantsbane [13] Mance Rayder vs. [14] Petyr Baelish [15] Samwell Tarly vs. [16] Sandor Clegane [17] Oberyn Martell vs. [18] Brienne Tarth [19] Brandon Stark (Bran) vs. [20] Theon Greyjoy [21] Asha Greyjoy vs. [22] Robb Stark [23] Varys vs. [24] Wyman Manderly [25] Brynden Tully vs. [28] Doran Martell [26] Eddison Tollett vs. [30] Yoren [27] Catelyn Tully vs. [32] Renly Baratheon [29] Jorah Mormont vs. [31] Cersei Lannister
  7. Given the seriousness of the situation, Barristan probably wouldn't have been training Arya at that point - he would have been guarding the King.
  8. 1. Brienne - so pointless, rigid, unintelligent and annoying 2. Shae - primarily because it brings out a side to Tyrion's I dislike
  9. Could you provide a link to this theory please? I can't seem to find it on the search.
  10. Could you provide a source for '15000 westermen'? I haven't checked for references but this seems a little low. Is this only counting Jaime's men, and ignoring those in the westerlands? Likewise, if House Tyrell were faced with the threat of extinction, they could probably raise more than 50000. Also don't forget the city watch 4500 more men to add to Tommen's forces should the war reach kings landing. It is also far from Certain that the Redwyne fleet will be destroyed, and even if they are destroyed, they should take quite a few iron born with them.
  11. My first choice would be a straight Royal matchup, as many of the following as possible: Robb - Myrcella Sansa - Joffrey Arya - Tommen This would merge the Stark and Baratheon dynasties and establish me as part of the Royal family. Bran and Rickon I would probably leave unpromised, to give me flexibility for the future. However if I did not want to 'go royal' - maybe because of suspicions about parentage or Robert not agreeing, I would focus on creating an alliance strong enough to win any possible future wars, with cast iron links that would not be easily broken. I would already have a strong alliance with the Tullys, but the centrepiece of my negotiations would be a Tyrell alliance, sealed by a double marriage of heirs: Robb - Margaery Sansa - Willas This would create an extremely strong bond which should hold through a civil war, and together the Starks and the Tyrell's would be very hard indeed to defeat. I would then focus on turning general goodwill in the Vale into a strong alliance. I would try to foster Sweetrobin, if I could get a message to Jon Arryn before he died, but even if I could not I would offer him Arya. This would make it more likely that the Vale would support me in the event of conflict. If this were not possible, I would try to get Trystane Martell, however this would be inferior as that alliance would both be with a weaker partner, and be unlikely to be very strong, as there are few pre-existing ties between Dorne and the North, and neither Arya nor Trystane is even a spare. My first choice for Bran would be Shireen, but this would be unlikely to be accepted. I would therefore instead probably have him fostered, as there are few strategically valuable girls his age. I would probably choose Riverrun, so as to help maintain the Tully alliance for another generation, but possibly would send him to storms end, to ally with Renly. Rickon would be sent to the other place to Bran. All of this would ensure that in any future war, I would have the aid of the Tullys, the Arryns and most importantly the Tyrells. This would give me more than 200 000 men, and allow me to outnumber the rest of the realm put together. The Lannisters would be made much less dangerous, as in addition to being massively outnumbered, they would also be surrounded on all sides. No other house would oppose me, as they would be hopelessly outmatched.
  12. I find that some of his videos are great - he has loads of evidence that I would never have noticed for Quentyn not being dead, and his videos on the Vale and the Royces knowing about 'Alayne' are strong. However while the stuff he brings in the first videos on his theories is generally good, his later videos are generally far less believable - while the first steps in his theories are reasonably likely, once he is three or four steps down his analysis, even if individually the steps are quite reasonable, due to the laws of probability there is almost certainly an error somewhere and this means that all the minutiae he analyses are irrelevant as the chain is broken. His theories in long series of videos also become far too complex. Beyond a certain point they become so intricate that they simply could not be communicated in a novel, and therefore GRRM would not be able to use them.
  13. 1] Arya Stark vs. [4] Eddard Stark [2] Jon Snow vs. [5] Davos Seaworth [3] Tyrion Lannister vs. [6] Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) [7] Brienne Tarth vs. [8] Stannis Baratheon [9] Oberyn Martell vs. [10] Jaime Lannister [11] Petyr Baelish vs. [12] Sansa Stark [13] Sandor Clegane vs. [14] Barristan Selmy [14] Aemon Targaryen (Maester Aemon) vs. [16] Brandon Stark (Bran) [17] Asha Greyjoy vs. [18] Tormund Giantsbane [19] Samwell Tarly vs. [21] Eddison Tollett [20] Mance Rayder vs. [22] Doran Martell [23] Wyman Manderly vs. [25] Catelyn Tully [24] Theon Greyjoy vs. [26] Jorah Mormont [27] Varys vs. [31] Cersei Lannister [28] Brynden Tully vs. [29] Yoren [30] Robb Stark vs. [32] Renly Baratheon
  14. As already mentioned, Jaime has just spend a year sitting in his own excrement and underfed, and was in heavy manacles. Furthermore, in book canon the duel is pretty evenly matched, until Jaime's lack of stamina (due to having been confined in a cell for a year) shows. Later, Brienne admits that until he tired, 'it had been all that she could do to keep his blade at bay', and that 'No knight in the Seven Kingdoms could have stood against him at his full strength, with no chains to hamper him.'
  15. Dany probably won't land until at least the end of WoW, and Jon's arc could change a lot in that time. His personality will probably change dramatically post-resurrection and he will probably decide that he has fulfilled his Night's Watch vows. There is definitely still time for an R+L=J reveal. However even if he is not aware that he is a Targaryen, he may still come into conflict with her by trying to fight for the North. This does mean that he will likely not be involved at the beginning of the conflict, but could interevene later, at some point in DoS. (Sorry that this is slightly off topic)