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  1. Sam is probably the most likely because I think the Citadel is the only place other than Winterfell that would have that knowledge about House Stark, but I'd wager Ramsay burned all of Winterfell's books when he sacked it. So the Citadel may be the only place with the Knowledge
  2. If Vigilance is resurfacing after being lost during the dance, why not the other Valyrian steel sword lost in the dance, Lamentation?
  3. Doesn't Truth belong to a rich Lysene Magister?
  4. Well two Bolton Red Kings captured and sacked Winterfell, if they wanted to humiliate the Starks even more, a good way to do that would be to destroy their ancestral magic sword.
  5. House Stark's greatsword was apparently "Spellforged in Valyria and named after the Legacy of an older blade". So therefore House Stark at one point possessed a blade called Ice, before the current Ice. There is the legend of the Night's King which is where the 13th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch who fell in love with a woman with "skin as pale as snow", many theorise this to be one of the "Others". Also theorised is that the Night King could have been a Stark. When the Others have appeared they have used weapons that appear to be made of ice and even GRRM said "Ice. But not like regular old ice. The Others can do things with ice that we can't imagine and make substances of it.". What if, the original Ice was a sword given to the Night's King by his bride, and after he was defeated by his brother The King of Winter, he claimed the sword for himself and his House?
  6. You're Robb, you hear about your father's imprisonment, how do you win the war? My strategy would be to do as Robb does and split the army at the twins but have Roose Bolton draw Tywin further North on the Kingsroad and engage Tywin before retreating, the Horse would do as it did in the book until the Battle of the Camps, I would bring the Horse through Riverrun and rout Forley Prester's army as it retreated. I would then lead the Horse across the East road to the Ruby Ford, cross, and march North on the Kingsroad, I would do as was done at the Whispering Wood and send the Blackfish and Theon to eliminate Tywin's outriders, hopefully he would still believe the whole Northern strength was in Roose Bolton's host, I could then hit Tywin's rear using a sort of Hammer and Anvil tactic where I would then retreat the cavalry and charge again, with his force having nowhere to flee and being outnumbered, it would collapse and Tywin, Kevan and many other Westerland bannermen could be captured. I could then send the army to the Golden Tooth and do as Robb did at Oxcross, but, I would be in a great position to negotiate, holding the Hand of the King, his brother, his eldest son and many of their bannermen.