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  1. good idea, I was thinking of doing this.
  2. But what if one of the Reach houses is mentioned at Bitterbridge but not at Blackwater? Surely that's enough to suggest they were at Blackwater? I believe it's mentioned somewhere that the majority of the Houses at Bitterbridge followed the Tyrells to Blackwater Rush then King's Landing. Similarly if a Westermen house is seen by Arya leaving Harrenhal westwards, it means they must have fought with Tywin on the Green Fork and then at the Fords, and then at Blackwater, even if they aren't directly mentioned at the three battles.
  3. ACOK Bran V - "Perhaps when Lord Bolton hears his tale, he will abandon his claim, but meantime we have Manderly knights and Dreadfort men killing one another in Hornwood forests, and I lack the strength to stop them.""
  4. Here's some quotes I have regarding the Hornwood fighting: ACOK Bran IV - "Bolton's bastard is massing men at the Dreadfort," she warned them. "I hope he means to take them south to join his father at the Twins, but when I sent to ask his intent, he told me that no Bolton would be questioned by a woman. As if he were trueborn and had a right to that name" ACOK Bran V - "The old knight (Rodrik) was off east, trying to set to rights the trouble there. Roose Bolton's bastard had started it by seizing Lady Hornwood as she returned from the harvest feast, marrying her that very night even though he was young enough to be her son. Then Lord Manderly had taken her castle. To protect the Hornwood holdings from the Boltons, he had written, but Ser Rodrik had been almost as angry with him as with the bastard." Yeh it could be one article called "Fighting in the Hornwood" that lists the Boltons, Hornwoods and Manderlys as combatants. Ultimately the Boltons are victorious after the Manderlys retreat in AFFC/ADWD.
  5. I think it's safe to assume Inchfield were at Blackwater as they were with Renly before and sworn to the Tyrells. Although they're not mentioned at Blackwater specifcially...well I don't really want to remove some of the houses that are hinted at being at Blackwater but won't revert if someone else edits them out.
  6. Yes I agree, I was a little too broad in adding houses. Some need to be removed for the sake of accuracy.
  7. I think several new artcles regarding battles of the WOTFK and aftermath should be made. Two battles/invasions take place in the Hornwood lands. First, Ramsay invades with Bolton men, then Manderly takes control of the Hornwood castle. I also think perhaps there could be a brief artcle on where the Ironborn have raided with Euron eg the Arbor, Reach coastline, although I accept there might not be enough info for that.
  8. You seem to be claiming Renly thinks he's fourth in line yet one of the justifications of Renly taking the throne is that Joffrey is illegitimate and that Stannis wouldn't be a good ruler. Renly acknowledges he's second in line. Agreed with your comments regarding the will. I still never understood why the Reachmen disliked Stannis. And if Stannis had offered the Tyrells and their bannermen positions in the council, to replace the likes of Baelish and Varys (whom he hated) perhaps they would've gone over to him. The Tyrells were after power, although then again they would prefer Baelish's offer of Margaery becoming Queen over a few seats in the Small council. Perhaps Stannis would offer them titles in the Westerlands following a Lannister defeat.
  9. Stannis isn't a Usurper though, he is Robert's heir, and Robert's dying wish was for his son to succeed him, which Ned wrote down as "rightful heir" which Robert then signed, so technically Stannis should've ascended to the throne. Renly was second in line to the throne, he tried to take the throne despite Stannis being Robert's legal heir. Perhaps if Renly promised them positions of power in King's Landing the Tyrells would've obliged. Or perhaps Shireen could've been betrothed to a Tyrell.
  10. Request for a awoiaf account.
  11. Agreed
  12. Renly had no right to claim the throne. He could've married Margaery and then allied the Reach and Stormlands to Stannis, and then his army plus Stannis' fleet would've taken KL with ease. Instead he let his desire for power get to him and declared himself King, despite lacking a strong claim. He could've made a deal with Stannis and gained some sort of power upon winning (eg Hand)
  13. Any idea when it will be fixed? It seems to have been broken for a few months now.
  14. I'm new to the wiki also but it doesn't let me sign in to the wiki, only the forums.
  15. I'm having this same problem. For me it says my account name doesn't exist when I try and log in to the wiki.