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  1. Most people here think that Varys is just a Targaryen loyalist, which I respect since they have read 5 books and I have not. However from the tv-show I have the impression that he is not. I remember a discussion he had when someone asked him "who do you serve?" and answered "the realm, someone has to care for the realm". I believe Varys is one of those people that he doesn't care who rules the realm, as long as it's for the benefit for the realm. He started to want Daenerys for the throne, not just because she is a Targaryen but because she is the best option. Because she has claim over it and she would be a good queen. If Daenerys sits on the throne, then many wars involving houses and lords who want to be kings will stop.
  2. I am reading the book. And altough many at that time thought that he would rule from Oldtown or Dragonstone, he surprised them making by making a new city that was recently has formed, as the capital (King's Landing). Why you think he did that? My personaly thought was because of personaly legacy. We see even in our history of some rulers who built new cities.
  3. I don't believe that we will see Tyrion as a ruler. The show is fantasy, it even has magic and dragons, but it wants to appear as realistic. I don't see very realistic that a dwarf will become a ruler. I don't think George Martin will ever do that even though he may love Tyrion's character.
  4. Good thoughts, I have often think about the Sigils of the Houses and how they fit in the story.
  5. Sansa Stark, John Snow and Robert Arryn I believe they will probably survive.
  6. For me he became appealing just for one reason. Because of Shireen. She was dying and yet he paid healers from all the world to save her. Her face was gruesome but as he said with loud voice in the most badass scene, she was the Princess Shireen of House Baratheon and she was his daughter! But then he burnt her so he can rot in hell.
  7. I believe Dorne. Both for story and strategical reasons.
  8. While reading the first book (I am at the point of Visery's death) I felt that the tv-show version of Daenerys is more likable than the book version. And also showed her transformation from innocent to powerful, a little better. I think that the book version showed her to want/accept herself as powerful too early (not that it's bad for women to want to be powerful, I simple state it for story reasons, it's more insteresting if the transformation is slow like in the show Breaking Bad).
  9. I believe you are overthinking this. I didn't know that in this forum there a rival about fans who support Martin and others who support D&D. My answer has nothing to do with this rival.
  10. People like Davos live to serve other people. A lord commander, a King, a rich man.. it doesn't matter who. So I don't think he will be angry.
  11. It would have taken more time to shoot it probably.
  12. It's not about remembering. It's after the pages I have read so far, because they discuss this after they leave Eyrie.
  13. It's probably after the pages I read. The dialogue you posted is after they leave.
  14. I am reading the first book. I was dissapointed that in the books, when Tyrion wins the trial by combat, he doesn't give the money to the guard he promised saying "The Lannisters always pay their debts" like he did in the show. That was one of my favorite scenes. Because it meant that even if the Lannisters are considered "bad" for some people, they will pay to the poor dumb guard the money they promised.