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  1. Well it can't make it worse, besides it could have led to an interesting development in the plot, just imagen how Cersei would have reacted.
  2. Serious, especially when thinking about how bad Dorne was in the show.
  3. That would have been amazing I would have had Varys making subtle hints which all make sense when we Aegon is introduced. One way would be to have it the same as the books. Or changed the way he was introduced and had him show up with the Golden Company in Meereen to help Tyrion when Daenerys flew away. Too have a really drastic change have a character with Viserys and Daenerys who Illyrio had sent as a loyal guard, who we find out is Aegon, maybe with people saying he looks like Daenerys (probably really spooking Barristan when he shows up) and him helping her in Slavers bay by getting the Golden Company to join her.
  4. Depends really, if you look at Ramesy he was legitimised by the Throne, so he's a Bolton, he might be looked down on but amusing he survived and his children where illegitimate then they'd just be seen as Boltons. If you remember the story that Ygritte told to Jon about Bael the Bard, Bael's son became Lord of Winterfell and presumably a Stark. There is also the case of houses like Blackfyre, where they are simply given a new name and then that house could rise to dominance, so something like that has happend in the past, in fact the Barrathions are descended from Orys Baratheon who was a bastard and prehaps a Targaryen bastard.
  5. Walder, he did it for his family, whilst Cerci also acted in what she saw as being in her family interest, she wasn't.
  6. The war with the faith militant would probably continue, if he had a girl what he should do is marry her off to one of Jaehaerys' sons to preserve the male Targareyn line, that and it gives more legitimacy to his reign since the 'true' line will inherit. If a boy then Maegor has options, he could marry him to Aerea Targareyn (Daughter of Aegon who was the son of Aenys) this would probably upset more people especially if the mother was Rhaena Targaryen because more insect. Or he could marry him off to the daughter of a powerful Lord, probably Tyrell because then he can get at the High Septon. Either way there's more bloodshed but the Targareryen line continues, Maegor may well be deposed by his own children along with the backing of most of Westeros, who will be happy to have the tyrant dead. The only way I can see this changing is if Maegor dies just after his child is born, if this happens we probably get Jaehaerys either making himself King and marrying his son off to Maegor's daughter. But if he has a son then Jaeharys could be regent and deal with the Faith, then probably marries his daughter off to Maegor's son.
  7. For Robb 1st choice Margaery Tyrell, this could bind the North and the Reach, it could also be useful against any war with the Lannisters. 2nd Myrcella, a royal match, no need to explain. 3rd Choice Alys Karstark, if she's not already betrothed then it could secure a powerful Northern house and counteract the effects of any matches in the south by showing he want's his heir to have a wife from the North. 4th choice Wynafryd Manderly, White Harbour has a port so is presumably rich, the also have knights which are good as heavy cavalry if by some means a war breaks out in the North, they are also loyal. Plus if her sister died then Robb's children get White Harbour. For Sansa If Robb doesn't marry Margaery then Willas, for the same reasons as Margaery. If Robb marrys Margaery than a house in the North, maybe the Karstarks or Umbers and if those don't work one of the Martells, get Sansa to loosen up a bit. For Arya If she marrys then Robin Arryn this would secure the Vale, there's the matter of him being A her cousin, B a sickly brat who Arya would never accept marrying. So if that doesn't work I'd go for Ned Dayne, why I don't know, but I think she would like Dorne and if that doesn't work Edric Storm, because that would annoy the Lannisters and I think it would be funny. For Bran Wylla Mandery, she's a little bit older than him but it should provide a good dowry. If not her then try Shireen Baratheon to ger a link to the royal family, or Myrcella but I can see this not working. If all elce fails a nice Northern bride or a girl from house Royce, securing powerful allies in the Vale. Rickon get's whoever I've got left on the list for Bran. Jon, try to get him a match to Arrianne Martell, if her father doesn't go for it and sticks with Viserys then have Jon marry into a house in the North, maybe the Manderlys or Mormonts, if all elce fails let him choose his path, maybe persuade Robert to marry him to Myrcella just to annoy Cersei.