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  1. Sansa's voice is from the book. "Let me tell you something about wolves, child. When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. Summer is the time for squabbles. In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths. So if you must hate, Arya, hate those who would truly do us harm. Septa Mordane is a good woman, and Sansa … Sansa is your sister. You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you … and I need both of you, gods help me." I think LF says that real battles are inside the mind, between loyalties, parts of self, power games, games of strategy. What is interesting is that they chose to start and finish with those speeches. And jon's one in the middle.
  2. I really enjoyed the new trailer, before reading all the internet reactions. This Lads/4chan/other leakers thing is starting to scary me. We read all the scenes as a proof of the leakers' reliability or not. It doesnt' even matter anymore if they are fake or real as long you can read all the news according to what an anonymous said. And we forget to actually watch the trailer, what would we think of it, without knowing the leaks? It would be fun analysing it in a different way. For ex what do you think of LF/Sansa's speech?
  3. There are some screenshots of the comments. I like what he said, I can easily choose to believe him for 32 days lol I can even believe the size, for the record And yes, I still hope both lads are somehow fake @Meera of Tarth They can't be so mediocre in securety level and so little protective towards the viewers. They must be the biggest trolls ever.
  4. I don't think so.... They wanted to add a badass little girl. I wonder if they are going to add more screentime in season 7, because people like her a lot. But maybe she will appear in the book too, in a different way.
  5. I love "secondary" characters! I think Heartsbane and Sam are going to play a great role in the finale! both in the books and inthe show. He reminds me the lion in the wizard of Oz, who is searching for courage when he is already brave, but he cannot see it. Maybe he is brave but not in a conventional way. yes, I wonder if we'll ever see Howland! I think that will be a difference between show and books. I don't think she will have the same role in the books. Can't wait to see more of him! I hope Brienne will have the same grand finale both in show and in the books, because I think she is very important for the story. And I really hope she'll survive.
  6. heirloom, trophy or famous sword/relic/collector's item? great list! There are a lot of topics that I like: swords in legends, oathkeeper, swords remember, Valyrian Steel, obsidian etc. I think it's also interesting how swords change hands. But it's not so easy trace all the stories.
  7. Thank you! And that reminds me the broken longsword at LF's ancestral home you quoted in other threads.
  8. Great work @Seams ! I think you're right, there are not so many descriptions of hilts and pommels. I had found some infos in SSM about VS swords, I don't remember if there was something about hilts or pommels too. good idea! yeah, where did she said it? yes, they're linked. And I think colors and lights are really important ... Maybe we have to consider hilts pommels blades shape colors and names (?) in their entirety.
  9. Quoting myself for an opinion: I was right, right? Was it Jon at 0.59? I was looking for his/her leaks some weeks ago, but I couldn't find anything! Do you know where I can find them? Are they older than lads' ones?
  10. I hope he was referring to cersei but it could be I've read something, but I can't find it right now! nothing special btw yesssssss
  11. I wonder if it's a bit of the trailer in the eye, as if NK is watching it LoL
  12. I don't remember moonlight ... where? yes, this is the psychological interpretation I was talking about. And brienne is also a "protection", she know who he really is and help him to confront his "ghosts", from his past. She stand for him when his swords die out. But there is also the prophetic interpretation, because GRRM wanted to hint that it wasn't just a dream when he said Jaime was dreaming on a weirwood stump and when Brienne talked about the bear. So it could be important for the future events. If GRRM had wanted to tell a psychological significant dream he would not have added the weirwood and the bear details. But if he had wanted to tell a prophetic dream then he would have made a less clear psychological-symbolic dream. Probably he wanted to be ambiguous and mixed the different levels of interpretation. I love that! Especially the blueish light! It can't be a gratuitous hint! Always red and blue! And I've already said in another thread that in the LSH's cave there are a fire but the light is blueish, will maybe the dream come true there?
  13. GRRM said so: Subtle -- Lion's Paw/Lion's Tooth Blatant -- the unkiss Spelling it Out -- Sansa memory will affect the event (??)
  14. it is a long list You're welcome. I'm glad you like him. Great quote! I absolutely agree and I add my thought: in that kind of relationship, the manipolator uses words and non-verbal or paraverbal communication to manipulate the partner, like Cersei do with Jaime when he pushed Bran out of the window. She didn't ask explicitly to kill Bran, so when Jaime pushed him, Cersei can blame his brother, like he had misinterpreted her. There are a lot of unspoken between them. I think there is a chapter in affc where Jaime talk about Cersei's smile uhm I don't remember. LoL! it would be perfect I love it! There are many "divergent roads" in asoiaf, Cersei is one of the most important to me. But there are also other turning points: Bran climbing up, Ned leaving winterfell, Cat choice to free Jaime, Brienne searching for Sansa with no clues etc etc