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  1. 25/09/2017 a full white script so should this be the final version of the scripts? It is a late re-writing, sounds strange...
  2. thank you @YOVMO! It's really interesting when it compares the different legends, but for the names origins.... well I don't think it is correct. Forlorn and Stark seems a bit stretched to me. If I understand well, all the theory about LF is based on this.... So if we have to base it on the name, I think Heartsbane fits better and it is also the oldest VS, we don't know where it came from. Brandon doesn't exists in Italian, but there is Brando (sword) that's the german name they were talking about. But they are two totally different names with different origins. It could be that GRRM used Brando, but I think he used BrandoN for the raven reference. Yes I remember the error, I think you're right. VS Lady Forlorn appears just prior the Doom in our timeline, but right now i really can't understand why XD
  3. Sorry I've been busy these weeks. yes, bloodmagic for making VS, for saving from death (Drogo) and for predictions (Cersei). What I recall for Fire magic: you can see the future, you can control the flames; and we have also wildfire and dragonglass candle. For fire and blood magicI hd to search. I've found only the writing on Dragonbinder (Blood for Fire, Fire for Blood) and the theory about dragons origin ( Not so much. Maybe we have to consider Drogo's pyre as fire and blood magic.
  4. *crossing fingers* I'm waiting for 7x07 commentary, even if neither Nik nor Gwen did it.
  5. yes, could be a goof, but it's strange. It would be a really important scene, why change the symbol in s7? Maybe it's not so literal... As for Bran's visions in s6 I'm interested in the dragons frames. They are so fast that I can barely see them, but I'm wondering if they are related or not. Two different shots from a same point of view? not sure.
  6. It's not about being sweet or sentimental, I don't care so much about Ice, but if we agree that VS acts on its own, absorbs and "remember", then we have to believe OK and WW have memory and notion of being one . As I said in the first post I still believe it is only fire, but I find fascinating the idea of fire and blood, really evocative. So let's go that way.... The blood is often described as black in asoiaf, so the darkening would be no strange. What kind of magic do we know about blood and fire? Plus I still find it important, it's not just the apparence but also the sound...
  7. I don't think that Ice has to be reforged for being seen as one sword. OK and WW are already only one sword to me. LoL why? I think he will be important as blacksmith too. Still don't know what he's gonna do about VS. I need a re-reading, I think... As for Brightroar, you know, I think it will come back, not sure if in Asoiaf or in other stories. It is a greatsword, maybe Gendry could work 2 swords from it (?) ... For all we know VS can only darkening. Even the red in OK is darken than it was intended. Black and dark colors absorb light, so I think in a magical way VS absorb every substance touched. Fire for sure and probably a lot of blood. Don't know if Fire AND Blood together are something so powerful to change the color, but it is for sure a fascinating idea. Still not sure about Lamentation, and now I'm wondering about Orphan maker too.
  8. Now I'm curious, which video is it? I can't find it.
  9. why? why stronger? Orphan maker is black, now i would like to know how it became black..... I think it's fire and that would be not so banal. We have 3 infos: common fire cannot harm it, Vs seems to "drink" light, Vs swords "remember". If it absorbed light and can remember then Blackfyre could really important in the war to come. I wonder what fire can destroy VS. Anyhow I'm not so shocked to know dragon fire doesn't harm VS, it is forged with it and spells. Blood is always "absorbed", every time the swords is used. Then it's interesting: what does it happen when in a fight 2 swords remember past battles and heros and souls. I still have in mind the sound of Blackfyre and Lady Forlorn fighting. Different words same concepts. Instead of asking what kind of magic do you think they used, it's: what kind of technology do you think it is implicated? how it works?
  10. I'm too tired right now to post anything, gotta go to bed XD But I will come back! I was writing something more in Sons-of-the-Dragon-thread but I stopped for not being OT. There are a lot of questions about it ...
  11. I knew it was darker but not why. And Mott said it is said the swords remember. Has it absorbed fire?
  12. hey RR is good to read you here, I missed your posts! I love the aquatic symbolisms, and the dark-seeing parallelism. It's really interesting. Was there already a thread about this?
  13. I don't pay any attention, what surprised me was that almost in every fake leaks brienne dies early and before jaime. I think this is related to what @HairGrowsBack was talking about. And it is not true that in fake leaks there is no j/b. But it has no importance anyway. Pointless discussion.
  14. do you remember we already talked about this and then we said "Oh well in any case she is in the dragonpit"? O.o
  15. i don't think she died because right after she think she is going to die there, Dany arrives. But anyway I find it strange that she is not mentioned after that (because if you see she is with sansa in 6.11, so they had already changed her part), in my version of 7x07 there is no Brienne. But as @Newstar said (and i remembered that too) in other scripts she is at the dragonpit. Isn't it strange? two version from the same day?