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  1. I like it, especially the ruby part (I also think it means something). But there are 2 things that make me skeptical: First of all I don't think the story he told Brienne about his life is a lie. It's just vague. He doesn't lie about The Hound, technically. He says he saw him dying. He uses a metaphoric level for himsel too (when he says he died in battle). There is one thing not clear: who did he bury? Hound's armor? If he didn't do a grave, where did Rorge take the helm? Second, the age. Elder brother is 44, Battle of trident was in 283, so 27/28. It could be, but I think Jonothor is older, no proof but only the way I see his description. Yes probably for Jaime.
  2. This is great! I love this kind of thread, they enrich us! I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but GRRM should read your post even if he didn't know Yoruba mythology! If he wasn't inspired by it, it proves sometimes myths have a universal base or common origins. Maybe @ravenous reader will enjoy it...
  3. this is an ambiguous sentence. Easiest explanation is that Cersei was talking to Jaime, but she talks about flames. Plural. So it could be that they will both die when the 2 sword lights fade away, not only one. Never thought about it, but I really like it! I think Jaime will go north and not south. Probably after meeting LSH, maybe to find Sansa. Or later to fight the WW, for sure. As for the NW, I dont think he's gonna take the black. But you're right, darkness has to mean something... This dream is interesting, maybe understimated. But it's very criptic, I 'm not sure what could it mean.
  4. I still think that we don't know why they wanted to talk with Brienne. For Jaime? For Sansa? Pod is a good way to persuade Brienne to do almost everything they want. Almost. I don't think he was trying to harm Brienne, on the contrary he tried very hard to persuade her to go back to Tarh, before being killed. What I said it's that we don't know if he is part of that "web" who's collaborating with the Brotherhood, to protect the smallfolk. Yes, who is he to disagree? Why Jonathor? I don't think he lied when he told his story... So probably he's a member of one house of landed knights...
  5. Sorry I'm on my way to bed again XD I always login too late to think properly, speak a decent english (and probably italian too) just a quick clarification. The Inn is a way to capture people, it's open when there is someone valueble to take to LSH. and Meribal again: And Jeyne: I think there is another quote, maybe about Freys, but I can't find it right now....
  6. No I haven't seen it! There are at least 7 threads, so maybe I haven't reached the right thread.... Anyway yes, it is really good when you find nice people and you are allowed to express yourself or to discuss your ideas ... Yes I'm sure they know Brienne was looking for Sansa. Maybe this is the reason why LSH wants to talk to her.... but I have the feeling I'm missing something here. If there is a plan, we have to think who Brienne met before. I was re-reading the quiet isle chapter and it seems to me that the Elder Brother tries very hard to send them at the Inn. He says to Brienne that Arya was seen alive there, for the last time. Then it turned out that Meribald would never have led them there, because he thought it was closed: Maybe it's not important but he knows everything, included what Jaime did and his connection with Brienne. I was also wondering, if Meribald is not a collaborator of BwB, what will he do now? where will he go? on his way? or can he ask for help? Quiet Isle? And what about the Elder brother? I have to stop it now, because I'm sleepy XD
  7. Yes probably someone mentioned it! Anyhow yes we should discuss it... I was re-reading the chapter and Brienne description of the cave is very similar to the one in Jaime's dream. oh great! now I see the "web" and I've also seen old threads @Curled Finger mentioned! I was thinking, if there is a plan to capture Jaime, were they already looking for Brienne? Because I was wondering how they already knew what LSH wanted to do with Brienne... or they talked to her while Brienne was unconscious... have to check the timeline.
  8. LoL I'm gonna search it! Oh great! I will wait for it! She was already thinking she needed Jaime's help at some level, even before meeting LSH. I don't think this is the right place to discuss it, but I'm thinking about it since GRRM confirmed it. Maybe another thread? I would love it.
  9. I think this is the reason for touching the hilt: she touches Oathkeeper every time she wants to reassure herself. Wow, I didn't know there was a "web" in RLs, but yes it makes a lot of sense now that I think about it. Great post! I have to re-read some chapters. Poor Jaime. If the timeline is correct it would be interesting also know what is happening to the camp. As for Brienne lying etc., that's my idea as well.
  10. yes 3 weeks are a lot of time.... There are many options.... one of them could be injured and then maybe Quite Isle is a good place to go or they could be on the run and again Quite isle would be a good place to hide. Sandor is 99% there, so I think it's a key place. Maybe they get some infos about Sansa and go to rescue her. Anyhow I really can't see Jaime immadiately come back to his army, given his current situation. Brienne is probably going to live her most crucial moment of personal growth, but also Jaime is questioning his own identity. Maybe he needs to be away from Lannisters.
  11. I've been offline for a day and now I have 8 pages to read! Happy New Year everyone, btw! Anyway Brienne+Jaime+timeline..... I really can't wait to answer, so here I am: In the timeline Kevin and Cersei's talk is dated 6/14 ....
  12. If LSH or someone of the BwB told her what to say, the story would be different. First of all because it's not so plausibile, but most of all because it would mean LSH believes Jaime so honorable to leave his army, rescue her daughter and keep his word. They can't think he's gonna leave the camp with Brienne because of Sansa, it doesn't fit their opinion for Jaime. As for him, yes he surely felt the danger, probably he thought Brienne is gonna explain him the truth on the road... yes!!! Can't wait to read it!!
  13. Yes, that's true. But there are strange rumors about the Hound and what he's doing. Jaime thinks he's not Sandor.
  14. It is an half truth... The "Hound" part is true, he's going to kill someone if Jaime don't go with Brienne alone. We know he's not Sandor, but technically Lem's The Hound now. And this is one of the reasons why I think the other part is a lie. It's her style. We know Brienne in AFfC, she really can't lie (and yes, it's something about honor too). So maybe an half truth it's easier for her to make up. I don't think it's a LSH or BwB's idea, it's too unbelievable. And here we are: yes this is what i find really interesting. Jaime knows he can't fight the Hound, and probably he also knows it's a lie, but he goes. We know he goes, even if we don't know what he answers her. He knows something is wrong with Brienne and he acts. There could be a time when she explains the truth, without the sentry to listen... but i don't think there will be time before leaving.
  15. I can't imagine Blackfish keeping that information for himself. If Cat have told him what Jaime did she would have risked her plan to free Sansa and Arya. She had to be cautious. And there was also the dagger problem, iirc Cat was beginning to understand what happened, she knew there was something unclear. Even if I really don't love Cat, I think she did the right thing.
  16. I like it! I think Morgan is perfect for a parallelism with Melisandre Just to add something different: in some languages Melissa is Melisa. Melissa in "Orlando furioso" was a good sorceress and prophetess who lived in Merlin's cave. She helps two lovers (Ruggiero and Bramante) to be together and tells them the future of their progeny (a very important house The Estensi). She saves Ruggiero from a Alcina, a fay who uses black magic, with a ring that broke spells and makes him see the real Alcina, an old crone. Alcina has 2 sisters, one of them is Morgan. It's a really complex story, I don't know it very well.
  17. Because he was King (and he liked it) and he was under pressures of the norther Lords... he was very young and in a very difficult position. Tyrion knew Cat, not Robb; even without communicating directly they followed the same logical thread. Also Robb sent him laughable peace terms. But yes it was a risky move, freeing jaime. She was very desperate.
  18. min 1:13
  19. I think a character death can also be important for another character's arc. Joffrey's death was important not just for Joffrey's arc, but mostly for Cersei's and maybe Sansa's arcs. I mean in terms of significative evolution and understanding both for the character and for the reader too. Probably also for the writer. I like when GRRM says he's a gardener, I think he's right.
  20. I don't like Cat so much, but she acted like a mother, Sansa would be dead (and Arya too if she has been there). And Robb knew that, I don't think executed Jaime would have been a great idea. And we have also to consider how the war begun ... Robb called the bannermen for war after Ned was arrested, he took Jaime prisoner and then the Lannisters executed his father .... One way or another the war was about family for Robb. It was Tyrion not Jaime. And
  21. 25/09/2017 a full white script so should this be the final version of the scripts? It is a late re-writing, sounds strange...
  22. thank you @YOVMO! It's really interesting when it compares the different legends, but for the names origins.... well I don't think it is correct. Forlorn and Stark seems a bit stretched to me. If I understand well, all the theory about LF is based on this.... So if we have to base it on the name, I think Heartsbane fits better and it is also the oldest VS, we don't know where it came from. Brandon doesn't exists in Italian, but there is Brando (sword) that's the german name they were talking about. But they are two totally different names with different origins. It could be that GRRM used Brando, but I think he used BrandoN for the raven reference. Yes I remember the error, I think you're right. VS Lady Forlorn appears just prior the Doom in our timeline, but right now i really can't understand why XD
  23. Sorry I've been busy these weeks. yes, bloodmagic for making VS, for saving from death (Drogo) and for predictions (Cersei). What I recall for Fire magic: you can see the future, you can control the flames; and we have also wildfire and dragonglass candle. For fire and blood magicI hd to search. I've found only the writing on Dragonbinder (Blood for Fire, Fire for Blood) and the theory about dragons origin ( Not so much. Maybe we have to consider Drogo's pyre as fire and blood magic.
  24. *crossing fingers* I'm waiting for 7x07 commentary, even if neither Nik nor Gwen did it.
  25. yes, could be a goof, but it's strange. It would be a really important scene, why change the symbol in s7? Maybe it's not so literal... As for Bran's visions in s6 I'm interested in the dragons frames. They are so fast that I can barely see them, but I'm wondering if they are related or not. Two different shots from a same point of view? not sure.