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  1. Quoting myself for an opinion: I was right, right? Was it Jon at 0.59? I was looking for his/her leaks some weeks ago, but I couldn't find anything! Do you know where I can find them? Are they older than lads' ones?
  2. I hope he was referring to cersei but it could be I've read something, but I can't find it right now! nothing special btw yesssssss
  3. I wonder if it's a bit of the trailer in the eye, as if NK is watching it LoL
  4. Probably you have already talked about this topic in many threads. In Asos Jaime, on his way from Harrenhal to KL, makes a dream that influence his decision to come back and rescue Brienne. You can read it in a psychological way and it makes perfect sense. You can read it as a rapresentation of jaime's past present and imminent future. You can read it as a prophecy in long terms. but jaime was sleeping on a weirwood stump. Does it indicate the dream is necessarily prophetic? And most of all, since Jaime notice the the white stump, how did he read his own dream? How did it affect his decision to rescue Brienne?
  5. I don't remember moonlight ... where? yes, this is the psychological interpretation I was talking about. And brienne is also a "protection", she know who he really is and help him to confront his "ghosts", from his past. She stand for him when his swords die out. But there is also the prophetic interpretation, because GRRM wanted to hint that it wasn't just a dream when he said Jaime was dreaming on a weirwood stump and when Brienne talked about the bear. So it could be important for the future events. If GRRM had wanted to tell a psychological significant dream he would not have added the weirwood and the bear details. But if he had wanted to tell a prophetic dream then he would have made a less clear psychological-symbolic dream. Probably he wanted to be ambiguous and mixed the different levels of interpretation. I love that! Especially the blueish light! It can't be a gratuitous hint! Always red and blue! And I've already said in another thread that in the LSH's cave there are a fire but the light is blueish, will maybe the dream come true there?
  6. GRRM said so: Subtle -- Lion's Paw/Lion's Tooth Blatant -- the unkiss Spelling it Out -- Sansa memory will affect the event (??)
  7. it is a long list You're welcome. I'm glad you like him. Great quote! I absolutely agree and I add my thought: in that kind of relationship, the manipolator uses words and non-verbal or paraverbal communication to manipulate the partner, like Cersei do with Jaime when he pushed Bran out of the window. She didn't ask explicitly to kill Bran, so when Jaime pushed him, Cersei can blame his brother, like he had misinterpreted her. There are a lot of unspoken between them. I think there is a chapter in affc where Jaime talk about Cersei's smile uhm I don't remember. LoL! it would be perfect I love it! There are many "divergent roads" in asoiaf, Cersei is one of the most important to me. But there are also other turning points: Bran climbing up, Ned leaving winterfell, Cat choice to free Jaime, Brienne searching for Sansa with no clues etc etc
  8. LoL love this song! and it's perfect for Lysa
  9. yes, I meant something different from a trailer, maybe it is too soon. But I think they will release something next weeks. A poster? another teaser? don't know And I don't think we can base it on the timing of the last seasons, because it is not only a longer waiting, but also another period of the year. Different broadcasting time, different marketing rules.
  10. ahahahahaha just to add to your research: that is italian, but he also sing in my dialect, the genoese because he was born in my town. yes, it is a counter-prayer, the hanged hold a grudge against anyone and are not asking for absolution (very LadyStoneheart-ish) and they are not an example, but they show the pain originated from a sentence to death is not a solution (it is a conversation lefts hanging). As you said, the misunderstanding is a human trait, and this reminds me this quote from "One, No one, one hundred thousand" (Arya, is that you? ) by Pirandello: Love Macbeth! and it fits a lot with ASOIAF! What a beautiful "dance" of the nature! It is definitely! good catch @Blue Tiger
  11. A couple of weeks ago I asked @ravenous reader for a thread about names and their origins (why GRRM chose that name etc) that I was sure I've read, but it turned out it didn't exist. I have a super-power, I foreshadow threads. My question is: why has he chosen that particular name? because I think some names mirror a trait of the character, as @Seams said for Cersei or Jaime. So why did he choose Arya? Why Varys? etc etc
  12. I'm in! Great thread by the way .... I've finished AFfC and I'm re-reading ADwD now. I had noticed the swords in Quite Isle, too. That part piqued my interest.
  13. Well, after everyone talked about the "Thursday-3 weeks" scheme they would want to change it anyway, so maybe tomorrow or next week?
  14. Unreliable Blount, Jaime not so respected as Lord Commander, Loras hidden somewhere with someone Loras talking with Brienne. I think that if it was Blount, it's because he doesn't respect Jaime's role and if it was Loras maybe he was talking with Brienne.
  15. Another song-writer, very famous in Italy, considered a poet :é He wrote many ballads and chanson, with a "medieval sounds" and "present" topics. I could post tons of song by De Andrè but I choose this one (it is based on a poem Ballade des pendus) because it reminds me all the hanged in asoiaf and in particular Brienne's chapters, LSH and the BwB. Here's other translations in other languages:
  16. Great post!!!! It could be, it would be a really smart move for Cersei. But I think she really wanted to be queen, Casterly Rock would have been less appealing especially for a teen-Cersei She was seductive for sure probably to instill the idea of Jaime in the kingsguard, but I don't think she wanted to marry/bed the king. As for the night with Jaime, I think she used sex for convincing Jaime to agree to her plan. And this take us to the other option: This could be. I really can see Cersei think that she can use Jaime to eliminate the King. What went wrong in this plan was that Tywin took her away from KL and she was not been able to manipulate Jaime. In the end he really killed the king, because of a twist of fate. I really like you idea!
  17. I think you have to report the post and write that you want to delete it, but you can leave it there XD Here the NCW @Meera of Tarth was talking about: It is really interesting (and funny) because he talks (from min 14) about a lot of things: Jaime's look in the end of 6x10 The Leaks! ( "every year there are huge spoilers online, people find out real stuff and will post it and you go "Oh my god they just spoiled the whole season online" but then because there are 10.000 other spoilers out there that are unreal they get lost in the shuffle. So it's all out there btw, you can find it.") Brienne and Tormund (btw he was sarcastic, for me) a new character: Carl, Jaime's therapist ( ) The IT and who is gonna sit on it A sequel (Robert's Rebellion)
  18. you're welcome! and in the end we all agree on something! they're boring!
  19. LoL nah, it is not what I see in this kind of relationships, with this kind of families and this kind of personalities. Then I can be wrong, but that's my thought. Anyway this is something we should discuss in private Btw wic has re-posted on fb this an hour ago:
  20. Jaime has been father for the first time in his life with Myrcella on the ship, then she died in his arms, he comes to KL and act in a fusional way again with Cersei. I don't think it is what his character should feel ... I feel a discontinuity between the scenes. Cersei can be vulnerable, but not "Myrcella was so sweet, so better than me", because it has no sense, she is very centered about herself, and we see it with Tommen. She loves her children because they are parts of herself. Or even if you think she loves her children not in a selfish way, there are an inconsistency between her reaction of Myrcella and Tommen's death. Plus I don't know why she is not angry with Jaime. Because he can't say he wants to take the castle without a bloodshed and he prefers to play the Kingslayer card, he has no choice given what Edmure said before (you're an evil man, how do you live with yourself etc etc). He gives him what he wants to hear for making him doing what he wants.
  21. that doesn't answer my question ... I re-quote you: So what do you think it's the purpose of building up that relationship? Maybe NCW doesn't think they will act on it, but not because Jaime will always love Cersei. You have to read all the interviews. (And btw I don't think we are gonna see them having sex) To add: He also said that he thinks Jaime wil not be the valonqar beacuse it would be too obvious, not because he love her too much. And if someone kills a partner, we are not talking about love. So, you are picturing a scene like this: "Cersei I really love you, but love is not enough anymore. We have 2 different views now so we can't stay together. Try to understand me, I can stand everything save that you're not going to help the realm against those zombies, so I will leave you and our baby alone. But I will always love you" are you really sure we do not understand the complexity and the intensity of J/C relationship, but you do? I've found the J/C relationship very interesting. And for me, people who think they are madly in love are not only misunderstanding Jaime, but also and mostly Cersei. no, you're not alone I think it's more about dependence. In the books, even if you take off the sexual aspect of their relationship, it's still an abusive relationship. As for season 6th, the scenes you were referring to, I would make distinctions. For ex. in Edmure/Jaime's scene it's pretty clear he's bluffing, but in Myrcella's talk I found both Cersei and Jaime ooc. It's not clear if season 7 will follow the Edmure/jaime direction or the other one.
  22. agree why should they invest time in building up something if they are not going to develop it? NCW has been very clear about J/C and J/B, he thinks Jaime should be with Brienne. Unfortunately, NCW is not one of the writer of the show. So we have to wait and see. I would really love to know why many people understand a very same scene in such a different way. I think it has to be something about the writing, but I don't know what. And I would be OT. LoL poor @Meera of Tarth! Anyway, we were talking about the photos and the season 7, let's pretend that all the leaks are true: we (Meera and I etc) don't like that Jaime will stay with Cersei till the last episode. But what do you ( @dsug and @Newstar ) think about Jaime leaving a pregnant Cersei to go to North? Why does he leave her if he loves her so much?
  23. It coul be one of the first ep, looks like Lf is instilling doubts Sansa about her role in Winterfell, Sansa vs Jon, like in the last season. Anyway, I don't know how (I really can't recognize one word), but someone has discovered what is written in the book Gilly is reading: "It is also written that there are annals in Asshai of such a darkness, and of a hero who fought against it with a red sword. His deeds are said to have been performed before the rise of Valyria, in the earliest age when Old Ghis was first forming its empire. This legend has spread west from Asshai, and the followers of R'hllor claim that this hero was named Azor Ahai, and prophesy his return. In the Jade Compendium, Colloquo Votar recounts a curious legend from Yi Ti, which states that the sun hid its face from the earth for a lifetime, ashamed at something none could discover, and that disaster was averted only by the deeds of a woman with a monkey's tail." - TWOIAF Ancient History: The Long Night She is reading the previuos page. Some maybe is she reading this?: "According to these tales, the return of the sun came only when a hero convinced Mother Rhoyne's many children—lesser gods such as the Crab King and the Old Man of the River—to put aside their bickering and join together to sing a secret song that brought back the day."
  24. Jaime next to Cersei makes my eyes bleed ... But I love the other photos!
  25. Sorry if I come out with this now, but you were talking about the ambiguous math and you were right, but I also find weird this description: Why did Ghost call Nymeria "little sister" ? wasn't Lady the little one? does we know if Nymeria was small too?