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  1. you're welcome! and in the end we all agree on something! they're boring!
  2. LoL nah, it is not what I see in this kind of relationships, with this kind of families and this kind of personalities. Then I can be wrong, but that's my thought. Anyway this is something we should discuss in private Btw wic has re-posted on fb this an hour ago:
  3. Jaime has been father for the first time in his life with Myrcella on the ship, then she died in his arms, he comes to KL and act in a fusional way again with Cersei. I don't think it is what his character should feel ... I feel a discontinuity between the scenes. Cersei can be vulnerable, but not "Myrcella was so sweet, so better than me", because it has no sense, she is very centered about herself, and we see it with Tommen. She loves her children because they are parts of herself. Or even if you think she loves her children not in a selfish way, there are an inconsistency between her reaction of Myrcella and Tommen's death. Plus I don't know why she is not angry with Jaime. Because he can't say he wants to take the castle without a bloodshed and he prefers to play the Kingslayer card, he has no choice given what Edmure said before (you're an evil man, how do you live with yourself etc etc). He gives him what he wants to hear for making him doing what he wants.
  4. that doesn't answer my question ... I re-quote you: So what do you think it's the purpose of building up that relationship? Maybe NCW doesn't think they will act on it, but not because Jaime will always love Cersei. You have to read all the interviews. (And btw I don't think we are gonna see them having sex) To add: He also said that he thinks Jaime wil not be the valonqar beacuse it would be too obvious, not because he love her too much. And if someone kills a partner, we are not talking about love. So, you are picturing a scene like this: "Cersei I really love you, but love is not enough anymore. We have 2 different views now so we can't stay together. Try to understand me, I can stand everything save that you're not going to help the realm against those zombies, so I will leave you and our baby alone. But I will always love you" are you really sure we do not understand the complexity and the intensity of J/C relationship, but you do? I've found the J/C relationship very interesting. And for me, people who think they are madly in love are not only misunderstanding Jaime, but also and mostly Cersei. no, you're not alone I think it's more about dependence. In the books, even if you take off the sexual aspect of their relationship, it's still an abusive relationship. As for season 6th, the scenes you were referring to, I would make distinctions. For ex. in Edmure/Jaime's scene it's pretty clear he's bluffing, but in Myrcella's talk I found both Cersei and Jaime ooc. It's not clear if season 7 will follow the Edmure/jaime direction or the other one.
  5. agree why should they invest time in building up something if they are not going to develop it? NCW has been very clear about J/C and J/B, he thinks Jaime should be with Brienne. Unfortunately, NCW is not one of the writer of the show. So we have to wait and see. I would really love to know why many people understand a very same scene in such a different way. I think it has to be something about the writing, but I don't know what. And I would be OT. LoL poor @Meera of Tarth! Anyway, we were talking about the photos and the season 7, let's pretend that all the leaks are true: we (Meera and I etc) don't like that Jaime will stay with Cersei till the last episode. But what do you ( @dsug and @Newstar ) think about Jaime leaving a pregnant Cersei to go to North? Why does he leave her if he loves her so much?
  6. It coul be one of the first ep, looks like Lf is instilling doubts Sansa about her role in Winterfell, Sansa vs Jon, like in the last season. Anyway, I don't know how (I really can't recognize one word), but someone has discovered what is written in the book Gilly is reading: "It is also written that there are annals in Asshai of such a darkness, and of a hero who fought against it with a red sword. His deeds are said to have been performed before the rise of Valyria, in the earliest age when Old Ghis was first forming its empire. This legend has spread west from Asshai, and the followers of R'hllor claim that this hero was named Azor Ahai, and prophesy his return. In the Jade Compendium, Colloquo Votar recounts a curious legend from Yi Ti, which states that the sun hid its face from the earth for a lifetime, ashamed at something none could discover, and that disaster was averted only by the deeds of a woman with a monkey's tail." - TWOIAF Ancient History: The Long Night She is reading the previuos page. Some maybe is she reading this?: "According to these tales, the return of the sun came only when a hero convinced Mother Rhoyne's many children—lesser gods such as the Crab King and the Old Man of the River—to put aside their bickering and join together to sing a secret song that brought back the day."
  7. Jaime next to Cersei makes my eyes bleed ... But I love the other photos!
  8. What is Ghost?

    Sorry if I come out with this now, but you were talking about the ambiguous math and you were right, but I also find weird this description: Why did Ghost call Nymeria "little sister" ? wasn't Lady the little one? does we know if Nymeria was small too?
  9. POEMS (or other sundry quotes) that remind you of ASOIAF

    Yeah! or jon in search of his mother ... Anyway I didn't know this story, thanks it can be useful! ahahahah a whole new world!! Now I wanna re-read my old school book! LoL
  10. [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    Me, Nik and the same faint hope...
  11. POEMS (or other sundry quotes) that remind you of ASOIAF

    Great work RR!! I loved the Eliot's love song. And it's great the parallelism Stannis/Macbeth ... Yes, I think Peach it's very symbolic, in asoiaf too! It's interesting that in China the peach represents immortality while there are so much blood/juice symbolism here. Medioeval/Persian(?) gardens seems to help the symbolism of good health/lust//sin etc. Curiousity of the day : I haven't noticed it before you wrote it, Peach in italian is Pesca but in many italian dialects is persica (southern dialects) or persiga (in my dialect). Thank you! so much fire here In the same canto there is this: Mastin in italian is The Hound (the old and the new) and Montagna is the Mountain:
  12. Figurative Reading of ASOIAF 101

    I think there are many symbolic levels in asoiaf, some more immediate and others less. Everyone read a story in a symbolic way even if not everyone is conscious of the fact. For example: Ice/fire, as @JNR said, it is something symbolic, and GRRM gives hints about what they can or cannot mean. Then there are symbolisms that help us undestand what is going to happen as @Good Guy Garlan and @bent branch said But asoiaf is a very rich fantasy story and like other works (mithology, fairy tales, Lotr ecc) they are a symbolic way to tell human troubles (we were talking about it with @ravenous reader some days ago). So it's not a case if we emphatize with some characters and not with others. The Quest, the character's arc, the events could be all symbolic, too. It's "curative". Ohhhh I love this idea! I'm a Agatha's superfan.... never thought about this! I have to think about it, thank you!!
  13. Exactly! Point is that if you claim that you've read all the scripts you have to remember the existece of certain scenes even if you're not focused on these characters. If you don't know some things, it could be because you didn't read the whole scripts, or your scripts were incomplete/incorrect. If he had said that he knew only some parts of the scripts, maybe I would have believed him.
  14. The Duality of Fire in Mythology

    Really interesting post! hope you'll post more soon ...
  15. yes, and in the interview you mentioned, he says he would risk anything for her. So if during the meeting she will ask him to protect the realm against WW he will do it. And yes this doesn't contraddict the leaks, but lads1, when he remembered that Brienne will be at the dragonpit, said that J/B shared only one scene in front of everyone, not alone. He didn't know anything about a private encounter. It was WotW that said they are going to share a scene together (at least one). This could be a contraddiction.
  16. [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    noooooo Orpheus and Eurydice nooooooo. (Brienne bitten by a viper while running from Tormund) I know there are not so many chances of a happy ending! Anyway Orpheus and Eurydice were aware of they're love and they were a married couple, so if GRRM or D&D are planning an horrible death for one of them (or both), at least I want it is really clear for everyone that they're in love! yes! and corrects the interviewer! I love Gwen, Nik and their chemistry, they did a great work (not so much some choice of the writings)!! But I really really love Jaime and Brienne in the books!
  17. [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    yeah, first the episode (608) interviews then the commentary and now this! And he is not only saying he loves her but that "he's willing to risk everything for Brienne. And then of course, that means that he can open up, because he can trust this person more than he can trust anyone else". That's powerful! LoL the fanfic question!
  18. Ashara, her child and the father?

    No, I mean about Ashara, in general.
  19. [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    <3 He's the best J/B shipper! Hope that "He's never gonna be able to connect that with himself" will change
  20. I agree! ho-dooooooooor they have to! I find it a weird choice, July I mean, maybe it was inevitable, but there are vacations ... I really like it too! yeah!! I think she is XD and when she will know tyrion is back.... Anyway, I really like that Brienne has got a northern cloak but still wears Jaime's armor!! I've read comments telling she is a Stark look now... not true!
  21. why that song?? "HAND of gold" would be more appropriate, if they must use it.
  22. Ashara, her child and the father?

    Welcome Scotty!! I'm not so well versed in Ashara, even if I find her story really intriguing. Expecially the end (what do you think about it?) However I've read some theories about Daeny as Ashara's daughter, but I am not so keen. But I've never read anything about Aerys/Ashara's rapist and I find it interesting, really credible. If I remember well @Lady Blizzardborn talked about it in another thread, maybe she is more expert than me
  23. POEMS (or other sundry quotes) that remind you of ASOIAF

    I wrote LSH because of that old thread, but if I have to choose he could be more similar to Euron. I've re-read the description in AFFC and even people's feeling in his presence is similar. Exactly, the Journey is very symbolic in all the litterature (I've written a brief thesis about it), and the sea journey even more. For me they are both interior journey, but the difference is that in the Quest or similar journey (Brienne, Arya) the symbolism concerns the identity issue, the personal growth and problem solving, while the sea journey concerns the emotive part of yourself, the risk is to lose yourself it is something deeper and powerful, you can't decide where you are going, you are at the mercy of forces outside your control.(Euron) Journeys are loved by readers because of their function: they provide us examples of characters that confront their own blocks and overcome them. And I think this is one of the reason why Asoiaf is so popular, it shows many plots and characters people can use as a "mirror" . Sea journey, too. But they are often more tormented, it's easier to feel the anguish. And in this interpretation it's interesting the one-eye symbolism, in this troubled time you loose the clear vision. If you "survive" you lost an eye but the vision of the world is different. I think even the Mariner doesn't know why he shot the albatross. It's the kind of action that a person acts when he/she is facing struggles, the result is something that hurts the people around you and yourself too. A choice that you can't change, you can just accept the consequences and tell your story to free yourself from the guilty. (parallelisms with asoiaf??) this is one of the best part, for me. And it's the meaning of this action they are trying to figure it out, even the Mariner himself. Probably one of the reason he has to tell his story, too. The sense research. great parallelism! idem yes I really like it too great! and this is linked to the idea that the cave are a-temporal, an un-place. true!
  24. Varys and Littlefinger

    Why? Let's pretend Varys knew about LF's plan to take Sansa with him. Sansa is the North, and it's important that she survives. With LF she is safer than in KL with Cersei. The chances she survives are higher, meanwhile he plans Aegon's arrival. So even if Varys knows Sansa is going to flee, why should he prevent it? and don't forget that it was Varys that freed Tyrion, even if apparently it was Jaime who asked for it. LF wanted Tyrion executed and Sansa free to re-marry.
  25. I think it is just a promo, and for a real trailer, with footages and more charaters, we still have to wait. First time I've watched it on the phone and it was all really dark.