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  1. yes I agree with you. I don't know when it started, maybe you're right and it was with Jon. Probably it changed even the proximity and the physical contact, not sure. And I also think that it's connected to the emotional part. Many characters controls their emotions now, and it compromises their corporeity. In countertrend: Brienne. And I'm glad she is
  2. Exactly my point. He was playing the kingslayer and prevented a bloodshed. Now that very same person decides to sack a castle without blinking an eye (and kills a woman). Jaime can make choices, but not this season apparently. What I'm saying he is in contraddition with the Jaime of the prevoius seasons. It's not about leaving Cersei or not. To me this means occ writing.
  3. He said he wasn't angry, he said nothing about the wildfire (cersei sent him away and used his infos for hurting innocent people), no word about his uncle. After what he did in Riverland for edmure he sacked a castle (his idea) and killed an old woman in a private meeting (why?). He talked to Randyll and said Olenna is full of revenge (really? I can't imagine why) and so it's ok betraying her. And so on ... no hints of doubts , no questions. He was just happy with her and scared because they're not in a good situation. Have you seen any sign of doubts?
  4. As I said it's not about leaving. I would never say that, you know why. It's about how he acted. It is random and nonsense. Not only with Cersei.
  5. I thought about it a lot: the only logical explanation for Jaime's behavior it's that he's been hit in the head with something between season 6 and 7, offscreen. Probably the flying bell of the temple. I would have loved to see it, otherwise it makes no sense. No, well the problem is not Jaime still by Cersei's side. That makes sense, as you said. But the way he accepts everything, what he says to her, to Randyll, to Olenna, to Brienne, to Bronn, and what he suggests himself, that psychologically makes no sense. It's random and ooc. As for the future, I'm not so sure he closed with his sister, and I'm not sure "I don't believe you" means a closure. I still hope though.
  6. There are many interviews in this thread. He was clear about it even in the 6x08 commentary : and here some interviews: And obviously right now I can't find them anymore XD XD but they exist. He used to talk about TB in a sarcastic way, probably now he's more careful.
  7. I hope it is. But they could have hinted at it, at least! so many wasted opportunities ...
  8. No he is a JB fan, he changed his answers only lately and I can't blame him, given Jaime's season 7. I think Brienne deserves better than season7-Jaime. He said he had to ask many questions about jaime this season, as @Meera of Tarth told you in her previous post. As for "I don't believe you", I don't think it's like Nik said in the interview. I think they wanted to left something open, for Cersei. A chance to change idea and be the good queen. I hope he's right, though.
  9. A new video I've found here: he keeps asking question
  10. Oh RR a bird with 3 eyes, this conversation has so many potential, thank you..... "You will never walk again but you will fly (high)" so many threads to understand the meaning, but the italians already knew.
  11. Poor Nik! What's wrong with that umbrella guy??
  12. What waste of time? same scene, different reactions. I know they are probably afraid, but more ambiguous scenes we get, more wrong interpretations of the plot we'll have. I don't think it is matter of plot but character's inner coherence. You were right in your first post.
  13. Sure, if they would have shown us people afraid and unsure. Like it was in the last scene of 6x10. But now I haven't see anything similar, I've seen quite the opposite.
  14. It makes no sense. Even if nobody questioned her, people should be scared. I've found interesting her scene with the iron bank. She said the sept was a tragic accident, so the official version is "accident" and they haven't questioned it for fear. I haven't seen anyone scared.
  15. That. Character's coherence is what bothers me the most. In particular in Winterfell and King's Landing, even if not only there. I find most of them OoC. I surely would add to your list Jaime, and maybe sansa too. I really don't understand anymore what characters think, and it's a first time for me. Probably part of the problem is the rhythm (everything condensed), but it's not just that. If it's true that NCW kept asking questions about his part of scripts, well, he was right. I don't want to rant about the show, I'm just really trying to understand it. Can we try? Yes, everything it's a bit too hasty, some scenes seem disconnected. Grey worm/Missandei scene could have been a good scene, but it was a weird moment, out of nowhere.
  16. I didn't know that sonetto. Thanks. Great metaphor, Ice and Fire! Petrarca uses it to describe his emotions, so strong that feels like a contrast. Who does in Asoiaf feel that way? I think Arya is one of the most loved character because of her inner identity conflict: who am I? Am I what my family wanted for me? Does my family reflect who I am? Am I autonomous or dipendent? Can I live without bonds? Can I live without an identity, without my past? and so on ... These are questions everyone ask to him/herself. And the wood, the travel, the different roads to take, are perfect icons of this inner fight. I love all the authors that use these symbolisms.
  17. Great answers Gwen, really. I'm enjoying the interviwes this season. I still have hope because of these. LoL
  18. Yeah I really didin't like the map scene, I can't understand what D&D are doing with Jaime, and why. I loved Euron though. And then he said "In my experience, the surest way to a woman's heart is with a gift. A priceless gift." LoL, So true. Maybe more than one?
  19. it is about tyrion
  20. More more more hype&more fun, good job Gwen and Nik!
  21. Love them!
  22. Absolutely, from now on she will do everything to escape her destiny. Her raison d'être, yes. What is not clear is if Maggy was referring to the present or the future, when she said "all that you hold dear." Because it changes a lot during time. yes that's true!I totally agree.
  23. Cersei loves the power, the manipulations and the possibility to see herself in the others (or some parts of herself) like a mirror. Anyway, I agree, I really think it's Brienne in the prophecy. Now I'm really sleepy and can't write more , but great thread!
  24. LoL yes "all the ladies" yes, true! I had forgotten Cersei's Ghosts!