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  1. Hey guys! It's me again,with another YATIB. Before we begin,just a little stuff before we begin. You're laying in bed,rewatching GOT or reading the ASOIAF books. A portal appears under you,and you fall through it,it transporting you to the game of thrones universe. Time is paused in the real world until you either choose to leave or die in this new alternate game of thrones universe. When you return,it will be as if everything you did in game of thrones was just a very lucid dream. Now,for some stuff. 1: You wake up in kings landing,in some middle-class westerosi clothing,with a long dagger sheathed at your side,a purse with 25 golden dragons,and a magical,100% accurate map of planetos that can tell you wherever you are at any time. 2: It is around the time of the prologue of book 1. 3: You are yourself,and have all of your knowledge and skills. Also,you are slightly more fit,and somehow know all of the planetosi languages fluently,including reading and writing them. 4: Good luck!
  2. Anyways,I would much rather have margarey over these two.
  3. That seems about right. Still though,abolishing slavery isn't the greatest of ideas,there's nothing around to supplement (is that the right word?) the vast majority of the income of the cities that comes from slavery. Best case scenario,she'd have to do it over years,which would prevent her from sailing off to westeros.
  4. So,then how would you interpret her saying that she will take what is hers (lol no it isn't) with fire and blood? Maybe she'll go camping and talk things out with all the slavers and she'll somehow use blood to fix meereens economy,which she fucked up horribly by getting rid of basically the only thing it made money from?
  5. Hello! It's superninja76 again,and i've decided to make another thread. If you were king/queen of westeros,who would be in your ideal small council? For me,it would be Hand of the King: Tywin Lannister Lord Commander of the Kingsguard: Barristan Selmy Master of Coin: Illyrio Mopatis Master of Laws: Stannis Baratheon (DUH) Master of Whisperers: Varys Master of Ships: (Fuck it,time travel.) Corlys Velaryon Grand Maester: Aemon Targaryen Also,it would have several advisors. Margaery Tyrell,Eddard Stark,and Davos Seaworth.
  6. Anyways. I'd be a minor lord in the riverlands,south-east of saltpans,on the Quiet Isle. Firstly,i'd probably try to figure out where the fuck I am,without making it obvious that i'm not from planetos. Once i've figured out where I am,i'd probably order the construction of a small port,so we can start getting more ferrys in from westeros. I'll also set up a camp for refugees,and purchase a couple catapults or scorpions to be mounted on the towers,so I can control the trident delta. I would have my master at arms start training soldiers,and send out people to hire some hedge knights. I'd then send someone north to the dreadfort to protect domeric bolton from ramsay,because him being alive would be a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge help. Next,i'd join king roberts party north,with some of my retainers. I'd meet ned and cat,and after the initial greetings,set up some hay,or something where bran is going to fall down to. He'll still be in a coma,but he won't lose use of his legs. Shortly before the assassin comes to kill him,i'd head over to express my condolences to catelyn,and knock the assassin the fuck out. After ned leaves,i'd head south,back to the quiet isle,leaving my retainers there. I'd meet with some merchants and help them establish a trading post on the quiet isle,also,i'd stockpile food and water. Next,i'd head to the crossroads inn,and just happen to be there at the time catelyn arrives. I'd have a brief conversation with her,and order some drinks,waiting until tyrion comes. I'd then join her and the other riverlanders in seizing tyrion. I'd help to the best of my ability in the fight against the raiders,but let tyrion save catelyn. Then,i'd go to the eyrie,and watch the trial by combat,advising lysa to end the fight before vardis gets killed. I would head to kings landing,but probably be too late to save robert. I won't stop eddards arrest,eiether,but i'll kill littlefinger. Afterwards,i'd probably head back to the quiet isle,and raise all my bannermen that have been training,and rally all the hedge knights i have hired+my retainers from earlier,and travel to riverrun,to join edmure. I'd fight in the battle of the camps,and at the whispering wood. I'd have my men distract some of robbs guards (The karstark kids,specifically,so lord karstark doesn't kill those prisoners.),and when jaime gets close enough to attack robb,me and two of the hedge knights I hired will attack jaime,before he's able to swing. Robb will be pretty happy I saved his life,and so will cat. I'll probably be put in command of more troops,and i'll head east,joining up with edmures forces shortly before the battle of the fords begins. I'll join his reserve forces,where his best knights are,and help them when they are committed against gregor clegane in the stonemill. With the added numbers,perhaps gregor clegane will be captured,or cut down. If he's captured,fucking great,i can convince edmure to turn him over to the dornish. After tywin turns back,i'll dispatch the vast majority of my men in a effort to slow tywin's advance to kings landing down,hopefully that will give stannis time. Roose (or probably domeric,in this case) Will march to fight the iron throne at duskendale. I'll join domeric and his men with my remaining forces,and with roose not undermining robb&gregor clegane having been captured/killed,it's quite likely we'll win the battle. Perhaps i'll even get heartsbane. With tywin busy fighting stannis in kings landing,and all other sizable forces in the crownlands defeated,and with the duskendale troops not dead+loyal karstarks&boltons,walder might reconsider the red wedding,and if he attempts it the freys are absolutely fucked. Winterfell is retaken. (eiether by cassel since ramsay is dead,or by robb with his army) And with ramsay's death,theon still has his jiggly bits,and all that horrible shit doesn't happen to jeyne. Depending on how the blackwater goes with tywin's delayed arrival,the war might be over. Let's assume stannis wins. Robb probably bends the knee to stannis,and since margaery is almost certainly single now,i'll see if i can bed her.
  7. Probably a good idea,you don't want to be Lord too fat to sit on a horse. x3
  8. Kind of. It's more complicated then that,since in this hypothetical situation you are yourself,in game of thrones,and you have the first book. So,if you so wish it you could influence events like,alot. The point of the thread is to figure out what people would do,if this situation happened to them.
  9. Ah. Sorry,i'm actually pretty new to the site. How do I get in touch with someone who can move it to there?
  10. Alright. So,you are reading AGOT in bed,portal appears,you fall through it,wake up in the middle of your castles great hall,wearing the clothes of a westerosi noble (I'll leave that to your imagination!) You also seem to know the westerosi language,and whatever else was on the bed (aside from the blankets and pillow,ofc) fell through the portal with you. (excluding any people on the bed) Your maester is the guy who wakes you up,and from what he says and where you are it's pretty easy to gather you are some sort of lord. You can customize what your house is like and where it is,as long as it isn't too big/rich,and if it doesnt erase any other houses. Now,the question is,what do you do after you wake?
  11. You can't be ezio,silly! You are um...i don't know your name. You are you?