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  1. Too obvious for me, and we have already seen Wights south of the wall. My guess is that it will allow him to communicate with him in some way that will be key to the end game.
  2. One thing is certain, if Martin was so worried about the direction his legacy is being taken, there is an easy way to fix it. Finish his books.
  3. I keep going back to the thought that if I were to wait fr Martin to finish his story, I will be dead before I see the end. If you dont like where the tv show has taken the story, even that fault lies greatly with Martin. If he could have found some way to force himself to write ten words a day, he would have controled this story more.
  4. Might it be that Maisie is just now old enough to get/want a tatoo?
  5. Charles Dance(Tywin) narates the add for a new Nat Geo show, almost in character.
  6. Begger #3 in the KL riot. :-)
  7. I am sill perplexed by the hatred of the producers of the show. Martin has had 20 Years to think about this story, and over 5 to release one book, and he cannot make himself do it. If we were waiting for him to progress the story, we might get 2 episodes in time for the 2024 Fall season.
  8. I am much more concerned with the path taken to get to the end, than where it ends up. Who Jon and Dani wind up with is much less important to me than how they get there, and if I believe it. A leak of a spoiler that tells me the end is not near enough to go on and say I like it or I don't. I can say the same of any other major events.
  9. I have wondered for some time if Martin's end game was not more like the War of Wrath from Tolkien, than the end of LOTR. By that I mean that the war between the WW and men with fundamentally change the world, Not just we win, they lose, winter ends and the good guy(in this case Girl) gets the throne, but the world after is completely different than the world before (No Dragons, no magic......) and a different relationship with the gods.
  10. HBO does not have much original content at the moment, so it would be likely they have something on the go.
  11. It is a much more logical story done in that manner. Even if she took KL first, who held it after would depend so much on the war in the North that what happened before would be nearly meaningless. To me it would be nonsensical to fight a war, between 2 badly mismatched sides and then blow up the prize, and have whats left scramble for the crumbs. Going North 1st deals with the fact that Nothing in Westros could possibly stand up to what is currently crossing the sea, and that is the biggest problem with the story right now.
  12. If we were waiting for Martin to progress the show, we would be mid season 3 right now.
  13. I wonder if the characterizations of most people in the show, male and female sometimes come off as 2 dimensional simply because the huge number of characters makes it hard to provide enough story to give them extra depth? For Sansa, she was manipulated into inviting Littlefinger back, but in her mind it was a very different sort of decision than she made when she agreed to marry Ramsay.
  14. Whats better about the show, is a commitment to advancing the story, and getting to the end. I don't think Martin will ever finish his books. He may release Winds of Winter eventually, but he will never get done the series.
  15. I don't think you can look at what has happened to Sansa through a modern view of marriage/relationships/sex. She was manipulated into and agreement to be married off. Because of that she was put in a place to be badly mistreated. Her becoming a badass, is not her reaction to how she was treated by her husband (which I would fully agree is not realistic) but a response to her allowing herself to be manipulated into the situation in the first place. Her change seems a legitimate response to take control of the situations she is in.