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  1. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    Well Jon and Arya look alike because Arya is also like his mother Lyanna, and a few adult people called Arya pretty along her travels. Gendry certainly seems to think she is pretty. Now that I think about it, it is kind of sad that Jon really yearns for his mother only to have his little sister be a lot like her instead but he does not know it.
  2. There are no religions in the story?

    So what about the "rules" in each religion. Is the incest and guest rights or eating human abomination against the rules in other religions as well? I am actually not sure about these details.
  3. There are no religions in the story?

    That makes some sense. Thank you.
  4. There are no religions in the story?

    Are there many gods or are they what the people are claiming as gods to help rule other people?
  5. There are no religions in the story?

    Thank you for your answer. I need that good luck! Now that I read a little on those links you sent, I realize that the many faced god of Braavos is confusing. This and some other posters saying that the old gods require fire like r'hollor does. But I guess Dorian Martell's Son could be right somehow?
  6. Sansa knew about Jeynes faith

    That is no problem. How funny that I just said the same thing to another poster here. I need a reread too for some information! I guess we all just remember our own little details?
  7. There are no religions in the story?

    I see other posters make the same statement that they keep finding new details on rereads. I want to start one, but that will have to wait until summer break. Thank you again.
  8. Sansa knew about Jeynes faith

    They knew she was a fake too. They did not care because they just want her name. It was during a sex scene that Ramsay asks her about a sex act and she says she was trained.
  9. There are no religions in the story?

    Thanks for the answer. I remember that you gave me some good answers on another question I asked. I did read through the books once and I want to start the Dunk and Egg books soon, but it seems that while reading through the forum here that many other posters found "links" that I guessed I missed. The recent thread that r'hollor will bring back Jon got me thinking about this, because isn't his faith the old gods? There are a lot more other examples that other posters seem to have linked together that made me think there is no religion and I was wondering.
  10. Sansa knew about Jeynes faith

    Yes, iirc Petyr did put her in one of his brothels and Jeyne mentions something about being trained when she was (f)Arya and that was sex training. I do remember that lots of people like Jaime, and Cersei, and Tywin, Lady Barbrey also know she is fake Arya.
  11. What is Ghost?

    Wow. That is a good one. Jon is the child of two dead people. I like this idea.
  12. Sansa knew about Jeynes faith

    Do you mean fate? because I do not see what Jeyne's faith has to do with her situation. I guess if you mean fate then I think this reveal will come to Sansa in the next book and she will add that to her collection of hate against Baelish. I don't know really, but it is a good question.
  13. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    Jon is just ok but I guess he is a favorite because he is the hero of the story. I think Daenerys is more of a hero for ending slavery but I guess Jon has some things to do also.
  14. Tyrion will go to Braavos

    I think Tyrion will go to Braavos with Daenerys to finish some red door business there. And I think Tyrion will vista the brothels and may run in to Arya maybe as a whore in a face herself. They are both kind of faceless right now anyway.
  15. You guys are always so great at answering my confusing questions. Thank you. And now I have some more. I am still reading the forum here a lot between classes and moving and all, and one thing I think I am understanding is that there is no real "gods" of any religion because religion does not exist. Is that right? It seems there are a few posters that have identified lots of religions that only have the same start and only have name changes. One in particular that seems to come up a lot and is on another thread now is that apparently the old gods and r'hollor are the same and that is why Jon will be brought back from the dead. If there are no gods and religion, then what is Bloodraven doing? Where does the moral structure and "abomination" rules come from? And Mirri Maz Duur is the same as Melisandre? Sorry for so many questions. I have not been able to read the books as many times as some of you other posters have.