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  1. Anyone else dislike Valyrians/Targaryens?

    They are smart and they can rebuild what has been damaged. That seems like the point to Daenerys anyway. I have not read all of the extra world books and stuff, but I think these books are what matters.
  2. Wow. I will have to check them out when I have more time. I must admit that it may take a lot to change things from a Daenerys and Jon match to happen. Especially when compared to Jon marrying his little sister or a non-Westeros lady.
  3. Numbers and their significance in the story

    Wow. This is all really interesting. I will have to come back and read more when I have a little more time.
  4. There are no religions in the story?

    So what about the idea that there is just one "god" or overarching deity of some form, and that all the different religions are just interpreting things differently?
  5. Really? She is such a small role in the books. What foreshadowing is there for this ship? Wow, this really came out of left field for me. She is cute and all, but I don't know if George is setting Val up to be a queen with Jon.
  6. The Nights Watch Vows: Helpful or Damaging?

    Well, I think breaking a thousands year old tradition to keep Westeros safe is pretty bad too. That puts lots of lives in danger.
  7. Wylla Manderly? I am not sure who else. Please don't say Sansa.
  8. Anyone else dislike Valyrians/Targaryens?

    Wow. This is how I feel too. She responds with something harsh to people who have done her wrong.
  9. I agree that there is no foreshadowing for Jon and Arya at all. I think these examples are just taken way out of context. But I do think that the author is preparing Jon and Daenerys for each other, even though I hate that idea myself. I think Daenerys and Daario make a better match.
  10. The Nights Watch Vows: Helpful or Damaging?

    Jon is an oath breaker and that seems how George is making Jon learn. By killing him. Daenerys has to learn things her own way and making big mistakes and then fixing them is just one big way. The author has to prepare each of them to get together and rule Westeros.
  11. Well, Jon did say that Arya never tore her dolls, but earlier in the story when that little girl is following her Arya does take her doll and tear it up. So it seems to me that Arya will be so changed (not evil changed, just different) that Jon won't notice her. I do not see this ship happening at all between these two.
  12. The Nights Watch Vows: Helpful or Damaging?

    I don't think she is done with Slaver's Bay. I think she will return with Drogo and straighten that out once and for all. George seems to really want her to struggle before becoming the main queen of the entire series. I guess to help her learn?
  13. What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    Daenerys hatching the dragons. The best scene ever.
  14. Sansas ending

    It always seemed to me that Littlefinger was the one doing the poisoning and maybe Lysa was crazy because she was an addict herself, or something.
  15. Wow. Another thread asking this question. I find it interesting because this never occurred to me or my friends when we read the books. I remember in the other thread talking about this, but then some people started to get really rude with other people just because they had a different idea. I hope this does not happen here. All I can say is this does not seem like a Jonrya ship is happening at all. If anything, Jon will get with Daenerys when she comes to clean up Westeros. That is also not my favorite ship, but it isn't my story either. And I guess I don't understand why people keep saying the outline is still happening when it clearly isn't and even Mr.Martin says so. That seems like putting blinders on.