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  1. Ok, thank you guys for answering my endless questions
  2. Thank you for your answers. That helps.
  3. I don't know if Jon is really dead. I don't think George Martin would make Danaerys marry a zombie. I think what he did was stupid and dumb no matter what.
  4. What happened to those slavers is just as awesome as Queen Danaerys burning the slavers in slavers bay. That isn't so bad.
  5. Wow. Thank you. But I guess I still have a question as to if being a bastard was a negative thing rather than it just being a name or word to show they are different.
  6. Bloodraven is not a bad guy. None of the Targaryens are. They are the only ones who are both superior and trying to save humanity. That is what Bloodraven is doing. We only see one sacrifice in the books IIRC. Maybe the next book Bran will get another vision that explains it. I thought the woman in the vision kissing the tall guy was Nan. What color is Hodor's hair?
  7. I recently got the big World book and have been reading it and skimming some other parts. Wow. This book is like one of my text books. If you have not read the World book yet, it starts out with the ancient history and moves foreword. One thing I noticed is that there doesn't seem to be a lot of talk about bastards until later when the Targaryens rightfully conquer Westeros. When did the term and negative concept of bastards happen? Thanks eveyone for always answering my questions.
  8. The purpose of the Targaryens and their incest is to preserve their genes and dragon blood and to show there is a master race. They are the best. Enough said.
  9. Is that reading out there somewhere? I never heard that one.
  10. I think Tyrion might prep her for a future family member being alive, but I think she will find out exactly who in person once she arrives to her chair in King's Landing. Drogon will confirm it
  11. I agree with other posters here that it seems Jon is the best one for Rob to chose. Either way, Jon is going to be king with Danaerys, so I am not sure Rob's decree will mean much in the end. It is going to happen.
  12. Wow. Yeah, I confirmed that the other day. Also, that is a pretty mean and unfair thing to do by trying to quote unpublished material as truth just yet. But like I mentioned before, I will get to reading the big World book soon because I did order that one.
  13. I guess the author needed to create a consistant look for some families which also let other secret children hide.
  14. A sawn song is a solo song that one sings when they are dying. This also fits the clues in the main post and some of the other ones. I guess this means Arya will die in the spring with her needle in her hand? I just want to say that I learned this in drama class so I don't know if everyone else knew this.
  15. Wow! Did I somehow miss the release of this book? I was so excited to hear about this several months ago but I didn't realize it had been released yet. I love the Targaryens and I still need to read the big World book (summertime with no classes) and I will head to Amazon now to buy this one.