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  1. The most hated one for me is Aeron, no doubt. I can't help but feel Victarion Pre ADWD Jon is boring tbh. Such goody two shoes and dull character Brienne, but only because everyone she meets is an arsehole or uninteresting. The last cliffhanger also annoyed the hell out of me during my first read because I felt like I got through so many boring chapters only for her to die. I could only appreciate her chapters after the first read. For re reads though, I can't help but mentally sighing for these: Arya (bad ass but still ungrateful and stuborn and sometimes annoying, though it's completely understandable) Bran (mostly uneventful) ADWD Tyrion
  2. I'd prefer choosing either Jaime or Cersei but considering both probably have an expiration date before the end of the books, I'd have to go with Dany. She's among my favorites though so not much loss I suppose.
  3. Makes a lot of sense, but at the same time, if he would appear with Dany beside him it is also a good way to legitimize his identity. Of course, marrying her is a stronger way to do that, but I think that having her as an ally is already enough to inspire other to their cause, or making him more 'believable', especially considering the pay off can be quite good if both are available for marriage.
  4. The best would be to kill Viserys, and instead of marrying Dany to Aegon, keep them both single for future alliances through marriage if needed. She's the last female Targ, Aegon's heir and beautiful surely her hand is worth a good deal.
  5. Well TWOW spoilers....
  6. If I was the Lord Paramount of the North: Kill Roose (if my bannermen have some fancy consensus on how to do, I'm all for it), flay Ramsay and maybe even do what John Doe suggested seems more than fair after all he's done. Any cousins/uncles/possible heirs with the Bolton name have the possibility of total submission like the Wall, or a steward to some house, a chain about their neck is also welcome. The females I would marry to petty lords or maybe whoever holds the Dreadfort in my name. Assuming I didn't have the castle destroyed, which I would very much do depending on the circumstances.
  7. I'm sure someone probably beat me to it but here's my 2 cents lol AFFC p.684 Arianne Now let's consider the death toll in Cersei's two previous chapters: Broken hip - Lady Tanda A chill - Lord Rosby So with Doran getting visibly worse, yeah he's a total goner. ADWD Jon IV Throw back to Bran's first ADWD chapter where that is exactly the only thing they have been eating for some time.
  8. Nice collection of quotes (how is it that no one has replied to this yet?) He seems to grow very fond of Tommen after returning to KL. Seems like he even starts resenting Cersei for 'keeping his children away from him' (not that he cared too much about it before). I guess he starts getting fatherly instincts after he realizes everyone he loved was 'abandoning' him (Tywin's death, Tyrion's hatred, breaking up with Cersei). Very interesting.
  9. I'm sure mine is pretty obvious lol On my first read she was my favourite because because hers and Jaime's chapters are the only ones who entertained me reading AFFC, and Dorne as well, but there were too few dornish chapters. I only started to enjoy the book in later reads. I love the Lannister sarcasm and I also love Cersei's strength, even if she is incompetent and paranoid. She also has a certain amount of cunning, despite being short sighted. I have always loved femme fatales, and even if the evil queen is a lot dumber and illusional than she realizes, she is still a femme fatale. Tywin also gets an honourable mention. He has a very powerful presence so to speak, and he's very clever despite being cruel. One of my favourite quotes about him is Jaime's: 'even from the grave, Lord Tywin's hand moves us all'. Really shows how much of a bad ass the guy is.
  10. Thank you guys, appreciate it ^^ That guide is very useful actually *proceeds to read and realize that I have been saying a good bunch of names wrong*
  11. Small question relating to pronunciation (sorry if there is already a topic for this, couldn't find anything). How is Arya pronounced? Is it like GoT's Cat Aar - Yah, or like other characters say it? Ah--rya.
  12. I'd ask for a detailed description of the Lands of Always Winter including its history.
  13. I'd love it for his death to be a very obviously accidental one. That would drive Cersei even crazier and the explanations she would come up would be hilariously absurd.