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  1. Doran = Oberyn
  2. oh yes
  3. Dragons shit gold
  4. Aegon the Conqueror never existed
  5. good thread
  6. Maybe a Giant with giant bow
  7. Cersei will accuse HIGH SPRArrow
  8. Hard to pick i need bad pussy
  9. I don't think Seven exist
  10. Euron will betray Cersei and he wil destroy Lannister army with Golden Company and he will take Westeros
  11. What do you guys think about it ? I think this will never happen but who knows
  12. So i got this theory that valyria wasnt doomed but it was used powerful magic and now valyria is city underwater. That explain smoking sea because of the vulkans. And gerion Lannister is now in valyria he is not dead or missing Euron buy his armor valyria in there.
  13. It's Fanfic guy writes down based on theories i think