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  1. Cersei killed Myrcella because of her bullshit trial
  2. its Aegon Jon will replace a saved Aegon by Varys
  3. my big dick
  4. Bloodraven tried to kill him! He pushed Bran to his destiny
  5. Queen: Cersei King: Tyrion Hand: Tywin Lannister Master of Laws: Blackfish Master of Ships: Euron Master of Coin: Wyman Manderly Master of Whispers: Varys Grand Maester: Qyburn master of war Robb Stark Commander of the KG: Khal Drogo
  6. Ned stark raped Lyanna that his son and he Killed her to cover the secret also that's way he never told his wife who Jon's mother was
  7. And Syrio forel died wearing Ned stark's head
  8. Because Pycelle wasnt that much stupid Varys planed to left only stupid people in KL
  9. Does anyone here did cath that virus ? What are the chances are to cath it ?
  10. Big other is thier Leader and GOD who made them they calling him Lightbringer
  11. valonqar = Podrick Payne. Tywin speared his life not becuse of the name but that his bastard SON we know that Tywin did take other woman
  12. He did rape her Brandon wanted her she didint open her legs one leads to another ... and you know. Maybe even thats why she killed herself
  13. Europe would won because Korea and China would stand by Europe !!