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  1. Baelish knows that Ned went to Tower of Joy to rescue Lyanna and instead came back with a baby claiming as his own bastard. Ned's reputation for being honorable was known worldwide. Baelish may have suspicions that Jon is actually Lyanna's child not Ned's but that's all he has, suspicions, not proofs.
  2. I used to believe...(show version only) that Sansa would remain a virgin. that Doran was an intelligent, interesting character. that Jaime would end things with Cersei.(he might next season, but I thought he would be done with her sooner than that) that Margaery would outlive Cersei. that the North would actually remember. that Faceless Men would have some ulterior motive. that A + J = T is the most ridiculous theory ever(I think the show is leaning towards that) that Dany was going to become mad like her father.
  3. At least she will be a better ruler than the most recent ones(Robert, Joffrey, Tommen)
  4. I totally forgot about the crown. Thank you for pointing it out! But then, who would she crown the next King in the North? Jon? Would Lady Stoneheart be able to get over her discomfort of Jon? Not to mention that Jon is pretty much stuck at the Wall right now.
  5. If Arya and and Lady Stoneheart meet, Arya will most likely be her end. I think she would ask Arya to put an end to her miserable existence. If She and Arya never cross paths, I think her desire for vengeance gradually recedes to be replaced by sorrow and despair and she will end her own life.
  6. Am I the only one who misses Hyle Hunt?
  7. I like the Starks and the Tyrells.
  8. the revelation of how Hodor became Hodor
  9. They could send some angry letters to Ned by raven. They could petition the king to not legitimize Jon(although I find that unlikely). They could just grumble but not do anything about it. Still, offending one of the great houses is not a small thing.
  10. Ned would upset not only Cat but House Tully as well. It's possible that the Tullys think that Ned is 'dishonoring' Catelyn by legitimizing Jon. IMO legitimizing a bastard while one's trueborn children are still living could cause unwelcome controversies and suspicions.
  11. But if Bran was in KL, Catelyn wouldn't have captured Tyrion leading Jaime to recklessly attack the Riverlands so Robb wouldn't have Jaime in his hands to trade with Bran. Robb would have to attack KL to get Bran back. OR, he could bend the knee to Joffrey instead but would that be enough? I think it's likely that Cersei would keep Bran as a ward of the Crown to get the Starks to behave.
  12. If Bran managed to go to King's Landing by not falling from the tower or not go climbing at all, how would have things turned out? 1. War of the Five Kings Catelyn would have stayed in Winterfell and therefore not have abducted Tyrion and started all the conflict between the Lannisters and the Starks. But She and Ned would still have suspected the Lannisters for murdering Jon Arryn. Ned would still have found out about Joffrey's true parentage, leading Cersei to 'accidentally' kill Robert. Littlefinger would still betray Ned and Joffrey would still be a dick and have Ned beheaded than sent to the Watch. Robb could still call the banners (and proclaim himself King in the North) but he and Cat would be in the North, how would the Vale and the Riverlands react? 2. Bran and Sansa as hostage of the Lannisters Tywin married Sansa to Tyrion because she was the only known heir of Winterfell. (Bran, Rickon and Arya were all thought dead and Tywin was planning a little surprise wedding for Robb when he suggested the marriage) However, if Bran was in King's Landing Tywin would probably try to marry off Bran rather than Sansa. Who could be Bran's betrothed? (I'm thinking Cerenna or Myrielle Lannister, or possibly Janei Lannister) 3. Bran learning to fly? Could the three-eyed crow still be able to reach Bran in Kings' Landing? Would Bran still learn how to be a skinchanger and a greenseer or would he learn to be a knight like he always dreamed?(Syrio Forel could have taught Bran to be a water dancer along with Ayra) 4. other speculations There are so many numerous others, like would Theon still betray the Starks? Would the Red Wedding still happen as same as the books? Would Littlefinger smuggle Bran out of King's Landing as well in the purple wedding or would he just concern himself with Sansa only? I got so overwhelmed by this that I got a headache.
  13. Littlefinger. I like how he manipulates people with lies and arbor gold. And I find his infatuation with Cat/Sansa intriguing
  14. Lemon cakes!
  15. The list is based on the 10th voting on SoS. Bowen Marsh withdrew his name and supported Slynt before the voting began. That's why I also included Dolorous Edd and Hobb on the list.