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  1. Thanks! That's good stuff.
  2. Hana ! there's a good chance that Bran,Rickon, Davos, Cat, Beric, patch face etc etc are dead too.
  3. While I see your point, they serve no one. They'll kill whoever as long as they don't know them personally. They work for money (or other valuables) so while I think it's unlikely their endgame has anything to do with slavers, I bet they have to deal with them. Manderly is fat too. I wonder if the cheesemonger is related to the butterwell/Targ bastards. Butter wells were dairy people.
  4. I just learned there's a fat master with a hooked nose in he sworn sword, I just did a post on hooked noses lol
  5. Thanks for your reply. Well, there are three of them. I would hate to do an entire reread based on this premises, but searching hooked noses came up with all the kettleblacks, tytos Blackwood, the fat fellow and the house of black and white, and a fat master from the sworn sword. Also the hound. I tend to think he uses distinguishable features like silver hair, purple, green, or blue eyes, etc. as clues. Especially if hooked noses are associated with people involved with faceless, masters, and Baelish I'm intrigued. But you're right- it could just be nothing.
  6. Predating the Valyrians- The bloodstone emperor mated people to beasts, and took "a tiger woman" for a wife. I think there's a reason they were "mated"...
  7. Jaquen/the alchemist is described similarity to Osmund Kettleblack: "Love." It was Cersei's turn to laugh. "She fancies our Ser Osney." He was the youngest Kettleblack, the clean-shaved one. Though he had the same black hair, hooked nose, and easy smile as his brother Osmund, one cheek bore three long scratches, courtesy of one of Tyrion's whores. "She likes his scars, I think." the alchemist and Jaquen had the same description- down to the scar. Is this known? I can't find any theories. searching hooked noses came up with all the kettleblacks, tytos Blackwood, the fat fellow and the house of black and white, and a fat master from the sworn sword.. Also the hound, strangely. I tend to think GRM uses distinguishable features like silver hair, purple, green, or blue eyes, etc. as clues. Especially if hooked noses are associated with people involved with faceless, masters, and Baelish I'm intrigued. Any theories or thoughts please share.
  8. The World of Ice and Fire - Beyond the Free Cities: The Basilisk Isles Life on the Basilisks is nasty, brutal, and oft short. Hot, humid, and swarming with stinging flies, sand fleas, and bloodworms, these islands have always proved singularly unhealthy for man and beast alike. Ruins found upon the Isle of Tears, the Isle of Toads, and Ax Island hint at some ancient civilization, but little is now known of these vanished men of the Dawn Age. If any still survived when the first corsairs settled on the islands, they were soon put to the sword, so no trace of them now perhaps upon the Isle of Toads, as we shall discuss shortly. The largest of the Basilisks is the Isle of Tears, where steep-sided valleys and black bogs hide amongst rugged flint hills and twisted, windswept rocks. On its southern coasts stand the broken ruins of a city. Founded by the Old Empire of Ghis, it was known as Gorgai for close on two centuries (or perhaps four; there is some dispute), until the dragonlords of Valyria captured it during the Third Ghiscari War and renamed it Gogossos. By any name, it was an evil place. The dragonlords sent their worst criminals to the Isle of Tears to live out their lives in hard labor. In the dungeons of Gogossos, torturers devised new torments. In the flesh pits, blood sorcery of the darkest sort was practiced, as beasts were mated to slave women to bring forth twisted half-human children. Could it be?...
  9. YES ! Someone gets me! Jeyne told Cat she was drinking fertility tea her mother made, and her mother told Tywin it was abortion tea. So here we have that Tansy is both! Her grandmother was a witch from the east (Maggy the frog) - and I'm guessing she would know what she was doing? Also, Hoster Tully was murmuring "Tansy" on his deathbed and we found out Lysa had to take it when she was pregnant by Baelish. Later, we find a young red headed whore named Tansy working at the Peach...
  10. So I hear Westerling is coming up in the prologue. I have been saying she could have ripped her dress to take it out! This would mean that neither Jeyne or her mother lied to Cat or Tywin about her tea, because it is both. And what about Hoster Tully? The first historical records of common tansy cultivation are from the ancient Greeks who used it for a variety of ailments. It was grown in the garden of Charlemagne the Great in the eighth century and in the herb gardens of Swiss Benedictine monks as a treatment for intestinal worms, rheumatism, fevers and digestive problems. In medieval times, common tansy in large doses was commonly used to induce abortions. Cases of cattle abortions in Pennsylvania have been circumstantially linked to common tansy, but this is not well substantiated. Ironically, smaller doses of common tansy were thought to prevent miscarriage and enhance fertility. Common tansy is still used in some medicines and is listed in the United States Pharmacopoeia as a treatment for colds and fever. Source:
  11. "It's time I got another hawk, Davos- a red one" this is a red tailed hawk.
  12. Yes. I am just amazed that most huge groups on Facebook won't even allow discussion of PJ- it's like they want everyone to stay in the dark. Thanks for sharing this! And how about those sweet Robin vids? : D
  13. This is awesome! He "walked like a water dancer" maybe he seemed fatter the first time? Wasn't there a passage saying why would cat of the canals or blind Beth know someone from winterfell or along those lines, arya was just salty when she saw the fat man, idk. No beard or rings but same body same teeth? Hmm. There's also the silks and wearing another's likeness "people see what they expect to see" maybe it's just me seeing what I expect to see ha manderly Varys and brown Ben plum are also fat, idk
  14. Are all visitors necessarily faceless, because the attractive man changes his appearance in the same passage in the OP - fat with golden teeth sounds like Illyrio to me! Who else could it be? Unless it's just some random. But I have a feeling they're people that are introduced in the story?
  15. I'm fairly new and I'm wondering if it's been sorted out for sure- this matches the description of Illyrio and I could guess on a couple other guys but I'm wondering if this is known? And who are the rest, and what it means. I have a tiny idea but I'm going to see what I get here. Could it be Illyrio? A Feast for Crows - Arya II Poisons. She understood then. Every evening after prayer the waif emptied a stone flagon into the waters of the black pool. The waif and kindly man were not the only servants of the Many-Faced God. From time to time others would visit the House of Black and White. The fat fellow had fierce black eyes, a hook nose, and a wide mouth full of yellow teeth. The stern face never smiled; his eyes were pale, his lips full and dark. The handsome man had a beard of a different color every time she saw him, and a different nose, but he was never less than comely. Those three came most often, but there were others: the squinter, the lordling, the starved man. One time the fat fellow and the squinter came together. Umma sent Arya to pour for them. "When you are not pouring, you must stand as still as if you had been carved of stone," the kindly man told her. "Can you do that?" "Yes." Before you can learn to move you must learn to be still, Syrio Forel had taught her long ago at King's Landing, and she had. She had served as Roose Bolton's cupbearer at Harrenhal, and he would flay you if you spilled his wine.