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  1. The question I set before you is: If Jon Snow gets resurrected by Mel WILL he change his religion towards the Red God?? NOTE: I am aware of the fact that GRRM has confirmed that Jon Snow's wounds don't cost his life for the time being
  2. I know that many topics have already been created with this issue but since I haven't been around for more than a month, I thought about giving it a go. I read all the books back in 2012 and there goes my list. 1. A Storm of Swords Best Moments: Arya and the Hound and the Brotherhood, Battle of the Wall, Dany conquering the slaver's cities, Purple Wedding, Tywin's death, Oberon vs Gregor, Lady Stoneheart etc.. Worst Moment: Red Wedding (DONT get me wrong, that was an awesome twist but quite tragic for the Stark family). 2. A Game of Thrones Best Moments: Eddard and his storyline, Catelyn and Jon and Tyrion and Dany and Bran. All of that and of course just the fact that it is the beginning puts it easily in 2nd place. 3. A Dance with Dragons Best Moments: I am a great fan of Jon Snow so his storyline, the struggle of Dany for ruling, Davos and Theon showing us the Northern Conspiracy, Tyrion and his quest to Meereen, Bran and the 3-eyed Crow and all the rest storylines foreshadowing TWOW. 4. A Clash of Kings Best Moments: Battle of the Blackwater, Theon taking Winterfell, Robb winning in the Westerlands, Ramsay taking Winterfell, Jon and his expeditions beyond the wall, Tyrion and King's Landing, Bran and his struggle for ruling as prince and the Stark sisters and their adventures. Worst Moment: Dany and Qarth. The only interesting part were the last two in the harbour and the House of the Undying. 5. A Feast for Crows Despite the fact, that AFFC is a nice storytelling highlighting the aftermath of the War of the Five Kings and its consequences, at times it can get quite boring. Though, Jaime's travelling through the Riverlands, Sansa and Littlefinger, Arrianne and Dorne, Cersei and King's Landing and Brienne make up for it.
  3. I agree with you mate, Bran is so underestimated in the show. In the books, Bran is maybe the most important character to the storyline due to his warning abilities. In the show, Bran has turned into a flashback machine. Those that have watched only the show, don't even understand his significance, what they care about is R+L=J. Most of the TV runners didn't even know about the R+L=J before S06.
  4. As I said, I have read all 7 books (UK edition) and yeah if we compare the books to the show, the show is crap. However, we should look GoT on its own.
  5. I get your points, but isn't Game of Thrones in its own category. I mean, it is based on book series, whilst Breaking Bad, The Wire etc. are quite closer to what we call TV shows. For me Thrones is in its own category because it consists of different set up compared to the others. All in all, I don't believe we can compare Thrones with any other TV shows because they are different in many ways.
  6. I honestly believe that. I am one of those that have read firstly the books and then the show, and that happens 6 years ago. Obviously, there are some very good TV dramas out there than can match as the Wire, Breaking Bad and the Sopranos. So, you' ve heard my opinion, now I would like toner yours as well.
  7. The question I am setting regards a thought I have about GRRM having a time jump in order to bring characters like Rickon into the very story. Do you think that it is impossible? That is my first my post and I hope it is a good one.