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  1. In ACoK Jojen tells Brand and Meera about some green dreams he had, one of them is of Reek (later revealed as Ramsay Snow) skinning Bran's and Rickon's faces. Since all other prophecies of Jojen were true in at least some way, I wonder what's about that prophecy. Will Ramsay skin Bran and Rickon in the future? Was it simply wrong? Or was it meant metaphorically like the sea crashing over Winterfell?
  2. AGOT: 1. Bran, 2. Sansa, 3. Dany - It was hard to pick here because there are so few POVs and most of them at least have a few chapters. In the end I decided for Bran since the stuff going on in Winterfell after the king leaves is really boring in general. ACOK: 1. Dany, 2. Jon, 3. Bran - I thought the Qarth stuff wasn't bad but I don't like Dany that much in general and there was only really one good chapter in her storyline in this book. ASOS: 1. Bran, 2. Sam, 3. Dany - Bran's voyage to the Wall is just extremely boring. All the other POVs are very good or at least ok so I decided on him. AFFC: 1. Brienne, 2. Sam, 3. Arya - I don't like Brienne very much and her chapters were boring to read most of the time. ADWD: 1. Dany, 2. Jon, 3. Quentyn - Like I said, I'm not a Dany fan and therefore I really don't like the Meereen plot since it's basically only about her character developement.
  3. AGOT: 1. Ned, 2. Tyrion, 3. Arya ACOK: 1. Tyrion, 2. Theon, 3. Arya and Sansa pretty much tied up ASOS: 1. Tyrion, 2. Sansa, 3. Can't decide, Jaime, Catelyn and Jon are all so great AFFC: 1. Cersei, 2. Jaime, 3. Alayne ADWD: 1. Theon, 2. Davos, 3. Barristan - was really tough to decide here, many characters have some great chapters and some chapters who are kind of boring so I couldn't include them (Tyrion's chapters are very good (almost on Theon level) until he gets captured by Jorah and meets Penny, Dany had some very good chapters but overall her storyline was a bit to stretched) and I also find it hard to include characters who have only like 1 or 2 chapters, even if they were great (Victarion, Asha, Melisandre, Cersei, Kevan, Griff).
  4. 1. Arya Stark 2. Tyrion Lannister 3. Jon Snow 4. Daenerys Targaryen 5. Sansa Stark 6. Bran Stark
  5. A friend recommended the tv-series Game of Thrones to me. That was already like 3 years ago. I decided to watch it and I liked it (the first 3 seasons that were out at this point) a lot. With season 6 starting, I also started to watch some youtoubers who made videos about GoT and they always praised the books and criticized the show. Since I also thought that season 5 and 6 were pretty disappointing, I decided to read the books and hoped that they were better, and yes they definetely are.
  6. I don't think Trant is just average. He might be not that good for Kingsguard standards but you have to keep in mind that only 7 knights in the 7 kingdoms can join the guard and that it's a great honor for everybody. Yes, Trant was likely placed in there by Cersei but still, is there any chance that Robert was allowing an only average knight to join his kingsguard? Trant is probably even better than Jorah, I'd say. However, Quotho already almost beat Jorah, who is probably worse than Ser Meryn but Drogo is most likely also better than Quotho so I think it would be a very interesting fight and the outcome would be hard to tell.
  7. Yes, that's only in the books. There she talks with Olenna and Margaery and Sansa thinks she'll get married to Loras but he's a member of the Kingsguard so it's actually Willas (his older brother and the heir to Highgarden) she has to marry. In the show Loras was the heir to Highgarden and never a member of the Kingsguard so Olenna wants her to marry him but Tywin doesn't want to give Sansa to the Tyrells so he marries her to Tyrion.
  8. What POV characters chapters do you like the most? I personally think most of the Arya, Sansa and Catelyn chapters were a very good read. But overall I think Tyrion had the best chapters in ACoK. There was just no chapter of him I didn't really enjoy. I didn't really like the Theon and Jon chapters though, I thought they were very boring at the start but later they got better.
  9. I thought the death of Maester Luwin was pretty heart breaking so that (the last one) was probably one of my favorites. I also really enjoyed the chapter with Tyrion fighting at the Blackwater and the House of the Undying was obviously great too. I also thought the chapter with Catelyn and Jaime questioning each other was pretty enjoyable.