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  1. Robert did not burn his body. As Jorah notes, Robert just walked over his corpse and went to King's Landing. To burn the body of a fallen Targaryen is a tradition, and that was likely done by those who fought beside Rhaegar. Barristan Selmy most likely. Robert doesn't care about traditions, and he cares even less about Rhaegar's corpse.
  2. These are two bastards already, it's a lot for a guy who isn't even married yet. And one of these bastards he sired in a brothel on his favorite whore while Lyanna was supposedly "in danger" according to Robert himself. The other thing is that he was a natural alcoholic, and we know what happened to Cersei thanks to his drinking. A woman will only get out winning with Robert Baratheon if she isn't his wife. But for a woman who marries Robert, she needs to be prepared. On long term, Robert will get tired of her(as he got tired of everything once he had a taste of it), and that's when he starts to piss on her dignity, and that's just the beginning as well.
  3. Tell me, is a man of fathers bastards the same as a man who only fathered legitimate children with the woman he was told to marry? I don't think so. It surprises me how people think it is the same thing. Rhaegar did his duty for as long as he could, but is seems he cracked in the end. If it turns out that Rhaegar really "left" Elia for Lyanna, I can understand why Lyanna went with him. And for me, that's what happened.
  4. Is she really that short-sighted? could she predict a bloody war that would tore the realm apart would happen because she chose her own path? no one would have been capable of predict that, even though they should. Also, at her age she could see things that even older and honorable Ned couldn't. As for the selfish part, her father betrothed her to a whoremonger, and what can she do about it? nothing. She is expected to marry Robert and live in constant shame like Cersei. It is quite an interesting scenario actually, I ask myself what the honorable Starks would do while one of their own is constantly humilliated. Looking at how Ned played down Roberts habits, they are likely to just watch and do nothing, even after the relationship has turned abusive. Rhaegar was in his early twenties. While his is a more serious case, I still don't blame him for not being capable of predicting the things that happened after his "adventure" with Lyanna started. I blame him for his choice of women.
  5. He didn't went to King's Landing and asked Aerys about Lyanna, Jaime pretty much said that Brandon went to King's Landing and basically demanded the head of the Crown Prince and Aerys's own son before he ever spoke with anyone there. It was quite different.
  6. That was an interesting read. I agree with pretty much everything you said, the thing is that people can't really understand how primitive the middle ages were, and how those primitive ways made the mentality of the people back then.
  7. Tell that to Ned. He thought she was old and smart enough to be more sensible. The thing is that Lyanna made a choice, something Elia Martell didn't had the chance to do for example.
  8. Her brother wanted to kill Rhaegar, do you understand what this means? what was done to Brandon and Rickard Stark was an atrocity. But Brandon wanted Rhaegar dead, got it? even in his utter madness, Rhaegar can't even blame Aerys for killing a man that wanted to kill him. That nonetheless, was enough for Rhaegar to realize his father was insane, and that's why he said what he said to Jaime. Her "other" brother wanted Rhaegar dead as well, and Rhaegar's death means his children's death, you got this as well right? you can't blame Rhaegar for fighting for his family, which wasn't simply composed by him and his father. There was his two kids as well, and his mother and his brother. As for Lyanna, remember, she was afraid, even after Ned was there for her. Which means she was afraid of Ned as well, and that fear only went away after Ned promised her that he would take care of Jon. She knew that if Robert and Ned won and came for her, Jon would be killed, and god knows what would have been done to her if Robert found out about what she did. But she was lucky, Robert didn't come for her, and Ned found it in himself to take care of Jon, something she didn't knew he would do. Hence why she was afraid until the moment Ned promised her. That pretty much tells you she wasn't locked in any tower, she was afraid for her son's life, and that's why she stayed at the tower, because that was the safest place for her. Her family though, it wasn't safe to be around them no longer, because she basically run away from them, she insulted them. Did the rebels spare anyone? no, they started a rebellion and tore the realm apart, killing many people left and right. They won, so their killing goes as something that was necessary, they can write whatever they want in the books. Don't go for the one side was right and one was wrong, war is always bullshit that only serves to make others suffers. See how Barbrey Dustin hates Ned with a passion for taking her husband to war and have the courage to bring back his horse, but not her husband. If you want an honest opinion about the rebellion, just look at what Jaime thinks of both Aerys and Robert. This is insane. The rebellion was started to kill the Targaryens and take them out of the throne(the rebellion is what Robert says it is, not what Ned says). And Rhaegar was a Targaryen.
  9. Eddard Stark: Likely to teach you his primitive way of seeing the world. Which is going to get you killed and put those you care about in great danger. As good as Ned is, i would not choose him as a father. There is so much useful stuff i would not learn because of him. Renly Baratheon: I can't see Renly as a real good father. There isn't much truth in him, but i would learn a lot of stuff with Renly that Ned would never teach me for example. Willas Tyrell: This seems to be the best of the bunch. Learned, honorable, noble, but not stupid by no means. I would have chosen Willas out of eveyone in this list. Kevan Lannister: Smart guy this one, but you only need a look at Lancel to see he failed in that particular game. Victarion Greyjoy: No Greyjoy in the actual story is a suitable father. Brynden Tully: I would like to say he would be a good father. But that's not his thing, and he is like Ned in many ways, Oberyn Martell: Seeing the way Oberyn's daughters are, no tank you.
  10. Barristan says to Daenerys that Rhaegar married Elia out of duty, he didn't really chose her. And TWOIAF confirms this, Aerys did not let Rhaegar have any influence on the choice of his bride. "In 278 AC, the king sent Lord Steffon across the narrow sea on a mission to Old Volantis, to seek a suitable bride for Prince Rhaegar, “a maid of noble birth from an old Valyrian bloodline.” That His Grace entrusted this task to the Lord of Storm’s End rather than his Hand, or Rhaegar himself, speaks volumes." His attitude towards Dorne was the same attitude he had with everyone else by the end of his reign. He became a very hateful person, but before that he seemed to not have a problem with anyone. There was no tensions between Aerys and Dorne. They supported and fought with him on the war of the ninepenny kings, and Elia's mother was a lady-in-waiting to Rhaella. Aerys knew dornish people well, and he was part dornish himself.
  11. It would change a lot, because if Renly was girl, then that means Steffon Baratheon didn't die in his quest to find a bride for Rhaegar, because such an event never happened. If Steffon survives, he becomes Aerys's hand of the king, displacing Tywin. With Steffon as hand, i can imagine an Aerys a "little less crazy". If Steffon survives, a tourney at Harrenhal is unlikely, and so is Rhaegar and Lyanna's meeting. Things would still happen, but Rhaegar and Lyanna's meeting becomes something very unlikely to happen. Steffon is Steffon, Lionel is Lionel. If Steffon is alive, he is the one who choses a bride for Robert, not Robert himself. And i don't see Steffon allowing Robert to choose a bride from a place so far as the North. Especially because Steffon was very close to the southern regions. He has nothing to gain by marrying his heir to a girl from a place so far as Winterfell. Robert is likely to end up married to a vassal or maybe...Cersei? Steffon and Tywin were friends afterall.
  12. Yes, she "cares" about them, we know that. But she didn't gave Tommen and Myrcella the same amount of attention she gave the "heir" to the throne.
  13. The war of the five kings? it would change far more than that. It would change everything actually. Female Renly would have been betrothed to Rhaegar from a young age due to being Rhaegar's second cousin, and the closest thing he had to a sister. And when female Renly bleeded for the first time, she would marry Rhaegar immediately. Precisely Aerys only needed to wait for her to bleed for the first time. A little more than a decade, but yes, Aerys would wait. Female Renly would have probably married Rhaegar at 12-13.
  14. There would be no "sweet talk" with Cat. The sweet talk would have to be with Hoster Tully, the man whose daughter's honor Brandon did not take into consideration. I think you're not realizing how harsh and medieval things are in Westeros. House Stark was trying to form an alliance with House Tully, and before the alliance even begun, House Stark would be dishonoring House Tully publicly if Brandon had won the tourney and crowned Ashara. If there's one thing people in power care about in Westeros, is the honor and pride of their house and family. That's what is all about.
  15. How would he do that? Robert is clearly not capable of ruling his own castle(Storm's End), let alone a kingdom. Robert likes to live, he likes to drink, to have sex, to chase girls. Robert doesn't like to have responsabilities, we see this over and over. He doesn't like to rule, he doesn't care about his bastards, and children can bore him quickly. The show was rather realistic about him, Robert admitted on his deathbed that he wasn't meant to be a father. That's why he asked Ned to make Joffrey better than him. It's a sad thing, but there isn't much a person who doesn't like responsabilities can actually teach a child. With Robert, but especially Cersei, Joffrey was doomed. Tommen and Myrcella turned out better because Robert and Cersei ignored them.