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  1. Eddard Stark: Likely to teach you his primitive way of seeing the world. Which is going to get you killed and put those you care about in great danger. As good as Ned is, i would not choose him as a father. There is so much useful stuff i would not learn because of him. Renly Baratheon: I can't see Renly as a real good father. There isn't much truth in him, but i would learn a lot of stuff with Renly that Ned would never teach me for example. Willas Tyrell: This seems to be the best of the bunch. Learned, honorable, noble, but not stupid by no means. I would have chosen Willas out of eveyone in this list. Kevan Lannister: Smart guy this one, but you only need a look at Lancel to see he failed in that particular game. Victarion Greyjoy: No Greyjoy in the actual story is a suitable father. Brynden Tully: I would like to say he would be a good father. But that's not his thing, and he is like Ned in many ways, Oberyn Martell: Seeing the way Oberyn's daughters are, no tank you.
  2. Barristan says to Daenerys that Rhaegar married Elia out of duty, he didn't really chose her. And TWOIAF confirms this, Aerys did not let Rhaegar have any influence on the choice of his bride. "In 278 AC, the king sent Lord Steffon across the narrow sea on a mission to Old Volantis, to seek a suitable bride for Prince Rhaegar, “a maid of noble birth from an old Valyrian bloodline.” That His Grace entrusted this task to the Lord of Storm’s End rather than his Hand, or Rhaegar himself, speaks volumes." His attitude towards Dorne was the same attitude he had with everyone else by the end of his reign. He became a very hateful person, but before that he seemed to not have a problem with anyone. There was no tensions between Aerys and Dorne. They supported and fought with him on the war of the ninepenny kings, and Elia's mother was a lady-in-waiting to Rhaella. Aerys knew dornish people well, and he was part dornish himself.
  3. It would change a lot, because if Renly was girl, then that means Steffon Baratheon didn't die in his quest to find a bride for Rhaegar, because such an event never happened. If Steffon survives, he becomes Aerys's hand of the king, displacing Tywin. With Steffon as hand, i can imagine an Aerys a "little less crazy". If Steffon survives, a tourney at Harrenhal is unlikely, and so is Rhaegar and Lyanna's meeting. Things would still happen, but Rhaegar and Lyanna's meeting becomes something very unlikely to happen. Steffon is Steffon, Lionel is Lionel. If Steffon is alive, he is the one who choses a bride for Robert, not Robert himself. And i don't see Steffon allowing Robert to choose a bride from a place so far as the North. Especially because Steffon was very close to the southern regions. He has nothing to gain by marrying his heir to a girl from a place so far as Winterfell. Robert is likely to end up married to a vassal or maybe...Cersei? Steffon and Tywin were friends afterall.
  4. Yes, she "cares" about them, we know that. But she didn't gave Tommen and Myrcella the same amount of attention she gave the "heir" to the throne.
  5. The war of the five kings? it would change far more than that. It would change everything actually. Female Renly would have been betrothed to Rhaegar from a young age due to being Rhaegar's second cousin, and the closest thing he had to a sister. And when female Renly bleeded for the first time, she would marry Rhaegar immediately. Precisely Aerys only needed to wait for her to bleed for the first time. A little more than a decade, but yes, Aerys would wait. Female Renly would have probably married Rhaegar at 12-13.
  6. There would be no "sweet talk" with Cat. The sweet talk would have to be with Hoster Tully, the man whose daughter's honor Brandon did not take into consideration. I think you're not realizing how harsh and medieval things are in Westeros. House Stark was trying to form an alliance with House Tully, and before the alliance even begun, House Stark would be dishonoring House Tully publicly if Brandon had won the tourney and crowned Ashara. If there's one thing people in power care about in Westeros, is the honor and pride of their house and family. That's what is all about.
  7. How would he do that? Robert is clearly not capable of ruling his own castle(Storm's End), let alone a kingdom. Robert likes to live, he likes to drink, to have sex, to chase girls. Robert doesn't like to have responsabilities, we see this over and over. He doesn't like to rule, he doesn't care about his bastards, and children can bore him quickly. The show was rather realistic about him, Robert admitted on his deathbed that he wasn't meant to be a father. That's why he asked Ned to make Joffrey better than him. It's a sad thing, but there isn't much a person who doesn't like responsabilities can actually teach a child. With Robert, but especially Cersei, Joffrey was doomed. Tommen and Myrcella turned out better because Robert and Cersei ignored them.
  8. The funny part is that no one ever mentions her dragon blood anywhere. TWOIAF is quite political about it, they chose her to reward the Martells after they helped the Targaryens defeat the Ninepenny Kings. Which is a version i simply don't believe. ASOS is more direct about this. When we hear Oberyn speaking about his mother and Tywin, we see that she never forgot the humiliation Tywin put her through. And when we learn about Aerys's hatred of Tywin, it's not hard to see the bigger picture. There were other girls for Rhaegar to marry, more powerful and more richer(and more healthy as well). Mace Tyrell's sisters comes to mind, so does Lysa Tully. Those regions had nothing against Aerys, but in the end, Aerys chose Elia, "a rather curious choice".
  9. I know, but when the chance to humiliate Tywin appeared, Aerys wouldn't let it go. It was much more important to him to humiliate Tywin than find a girl with valyrian blood for Rhaegar. Elia wasn't the only girl with Valyrian blood in Westeros, there were others that we don't know yet. The Targaryens intermarried with many Houses. Elia's dragon blood was hardly something that Aerys would have taken into consideration on her case, since Elia was a very delicate girl with a fragile health, and his house needed heirs. Elia was still unmarried by the time she was 22/23, which means she did not had many suitors looking for her, even though she was a dornish princess. Aerys's reason to marry her to Rhaergar had to be personal, and not on a good sense. I'm not really interpreting it, i'm just followng the clues. That's what the writing suggests. And Tyrion agrees with it: "It all goes back and back, Tyrion thought, to our mothers and fathers and theirs before them. We are puppets dancing on the strings of those who came before us, and one day our own children will take up our strings and dance on in our steads." At first it was, but for Aerys, shaming Tywin was the most important thing. That much is clear. He didn't agree to marry her, he had not choice. he was forced to marry Rhaella. Just as he forced Rhaegar to marry Elia. The children don't ge to choose who they marry. The time frame is not something to go by. Aerys did not know what happened between the Martells and Tywin right after Tywin refused them. For Aerys, it was just Tywin's own business, he did not know how it all went down. Elia's mother only told Oberyn how Tywin treated her by the time she was dying. Elia's mother and House Martell were shamed by Tywin, and the Lannisters were much more powerful, that was obvious. She certainly tought Tywin would be able to arrange Cersei's betrothal to Rhaegar. Tywin served Aerys for many years, he had to be rewarded. So it made sense for her to not try anything, it was a fight she couldn't win. But then, Aerys refuses Cersei, and the way he refused her was widely known in Westeros. Elia's mother would have heard about it as well. Now she just had to share her mutual hatred of Tywin with Aerys, and in time(quite some time), Aerys would agreed to betroth his son to her daughter who Tywin rejected so shamefully. Yes, Ned needed the strenght of her house to fight against the Targaryens. They were at war, they would do whatever was necessary to win. No one in the books ever mentions or says anything about Elia's valyrian heritage, not even once. The writing does imply what her mother and Rhaegar's father had in common though, and that speaks volumes to me. Aerys is not a man of duty. Barristan made it clear that not Aerys and nor Rhaella wanted that match, it was their father who forced them to marry. And they were empowerless to do anything about it, they were just kids. Yes, her father wanted power. Littlefinger is one of a kind.
  10. No, i don't believe so. Elia's "dragon blood" never played a part in her betrothal to Rhaegar. It's never stated why exactly she was chosen to be Rhaegar's wife. TWOIAF says it was because the Targaryens wanted to reward the Martells for their support in the war of the ninepenny kings. Which is simply not true, Aerys doesn't care about that. Before Elia was chosen, Aerys was already trying to find a wife for Rhaegar for quite some time, which means Elia was not even on the list at the beginning. In A Storm of Swords, Oberyn's chapters actually tell us why Aerys chose Elia to be Rhaegar's bride. Tywin insulted Elia's mother and Elia herself. She never forgot, even on her deathbed she still remembered it. Now, what Aerys did when Tywin offered Cersei to marry Rhaegar? By the end of his reign, Aerys did whatever he could to humiliate and shame Tywin. Everyone who hated Tywin was Aerys's friend. It's easy to see what happened. Elia's mother befriended Aerys through their mutual hatred of Tywin, and Aerys married his heir to her daughter, the very same woman Tywin rejected for his own heir. Elia's mother won, Tywin lost. Rhaegar married Elia, not Cersei. And Aerys got to humiliate Tywin once again. It was all personal, it's always personal in this series.
  11. And for what reason would people tell this to her? it is better that she never learns about it. And Rhaegar probably would never let her know about it. Another thing is that Aerys was nuts by then, he had a problem with everyone. If it was Cersei's daughter that Rhaegar was presenting at court, Aerys would have found a reason to mock the child as well. Aerys would have found a reason to mock anyone, he had no respect for anyone anymore. It was barely something personal with Elia or the dornish, especialy because it was Aerys who married Elia to Rhaegar. It's not in King's Landing, that's what matters. She wasn't close to Aerys before anything happened. Actually, she was never close to Aerys for much of her marriage, as she moved to Dragonstone shortly after she married Rhaegar. You're talking about the time he left to battle Robert? by then Elia and the kids were being used as hostages against not only Dorne, but Rhaegar as well. I don't think Elia had influence enough to the point she would be dealing with Aerys, nor do i think she had any relationship with him. She spent her married life in Dragonstone. Aerys didn't live there, if anyone had to deal with Aerys it was Rhaegar, he was his son after all. Nor do i think Rhaegar would entrust her with his own resposabilities, she already had very poor health, there was a limit of things she could do. Barristan description of her makes me understand what her marriage to Rhaegar must have been: "The Princess Elia was a good and gracious lady, though her health was ever delicate." She was no doubt an exemplar person, but for someone like Rhaegar to be married to a woman in her condition would have been very taxing for him. It was no reason for him to left her though, but i can understand that such a marriage for a man in his position woudn't be easy. Everyone one who speaks of her, remembers her as a very delicate woman. The only time Jaime remembers her, he remembers exactly the fact that she wasn't healthy. She was a person that certainly needed a lot of care, half a year bedridden is a lot of time, even if it was because of childbirth. I know, but that's the tragedy of her marriage to him, her health made it all the more dificult She is a woman in a medieval setting. She doesn't get to go back to Dorne, her mother sold her to Rhaegar. She would have to endure whatever appeared on the way, just like Cersei did with Robert. A fair statement, but if George takes this path where Elia wasn't happy with/because of Rhaegar, he will be just giving more excuses to Rhaegar. I expect something more realistic from George. True, but again, i see it more as a problem of "timing". The timing of her marriage to him was terrible. If Rhaegar wasn't so strained from his father, and everything else that he had to deal with because of him, including making the tourney at Harrenhal. Things might have been different. No he didn't, but i can understand his point of view, and that's pretty much it. I don't agree with him, but i try to understand why he wouldn't stay with Elia.
  12. I wouldn't call it an unpopular opinion, this is a rather realistic opinion. Perhaps that's why it is unpopular with the fandom. Another thing that supports your view is the fact that this wasn't a genuine marriage, but a political marriage, and a very short political marriage actually. Rhaegar met Lyanna a year after he married Elia. Poor Elia, everything was against her, not only her health, but time as well.
  13. I don't know. I see Aegon's birth in ACOK as the end of Rhaegar and Elia's marriage. George constantly says that he is aiming for a bittersweet end for the series, and after Aegon's birth, Rhaegar plays a song for him and Elia...and the song is bittersweet. That vision is a moment of happiness, for Elia at least. She survived childbirth and was able to give Rhaegar a heir, but for Rhaegar, it was the end of their marriage, he knew it. It was also the end of that part of the story, because after Rhaegar left her, they all died. They all knew she would have difficulties giving birth, but after only one child, it would still be very hard to predict what exactly would happen after she gave birth again. I don't think she was surprised when she found out that she wouldn't be able to have children again, but i don't think she was expecting that though. Way too many things could have happened to her, if anything, dying in childbirth was the one thing she thought most about.
  14. I find it very unlikely that Elia had a hand on it. If Rhaegar had used Lyanna only to have a third child, i think she would have found out eventually, and so would Ned when he found her. That Ned has no deep animosity towards Rhaegar, even going as far to consider whether he visited brothels or not, speaks of the fact that Rhaegar and Lyanna were indeed married. "Robert will never keep to one bed" and "Did Rhaegar visited brothels?" are all pretty straightforward quotes. If Rhaegar married Lyanna, then he wanted more than a third child. This makes me think about various different scenarios. If Elia had given him a third child, would he kept married to her? if Elia proved capable of having another kid, that means Rhaegar would have needed to stay with her a little longer. After giving birth to Aegon she certainly needed time to rest, but after getting pregnant again and eventually giving birth, Rhaegar would have needed to stay with her for at least a year to get his third child. That gives time enough for them to rekindle or rather create the relationship they probably never had and that Elia probably wanted. With Elia aware of Rhaegar's affections for Lyanna, she would probably try to do something about it if she had more time. If she was, George should have given us some clues, but he didn't. I also don't see Rhaegar as being "obsessed" with prophecy. Obsessed is the word we use for someone who loves something much more than they should, but Rhaegar didn't love prophecy, prophecy only brought sadness to him. His relationship with prophecy looks like someone trying to freed himself from a death sentence they did nothing to deserve.
  15. Very very interesting, i hadn't done this before. I was able to spot a few things that was rather funny actually. "Next had come King Robert himself, with Lady Stark on his arm. The king was a great disappointment to Jon. His father had talked of him often: the peerless Robert Baratheon, demon of the Trident, the fiercest warrior of the realm, a giant among princes. Jon saw only a fat man, red-faced under his beard, sweating through his silks. He walked like a man half in his cups." Lyanna's son dissapointment after seeing Robert for the first time, even after Ned had made him look like the best men to ever be born in his imagination, as he once did with Lyanna as well. In the end, Robert was doing what he does best, he was drinking a lot, just like he did in Harrenhal. Not a quality a man who is considered "a giant among princes" should have. "Close behind came Robb, in grey wool trimmed with white, the Stark colors. He had the Princess Myrcella on his arm. She was a wisp of a girl, not quite eight, her hair a cascade of golden curls under a jeweled net. Jon noticed the shy looks she gave Robb as they passed between the tables and the timid way she smiled at him. He decided she was insipid. Robb didn’t even have the sense to realize how stupid she was; he was grinning like a fool." This was the highlight for me: Robb, just like Rhaegar, breaks his word and go after another woman. While Jon calls Myrcella inspid, just like Cersei called Lyanna inspid. But we know by now that Myrcella is the best and smartest of Cersei's children, while Lyanna was able to realise what Robert Baratheon was when she was merely 12-13, and Ned was only able to see what Robert was in his middle thirties. Both girls were smart.