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  1. Oh no, if there's one thing he's good at, is to make chaos. Truth being told, i'm starting to believe that's the entire point of his character. Despite his political acumen, Littlefinger's real "role" in this story is how he is able to manipulate the others and turn Westeros into a freakshow. I don't think he will achieve anything by the end of the story besides his own death, but the things he did along the way, they will be felt in the worst way possible.
  2. The only reason there was an army in the first place was because of Rhaegar. Why do you think Aerys was looking for Rhaegar? because no one else would fight for him, but Aerys knew they would fight for Rhaegar, is that simple. When Rhaegar died at the Trident, those man had no reason to fight for House Targaryen anymore. The only thing left was Aerys in his madness, his second son already showing to be just like him, and Aegon was just a baby. The dinasty was over, Aerys knew it, that's why he wanted to burn the city.
  3. Ok then...if everything was that simple.
  4. Actually, what they really wanted was Aerys out of the throne. He didn't left the kingdom at the hands of anyone at all, he is only the Crown Prince, Aerys is the King, and the kingdom has always been in his hands, because he is the "king".
  5. I have to be cautious on this one, the story is far from being finished, and we know literally nothing about the events that led to the rebellion, only what the winners says, and they can say whatever they want, we also don't know much about the characters that really matters, to judge this only because of it's aftermath, that's not how a story works. A coward person is someone who does not answer for it's actions, no matter what that may be, and Rhaegar answered for his actions, and he died doing so, calling him a coward is like calling Walder Frey a brave man. The most cowardly act, at least for me, would be Gerold Dayne (aka Darkstar) trying to kill Myrcella, not only he tried to kill her, but failed to do so, as if being a coward is not enough, he is also an incompetent. For me, everything that involves the killing of children, i take it as the highest level of cowardice, killing, condoning, atempting it, doesn't matter for me, i'm like Ned on this one, i wouldn't last for too long in westeros i fear.
  6. But it exists, that is enough...
  7. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree... Rhaegar spoke only 3 times during five books, any discussion about this character is never easy. One thing though, you focus too much on Lyanna, as if she wasn't pregnant, and her child meaning nothing to the rebels. But by the end of the rebellion we knew very well how children of fallen families are treated. The truth is, Ned and Robert are only two persons, there were other people fighting in that war, because a war don't revolve around one or two individuals, one cannot afford to take any chances.
  8. Depends, who has the biggest castle and the largest army? if i remember correctly, Rhaegar was marching with 40 thousand men, the fact that he lost the battle is another story.
  9. You make a good point, indeed, she was well hidden, but it wasn't she, it was "them" if i remember correctly, wasn't she pregnant? leaving a pregnant woman with no protection, i don't know if i would do that, especially with a rebellion going around, a time where everyone was fighting against someone.
  10. Lyanna was in the middle of nowhere , Aerys had the Red Keep and KL.
  11. Yes, it could have been this as well
  12. Rather, he wasn't allowed to "participate", the choice isn't his, nor would Aerys care for what he thinks. Many others passed for the same thing, Lyanna and Elia for example. His duty isn't to babysit his father, and for all we know, when things started getting worse, he did try something, but we don't have all the details yet, so to have a better discussion. Look, Robert impregnated a 14 year old girl, when he was 35 years old, and had "three children already", and he proceeded to abandon that same girl and their daughter, he even mocked the fact that the girl named their daughter after house baratheon. Robert didn't left three of the best swordsman alive to protect and take care of her while he was out. Westeros isn't our times, things work differently here, using the age as a factor for something like this, simply does not work, look at Dany and Jorah, it's grotesque because he could be her grandfather(in westeros at least), but it is what it is. And for the record, Rhaegar was fairly young, he was merely 23, only 2-3 years older than Robert Baratheon himself. We don't know the whole story yet, is hard to talk about something we don't know. Was he thinking this? i don't remember reading about it. If he really was after a third child as many seems to assume(i don't think it was this), he didn't force another pregnancy on Elia, what a bad guy. If he didn't care about her health, he would do something very different. Talking about a character we don't know is very easy, we can say anything really, because at the end of the day, it's what George writes that matters, until he writtes more, there's not that much we can discuss. I don't despise Robert, but he did "certain things", that made us have a very low opinion of him I couldn't possibly have a formed opinion on Rhaegar, crowning Lyanna as the QOLAB was a moment, but that supposed abduction was something else, i would have to know exactly what happened, and what the parts involved thought about it, but, for the rest, there's not much i can say, he seems to have been a dutiful guy before Harrenhal, far from being repulsive, but he is no saint, no one in this series is. Your opinion is welcome, i enjoyed reading about it, but that's alot for a character we never met, too many assumptions, most you blame Rhaegar for not causing more "problems" and being way "too dutiful", but it's not like that. Rhaegar had to walk a fine line between doing his best to check Aerys and not becoming another of Aerys' victims himself, especially since Aerys had a "spare" son to succeed him if Aerys ended up having to kill or displace Rhaegar and his kids, this isn't an easy situation by no means. Rhaegar even had to move to Dragonstone when he married, so his wife could be spared from seeing things she did not need to see.
  13. Unfortunately, i think we will never know much about the character. I wish we had more stuff about Rhaegar, Elia, Lyanna, Brandon and Rickard Stark, so to have more things to talk and argue, but it seems George will leave a lot of things ambiguous
  14. Did nothing to protect them? then why did he brought an army of 40 thousand men with him to the trident? if that wasn't to protect his children, then what was that? he died trying to protect them. Of course, giving a garland of roses to another woman in a tourney is an insult, but there are bigger insults, much bigger. Robert insulting and humiliating Cersei for 14 years, in front and behind her back, until this killed him, is an example. I like Elia, a lot actually, but i can see this isn't a black and white story, to be pitying one and hating the other, this doesn't exist in this story. Look at Jaime, he tried to kill Bran and at some point was looking to kill Arya as well, but many people, including me, like him a lot, the difference here, is that we read about Jaime, we know him, but we know nothing about Rhaegar, so it makes it easy to go right into the simplest conclusion, because one does not know the character. If anything, Rhaegar had noble reasons to give a "bunch of roses" to Lyanna, when other people would have scolded her for the things she "did". It seems he wasn't looking for the prettiest face he could find, unlike many out there. He gave a bunch of roses to a girl who protected the weak, when these so called "knights" did nothing, and this tells alot about the person Rhaegar is, not perfect, but not bad by no means, he is pretty rare actually, especially when you realize how Brienne has been treated by most men. No, Rhaegar did not ask Jaime to protect his children before leaving, he didn't need to do that, Jaime has a duty to defend the royal family, Rhaegar doesn't need to ask Jaime to do his duty, and Jaime's age does not matter, his duty does.
  15. Why? did he committed any crimes before this so called "abduction"? did he abused the others? burned people alive? treated them bad? i don't remember reading about it. I couldn't possibly talk about Rhaegar's relationship with his wife and children, George never wrote about it, the only thing we know, is that Elia asked him if he was going to make a song for their newborn son, which means he must have done something like this before, probably for Rhaenys.