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  1. That sword belongs to Randyll Tarly, not even Jorah will want to put his hands on that sword when he learns from who it belongs. Also, Jorah had the decency of leaving Lonclaw behind when he fled Westeros. The last thing he would do is to take a stolen sword of another house for himself, not even if Samwell Tarly(who stole it) gave it to him.
  2. Lust is something short-lived. I believe Lyanna and Rhaegar are smarter people despite everything that happened, because to go to the middle of nowhere only for lust, it's not a good story to tell. Also, if we follow the hints, we know that when they first met, Rhaegar was probably impressed with Lyanna, she went to the lists to protect the honor of a man that couldn't do it himself. Rhaegar went out of his way to do something he was not supposed to do when he crowned Lyanna, and this tells a lot to me. If they did what they did for something as weak as lust, there was no need for Rhaegar to say her name with his last breath, there was no need for Lyanna to be holding flowers when she died. Ned think it was only lust in AGOT, but what Ned knows really? probably only the nature of the relationship, nothing more. Also, let's not forget, at Harrenhal, Ned didn't even had the courage to ask Ashara Dayne to dance with him, he needed Brandon to do that, when it comes to the matters of the heart, i have to say, Ned Stark is not the guy you go to ask for advice. Ned's opinion on this matter are his and only his. What really gives me a headache here, is the prophecies. I don't think Rhaegar needed to do something with only one reason, something doesn't need to be mutually exclusive, but still...i wish we had more information by now, it's really hard to argue when we don't know what Rhaegar had in mind.
  3. I don't blame people for not paying attention to every single detail, since there is so many. But, as much as you might dislike the character, Rhaegar was much more than a sperm donor. When he said he needed to become a warrior, he was right. What he was wrong was the reason he thought he should become a warrior, he wasn't supposed to fight the white walkers, he was supposed to fight Robert Baratheon. Why do you think Robert never went to the Tower of Joy despite the fact that he fought a war for Lyanna? because Rhaegar wounded him, and so, he was in no condition to travel. This made possible for Ned to arrive at King's Landing first, and when Robert finally came, Ned and Robert's friendship almost ended because of the sack. Ned had to do all the rest by himself, he went to Storm's End(Robert's own seat), and he went he Tower of Joy, all without Robert. If Robert had arrived at King's Landing first, he would have dealt with the situation way before Ned arrived, and so, Ned would have had no reason to complain about the sack, because he wasn't there in time to see anything, he would only hear about it. Their friendship would have remained intact in this scenario, and they would have done all the rest together, including the trip to the Tower of Joy. I can't see Jon surviving if Robert comes to the Tower of Joy, so here is one thing you have Rhaegar to thank for. Now, this is a very black and white view. My father has worked overseas for as long as i can remember, there were times i did not saw him for three months, nonetheless, my mother was always home, I never felt abandoned. Rhaegar cheating on Elia is one thing, him leaving her on Dragonstone taking care of their children is another very different. Whatever he did later, he left his children with their mother, this is by no means abandonment. Also, remember, Ned did the same thing with Bran, despite the fact that Bran was in a coma, he left him with his mother and went south. Truth is, at least here, Rhaegar and Robert were somewhat identical, they left their children at home with their wives, and went for another woman. The difference is that Robert did it because it was in his nature, he enjoyed doing this, woman's are an instrument of pleasure to him. Rhaegar on the other hand, we have proof he did it once, with a noble woman, and unfortunately, that was enough to bring his death. In hindsight, everything looks worse, especially when you don't have all the facts or when you never entered inside the heads of the characters involved.
  4. There's one problem with this. A king can certainly arrange betrothals between anyone, and certainly for the children of his children as well. But this would only serve to cause estrangement between the family members, even if the king was on his right. That's why a king has never arranged betrothals for the children of his children. Aegon V couldn't do anything when Jaehaerys II decided to marry Aerys with Rhaella, and Aegon clearly did not want this to happen, he hated incest. Aegon IV hated Daeron II, but he never dared to use Daeron's children, because it would make things even more worse than they already were. With that said, Aerys and Rhaegar's relationship was bad enough already, and Rhaegar took Elia to Dragonstone when they married. There he raised his family, far from the eyes of Aerys Aerys wouldn't be able to use Rhaenys for his political purposes(even if he had any), because this would only serve to make things even more worse between Rhaegar and Aerys. In the end, it would be for Rhaegar to decide with who Rhaenys would marry, as is the right of any father in Westeros. What Aerys could do, is to offer Viserys's hand in marriage. Tywin himself wanted Cersei to marry Viserys after the match with Rhaegar did not work. Aerys could have arranged a betrothal between Viserys and Lysa Tully, or with Janna Tyrell or Mina Tyrell, since Jon Arryn did not have a daughter and Lyanna Stark was already betrothed.
  5. Saying this whitout paying attention to the details is very easy. You need to remember that Rhaegar was born out of a prophecy. His parents only married because of The Prince That Was Promised. Rhaegar, being as intelligent as he was(according to the maesters that teached him), would have taken notice of this. He found something in his scrolls, and the rest came easy for him. Barristan calls him dutiful, so it makes it easy to understand why Rhaegar wanted to do his part. Because it was necessary. Since Jon is set to be the Messiah. At the very least, Rhaegar was not wrong about the most important part of the prophecy. He knew he had a part to play. ASOIAF is a world where prophecies come true(in one way or another). Many characters discuss prophecies along the story. Prophecy seems to be a big part of Sam Tarly's arc in the last books.
  6. Why the Kingsguard fought against Ned? it's a question often asked, and many of us assume they were following orders, which i believe to be the case. But i normally try to see the entire picture, something a little more complex. What i'm about to write was probably not in the thoughts of the Kingsguards, they were only following their orders, as i've just said. But it will be interesting to point this out. By the time Ned arrives at the TOJ, Ned is Robert's right-hand man, and Robert was pleased with the fact that Aegon and Rhaenys were dead. But the thing here is this: Elia Martell was killed as well, and Robert didn't blink an eye. That's the actual tragedy, do people really think that Robert will be easy on Lyanna(if she survives childbirth) when he finds out that she went with Rhaegar and had his child? Ned made it clear: If someone treats Robert with honor, he gives them honor, but when they don't treat him with honor, he gives them the very same thing. Ned knew that Robert would have killed Cersei, Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen(and Jaime) if he knew about the Twincest. Lyanna would be as dead as Jon if Robert finds out about what really happened. But people tend to think: "Oh, but Robert loves her so much". No, Robert loved the girl that was kidnapped and raped, he didn't love the girl who horned him like Cersei. If it weren't for the Kingsguards, Robert would have found out, because Ned brought six companions with him, and besides Howland Reed, who was Lyanna's friend, the others lost way too much in this war started by Lyanna's affair with Rhaegar. How will Martyn Cassel, William Dustin, Mark Ryswell and Ethan Glover(who spent a year imprisoned in the Red Keep) react when they find Lyanna with Rhaegar's newborn son while pleading with Ned to protect him? they will tell Robert out of rage, or perhaps, they would do even worse things if Ned don't stop them. No, not every northman loves the Starks to death. Think about Rickard Karstark, who fought for Ned against the Targaryens, who fought for Robb against the Lannisters. He was loyal, but Rickard gave up on Robb after what happened to his sons, and what happened to his sons was thanks to the war he was fighting for Robb. So, yes, i believe the Kingsguards actually saved Jon and Lyanna's honor, because Ned and Howland Reed were the only ones who survived the fight, and thus, learned what was in the tower and decided to keep everything that happened there a secret. Howland Reed was Lyanna's friend, but the same could not be said of Martyn Cassel, William Dustin, Mark Ryswell and Ethan Glover, people who fought against the Targaryens, people that certainly lost a lot because of it. As a Arya once noted: There's too much dishonor there, that's why Ned does not talk about it. It's not simply because of R+L=J. I don't think the Kingsguards really had all of this in mind, i believe they were just following their orders. But, they might very well have saved Jon as much as Ned did, and Lyanna's honor as well, by killing most of the northman. They would have saved Lyanna's life as well, had she survived.
  7. Oh no, if there's one thing he's good at, is to make chaos. Truth being told, i'm starting to believe that's the entire point of his character. Despite his political acumen, Littlefinger's real "role" in this story is how he is able to manipulate the others and turn Westeros into a freakshow. I don't think he will achieve anything by the end of the story besides his own death, but the things he did along the way, they will be felt in the worst way possible.
  8. The only reason there was an army in the first place was because of Rhaegar. Why do you think Aerys was looking for Rhaegar? because no one else would fight for him, but Aerys knew they would fight for Rhaegar, is that simple. When Rhaegar died at the Trident, those man had no reason to fight for House Targaryen anymore. The only thing left was Aerys in his madness, his second son already showing to be just like him, and Aegon was just a baby. The dinasty was over, Aerys knew it, that's why he wanted to burn the city.
  9. Ok then...if everything was that simple.
  10. Actually, what they really wanted was Aerys out of the throne. He didn't left the kingdom at the hands of anyone at all, he is only the Crown Prince, Aerys is the King, and the kingdom has always been in his hands, because he is the "king".
  11. I have to be cautious on this one, the story is far from being finished, and we know literally nothing about the events that led to the rebellion, only what the winners says, and they can say whatever they want, we also don't know much about the characters that really matters, to judge this only because of it's aftermath, that's not how a story works. A coward person is someone who does not answer for it's actions, no matter what that may be, and Rhaegar answered for his actions, and he died doing so, calling him a coward is like calling Walder Frey a brave man. The most cowardly act, at least for me, would be Gerold Dayne (aka Darkstar) trying to kill Myrcella, not only he tried to kill her, but failed to do so, as if being a coward is not enough, he is also an incompetent. For me, everything that involves the killing of children, i take it as the highest level of cowardice, killing, condoning, atempting it, doesn't matter for me, i'm like Ned on this one, i wouldn't last for too long in westeros i fear.
  12. But it exists, that is enough...
  13. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree... Rhaegar spoke only 3 times during five books, any discussion about this character is never easy. One thing though, you focus too much on Lyanna, as if she wasn't pregnant, and her child meaning nothing to the rebels. But by the end of the rebellion we knew very well how children of fallen families are treated. The truth is, Ned and Robert are only two persons, there were other people fighting in that war, because a war don't revolve around one or two individuals, one cannot afford to take any chances.
  14. Depends, who has the biggest castle and the largest army? if i remember correctly, Rhaegar was marching with 40 thousand men, the fact that he lost the battle is another story.
  15. You make a good point, indeed, she was well hidden, but it wasn't she, it was "them" if i remember correctly, wasn't she pregnant? leaving a pregnant woman with no protection, i don't know if i would do that, especially with a rebellion going around, a time where everyone was fighting against someone.