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  1. What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    I love finding other Arya fans. So many Arya haters
  2. How far would Samwell go to stop Jon?

    Jon isn't "stealing" FArya from the Bolton's. Why does everyone think that? Mel said she's on a dying grey horse near Long Lake on her way to Castle Black. He didn't know Mance/Abel was going to Winterfell with six spearwives and killing people. Sorry to the OP I say no way would Sam betray Jon and participate in his assassination. Sam would impart some advice on him, but nothing more beyond begging and talking. He's too much of a follower and a coward and if it weren't for Jon, Sam wouldn't have lasted long in the NW. He's the one that welcomed him and made him feel what it's like to have friends. His loyalty is towards Jon, I think.
  3. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    I totally read that in John Oliver's voice LOL!!!
  4. AFFC & ADWD Simultaneous Read

    Awesome! thank you That's very encouraging! I've always had trouble reading Feast and Dance so I can't wait to see it in a new perspective.
  5. AFFC & ADWD Simultaneous Read

    Thank you for the reply & recommendation! It's funny because every time I read the books, I feel like 1-3 flow naturally and I don't get thrown off; but as soon as I get into books 4 & 5 it seems off. So when I came across this I was intrigued.
  6. AFFC & ADWD Simultaneous Read

    Quick question for everyone - I've read the books twice and I'm on the third re-read (as we wait forever for TWOW), and I came across something online about reading books 4 & 5 together as they were written as one large volume that are separated by region. Has anyone does this? Any recommendations or tips before I attempt this? Here is the link for the order of chapters if anyone is interested: Thanks in advance!
  7. Could the Iron Bank collapse?

    Iron Throne, Iron Bank - maybe if one falls so will the other? Irony being that it'll fall as a result of The Others
  8. Official Season 7 Promo Released

    Winter is here!!!!!!!
  9. Who will kill Jaime Lannister

    "No one"? or literally no one?
  10. I just saw it in Los Angeles (hope I'm not late to reply) - it's amazing by the way! I don't remember if they showed nudity in it but he won't be seeing the murders. They cut it just before the blood squirts out, or the neck is sliced, or beheading occurs. If there is any nudity (which I really don't recall it being shown) it may be during the walk of shame. Enjoy the concert!
  11. The Others: Why now?

    What about the whole part of the "so long as the men of the NW are true"? In the prologue of AGOT we see the WW already in action - and the one thing we know is the NW numbers have dwindled and most people aren't joining up because of honor. They're going as punishment. It's full of rapists, thieves and murderers. I don't know - but, I do lean towards something sacred about "always having a Stark in Winterfell" since their house words are specific to the "ice" component of it all.
  12. Varys for sure...he's fascinating Littlefinger because he's Litllefinger I'd have to say Illyrio as well Maybe OIenna Tyrell because the whole Joffrey murder, and she is the mastermind of her House. Her son seems to be a dipshit, and if not Olenna, maybe Margarey since she's the other brain behind Highgarden. And I kinda wish that we could have seen Robb's thinking firsthand - not through Catelyn.
  13. Play-by-play Reread

    You just convinced me to feel some sympathy for Viserys. Well done
  14. Truly good characters

    Brienne definitely Meera & Jojen to add to the existing names