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  1. Ha! I literally just saw this on Facebook. It looks so incredible!
  2. Can I just say that I love your brain?! That is all
  3. It is known!
  4. Definitely!
  5. Dany's white gown when she took her dragons north was phenomenal. And Cersei is starting to resemble Malificent to me too... very Disney evil queen.
  6. Also with Chett and crew in the Prologue of ASOS if IIRC.
  7. Because he can't escape the incest. No matter where he goes.
  8. Sorry, what's BtB stand for? It's too early in the morning for me
  9. I don't have any answers to this, it's a good question...but, I agree with the whole "there must always be a Stark in Winterfell" idea, because the show makes a point to mention it in multiple seasons. And what's in the WF crypts? Something about that, lingers in my mind. The Starks are the blood of the First Men and they have their own form of magic and connection to nature (Old Gods, warging into animals) so it's very possible they were instrumental in the pact. Once Bran and Rickon fled, it was the first time WF wasn't held by a Stark and everything bad that could happen to their family did. Still so much to resolve and I just hope they find a way to do it in the final season.
  10. Yeah, I'm not getting that at all either. I don't think I noticed wisps of gold. Thanks for that quote though - it's always interesting to see what the show makers and crew intended to convey.
  11. Interesting...what was the reason it isn't gold? She's been dying to be in power all this time and considering how 'show-offie' the Lannisters are, I'd expect it to be very much an in your face crown.
  12. Thanks! And I agree...especially about Daario, I wouldn't take him too seriously or consider him a great fighter if he looked like the book version. I can't even seen show Dany wanting to bang him lol
  13. Yeah, I get what you're saying. I also think it's to explain the prophecy obsession of Rhaegar. For all we know, show wise, Rhaegar and Lyanna loved each other, Rhaegar annulled his marriage to marry Lyanna....but why? I think Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen "needs to know" because Bran knows that he is the one that fulfills the prophecy to defeat the WW for good. I just think it's a setup, but what you're pointing is of course great logic lol Plus, as much as D&D said we want to avoid using flashbacks because it cheapens it, they have and continuously will (how else does Bran the 3 eyed raven "know everything", because we see him downloading or is it uploading?) Maybe we see a flashback of Bran seeing Rhaegar talking to Elia about the dragon needing three heads. Explaining why he's naming all his sons Aegon. And why Drogon didn't just burn him up or eat him there and could explain that away and I foresee Rhaegal bonding with Jon (possibly being the 3rd dragonrider).
  14. He definitely wouldn't go to the summit and face Cersei. He looks exactly like Robert and she may recall that they never found his last remaining bastard. He was seen leaving Eastwatch but my guess is he's going to Winterfell. No reason for him to go back down to KL or Dragonstone. Time for another Arya reunion