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  1. The Others: Why now?

    What about the whole part of the "so long as the men of the NW are true"? In the prologue of AGOT we see the WW already in action - and the one thing we know is the NW numbers have dwindled and most people aren't joining up because of honor. They're going as punishment. It's full of rapists, thieves and murderers. I don't know - but, I do lean towards something sacred about "always having a Stark in Winterfell" since their house words are specific to the "ice" component of it all.
  2. Varys for sure...he's fascinating Littlefinger because he's Litllefinger I'd have to say Illyrio as well Maybe OIenna Tyrell because the whole Joffrey murder, and she is the mastermind of her House. Her son seems to be a dipshit, and if not Olenna, maybe Margarey since she's the other brain behind Highgarden. And I kinda wish that we could have seen Robb's thinking firsthand - not through Catelyn.
  3. Play-by-play Reread

    You just convinced me to feel some sympathy for Viserys. Well done
  4. Truly good characters

    Brienne definitely Meera & Jojen to add to the existing names
  5. What 'needed to be done'?

    Yes! Agreed. Jon didn't ask for it. He's the LC of the NW, and he had to protect them from that psychopath Ramsay. Ramsay brought the threat to Jon, not the other way around.
  6. Tywin's last smile

    Do you happen to know what GRRM has already said about Tywin's death? Just curious. Thanks!
  7. Things the winds of winter would reveal

    Yes they did, I agree. They had all 5 books when the show came out and access to the genius himself, so how they couldn't keep some of the necessary storylines is beyond me. When they introduced Dorne, I was about to quit watching the show. And turning Stannis into a stubborn man who just wants the Iron Throne?? so obnoxious. Just a waste...they could have done a lot with the source material and kept the money machine going for HBO much longer than just the 13 or so episodes they plan on to finish the series. To answer the OP: 1) Dying to see what Arya does. She's my favorite, I don't care. 2) Definitely Jon's situation. All of the talks about "resurrections" and the power of R'hllor can't be relegated to LSH. That's boring. 3) I hope we finally see the Great Northern Conspiracy play out. I really want House Manderly to fuck up the Freys and Boltons more than anything. The battle for Winterfell as well...what's Stannis the Mannis doing? he's a badass battle commander so do we finally see it in real time? It definitely won't be like the show, but I must admit watching Ramsay get beat to shit by Jon and then eaten alive by his own hounds...gave me some gratification. THE NORTH REMEMBERS!! 4) Theon/Hooded Man/Barbrey Dustin - what's her deal? And is Theon losing it? 5) Sansa's character development. She's definitely learning a lot from that sleazebag LF. I hope she learns everything from him and the student becomes the teacher. 6) Dany sailing West! Jesus! How long have we waited already. 7) Jamie/Brienne/BWOB/LSH - how is Brienne going to get out of this situation? Is the brotherhood going to ditch LSH after all? sure they're sick of her shit and being mercenaries. They really aren't serving the (dead) King anymore.
  8. Things the winds of winter would reveal

    D&D have made me face-palm way too many times to count. It sounds like they're just over it at this point and killing off characters to focus on Jon, Dany & the WW. These books are way too intricate and thorough for them, clearly.
  9. Things the winds of winter would reveal

    What's wrong with Tyrion??
  10. LOL!!! This made my day. I agree! It seems like GRRM included all these conflicting ideologies to prove that it's all bullshit. I don't think the magic has anything to do with religion in the series.
  11. The Journey from Ice to Lightbringer

    Cheers! Glad I made your day! You fleshed it out really well...theories have been a bit repetitive lately since we haven't had source material in so many years, but it was refreshing reading this thread. It would be pretty amazing if LB has been around this entire time. ICE has always been described as such a large greatsword and the fact that the lions are the one who melted it down to two & split the large sword makes it stand out from other Valyrian steel swords we know of already. And I just enjoy the idea of the sword also having a connection to the name of the series. ICE and FIRE, the two paradoxes, are an ongoing theme so it's a cool idea. I'll do a victory dance with you!
  12. The Journey from Ice to Lightbringer

    I loved reading this theory. ICE being something more than we think...being the Song of ICE and FIRE (ICE becoming FIRE) is a fascinating theory. Love the comparison to the Elder Wand btw. Thanks for the post.
  13. Most Courageous Act in ASOIAF

    I was waiting to see someone mention Sam the Slayer.
  14. I totally forgot about that part! On my first read I didn't pay it much mind because the books were so good that I couldn't put it down. Then, for my reread, I was more focused on taking note of clues and paying closer attention to detail and that was just too far fetched for me.