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  1. I do think that Ned's honor came from being Jon Arryn's ward (As High as Honor) and that it's not a commonality shared by Starks. Their house words are ominous....WINTER IS COMING! And they were the Kings of Winter. Something must be said about that. It takes a certain kind of person to survive harsh conditions for 8,000 years. Maybe Ned was the downfall of the Starks because he didn't share the wild wolf like characteristics of other Starks. His children are showing a much stronger connection to the old ways and I think it must mean that they are the Stark line that brings back the power and strength of the North. (at least I hope!) Team Stark!
  2. I read it somewhere that you can't marry into the royal family name, you have to be born into it to use the surname. That is why it was Princess Ellia Martell and not Ellia Targaryen. Other examples I can think of is Alicent Hightower. Maegor the Cruel was married to Jeyne Westerling not Jeyne Targaryen.
  3. Holy shit! Nice catch!
  4. Maybe Howland Reed shares Jojen's gift/ability and saw Lyanna's death, thinking he can change it, and went along with Ned to the Tower of Joy. Where he learned the hard way that you can't change what the green visions show you.
  5. I've read these books 3 times and on my 4th waiting endlessly for Winds, and I still thought "who the fuck is Gared?" when I saw the thread line. Totally forgot about that guy, but if he is Rhaegar...I give up! As for the other questions, I really think he's ignored because it is the prologue of the first book and GRRM is trying to establish that the White Walkers have been gone so long it's mostly considered folklore and not a real threat to Westeros in general. And Ned is Ned. All he sees is his honor and in front of him is a rambling oath breaker trying to justify his actions to honorable Lord Stark to spare himself from being headless. It helps define Ned's character as well since this is our first glimpse of him.
  6. Touche!
  7. I love finding other Arya fans. So many Arya haters
  8. Jon isn't "stealing" FArya from the Bolton's. Why does everyone think that? Mel said she's on a dying grey horse near Long Lake on her way to Castle Black. He didn't know Mance/Abel was going to Winterfell with six spearwives and killing people. Sorry to the OP I say no way would Sam betray Jon and participate in his assassination. Sam would impart some advice on him, but nothing more beyond begging and talking. He's too much of a follower and a coward and if it weren't for Jon, Sam wouldn't have lasted long in the NW. He's the one that welcomed him and made him feel what it's like to have friends. His loyalty is towards Jon, I think.
  9. I totally read that in John Oliver's voice LOL!!!
  10. Awesome! thank you That's very encouraging! I've always had trouble reading Feast and Dance so I can't wait to see it in a new perspective.
  11. Thank you for the reply & recommendation! It's funny because every time I read the books, I feel like 1-3 flow naturally and I don't get thrown off; but as soon as I get into books 4 & 5 it seems off. So when I came across this I was intrigued.
  12. Quick question for everyone - I've read the books twice and I'm on the third re-read (as we wait forever for TWOW), and I came across something online about reading books 4 & 5 together as they were written as one large volume that are separated by region. Has anyone does this? Any recommendations or tips before I attempt this? Here is the link for the order of chapters if anyone is interested: Thanks in advance!
  13. Iron Throne, Iron Bank - maybe if one falls so will the other? Irony being that it'll fall as a result of The Others
  14. Winter is here!!!!!!!