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  1. OKEY, you people are obviously good at provoking me. So for you, Arya is nothing but a traumatized war child/psychopath/assassin? Are you serious? Jon would love her even if no one else did. THIS IS ARYA, the girl Jon died for FFS. And the reason why there WILL or MIGHT be a romance coming up is that of the foreshadowings the books already have. And Arya is a girl with a golden heart, im guessing we haven't read the same books or you haven't paid much attention to her chapters but Arya has done a lot of niceness and she is very humane. if she is what you suppose she is, then she would have lacked any communication skills at all. stop downgrading her, there is a reason why her connection with Jon (and her home, nymeria and etc.) is still there. And LOL if u think that Jon would be attracted to Dany (who by the way crucified the lords of mereen, and has the same idea of justice like Arya). Jon literally was in awe when Ygritte slit the throat of some guy, and then he fantasized of Val doing the same thing. He said to Alys that he will give her uncle's head to her as a gift or something along the lines. He will resurrect, meaning, he will be more troubled.
  2. of course, it doesn't. not yet. can't argue with that, it'd be creepy if Jon viewed her as a sexual object when he was 14. I'm just pointing out that the nature of their relationship isn't what you'd call normal or a standard sibling relationship (e.g: Robb/Jon, Tyrion/Jaimie, Arya/Bran). Their relationship is gray and a bit odd, and we even have Jon wondering if she ever was his sister. But by the time they will reunite, both of them will be different, older and more mature. And Jon will be completely different once he gets resurrected, and since Arya was the last thing in his head before his death, we can already imagine the possibilities. he will be so obsessed with getting Arya back, and when they reunite, they will barely recognize each other since they are so different now. and Arya and Jon are each other’s cure. Jon is exactly what Arya needs and Arya is exactly what Jon needs to be cured. (okay so the last paragraph was out of line lol so sorry about that, had to get it out of my system)
  3. Ehhh i also have a brother but never in my right mind would i think about him during an entire road trip, I would never think of him as my home, I would never compare him to my heart, I would never compare his body to my love interests when we're about to have sex and etc. (UGH damn it. I promised myself I won't start on debating about Jonrya again. anyway,that's all im gonna say.)
  4. Nobody gives a damn about your personal opinion regarding jonrya. nobody asked for it anyway, and you know it
  5. if it were so threatening then those marriages would have been very uncommon which isn't, and by the looks of the books people there seem to accept it as normal. *INHALES* *EXHALES* TBH I'm not even going start on this over again. all I'm going to say is, as a sister to three brothers (who also guiltily has a favorite among them, that is my half brother, what a coincidence) the way Jon views his "little sister" is NOT normal. if you think it's a red herring, then that's fine by me, but I also think you're falling for one too. sorry. This is literally all I'm going to say regarding it. I don't want to bicker about this. so that's that.
  6. i've heard about the aegon/visenya/rhaenys=jon/arya/daenerys theory but tbh im not buying the whole "dany is jon's sister" theory. its kind of obvious that dany is rhaella's kid.
  7. ehh so? cousin marriage is accepted in the north (alys was forced to marry her cousin/uncle whatever) and cousincest is generally legal in westeros (tywin married his cousin, arianne is planning to marry her cousin and etc) But then we have Jon asking himself if Arya was ever his sister, and then that other times Ygritte asks Jon if he'd bed his sister and he doesnt deny, and then he thinks he is arya's home and that arya is his heart. i have siblings of my own and i have a favorite too, but this is NOT how i view a fave sibling jsyk
  8. What do you mean by this? both of them are Targs which means both of them are fire
  9. (this is literally THE most unoriginal post so sorry about that) ANYWAY, i've been wondering about this for a long time now. so dany will face three treasons - once for blood (Mirri Maz Duur), once for gold(Jorah or Brown Ben Plumm), and once for love(???). who do you think the last one is??? Jon? Darrio?? and how do you think it will happen???
  10. this post is old but regardless i want to point out that for ned, the blue roses also smell sweet (which indicates that this is what winter roses really smell like) and that doesn't mean that he is going to marry jon is he???
  11. *HEAVY SIGH* anyway, as i said previously, this debate is going to end badly if we continue here, and as i said this isn't about jon/dany or jon/arya or anything book related and we're going off topic, so we either stop here, or you debate on other threads, or we continue with pm. i don't think its worth bickering since none of use will change our minds and this isn't really the thread's main topic . i already explained my view on this and i even created a thread on this topic with all proofs and explanations and yada yada... but it ended badly... i'm remained convinced that there is a possibility for jon/arya and i think jon/arya have many good reasons to fall in love and yada yada...but as i said, this isn't even what the thread was about and i don't even know how we diverged so far from the topic. i'm putting the full stop can discuss this with someone else, or feel free to continue with me on pm, if not then its fine too. so yeah that's it from me i guess.
  12. UMMM no? In TWOW chapter arya is already planning to leave the FM+ bravoos is wayyy closer to westeros than mereen is, so yes arya is geographically closer. LOL remind me, when did melisandre try to seduce jon in the books? that is only show wise. dario is experienced with the ladies and sarcastic and funny and attractive and dany seems to favour that the most in men whereas jon is sullen, even if he is cute, he is now way close to darrio's valyrian features that dany loves so much or drogo's hunkiness you get me awfully confused, are we discussing the books or the show? please make up your mind, i (and some other people) no longer count the show as a reliable source and the only reason why i'm still here is because, you and the other poster started to debate on jon/dany and you constantly keep switching to either books or the show to prove your point while i only use the books. if the books were the same as the show then in this forum they wouldn't have separated the two things from each other. also the show spoiler=/= the books you're forgetting that jon is the heir to the throne and maybe he doesn't wish to marry dany if he did change his mind then he wouldn't have constantly told us he knows who is going to marry/fall in love from the get go, he wouldn't have told us he had always known JON'S, ARYA'S and TYRION'S arcs from the get go (and what a coincidence, a lot of things were written in the outline about them huh?), and if he scrapped jon/arya then he had the perfect opportunity to say that "no, it isn't happening" multiple times when he was asked about it. the fact that he didn't outwardly deny jon/arya says a lot already. also, i've mentioned that many times on other threads, the main things did happen but in a different way. the main key plots have happened in a different way. (people like cat, ned, robb were doomed to die from the beginning) Martin started his novels with jon/arya in his mind. he even said that most of his foreshadowings are in the 1st book. P.S: if you want to debate on that, create a thread or something or send me pm or whatever, cause i think we're going off topic here.
  13. like what?? the blue rose that grew in any icy wall that dany thought smelled sweet in the house of the undying? ned also thought the blue rose smelled sweet does that mean he'll marry jon? that just indicates that lyanna's son is currently at the wall, it doesn't indicate any marriage or whatsoever. (if this wasn't your point, then i'm sorry its just this is the most popular "proof" jon/dany supporters like to provide) i know dany and jon have parallels and few foreshadowings but so does jon and arya and if anything, jon and arya have way more foreshadowings that jon/dany. what do you mean by going "into a garbage bin" and be OOC? and jon being the Others champion is completely plausible in my opinion and isn't trash. george said that the other's are not what they seem, honestly if we think of it...we don't know anything about the other's OR about their intentions: "The Others are not dead. They are strange, beautiful… think, oh… the Sidhe made of ice, something like that… a different sort of life… inhuman, elegant, dangerous."-GRRM yes they are dangerous, but no entirely black. what if rhollor is the bad guy while the others just want to protect their land from rhllor's champion??? how can we say that the other's are purely evil when we dont even know their motifs? yes the others aren't the biggest fans of humans and they want them off their lands but that doesn't mean they're evil.why didn't they attack the entire wildling force? why did they let 1/3 of the watch get away when they had the complete ability to kill all of them? why did they leave craster alone? there are so many possibilities that can make a good story. The North's magic vs the South's dragon, Other's champion (jon) vs AA/TPTW (dany), ice vs fire, Others vs dragons and etc. and i'm not throwing away the possibility of jon/dany falling in love, i think that's plausible too but so is jon/val and jon/arya. okey. congrats, you got me off guard there, i forgot to edit that (oops) val and arya also are jon's type and are closer to him geographically than dany. dany still has a lot to do in mereen, do you think she'll drop all that and go to the wall to fuck jon? arya is most likely heading to the wall, heck val is already at the wall, while dany is busy in mereen jon will start a relationship with either of those 2, its not like he's going to wait for his aunt to show up. but dany has a type too, she likes confident, hunky men that are full of themselves like darrio or drago. jon doesn't fit to the category. +the last thing i'll ever wish for jon is to end up with the pompous, arrogant and presumptuous person like daenerys. and do you think dany will be even happy to find out that he has a nephew who has better claim to the throne than she does???heck that means jon is the heir not dany and she cant do anything about it. dany isn't just going to give up her right to some nephew is she? there will be conflict. and its not going to be pretty. its not like the moment they'll see each other there will fall in love at first sight, then be the badass power couple of westeros and defeat the evil and finally get married and have their HEA. no. its not grrm like. the outline never said they will fall in love, and grrm said he is sticking to his original plan countless times. maybe he changed it, maybe he didn't, who knows? i sure don't! i may depend on the outline a bit too much and i may be wrong but i really prefer Jon vs Dany than a cliche Jon/Dany romance. the fact that they haven't even met yet and somehow they have to get to know each other and fall in love in 2 books really turns me off. the romance will be forced and rushed, and i don't think george will have the time to start a romance between 2 people who haven't even met!! and he has so many plots to cover!!! he'd rather have jon fall in love with someone he already knows and loves and has a chemistry with (val or arya) but that is MY HUMBLE OPINION and that is MY WISHFUL THINKING. I COULD BE WRONG. but if jon/dany will happen i will be greatly disappointed. YES EXACTLY he has planned everything from the beginning and Jon/Dany is not one of them!!! if you read the original outline you'll see that there is no mention of jon/dany falling in love. that's my main reason why i think jon/dany wont be the endgame material(in the books) the things you mentioned never happened in the show, and this is a TV show only thread so that's why i told you that. wasn't dany a barren?
  14. yeah i mean, jon/dany apparently will have sex in s7 but i don't think they'll end up being together and have their HEA(i think Dany will die at childbirth) another thing is why i'm not convinced jon/dany will be an endgame is because GRRM never even intended them to be a couple in the first place...I know i'm using book/original outline references again but those refs can be very helpful (for me at least ) when i try to figure out the ending for asoiaf/GoT. also like sansa, dany isn't really the type jon would be interested in but that's again from the books I personally never liked what D&D has done since the talysa/jeyne switch and i hated D&D even more since the sansa/jeyne switch. they really did mess up the characters (they made ooc), they messed up one of the main relationships that the books had, they messed up the story and etc. Generally speaking, imho D&D screwed up pretty badly and i'm 100% that many things in the show will not mirror the books...(the main principle/aspect will be the same but many things will be very different) Maybe Jon/dany will happen in the show but not in the books...idk... i mean GRRM did tell them the ending but i'm sure it was vague and not concise since by the look of it D&D improvised everything. if that's the case then i fully support grrm because if he did tell them the ending in details then we can consider that grrm and his books have lost. Generally speaking, i always fancied the idea of Jon being the great other's champion/being the tragic hero and dany being AA/TPTWP and i have always hoped that grrm would avoid the cliche ending of them falling in love and rather have them be against each other. that would truly a be a song of ice and fire wouldn't it? idk about you but its been like 2 years since i stopped considering the show as a reliable source. the show has become a very poorly written fan fiction now and the only difference is that they have grrm's blessing and enough cha-ching to make an adaptation on small screen.