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  2. If you take Orange is the New Black, dilute it by a third, add some wrestling mats, and you have GLOW. Comedian Mark Maron may be the best thing in it, as a coke-snorting low rent Roger Corman meets Vince McMahon. The other characters are just ok. If OITNB is an A, this one's a B and proves that just being on Netflix (like HBO) all your reviews from critics are disproportionate raves. Characters are solid, Alison Brie is likable ish but is too vanilla a straight woman. And the other characters like "black stunt woman" "Ally Sheedy Wolf Girl" "Trust Fund New Yorker" and "Blonde Soap Actress" are all solid, but not as fresh as the OITNB cast. This is "WiNGS" to OITNB's "Cheers" Lots of third wave feminism at play, women owning their objectification and dropping C bombs. Minor point but, GLOW is set in the 1980s, but Alison Brie watches Hulk Hogan wrestle Ric Flair on TV. Hulk Hogan never wrestled Ric Flair until 1991.
  3. They're really pimping those IMAX cameras HARD. And yet the production design is as inspired as a sparsely decorated IKEA showroom
  4. I shall prepare my white linen doilies in anticipation. Julian Fellowes and Michael Hirst blow me away. Writing EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of a show. Hirst in particular has written... 49 one hour Vikings eps in 3 years? Insane
  5. Black Bolt has four facial expressions in this trailer: Sad/pouty, head tilted down quizzical angry. constipated.
  6. Here's critics noticing that the comedic style of GLOW and ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, since its from the same head writer and executive producer Jenji Kohan, is comparable, compare the two shows from the SAME WRITER. Here's a female critic saying it "nothing like OITNB apart from having a largely female cast. But I guess all these women-led female shows just become interchangeable to some people." Classy.
  7. It's from Jenji Kohan, same executive producer head writer of Orange is the New Black. Style of comedy is the same, hence the comparison. Like comparing Seinfeld to Curb your Enthusiasm. Nice sexist shot at me. Very classless and Trumpian. Do your homework. Beneath you.
  8. I'm sorry this season really under delivered. Just ok. Not even close to the bar of season 2. Noah Hawley did not have a bold idea for the season. Fargo needs to be more than a quirky tone, some killing, and looney tunes hijinks.
  9. This may be the most self-indulgent worst show on television. At least the ridiculousness of INTO THE BADLANDS and even FEAR THE WALKING DEAD this season has a "so bad its good appeal." If someone appreciates this as "Art," fine, or drinks the Lynch KOOL AID... but its just not a great watch.
  10. I started out loving this show and ended up not quite hating it, but did not love. This is what Neil Gaiman does. He world builds, he comments, he's so fucking smart at reexamining culture and people and myths. And like his comic Sandman, NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENS. Its a meandering travelogue of interesting moments and oddball characters. I should just accept this is his storytelling, weak to no plot, no escalation, just a picaresque meandering through ideas, worlds, characters. There's a place for this in the art of television, but its not great storytelling.
  11. Yeah, the Saint of Killers kicked the show into a whole other gear from the "just ok" season 1. Loved the Smokey and the Bandit homage, as well as the "Come on Eileen" scene. Show has nailed a great tone of humor and violence episode 1-- let's see if the quality and energy can sustain.
  12. The best DC movie since THE DARK KNIGHT, and the best comic book movie since LOGAN. Loved Wonder Woman. What a comic book movie should be. And while Gal Gadot was AWESOME, points to Chris Pine for not being an emasculated, ineffectual sidepiece. Director Patty Jenkins hit it out of the park.
  13. This show is special. It might be the slowest paced drama on TV, and there's limited tension because we know Fring, Saul, Mike the Hitman etc. can't die... BUT its one of the freshest shows on television and I'd argue top 2 in terms of directing, along with the Leftovers which has a pretty small fanbase. The show is IMPECCABLY cast too. Even the guest cast.
  14. I just suffered through season 2, episode 1. This show is the drizzling shits, I'm sorry. Everyone is too clean and pretty. It's directed in boring fashion. The Vikings are cliches. It's as if someone took VIKINGS, removed all the compelling castmembers, and sucked every drop of testosterone, inspiration, energy, and style from it. Last Kingdom and Turn are neck and neck for how to take a subject matter and make it as boring as possible. The revolution in York against the devastating Vikings was portrayed in 10 seconds, a lame ass montage. A scene prior saw a monk give a limp speech to 6 Friar Tucks that started the revolt? The revolt against the well armed Vikings succeeded because... bad writing. The action scenes are ass. I'd rather sit through 100 episodes in a row of the dumb as a bag of hammers Into the Badlands thsn this boiled rubber turd. Did Uhtred really put on a scary mask and spook a Viking? Made him run blindfolded into a tree? Good lord. Just the worst.
  15. That pretty much covers it. (And despite all that, I hope its good despite all the mounting evidence of likely poopdom and previous work by Zack since 300.)
  16. Agree. Really well done and compelling. Thought this would be angled to appeal mainly to an older gay audience, but it has mainstream appeal and deals with agism and sexism head on and boldly. Sarandon, Lange, Tucci, and Molina are delivering juicy, fun performances and great production value and hair and look of the period throughout. A bit slower paced, I could see people complaining about that, but I was engaged all the way through. In short, expected not to like it, really liked it.
  17. If you like Homeland or films like American Sniper or Blackhawk Down and wish that 24 wasn't so predictable and dumb, DVR or go on the History Channel website and watch episode 8 of SIX. The recap will catch you up and it's the best singular episode of anything I've seen in the genre in a long time. Walton Goggins is amazing. The series had up and down moments but that EP is the one to watch imho. Also looking forward to THE AMERICANS and FARGO season 3.
  18. Ehh Alien 3 was grim and unpleasant and disrespectfully killed off Hicks and Newt and for dessert killled off Ripley in a mediocre movie. It deserves to be shat on heartily for those things alone. I think people hate it disproportionate to its quality.
  19. These boards are crazy genre and period heavy. Contemporary shows that are more or less reality based get little, if any notice even if they're critically acclaimed or mega popular.
  20. The irony of their boards was that the hate in the comments section was so detailed, it reflected multiple viewings of the episodes of the series in question. Which begs the question, either the boards were primarily comprised of sado masochists, or they had to like the show in question on some level to keep up with it and constantly rag on their perceived inadequacies.
  21. Speaking of Kurt Sutter...Bastard executioner was the definition of a hot mess. It's like he ripped 10 pages from a Vikings script, 20 pages from a Game of Thrones script, and tied it all together with sheep fucking jokes, Greg Nicotero gore shots, and some leftover footage from Xena Warrior Princess. I heard FOX kept throwing money at the pilot for reshoots until it hit over 12 million. And it still looked like ass at the end of the day.
  22. SS:GB is terrible. I don't get why boring and bloodless and washed out and a lack of emotion are positive attributes in many BBC dramas, or why Anglophiles ooh and ahh about any BBC 1-4 production. It's like they've been snake charmed by white people with accents.
  23. Prometheus, on a good, day was an expensive mess. It's like a moron read Chariots of the Gods and then watched Alien, smoked two joints, and then wrote the script.
  24. Those boards were toxic. Not as bad as a YouTube talkback but close. No idea why they shut them down because you'd think you'd want to give people reasons to come to your website.